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Gerald Beckwith

Gerald Beckwith

Gerald Beckwith was dedicated to and became an expert in the Fourth Way – both the original system of P.D. Ouspensky, and the reconstruction by Dr Francis Roles incorporating the teaching of His Holiness Shantananda Saraswati. When Professor Guyatt died he became joint head of the Fourth Way school, in conjunction with Professor Robert Simmons. In this capacity he ran study groups at Colet House and developed group papers and courses for beginners, continually renewing the teaching in the light of his own experience and insights, and incorporating new understanding from contemporary science.

Towards the end of his life, he undertook a further reconstruction of the System which he documented in his masterpiece: Ouspensky’s Fourth Way (2015). Further information about the book and a comprehensive review is here.

At the same time, Gerald led the initiative to set up the Ouspensky Today website to document the history and development of Ouspensky’s Fourth Way and to provide an open resource for anyone interested in the Fourth Way to use for spiritual development or academic research.

Gerald Beckwith died on 20th January 2019. A tribute to his life and work can be found here.

Gerald created a number of pages for the website covering his reinterpretation of the basics of Ouspensky’s teaching for present day students. These pages are all available here:

What is the Fourth Way?
Teaching Today
Teaching Methods
Validation by Science
Modern Practice – Part 1
Modern Practice – Part 2
Attention and Awareness
Conscience and Consciousness
Universal Laws
The Law of Three
The Law of Seven
Enneagram in Motion
Cosmology – Where are we?
Cosmology – Who are we?