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Jackal196234Jackal used as term for 'common man' or 'men without magnetic centre'.
Jaiswal, Mr1979952Correction of past records through Jaiswal.
Janaka1972576Janaka and Rama and Vasishtha, examples of householders who worked for liberation through activity.
Japa1973625The act of repetition of a mantra.
Japa1979915-916Verbal method of repetition of mantra - use by sick people.
Japa1979919Only to be given if desired by mental patient. If no desire, suggest they read the scriptures.
Jijnasu1975727One of four types of seekers of Absolute in Gita - those who want to know.
Jiva1970408-409Has three feelings: fear of death, desire to know, desire for happiness.
Jiva1975701The Jivatman is as incapable of achieving anything as a fly caught in a spider's web. Maya obstructs its efforts.
Jiva1975703Jiva is a worshipper of magnificence and therefore is apt to be led away by worldly glamour.
Jiva1975731Param-Atman is calling us all the time. Only hindrance is Jiva thinking: 'I also am something'. See story of Gandhi and his wife on page 731.
Jiva1976754No difference between Atman and Jiva. One can understand Jiva as that which is afraid of death, whereas Atman doesn't know what death is.
Jiva1977796Householder/disciple-teacher relationship - e.g. two birds on tree of Antahkaran.
Jiva1978844Explanation of Jiva - relationship with Vyashti and Ahankar. Jiva experiences birth and death - not Atman. All Sadhanas done by Jiva.
Jiva1978845Jiva feels he is the person playing part in drama.
Jiva1978856Jiva is there at conception, but latent condition.
Jnana1978841Those following path of Jnana must be completely honest. See story of Two artists (5) on pages 841-842.
Jnana1978853Those following path of Bhakti become liberated when they die. Those on the path of knowledge (Jnana) get liberated before death.
Jnana1978854Jnana and study of scriptures.
Jnana1979878One of three essentials to right path (Shradda, Vishvas and Jnana).
Jnana1979932Different aspects of Jnana and Bhakti practice. 'Everything else is in me' is Jnana.
Jnana1979933Knowing is Jnana and accepting is Bhakti, to know and then accept is perfect. If you accept without knowing there is room for doubt.
Jnana19881017Three ways to put this wisdom into practice: Karma, Upasana and Jnana - action, devotion and knowledge.
Jnana mudra1974644The hand sign of knowledge. Dakshina-Murti.
Jnana mudra1975734Description of hand-sign used by the first Shankaracharya and the shloka which it illustrates.
Jnanamaya knowledge1978834Only knowledge destroys ignorance, but it is relative. Vijnanamaya knowledge removes some ignorance but Jnanamaya knowledge removes all ignorance.
Jnani type1975727One of four types of seekers of Absolute in Gita. They have attained wisdom and union with the Absolute.
Journey19891042Life a journey. Energy, light and knowledge are needed. Example of a journey at night, darkness between lampposts.
Joy1976761One form of joy is created by a 'thing', another is not dependent on anything - the natural joy of Atman.
Joy1976780The waxing and waning of joy in initial stages need cause no undue worry. We just need to persist.
JoySee also: Bliss
JoySee also: Happiness
JoySee also: Anand
Judge19911059Those who feel deprived of their rights seek impartial judgement from a court. So in the Study Society, interested parties should seek the judgement of a wise, impartial, experienced person.
Justice1971489Mercy and justice belong to the Absolute in unison. When implemented by individuals, this unison is not possible.
Justice and equity19851001Two sides of same coin. Theme continues through 1985 audiences.
Jyotirmath1978826Where first Shankara spent most of his life. Why he chose it.