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Macrocosm1964133We are a duplicate in microcosm of the macrocosm.
Macrocosm1964143The macrocosm and the microcosm are both created from the same elements; what is in the Universe is in us too.
Macrocosm1964149During meditation when relation is established between the corresponding spheres of microcosm and macrocosm, then one gets certain experiences. They are not the goal.
Macrocosm1964156One who knows the Self knows the Absolute. The Self is the Absolute in microcosm. Details of same five elements in macrocosm and microcosm.
Magic1970454-455All creation is illusion, like a magic play made by magicians.
Magnetic Centre196266Strong quality of essence leads a man to the Way.
Magnetic Centre196280Stage one of ladder indicates magnetic centre.
Magnetic Centre1979907Magnetic Centre and finding School. Best way of spreading the message is for people to tell their friends.
Maha­purush19911066-1067We can receive knowledge through the words of wise men (Mahapurush) who sometimes create stories or myths to convey their experience.
Maharishi19611-4Meeting Maharishi. Recognition of source of System. With Maharishi at Rishikesh.
Maharishi1964150Problem of attacks by Maharishi now resolved by H.H. He gives instructions on the differences in approach to meditation.
Maharishi1979916Maharishi questions authority for our Mexican groups to initiate.
Mahat Tattva1968362-363The elements beyond the manifest world. The universal or individual being.
Mahat Tattva1979883Soul of the cosmos.
Mahat Tattva1982995From Prakriti and Mahat-tattva come all the manifest and physical forms.
Mahat Tattva19891051Mahat Tattva is manifestation of Prakriti. Universal Manas is the Sattvic expression of Mahat-Tattva.
Mahatma(s)1972597Role of Mahatmas in Indian history is to give tactful advice to the common man. See story of Ajamila and young son Narayana on page 597.
Mal1965269Meditation the best way of removing the three obstacles.
Mal1968372Four states of mind as obstacles to Samadhi.
Mal1970450Dirt, Mal, prevents knowledge penetrating the Antahkaran and so hampers pure reason, Viveka.
Mal1971498Work of Holy Man through knowledge, being and devotion, by removing Mal, Vikshepa and Kashaya.
Mal1971502When mind spreads over world of distraction (Vikshepa) - must be brought back to a point.
Mal1975711Hindrance to use of three graces.
Mal1976760-761Mal is laziness, defects, impurities which are a hindrance to meditation - holy action removes them.
Mal1978846Chitta is affected by Mal and Vikshepa.
Mal1979906Hard layer covering the Self which prohibits understanding and prevents questions arising.
Mal1979921Opaque covering (e.g. of house). Process of action creates Tamas which is Mala. Taking truth for untruth.
Man1976757Man does not need a body to exist.
Man1979868-869Special role of man and place in creation.
Man1980970Atman of man is the same as Atman of woman, but form, functions and natural aptitudes differ.
Man1980971-972Hard and soft types of men. Behaviour and characteristics different.
Manas196119Only Manas responsible for bondage or freedom.
Manas1964143-144Moving mind looks for happiness in getting and experiencing things.
Manas1964155-156Manas becomes one with object of senses, so be attentive. Creation of pleasure and pain is of the mind. Control of Manas is easier if body is still.
Manas1964160Body and eyes are the two main sources to attract the Manas (mind). Once the body is still and the eyes closed most of the distractions are avoided.
Manas1964170-171Manas is the mouthpiece of desires; through this all desires are expressed before senses take over to act. A weak Buddhi loses control over Manas.
Manas1964186-187Imagination occurs when mind is not controlled by Buddhi. Mind's nature is to be active: give it useful work. See story of Parents trying to choose unborn son's career on page 186.
Manas1964195One should never allow the Manas (mind) to go free. It is a very important link in our being so it must always be under control of pure Buddhi.
Manas1964195The mind (Manas) thinks that the world is true and likes to live with it in ignorance. This is illusion.
Manas1964196To stop the inner and outer working of Manas, one should take the help of Buddhi. Two ways of avoiding useless mental activities: Anvaya and Vyatireka.
Manas1964197The efforts on body, Manas and Buddhi are simultaneous through knowledge and discipline. Essential effort is only that which removes the present barrier of body, Manas or Buddhi.
Manas1964198Buddhi is like a wife and Manas like a son. Their company is necessary.
Manas1964200See that 'wife' (Buddhi) is pure and 'son' (Manas) obedient.
Manas1964211Always feed Manas and Buddhi with pure and positive emotions.
Manas1965225Manas is naturally full of movement.
Manas1965226Manas serves Atman through desires.
Manas1965231Doubts produced by Manas and Buddhi.
Manas1965272Manas and wandering glances. See everything without attachment.
Manas1965278Ignore distractions and don't let Manas get lost in them. See story of Horse who couldn't drink on page 278.
Manas1965282When the body is relaxed, it takes a while for Manas to come to stillness, but will do so if deprived of further energy.
Manas1968347-348Role of Manas and Buddhi in governing one's actions: influences on physical health.
Manas1968363Manas and Mahat Tattva: the individual and universal intermediaries with phenomenal world. Manas can cause bondage or liberation.
Manas1968364-365Teacher provides guidance for Manas and if this is insufficient, knowledge for Buddhi to help in meditation. Ultimately discrimination must be by individual himself.
Manas1970391-392Functions of Manas - relation to Buddhi and influence of Gunas. Desires first arise in Manas. See story of Ants and sugar (3) on pages 391-392.
Manas1970394Ways to improve functions of Manas i.e. practise having good desires.
Manas1970404Bhawana springs from Chitta and Manas. Desire first glimpsed by Manas, then Chitta (memory) provides knowledge - sometimes abundant, sometimes scanty.
Manas1970405Increase of Sattva possible only when Chitta, Manas and Buddhi come together and there is no division between them.
Manas1970415Meditation enables Manas and Buddhi to be unaffected by disease in the body, and helps the person withstand pain.
Manas1970478Atman contains Buddhi, Buddhi contains Manas, Manas contains body.
Manas1971482Buddhi and Manas two aspects of mind which cover the Param-Atman. See story of Seven gates. Keys of the kingdom. Explanation (1) on page 482.
Manas1971492Vehicle for desires and counter desires. If impure, will desire more and more sensual things.
Manas1971510Untrained Manas considers physical and sensual enjoyments more important. Causes conflict between pull of the world and pull of the School.
Manas1972552With deepening practice of merging of everything into Self, mind (Manas) would shed its burden and become filled with joy. See letter on page 551.
Manas1972559Two kinds of good impulse and good resolution - one from Manas and one from Buddhi.
Manas1972566D.S. Mind (Manas), through imagination, takes a reel of film and focuses it on the screen. Buddhi chooses. Ahankar says 'this my action'.
Manas1973615Make sure Manas follows Buddhi which follows Atman, rather than Buddhi bending towards Manas which follows external pleasures.
Manas1974661Manas behaving like general servant: train as such.
Manas1974667The reliable personal servant is purified Manas.
Manas1974668Handle our faithful servant Manas very gently, and encourage it. See story of Snake and mongoose (2) on page 668.
Manas1974691Actions need to follow intellect (Buddhi), not Manas.
Manas1974694If Buddhi becomes stronger, Manas becomes weaker, and vice versa.
Manas1974695In order to keep untrained Manas quiet, keep the spirit of service in all your actions, however high or lowly. See letter on page 673.
Manas1976760Originates in heart.
Manas1976778Paper from H.H. on the parts of the Antahkaran. Explanation of Manas - that which thinks 'I should be having this'.
Manas1976784Manas is like a fly which will sit on filth as readily as on our food. It is therefore capable of a lot of mischief and we should never show it any mercy.
Manas1977807If Manas and Ahankar give the orders there is no consistency of thoughts, words and actions.
Manas1978823Ahankar and Buddhi make decisions, Manas and Chitta do the thinking.
Manas1978832If body and breath are still in meditation, Manas will follow suit.
Manas1978842Manas places 'files' before Buddhi to decide.
Manas1978863It is Manas that raises questions.
Manas1979877Manas as one of the servants. Need to control otherwise it will try to lead you astray.
Manas1980956-957Description of machine with belt and pulley to describe function of Manas, Chitta and Chetan Shakti.
Manas1980978Manas must follow the mantra - mantra should not follow Manas.
Manas1982988The moving mind in meditation - e.g. of files being brought for consideration. How to bring mind to stillness. See story of Holy Man and the bamboo pole (1) on page 988.
Manas19891051Universal Manas is the Sattvic expression of Mahat-Tattva. Manas can move towards useless activities in ignorance, or scale the path of liberation through Satsang.
Manas19931085If Manas is at peace and under one's control, it takes impressions as they are - true impressions and necessary desires.
ManasSee also: Antahkaran
Mandukya Upanishad1964181-182Quote from Mandukya Upanishad and diagram illustrating Pranas.
Mandukya Upanishad1982987Importance of complete stillness. Body first, then eyes, then mind. Mandukya Upanishad - 'frog' - three jumps to stillness - body, eyes, mind.
Manifesta­tion1967298Manifestation of names and forms - Chit/Chitta.
Manifesta­tion1967299World of forms is five elements: different level from subtle body which is conscious material.
Manifesta­tion1967300Causal body is source of all names and forms - reached in deep meditation.
Manifesta­tion1967303World of manifestation is external consequence of primordial sound.
Manifesta­tion1967305Manifestation starts with Prakriti and with Sattva as the finest of the Gunas.
Manifesta­tion1967310Whole universe is governed by Law of Three, and first manifestation is Sattva, Rajas and Tamas.
Manifesta­tion1967311-312'In the beginning was the Word' - word is sound and idea manifesting in different stages.
Manifesta­tion1967330In unity there is no manifestation.
Manifesta­tion1968338Process of manifestation. Law of cause and effect. The appearance of a form in time is known as Punarjanma.
Manifesta­tion1978858Manifest and unmanifest nature of Param-Atman.
Manifesta­tion1979932Two ways - cause and effect in relation to Bhakti and Jnana.
Manifesta­tion19891029All manifestations come from Param-Atman. But individuals who have acquired some knowledge establish their individuality and this feeling of independence creates a barrier.
Manomaya1978830We 'like' this, we 'don't like' that - Sankalpa/Vikalpa.
Mantra196116-17Explanation of the meaning of our mantra - three syllables.
Mantra196116-17Advice for someone who does not get good results from meditating. Use written form of mantra or photo of holy person. See Q. page 15.
Mantra196119Advice on pronunciation of mantra. See Q. page 18.
Mantra196231There are different mantras. A person must keep to the same mantra.
Mantra196234R. asks re mantra being like arrow - dipped in poison kills, but dipped in balm can heal.
Mantra196236W. asks re different effects of meditation. Answer, 'due to Gunas'.
Mantra196384Present mantra should be good enough for the moment. If problems arise, something may be suggested. See Q. page 83.
Mantra1964102Advice for someone who has problems with the mantra.
Mantra1964113If thoughts intrude during meditation drop them and start the mantra again.
Mantra1964118-119When the mantra is felt by body, mind and heart simultaneously, then the real peace is felt.
Mantra1964122One doesn't have to recollect guidance in meditation, but only to repeat the mantra. Otherwise you will break the rhythm of the mantra.
Mantra1964122If one meets blank wall in meditation, pick up mantra again and start. When there is only mantra there can be no wall.
Mantra1964124At start you have to say mantra and repeat few times till it takes over. Must find its own natural rhythm: should be automatic.
Mantra1964126-127How to help people with difficulty. Saying loudly or seeing written word. Explanation of alphabetical meaning.
Mantra1964133Long drawn-out mantra has deeper and more subtle effect on the subtle body.
Mantra1964135Four types of mantra: 1. Our Mantra; 2. and 3. Each use different Mantras; 4. Recluse.
Mantra1964137A. suggests the Mantra is the Word of the Absolute, its rhythm that of creation.
Mantra1964138Our own Mantra should help us in any physical difficulties.
Mantra1964143If mind is taken up with outside noise then the mantra is in a shallow part and must go deeper for the true light.
Mantra1964146During active work and pressing times one can remember the mantra and that should be enough to recharge.
Mantra1964148Movement of mantra to base of spine. These experiences are sidelights. One should never take these for the goal.
Mantra1964151-152What it means when the mantra goes faster and faster, lifting one's consciousness to the top of the head.
Mantra1964154Whenever there is a free moment you remember the Atman with the help of the mantra.
Mantra1964156Mantra disappears once one's consciousness is united with the Self.
Mantra1964164-165Mantra has always existed and always will. It is universal sound not bound by space time.
Mantra1964165-166Letter from R. and diagram re mantra and spinal cord.
Mantra1964183Pranas create the subtle sound through which the mantra is created.
Mantra1964183R. asks re mantra going on all the time. This is a stage when mantra goes deeper into the subtle body so that the sensation also goes into its subtler form.
Mantra1964185The mantra should settle down around the heart and enlighten all other parts of the body.
Mantra1964185Don't pitch the mantra. Just start and follow its rhythm. Don't look for anything, not even for Sattva.
Mantra1964190-191Between one action and another one could remember the mantra. But one should not meditate on the train, or when acting as barrister in court.
Mantra1964193Mantra connects the inner force to the outer force, Atman to the Absolute.
Mantra1964196When mantra reaches subtle state you only need to follow it and allow it to act as it likes.
Mantra1964211H.H. comments on use of 'Shiva' as mantra.
Mantra1965230Three effects of mantra: burning/destroying, light and peace.
Mantra1965231Rhythm: give it momentum then let it go. Don't try to create a rhythm. Energy: deep dive into Self on causal level and get extra energy.
Mantra1965242Does the Mantra remain with us in the next life? H.H. advises realisation in this life: don't look beyond, it is unnecessary.
Mantra1965244How three forces of mantra rise via Ida, Pingala and Sushumna.
Mantra1965244Using visual form of mantra: should only be done in rare cases.
Mantra1965257Mantra guided by Atman like magnet and iron filings.
Mantra1965259Mantra cleanses (three rooms).
Mantra1965260Different types of mantra, but only a few lead to Self-realisation.
Mantra1965269Mal, Vikshepa and Avarana removed by mantra.
Mantra1965272Guru is Absolute for disciple, creates mantra in Antahkaran of disciple.
Mantra1965281Should one remember the mantra when confronted with quarrelsome wife?
Mantra1965287Those leading others can be asked to hold mantra during short periods of rest.
Mantra1967303W. asks if mantra is appreciated as sound or substance. Mantra is just a rope. In deep meditation one doesn't appreciate: one becomes. Start mantra, do nothing and just follow it.
Mantra1967303Creation of mantras based on principles of sound.
Mantra1967311Q. re. breathing and meditation. Mantra is independent of all rhythms of breathing and blood flow.
Mantra1967311Remembering the sound is not essential, but being conscious of rhythm of mantra is necessary until deepest level is reached.
Mantra1967314Mobile and immobile existence. If there is any appreciation of sound, one is separated from the immobile.
Mantra1968356Three stages in meditation: primary - preparing the body; intermediate - attending to mantra; creative - Samadhi.
Mantra1968359Before introducing the mantra, tell yourself there is nothing to look for - just attend to the mantra.
Mantra1968365Changes in vibration of mantra in the body.
Mantra1970400-401Vedic mantras recited by H.H. before and after meditation.
Mantra1970454The will of the Self is mantra, and through pronouncing mantra everything is created.
Mantra1970464Use of mantra on getting up in the morning and on going to sleep and when starting an activity (repeat 11 times).
Mantra1970469To get at abstract we take help of concrete, i.e. mantra to reach Param-Atman. Example of sugar and sweetness.
Mantra1971502Repetition of mantra during sleepless night will give enough Tamas to provide rest. Pratyahara from eightfold yoga system.
Mantra1971503Mantra becomes subtler during meditation until it is experienced as One.
Mantra1971503Experience of mantra returning when person regains consciousness after an accident. Illustrates the importance attached to the mantra.
Mantra1971505-506Q. about allowing 'flowing mantra' to arise during daily activity. H.H. says it has some use but is not a substitute for prescribed method.
Mantra1972547Direct experience of the being of Param-Atman is reached through meditation and comes with the sound of the mantra. See letter on page 546.
Mantra1972559Meditator, act of Meditation and Mantra become one in full meditation.
Mantra1972588-589D.S. There are three methods of repetition: making the sound vocally, moving the lips but with no sound, mental repetition. The third is 1000 times more powerful than the others.
Mantra1972597Mantra, creative sound, as vehicle of transformation. See story of Ajamila and young son Narayana on page 597.
Mantra1973603Mela talk on the special attractions and attributes of the word 'Ram'.
Mantra1973604Recitation of the mantra is useful even if not able to sit in the prescribed manner, so don't postpone - do it in whatever way circumstances permit.
Mantra1973615Suggestion of mantra 'Shiva' for someone with old impediment who has trouble with usual mantra.
Mantra1973625Journey from individual to universal, leading to profound silence, 'One without a second'. Bridge over which one has to throw one's belongings of desires and activities.
Mantra1974644Mantra is still present in Samadhi, but is transcended in Turiya. Three aspects of our mantra.
Mantra1974686-687The mantra means your own Atman. Example of a pot made out of earth (clay).
Mantra1975717Use of a suitable mantra if practised in the proper way would lead to achievement of one's desires.
Mantra1975735Mantra/meditator/act of meditation becoming one.
Mantra1976758Use of mantra during daily life. Manas should be realising that repetition of the mantra is going on.
Mantra1976759Heart should be able to listen to recitation of mantra, Manas should know we are reciting.
Mantra1976766Reasons for secrecy.
Mantra1976768There should be absolute peace in meditation. The knowledge that the mantra is going on should stop.
Mantra1977800For people who seem stuck, say aloud a couple of times, with eyes shut, and then let it go as deep as possible.
Mantra1977818Make the mantra so prominent in one's life that one leaves the world with it.
Mantra1978828Pronounce mantra aloud a couple of times when it's difficult to dissociate from outside world.
Mantra1978832-833It is Chitta which repeats the mantra and gets rhythm going.
Mantra1978838Sri Narayan: Example of H.H.'s advice to his lawyer friend. Continue doing what you are doing. Mantra slowly dissolves evil or bad habits and prevents entry of new ones.
Mantra1978840Let it go automatically - it will go deep. Don't try to understand what is happening during meditation or depth will be disturbed.
Mantra1978849Function of repeating the mantra is to cleanse the subtle and causal bodies. Analogy of throwing a stone into a pond - ripples spread in ever-widening circles.
Mantra1978850Explanation and meaning of each part of our mantra.
Mantra1978851One mantra is sufficient for both Bhakti and Jnana.
Mantra1978858Our mantra and the relation of its three parts to Sat-Chit-Anand and to fire, life, peace.
Mantra1979882Choice of mantra.
Mantra1979895When meditating, often instead of attending to the mantra, our own desires fill our minds.
Mantra1979896-897Mantra purifies Antahkaran, increases and develops the good in the individual, and makes the individual more universal. Three sounds in our mantra which have different effects.
Mantra1979897Two traditions of mantra meditation - Vedic and Puranic. Vedic usually only for unity with Brahman. Puranic for a variety of purposes - some worldly, some spiritual.
Mantra1979898Designed to remove shell and restore all the forces of Param-Atman in an individual.
Mantra1979915-916Japa - spoken mantra. Useful for those who can't meditate e.g. mentally or physically ill.
Mantra1979920Use of mantra with mental patients who need help controlling minds and thoughts.
Mantra1979947Mantra is implanted in causal body of initiate.
Mantra1979951Repetition of mantra connects us to the power of Samashti. Analogy of electric current.
Mantra1980955Remedy for distracting thoughts: repeat mantra out loud, gradually reduce volume, then take it inside.
Mantra1980959Q. re effect on a difficult child of remembering mantra and linking with child's name.
Mantra1980961Advice on feeling sleepy or entering into dreams in meditation: recite mantra loudly with great love.
Mantra1980966Procedure for giving the mantra at initiation. Initiator himself should check sound of mantra one week after initiation.
Mantra1980967General principles regarding the use of different mantras in India. If in difficulty with previous mantra from Maharishi and wanting re-initiation, this may be given. But care is needed.
Mantra1980967The purpose of the mantra is to limit the attractions of Chitta and allow concentration of being towards the deity or the Self.
Mantra1980978Those who find mantra does not slow should be separated and told to say it aloud for ten minutes then silently. Manas must follow the mantra - mantra should not follow Manas.
Mantra19881023The mantra is a vehicle for reaching unity and has no separate existence once unity is reached. Unless interfered with, the mantra will merge into a single consciousness.
Mantra19891034Rhythm of mantra immediately influences the breathing system and refines its movements.
Mantra19891042Whenever one feels the agitation of Vikshepa, reminding oneself of the mantra relieves tension and tiredness.
Mantra19891043How to 'remind oneself of the mantra'. Just repeat once and with eyes closed stay in that stillness for a minute or so.
Mantra19891049-1050Repetition of the mantra should not be forced. If deeper levels cannot be achieved because of physical illness, just repeating it with love and devotion can aid recovery.
Mantra19931082The mantra is provided for meditation, not for its own sake. If it appears at other times, welcome it but keep it private and don't let it interfere with attention to the work in hand.
MantraSee also: Meditation
Manu196255Fourfold system of Manu is not only for man; it is in everything living.
Manu196277What Manu said about the 'twice-born' and H.H.'s explanation.
Market1980972Stillness seems to be lost in the noise of the market. Hear the noise and also the silence in the middle of the market.
Market1980973Some see the market as necessary and likeable, and don't bother about stillness. Others find the marketplace a den of rogues and keep aloof. Both are wrong.
Marriage1964142Marriage is a sacred bond. Once bound one should do utmost to live up to it.
Marriage1964142The School man should be first to give concessions if partner in marriage not interested in the path of Self-realisation.
Marriage1968349Best way of keeping good relationships is to serve the person you love and not put up any demands
Marriage1968365Analogy with Atman uniting with Param-Atman
Marriage1976769Real husband is the supreme power surrounding one on all sides.
Marriage1977803Relationship of husband and wife is on the causal level. See story of Man on ship in rough weather on page 803.
Marriage19891035-1036Division of duties between husband and wife is important. If a clash takes place Prema (unattached love) is missing leading to unfortunate situations.
MarriageSee also: Husband and wife
Masculine and feminine1974649-650Masculine and feminine are equal in creation. Everyone is Prakriti. Man and woman are no different. Everyone to be both master and servant. See story of Rama becomes Sita and Sita becomes Rama on pages 650-651.
Masculine and feminine1980971-972Hard and soft types of men. Behaviour and characteristics different.
Material19851000Assisting others to assimilate material - give the teaching slowly, then questions will arise. If there are no questions, no further action is needed.
MaterialSee also: Spiritual vs material
Mathnavi19616Shankaracharya tells variants of stories from the Mathnavi.
Mathnavi1971490Book VI on Justice. The Absolute cannot be deceived.
Matter1964121The materialist gets his share of happiness, but it is momentary and temporary.
Matter1964131Physical or material world is a world of action and movement.
Matter1964175-176Two partners of creation - Atman and matter. Common man can't see the difference.
Matter1964177Cannot be two truths - either matter has to be true or Spirit.
Matter1965230Bondage is felt when Atman is said to be associated with matter, if we think that the body is the Self.
Matter1967307In the last step, Abundance, instead of looking at the outer form of matter, one looks into the heart of matter where the Absolute abides.
Matter1967320Science uses instruments made from physical materials to look at physical matter, so it is limited by the physical world.
Matter1968338Consciousness and matter - the two predominant factors of creation. Material world owes its existence to consciousness and consciousness can only be manifested by matter.
Matter1972545Difference between matter and consciousness is that of cause and effect.
Matter1974639Absolute is not just in matter; it is everywhere. Efficient cause and material cause.
Matter1982993-994Scientific world works on tangible matter - it does not go beyond the physical, material world.
Matter19891051Science leads towards complex manipulations of matter and in this march of complexity, the senses, Manas and Buddhi lose their Sattvic lustre and the way to liberation is forgotten.
Maya1964119H.H. relates process of creation and the process whereby we have our own body.
Maya1964126Three hindrances to meditation - cloud is Maya, like a sheath.
Maya1964188Absolute is creative force (Maya), and Atman is surrounded by ignorance which is a shadow of Maya. See story of Palace as an Inn on page 188.
Maya1965262Rama and Lakshman - how common man treats Maya as truth. See story of Lakshman's dive (1) on page 64.
Maya1965277-278Drama of Maya is universal and has to go on in eternity: use discrimination and only pick up what is important.
Maya1969383Both of the worlds Lakshman saw were Maya. See story of Lakshman's dive (2) on pages 382-383.
Maya1970385The world appears real owing to Maya. Atman is changeless and cannot be known, only felt.
Maya1970408-409Jiva is a slave of Maya. Fear of death is part of Maya. Deceives the Jiva.
Maya1970412Narada's riddle. Purush (Absolute) has a wife who is Maya. See story of Narada's riddle on pages 411-412.
Maya1970419Maya is of two types - Vidya (Knowledge) and Avidya (Ignorance).
Maya1970460Pure and impure. How to ignore the attractions of impure Maya.
Maya1970472Purity and impurity of situations seen when Sattva in abundance. If Rajas or Tamas predominate, people crash against obstacles and go astray. See letter on pages 466-467.
Maya1971504-505Description of Ras Leela (Krishna play). Maya is desire to play and creator of all the beings and artifices taking part.
Maya1971510When Maya (illusion) is fully realised, light, power, knowledge and service expands.
Maya1971519As soon as any thought other than Param-Atman enters the mind we are in the grip of Maya or ignorance.
Maya1972540Incarnation of Param-Atman has Maya under his full control. Ordinary person is under control of Maya. See letter on page 538.
Maya1973610Path to Param-Atman via knowledge: greatest risk at the end when progress has been made and Maya tries to beguile.
Maya1973617If we see Param-Atman in everything, Maya no longer cheats us but begins to help instead.
Maya1975701The Jivatman can only be freed from the cobwebs of Maya through the grace of Param-Atman.
Maya1978858Meditation is to help us understand everything is a drama - it is all Maya.
Maya1979877Three phases of Maya: the Lord uses Maya for play; Maya keeps people away from the Lord; knowledge of Maya helps people go towards the Lord. See story of Bharata and enthronement of Rama on page 878.
Me and mine1970395Light of Chetan Shakti available to four parts of subtle body, coloured by feeling of 'I and mine.'
Me and mine1970426-427Limitations of 'me and mine' (Rajas and Tamas) relieved by Sattva ('Thee and Thine'). See story of Hanuman (the Monkey God) and Rama on page 427.
Me and mine19931086'Me' is the knower, and 'mine' is that which is owned and known. The way to liberation is to see this difference clearly.
Me and mineSee also: Neti, Neti
Me and mineSee also: Vyatireka
Medicine1974655-656MC asks re different systems of medicine. H.H. says real medicine is the Punya - virtuous deeds through which essence (Samskar) is purified. Final disease is ignorance.
Meditation19617Our System and the meditation originally went hand in hand.
Meditation196111Real meditation is merging of meditator, object of meditation, act of meditating.
Meditation196111H.H. advice for people whose worries and busy life disturb their meditation. See Q. page 9.
Meditation196113Those who meditate never forget the aim of bliss.
Meditation196114Bliss of meditation moves with you like a shadow when you come out into the sensory world.
Meditation196114Two half-hours necessary, but can practise more when time is available.
Meditation196119-20Practical advice on meditation in early stages. See Q. page 18.
Meditation196230Meditate on a chair or on the floor, or on your bed or standing, but keep a straight back.
Meditation196238Takes you further than other systems of yoga, to point of complete Realisation.
Meditation196248Forces of evil always challenge the force of good. Meditation helps to suppress them.
Meditation196250The fourth system of Self-realisation is through meditation. It is designed for everyone.
Meditation196252Meditation and falling asleep. Gather more Sattva. Music can attract people to attend meditation.
Meditation196270-71If somebody's role in the world involves rushing around, he should just go along with it. But rest before meditation.
Meditation196270Gunas experienced during meditation.
Meditation196271After a busy day rest before meditating. Just turn away from memories and thoughts - don't force them out. Feelings of possibility after meditation.
Meditation196274Fast breathing tends to occur when there is a possibility of going inward. Resistance can be easily overcome.
Meditation196389Advice for someone who appeared to be losing her mind. See Q. page 88.
Meditation196390Don't try to block out lofty ideas and feelings or stop to look at them.
Meditation196391Egocentric feeling diminished when affection for meditation increases.
Meditation196395Devote as much time to meditation as possible - a good thing cannot be overused.
Meditation196397Applies equally to the West as in the East. Easier in the West because there is no excess of spiritual knowledge.
Meditation196398Aspirant supported by meditation reaches goal and inherits Universe. See story of Seven gates. Keys of the kingdom on pages 97-98.
Meditation1964109Instructions on the stages of meditation, including position, Pranas, expansion and the Self.
Meditation1964111After three years one can see Being has taken a different turn.
Meditation1964111Propagating meditation by those already meditating setting an example which others will be curious about.
Meditation1964112Best times of day for preparations and meditation.
Meditation1964112-113In meditation seat of Prana is in the pelvis, which connects every part and particle of the body and brings it to equilibrium.
Meditation1964113Expansion lessens distraction in meditation - e.g. sound of Mela, and two trains passing each other.
Meditation1964114Two half-hours a day is the least for the householder.
Meditation1964118-119Unity of body, mind and heart in meditation leads to real peace.
Meditation1964121-122Easy to see physical effect, but difficult to see spiritual effect though cleansing process is working. Do not recollect guidance during meditation.
Meditation1964122Alcohol and meditation. Nothing is bad if taken according to measure.
Meditation1964123Effect on spiritual level is always at work. Bliss and meditation.
Meditation1964124Breathe through nose.
Meditation1964124Preparations should not be made a great issue. They are only to facilitate meditation.
Meditation1964124-125Meditation not for the masses - spread only so far as you can keep organisation intact. Keep newcomers separate to see if they keep enthusiasm.
Meditation1964125No set pace and no set time-schedule for anyone.
Meditation1964125Don't be attached to propagation of meditation.
Meditation1964126Three hindrances to meditation: Dirt (Impurity), Sheath, Tension - Mal, Avaran and Vikshepa.
Meditation1964127Posture for meditation: comfortable, straight spine, whole body relaxed.
Meditation1964128After deep meditation it is sometimes impossible to stand up, or to see, or hear or walk. All the senses are so fully relaxed that they hardly function.
Meditation1964128Children can be given meditation after age of five, but for five minutes only, not a half-hour.
Meditation1964128-129No danger in giving to anyone. If someone fails it is his loss, the system does not suffer. But avoid bad publicity.
Meditation1964129Consciousness can only get rest and food through meditation.
Meditation1964130Lack of success means not proper meditation - just wait, don't force. Due to tension and Rajas. How to meditate if in pain. Meditation as much for practical as spiritual.
Meditation1964130Minds of world leaders probably too distorted and tense to take meditation, but meditator taking part in politics could help.
Meditation1964131Timetable for meditation and ordinary work so as to save and restore energy.
Meditation1964137The meaning of meditation is to hold and to contemplate.
Meditation1964141Power is stored in sex centre. By meditation one removes the cover, sheaths or accumulated impurities, and then it rises and cleans the whole nervous system.
Meditation1964143Moving mind is unsure and frightened at first when brought to inner world by meditation. Meditation shallow if mind moving.
Meditation1964146Meditation morning and evening. Leave burdens - one is going to meet best of VIPs. Proof is in practice.
Meditation1964147Dealing with sceptics. Example of ants and sugar.
Meditation1964147Taking system with a bang is not helpful - all Rajas. Those who work quietly and continuously reach the goal. Example of light bulbs.
Meditation1964150Only give to people genuinely wanting it. Don't promise too much. Only fifteen minutes to start with.
Meditation1964152R. describes his experiences of meditation as being like the Food Diagram - two stages in the meditation, two shocks.
Meditation1964161The meditation is a new way for people, and one meets all hazards of senses, Manas (mind) and Buddhi. Meditation is to cleanse Buddhi and still it.
Meditation1964163Has always existed, but differs in form over time according to the need.
Meditation1964163-164Meditation leads to 'completeness'.
Meditation1964168Power of attention is grown by practice and sincere meditation: it can be used after meditation. To be sincere is to stay in the void which contains the Atman.
Meditation1964168Meditation is a means to an end. Once this connection of within to without is realised, the meditation will not be necessary.
Meditation1964170Buddhi in pure state reminds one and chases one to work for betterment (through meditation).
Meditation1964172R. describes meditating with Shankaracharya.
Meditation1964172Meditating through noise at Ashram. No extra methods needed - just penetrating more deeply into possibilities of meditation as already given.
Meditation1964176-177R. asks re two stages in a half hour.
Meditation1964178-179True Knowledge removes the filth or cloud from Buddhi and meditation stills it.
Meditation1964187In meditation we re-charge the energy, Use it for Atman and then body and senses will get their share of real happiness.
Meditation1964190Deep peace during meditation may give rise to different experiences in the night, but they are sidelights - not the aim.
Meditation1964191With whole day free one could do as much meditation as one can easily do. One should not meditate on the train or when acting as barrister in court.
Meditation1964191Proof of depth is that everything is still.
Meditation1964192By proper meditation no one can get cold. In meditation when you still your body firmly and bring your prana to equilibrium, you must get more heat, but this heat is not hot.
Meditation1964192Meditation is an inner process - mental troubles need mental remedy, physical need physical remedy. No physical exercises necessary.
Meditation1964192Allow some time to still body before half hour. Leave Buddhi, Manas, senses and body outside. All activities in Rajas, so allow Rajas to die down.
Meditation1964193Activities go on even during meditation. The nature of this activity is very subtle, too subtle to be perceived, but in fact the activities go on.
Meditation1964198The mobility (speed) of Buddhi is one of the great stumbling blocks in seeing the truth. Through meditation one cleanses and stills it.
Meditation1965218-219If a person feels the necessity to increase the time of meditation he is free to do so; the prescription of two half-hours is based on general need.
Meditation1965219Duration - danger of self-satisfaction: need for self-restraint. See story of Tortoise and hare on page 219.
Meditation1965225In meditation there is no activity of Buddhi.
Meditation1965227To meditate is to be in Sattva. But avoid attachment, even to Sattva.
Meditation1965228-229Meditation is the system which stabilises the Chitta (Consciousness). When all activities silenced, body, senses and Buddhi stop working. They cannot experience unity with Atman.
Meditation1965229Desires are an obstacle to attention and meditation - 'have fewer desires'.
Meditation1965230Dedicate half hour to Atman. Was meditation proper? Three qualities of mantra. Instructions.
Meditation1965239Not an end in itself. Three qualities (effects) of meditation. Cleans out impurities - no impurities, no need for meditation. Two half-hours of good meditation sufficient.
Meditation1965240-241Meditation and sheath - example of Ganges water and water in bottle.
Meditation1965244Ida, Pingala and Sushumna carry the three forces of peace, light and fire.
Meditation1965244Those who meditate well can help those who don't. But those who are not expert can do more harm than good by trying to help.
Meditation1965245-246Headaches and meditation: one should relax the body and release tension so that the mantra can start easily.
Meditation1965249There is no search for knowledge in meditation.
Meditation1965252Produces same results as Yoga of eight steps which is a hard way.
Meditation1965255Feeling of expansion is cure for difficulties in meditation. Small things are more subject to movement than large - if it's difficult to get attention on mantra feel completeness of universe.
Meditation1965258Final message to A. Drawing strength from meditation. All united in deep meditation by love.
Meditation1965263Coming out into Maya.
Meditation1965266-267When to meditate - first thing on waking, and last thing at night is good. Difficulties for city-dwellers.
Meditation1965269Meditation in the still of the night is rewarding.
Meditation1965273Rewards of meditation in relation to different types of desire.
Meditation1965274Remembering meditation and mantra on first waking shows it is taking root in inner being.
Meditation1965278-279Ignore inner obstacles which rise up during meditation.
Meditation1965280Meditation is helpful on all three paths - knowledge, love, action.
Meditation1967298System of knowledge and meditation are complementary.
Meditation1967299Knowledge and meditation to discriminate between transitory and eternal and remove littleness of boundary.
Meditation1967300Cycle of peace and activity through meditation.
Meditation1967301How to avoid thoughts running in circles around names and forms and getting side-tracked. Test of good meditation is abundance of happiness then and there.
Meditation1967302Quantity of meditation not important; but quality is. For householders moderation necessary: two half-hours. Can also turn inside for minute or two between activities.
Meditation1967303In deep meditation one doesn't appreciate Sat-Chit-Ananda, one becomes it.
Meditation1967309Types of people in relation to wanting knowledge or just meditation.
Meditation1967311Helping others is dependent on availability of one's own force.
Meditation1967314Mobile and immobile existence - Purush and Prakriti. Meditation takes one to the immobile.
Meditation1967323Message to School of Meditation: all that one needs usually becomes available. Keep going until that motionless spot is reached.
Meditation1967326-327Prayer before starting and when finishing meditation.
Meditation1967327Quotes from Mandukya and Isa Upanishads used by H.H. sometimes before meditation.
Meditation1967327Posture, balanced not stiff.
Meditation1967330In deep meditation when one transcends there is no relationship because there is unity.
Meditation1968344Helping others is possible by rising high on subtle level through meditation.
Meditation1968348All thinking is bad in meditation, but those who think purely about God are very close to the next step when they would stop thinking and dive deep.
Meditation1968353States of consciousness in meditation. In proper meditation, Samadhi is achieved.
Meditation1968353-354Mental commentary during meditation - one might hear it, but don't bother about it.
Meditation1968356Three stages in meditation: primary - preparing the body; intermediate - attending to mantra; creative - Samadhi.
Meditation1968357A journey home - different time scale to physical. Faith, sincerity and continuous effort needed.
Meditation1968364Guidance on physical and subtle levels.
Meditation1968368Need for constant and regular practice.
Meditation1968372Definition of four stages from Vedanta - Pratyahara, Dharana, Dhyana, Samadhi.
Meditation1970385Meditation and thoughtfulness are needed for the journey, and we can go ahead if our path is lit. See story of Traveller with a small lantern (4) on pages 385-386.
Meditation1970386Becoming habituated to meditation is more important than meditation itself as it means we cannot do without it and the habit will increase.
Meditation1970406Whatever one meditates on, one becomes. On can meditate upon the Absolute or anything else and those qualities will dawn within oneself.
Meditation1970458Don't postpone meditation when thoughts get in the way. Say a prayer or repeat the mantra loudly.
Meditation1970468Discourse on meditation and Param-Atman. Unity of meditation, meditator and object of meditation.
Meditation1971505Meditation helps to turn individual from coarse to subtle and causal.
Meditation1971509Posture in meditation. Left palm under right = Nature (Prakriti) under Absolute, its creator.
Meditation1972559No knowledge of any sort in deep meditation. If there is a feeling of Universal Being the ultimate stage has not been reached.
Meditation1972567-568D.S. Description of the seven traditional stages of meditation, including preparatory stages.
Meditation1972570D.S. Mind goes through three stages - concentration, Samadhi and total annihilation. In the last stage there is just pure consciousness which has been there all the time.
Meditation1972583There are two sorts of meditation: one is natural, and the other requires effort. God's meditation is natural. Jiva thinks he is inferior and needs to make an effort.
Meditation1972587D.S. Meditation must go to the void, then when no trace of ego remains, latent abilities will manifest.
Meditation1972592D.S. Anything that heals your worries is meditation. It is not necessarily sitting quiet, it can be when performing household duties.
Meditation1973618-619The meditational world is where everything is absolutely stationary. Self becomes everything.
Meditation1973624End of meditation is to reach the profound stillness, total immobility, but not necessary to stay there long - most of period is preparation to lead one to this state.
Meditation1973625Description of the journey of individual consciousness to universal through meditation - a gradual cessation of all activity to reach the profound stillness.
Meditation1974628System of meditation has been prescribed for this deep dive into the Self. To help others, acquire for oneself first.
Meditation1974646Feeling of ascent and descent in the spine - Muladhara. Provides energy for work. Example of shopkeeper.
Meditation1974653Whether it is working well or not only individual can be the best judge. Until it becomes natural one will meet obstacles, but not all the time, because of the Gunas.
Meditation1974680Detailed instructions on how to sit for meditation. There should be no tension. You are going to meet the Atman which is your greatest love. See also page 686.
Meditation1974684H.H. gives 'important hints on Meditation': posture, sounding the mantra, effortlessness.
Meditation1974685During meditation, no energy comes from outside. The subsidence of the energies in the body provides rest and we feel refreshed with energy available for all our actions.
Meditation1974690Advice on guidance needed by new meditators. Trainer must choose best method. See story of Shooting dog through mouth (2) on page 690.
Meditation1975710Deep meditation and deep sleep provide a means of escape from the agitated state of the universe.
Meditation1975711-712Good to remember trinity of Atman/Param-Atman/Guru before start.
Meditation1975713Approach to and procedure for sitting down to meditate. Analogy with working in an office and then coming home to the family.
Meditation1975720The natural law is that all the force must dissipate slowly. Meditation breaks this law because one reaches to the source of energy.
Meditation1975730Keenness of desire to meditate important but duration unimportant - should not interfere with worldly obligations.
Meditation1975735Mantra/meditator/act of meditation become one. Meditation system is for the unity of the individual with Param-Atman.
Meditation1976743Conflict arising in meditation. Don't worry about all the turbulences.
Meditation1976745Atman seen through bringing Manas, Chitta, Buddhi and Ahankar to rest, thereby cleaning mirror. Practice should make meditation natural.
Meditation1976746-747Settle down in ourselves and concentrate on the present. Example of dirty room. Meditation brings light to see the dust.
Meditation1976760Mal, Vikshepa, Kashaya are obstacles to deep dive.
Meditation1976764-765How to help meditators. We say we are giving something when we are giving nothing. When a doctor prescribes rest he is not giving the patient anything.
Meditation1976765Refreshes functions of mind.
Meditation1976767-768If someone comes to a 'sticking point' he should stop there and not try to force his way ahead. In meditation you should 'renounce your intelligence'.
Meditation1976768Try to obtain absolute peace, no movement in Antahkaran. The knowledge that the mantra is going on should stop.
Meditation1976770Instructions regarding meditating twice a day are for people who don't have time to do more. We must ensure that meditation does not interfere with worldly obligations.
Meditation1977794One can enter causal peace only through meditation.
Meditation1977797Meditation is to bring a sort of 'shell' of Sattva over our lives so that we are not agitated by the other two Gunas.
Meditation1977800Advice for those who feel they are stuck and not getting enough deep peace.
Meditation1977813Establish relation with Absolute through meditation.
Meditation1977814Giving people a taste of the bliss available from meditation. If we don't show it in our faces, it's not going to be convincing. See story of Ants and sugar (4) on page 814.
Meditation1978824-825Two main obstacles: inability to concentrate and Vikshepa. Rituals of Mela can help remove.
Meditation1978827-828Power normally flows down from the head, but in meditation it flows upwards. Causes temporary upheaval, but settles down.
Meditation1978832Correct posture leads to still Prana and still body. These two train Manas to be still, like troika with three horses.
Meditation1978832-833Buddhi is used only in deciding to meditate - it must then go away. It is Chitta which repeats the mantra and gets the rhythm going.
Meditation1978833-834In meditation the forces used at work in the world sink back and rest in their source in the body. This can seem like tension at first. Best time of day for meditation.
Meditation1978840Don't try to understand what is happening during meditation, or depth will be disturbed. Guru is just a medium in initiation.
Meditation1978844Meditation and Sadhanas are done by Jiva.
Meditation1978846Antahkaran is stilled by the process of Dhyana.
Meditation1978858Light of Atman is there, but only with meditation is it experienced. Meditation clarifies and enables one to see drama.
Meditation1978860Self-consciousness is there whether experienced or not, but experienced when mantra/meditation and object of meditation aligned or unified.
Meditation1978863Practice strengthens Bhawana and helps meditation.
Meditation1979898Removes the shell covering Atman.
Meditation1979900To eliminate unnecessary work for the Antahkaran and concentrate power of Self for positive actions and improvement of being.
Meditation1979902Discontentment at lack of progress in meditation is not bad but avoid disheartenment. Meditation leads to improvement in emotional and intellectual aspects, but it is slow.
Meditation1979909-910Maintaining connection with those given meditation who are not members.
Meditation1979911Causal body is only experienced in deep sleep or meditation.
Meditation1979913Meditation is the reverse of creative (artistic) work of manifestation. See story of Two artists (6) on page 913.
Meditation1979915-916Meditation and mental illness. Advice for those who can't meditate.
Meditation1979923H.H. describes the location in the body and brain where the processes associated with the feeling of bliss in meditation take place.
Meditation1979934-935No extra practices necessary in addition to meditation. See story of Four horse carriage (2) on page 934.
Meditation1979937Samadhi between desires is not much different from Samadhi in meditation. Absence of Sankalpa/Vasana.
Meditation1979944Is not an end in itself - only a method to approach the Absolute.
Meditation1979945History of meditation - very ancient but Guru Deva simplified it to meet the needs of all. It starts with the seventh step, Dhyana.
Meditation1979946Posture - Gita. Stillness is more important than which mantra is used. See story of Valmiki - how he became still while repeating Mira, Mira, Mira on page 946.
Meditation1979947Principles of the initiation ceremony remain the same through chain of teachers. Later teachers do not have the freedom to change.
Meditation1979948General guidance and answers to questions from meditators. Energy (Chetan Shakti) and spine. Unusual experiences are only in initial stages.
Meditation1979949Advice on meditation for someone on cancer drugs.
Meditation1979951Repetition of mantra connects us to the power of Samashti. Analogy of electric current.
Meditation1979952Individual meditates about the cosmos, and the cosmos meditates about the individual. Similarly, devotees meditated on Krishna, Krishna meditated on devotees.
Meditation1980955Automatically deals with Yama, Nyama and Pranayama. Advice on dealing with distracting thoughts and arid periods.
Meditation1980956Explanation of differences between Dharana, Dhyana and Samadhi, and the ebb and flow of meditation between these states.
Meditation1980960-961Q. re longer meditation on special occasions. H.H.: Do as much as you can do with comfort. Don't overdo it to point of exhaustion.
Meditation1980961Advice on feeling sleepy or entering into dreams in meditation: recite mantra loudly with great love.
Meditation1982986Meditation is spiritual food, essential for strengthening one's being. Without it, one would always feel that something is missing.
Meditation1982987Importance of complete stillness. Body first, then eyes, then mind. Mandukya Upanishad - 'frog' - three jumps to stillness - body, eyes, mind.
Meditation1982988Dealing with external and internal distractions. Mind as keeper of files which it presents. Make a resolution - no files allowed in meditation. See story of Holy Man and the bamboo pole (1) on page 988.
Meditation1982989Half-hour rule is only for beginners. No need for time limit if peaceful - e.g. of not looking at watch when in love. A few minutes of contact with the Self during the half-hour is enough.
Meditation1982990Arid period is caused by some blemish in oneself and is influenced by the Gunas. It will pass - nothing is static. Do not expect pleasant time to last either.
Meditation1982994Meditation provides steadiness of mind needed for communication in inner world.
Meditation1982996Checking stillness most important. There should be no movement. If someone falls asleep gently touch them to bring them back to Sattva.
Meditation19851009Q. as to how to go deeper. H.H.: meditation becomes natural on realisation - after that it is never absent. Example of wrestlers.
Meditation19851012Help to direct the activity of Rajas in the world towards Sattva by sharing some of H.H.'s knowledge with young people and telling them about the importance of Meditation.
Meditation19881019-1020RG asks about Ida, Pingala and Sushumna in relation to meditation.
Meditation19881020RG asks about Ida, Pingala and Sushumna in relation to meditation. H.H. describes the rise of consciousness through the Chakras. Meditation in old age.
Meditation19881021H.H. advises on most suitable time, place and duration. Meditation should never become compulsive or oppressive in order to force one's way to the Self.
Meditation19881022Advice when one feels 'stuck'. Meditation may not produce Sattva in everyone, but eventual possibility is there. If complacency arises, meditation is not being practised properly.
Meditation19891031Needed for both the intellectual and the devotional people. With further progress they will naturally converge.
Meditation19891031If people experience total unity for just a minute or two they reach the source of all energy. This leads to a happy and harmonious life.
Meditation19891033Meditation cannot provide tangible results immediately. It requires trust, knowledge and regular practice. Once a taste is acquired no sane person will give it up.
Meditation19891034With correct posture, meditation brings body, breath, mind and eyes into harmony. Other systems which deal with each factor separately are cumbersome and can be dangerous.
Meditation19891036-1037Constant and regular practice of meditation makes it possible for the experience of presence to persist at other times.
Meditation19891039A man who meditates properly and regularly develops his spiritual and intellectual powers so much that he easily surpasses those who don't meditate.
Meditation19891043-1044Meditation looks after many of the Yoga steps and eases progress on ladder. It is an exercise in attention and its transformation into pure consciousness.
Meditation19891047Meditation should lead you to make serious enquiries.
Meditation19891049Two half hours is a practical minimum for householders, but there's no hard and fast rule. Longer for initiators, if possible. Meditation in sickness, old age.
Meditation19891050Re Christian meditation, mixing two systems creates difficulties later on. It is better to preserve one system in its purity.
Meditation19891053Meditation helps remove limiting conditions separating Vyashti from Samashti.
Meditation19911063Explanation of the steps of meditation in Patanjali's system of Yoga. H.H.'s method, Raja Yoga, is different.
Meditation19911064Meditation is the root of the herb which one needs for a short time during the day to replenish energies lost in worldly affairs. See story of Snake and mongoose. Further explanation on page 1064.
Meditation19931074Prayer is external. Meditation is internal. Prayer seeks unity while meditation is unity - it seeks nothing, not even grace. Prayer is useful before meditation.
Meditation19931079All that is needed is to reach that state of total stillness where the mantra, meditation and meditator merge into one undifferentiated unity.
Meditation19931079Meditation is designed to be practised for only a limited period, and is designed to correct certain aspects of the subtle body.
Meditation19931080Before meditating, make a resolution to keep out every thought, not 'allowing guests to keep ringing the bell'.
Meditation19931081Experienced and inexperienced meditators should be kept separate. New meditators are often overpowered by thoughts and expectations and this creates a tense atmosphere.
Meditation19931082Meditation twice a day is enough to meet any situation one may encounter. Avoid finding new uses for the mantra at other times. It must be practised as originally given.
MeditationSee also: Mantra
MelaSee: Khumba Mela
Melting of heart1970428Prayers before starting to meditate lead to complete surrender which melts heart. Example of sealing wax.
Melting of heart1970429Melting of the heart is a cleansing of Samskar which enables grace to penetrate.
Melting of heart1970454Melting of heart helped by good company and good discourse: humility essential. Different processes for emotional and intellectual types.
Memory19616Memory and Self-remembering.
Memory196264-65Relation between memory and consciousness. Three types of memory based on Gunas. Realised Man and aspirant who 'forgets'.
Memory1964159Memory plays a part in the preservation of the Shankaracharya tradition. See story of First Shankaracharya and Padmapada (2) on page 159.
Memory1965246Knowledge is in Atman: when we meet someone with access, our memory is stirred. Also see other version on pages 247-248.
Memory1965283Isa Upanishad - dissolution of the body, but remember your deeds as they affect next life.
Memory1967318Remembering someone from the heart makes a connection on the subtle level.
Memory1967324Last barrier to Atman is feeling of 'I'. See story of Donkey in memory on page 324.
Memory1967328Disciple only has to remember teacher and transformation can begin. e.g. Krishna and Arjuna.
Memory1977796Memory of unity which has been lost and needs rekindling. Memory of universal grace acts as connection to grace. See story of Lamp-posts light the way (2) on page 796.
Memory1979876Those of Sattvic nature remember the meeting with Param-Atman. Those of Rajasic or Tamasic nature don't.
Memory1979903Memory of Sattvic experiences is enough to increase Sattva.
Memory1979923Location of memory is at back of physical brain.
Memory1979941Connection with Samashti is always there but remembering it is necessary. See story of Boy and pen on page 941.
MemorySee also: Remembering
Mental illness1979890-891Sattvic rest needed for those deficient in mental activity (mentally ill).
Mental illness1979915-916Providing point of rest for sick people, e.g. well filling up at night. Drugs or meditation. Use of Japa (spoken mantra) or music to help those who can't meditate.
Mental illness1979920Advice on how to help mental patients who have difficulties controlling minds and thoughts.
Mercy1970402Mercy of Realised Man helps towards Self-realisation.
Mercy1970413Flow of mercy from Guru is spontaneous when faith established. R. connects H.H.'s description with Ouspensky's interpretation of the parable of the Good Samaritan.
Mercy1970417The Guru in his mercy always forgives.
Mercy1971489Mercy and justice belong to the Absolute in unison. When implemented by individuals, this unison is not possible.
Mercy1979909Daya (mercy) and Yada (remembering) - relationship between teacher and disciple.
Method19613The method and freedom from identification.
Method1979878Confidence and faith a method of realisation.
Milarepa196261-62Putting R. in third class at Ram Nagar was like Milarepa and Marpa.
Mind1964114-115Love and stream of Truth are One, but when man catches it by heart or mind he catches it in two different ways: by his love, or by his knowledge.
Mind1964115Those who look through the mind get knowledge. Head and heart merge at top.
Mind1964138In meditation the moving mind is held and contemplated.
Mind1964138We ask what is it that is left when we have removed the moving mind and everything else that changes?
Mind1964187Keep mind busy with useful work. See story of Holy Man and the bamboo pole (2) on page 187.
Mind1968336Mind becomes what it observes. Way of knowledge and meditation reduces the effects of old habits. See story of Monkey in tree (2) on page 336.
Mind1970469Mind is incapable of imagining abstract qualities, but can imagine objects possessing those qualities.
Mind1972547The incessant commentary in the mind is useless. One solution is to keep the mind engaged on good thoughts only. See letter on page 546.
Mind1972552With deepening practice of merging of everything into Self, mind (Manas) would shed its burden and become filled with joy. See letter on page 551.
Mind1972557The load of past and future is on the mind (Buddhi), but the body also suffers.
Mind1972566D.S. Mind, through imagination, takes a reel of film and focuses it on the screen. Buddhi chooses. Ahankar says 'this my action'.
Mind1972569D.S. Mind and breath are closely related. If the mind is controlled, breath is controlled. You control the mind through surrender to God.
Mind1972593D.S. This 'stilling' (of the mind) is an obnoxious word - wipe it out. It implies suppression. If you suppress it, it will come up again. See Dixit comment on page 602.
Mind1974634Faithfulness of mind - if offered true knowledge it doesn't want anything else. See story of Rama and Sita on page 634.
Mind1974661Feel the presence of Self, then physical work and mental work is done well. The feeling of the Self brings attention. Analogy of master and servants.
Mind1974679If you follow the dictates of the mind (Manas) and do not listen to reason (Buddhi), this is not good.
Mind1974680The dictates of mind are based on personal likes and dislikes.
Mind1976745Steady state of mind to gain knowledge of Atman.
Mind1976767Making mind steady is one thing, not thinking of anything is another and is best.
Mind1976785Vikshepa will lose its hold only if mind is still and all ambitions and desires are discarded.
Mind1978823Four categories of mind - Manas, Chitta, Ahankara, Buddhi.
Mind1982987-988Complete stillness needed in meditation: body, eyes then mind. Putting resolution to mind. Mind as keeper of files making propositions and counter propositions. See story of Holy Man and the bamboo pole (1) on page 988.
Mind1982991Differences in English concept and Sanskrit words for mind.
Mind1982994Meditation provides steadiness of mind needed for communication in inner world.
Mind1982996Whatever thought you entertain at time of death forms next body.
Mirage1970468Seeing 'world' around us is a mirage due to ignorance.
Mirage1970470To fully Realised Man 'within' and 'without' is Param-Atman, and not the mirage.
Misery1965241-242Misery relieved through non-attachment.
Misery1970447Help for people who feel miserable.
Misery1979912The whole creation is a drama - the artistic creation of the Absolute. It must have variety. Once you know this, you don't see anything as misery. See story of Brahma's holiday on page 913.
Misery19891054Misery seen with wisdom can be used as an opportunity to make a better world. But just to cry over spilt milk is ignorance.
Mistakes1972564Do not think about mistakes or shortcomings: it takes precious energy. Attend to present moment and get extra energy.
Mithya1976771Triad of Mithya, Atman and Param-Atman. Mithya is a thing which exists, but is not what it appears.
Mobile and immobile1967314-315Purusha and Prakriti. Atman (Purush) is immobile and present everywhere. Immobile supports mobile.
Mobile and Immobile1980957The world can be divided into 'immobile' (Jada) and 'mobile' (Chetan).
Moha1965265-266Two kinds of love: Prem and Moha. See story of Ram Das and the boil on page 266.
Moha1971483Moha is deep attachment. H.H. explains in relation to recitations of Ramayana.
Moha1976767False attachment or false attitude. We must discriminate between love (Prema) and Moha.
Moha1979917Love that is for the benefit or pleasure of the lover.
Moha1980959Love that has attachment, Moha, is limited.
Moha19891035Example of newly married couple: love starts as Prema but turns into Moha when interests clash. Then there is disharmony and misery.
MohaSee also: Love
MohaSee also: Prem
Moksha1978860Means liberation from ignorance.
Moksha1979869Power of discrimination enables man to obtain liberation. Moksha denotes liberation from all possessions.
Monkey1980980-981Bondage is ignorance. When you hold on to anything you can't experience freedom. See story of Way of catching monkeys using a pot on pages 980-981.
Moon1964126As part of our mantra, M, Moon, means stillness and peace.
Moon1964133The Universe functions when the three forces of Fire, Sun and Moon work together. The heat of fire, the light of Sun and the coolness of Moon keep the balance of life and creation.
Moon1964134Moon affects everything that is liquid. Comments on man going to the moon.
Moon1964185One gets a smooth, cool and peaceful sensation by looking at the moon. If it comes to mind during meditation, don't be frightened. It should help you cool down in a peaceful manner.
Moon1982995In individual, god Chandra represents Manas which in H.H.'s tradition is moon (not necessarily physical moon).
Movement(s)1964113Absolute is motionless, but creation is full of movement. Two trains passing.
Movement(s)1964126Man can suffer from misunderstanding because of movement caused by different desires which clash.
Movement(s)1964155Easier to control mobile mind if body is still. Lessening desires will still Chitta.
Movement(s)1973623The physical movements of those who provide themselves with rest on the causal level are efficient and simple.
Mudra1970438Description and meaning of hand sign used by first Shankaracharya. Symbol of knowledge.
Mudra1975734Description of hand-sign used by the first Shankaracharya and the shloka which it illustrates.
MudraSee also: Dakshina-Murti
Mukti1965270Five states of freedom according to Vaishnan System
Mukti1965284Mukti, freedom from all bondage, with the realisation of truth is ultimate end of all our searchings. With reference to R.'s questions about Ouspensky.
Mukti1979869Mukti means liberation from pairs of opposites.
Mukti1979871Mukti, liberation, comes from a process of thinking.
Muladhara1979923Source of energy in the six Chakras.
Muladhara19911063Power from Muladhara is neutral. Unless it manifests itself as light at Ajna and finally at Sahasrara, it can be misused by a Rajasic or Tamasic practitioner.
Music196249Keertan can take people from Tamas, via Rajas, to Sattva.
Music196253Keertan or religious music is the counterpart of meditation.
Music1964113Music has the power to give bliss because the vibrations emanating from rightly-composed notes form certain patterns of particles which create bliss.
Music1964121Certain types of music can, like meditation and knowledge, cure ignorance.
Music1964141One can create a favourable atmosphere with the help of good music. This would put them in tune and ready for meditation.
Music1964191One should stop meditation at slightest discomfort, pain or tired feeling. One can use the time in listening to good music.
Music1965224Through the Antahkaran a person can listen to a piece of music and get into the particular stream created by music and enjoy happiness, peace and unity.
Music1968368Two types of music: one for inner being and one for inner and outer combined (secular). How music affects individual.
Music1970463Music is like an appetizer we take before a meal. It is not the meal itself. Don't focus on finding more appetizers for people - give them help to proceed with meditation.
Music1976767Use of music for 'collecting mind to a point'. We should not make ourselves accustomed to hearing sounds.
Music1978836Keertan in Ashram - description by NGH.
Music1979915To aid those not ready for meditation.
Myths19911065-1066Myths are common to all civilisations, and are a combination of intuition and reason. They carry a message and help to explain the inexplicable.