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Ladder196242Ladder of Self-realisation - Law of seven in relation to seven steps of Nyaya System.
Ladder196243Disciple experiences difficulty up to the fourth step. See story of Traveller with a small lantern (5) on page 44.
Ladder196244Description of fourth and fifth steps.
Ladder196248Ladder and will.
Ladder196280Ladder of being through knowledge - an inner ladder - the ladder of the Self.
Ladder196390Guidance for those who bear the burden of a bad past.
Ladder1964116Ladder of seven steps is from movement to stillness - ascending process is very systematic, but more like a spectrum than a physical ladder.
Ladder1964116-117Desire to ascend ladder important - danger in stopping.
Ladder1964117Need for a teacher in early steps of the ladder, up to level 5. So much Sattva and bliss acquired by Step 5 no-one would want to go back.
Ladder1964125Everyone has own pace to ascend - depends on essence.
Ladder1964128Full realisation can only come from Realised Man, Self-realisation possible from man at level 5.
Ladder1964136The guide will never leave him unless he sees the disciple reach his goal of Self-realisation. Even death would not break the relationship.
Ladder1964138Disillusion with worldly things - step two.
Ladder1964167-168Essence in relation to ladder, e.g. of train - can be derailed up to 'Abundance'.
Ladder1964169The second stage takes some time. The thoughts and resolutions keep changing due to impure Buddhi and people hang between decision and non-decision.
Ladder1964171At the fifth step of the Ladder, the attachment to the material world and desires becomes loosened. Sight becomes clear within and without. This is how one gets 'insight'.
Ladder1964198In the field of Being it is rather difficult to define steps. People have different types of beings. Some go quicker than others.
Ladder1965220Role of discipline/rules in ascending the ladder.
Ladder1965226Those who are higher up on the ladder would exhibit that just by their actions.
Ladder1965228Chitta rises step by step but Self-realisation happens in a moment.
Ladder1965250Explanation of each step. Self-realisation begins at step five.
Ladder1965262R. asks about step five and remembering previous life but H.H. says step five is new influence.
Ladder1965277Turiya and seventh step.
Ladder1965282H.H. thinks R. has reached higher step and will not now slide back down.
Ladder1965283R. asks again about step five and quote from Isa Upanishad.
Ladder1967306-307R. asks about fifth step and insight. H.H. explains fourth, fifth, sixth and seventh steps.
Ladder1967325Position of person on ladder is related to levels of meditation.
Ladder1967331A. asks whether people on lower level than teacher can make contact on subtle level with people they are trying to help. See story of Disciple who was a householder on page 331.
Ladder1970453First step of ladder, Impulse, gives enough or momentum to lead towards understanding.
Ladder1973605Seven steps leading to freedom from all personal thoughts.
Ladder1980975Description of steps of the ladder from 'good impulse' to Turiya.
Ladder19891043The ladder of knowledge and the system of Yoga are two ways to Self-realisation. Description of seven stages of the ladder.
Lamp-posts19891042Life a journey. Energy, light and knowledge are needed. Example of a journey at night, darkness between lamp-posts.
Language1964108Different aims of Sanskrit and European languages.
Language1970426There are no linguistic difficulties. All problems are human problems and need to be resolved through discussion at individual level.
Language1971516Explanation from Jaiswal. All words are common, but sensory experiences are unique. Experiences can't be shared by ordinary men, but their interpretation can be.
Language1972557Through company of saints and through discourses we learn to give up the language of the world.
Language1973605Use appropriate language to answer questions, e.g. prayer for prayer, Vedanta for Vedanta See story of Mahatma who wore no clothes on page 605.
Language1979907Each system develops its own special language to communicate knowledge of truth.
Language1979922H.H. uses different language for different types of people according to their background and intelligence.
Language1982991Advice on translation and use of Sanskrit words. Examples of words that are hard to deal with. Need to use some Sanskrit words until English ones are established.
Language19911059The language of pretext always pretends to be helping others, mostly on a grand scale, but the inner motives are to get one's own way and achieve victory over others.
Lantern1973622Click on the name of the story to see the list of all the versions. See story of Traveller with a small lantern (1) on page 622.
Law of Three1965233Work on the self and work for the neighbour and the work for the sake of the Work (universal work) are the three lines of work.
Law of Three1978858Three-fold nature of Param-Atman is sometimes manifest, sometimes unmanifest.
Law of Three1979892-893Law of Three - can be seen in every aspect of life: Ahankar, Bhajana, sleep, being, Samadhi, thinking. H.H. explains characteristics of all of these.
Law of Three1980970Law of Three pervades all things and events. It is impossible to stay in Sattvic stillness all the time.
Law of Three1982995Law of Three starts with Prakriti and from there arises manifestation of entire universe.
Law of ThreeSee also: Three forces
Laws196239R. gives summary of two cosmic Laws of Three and Seven in Western system. H.H. confirms same in his system.
Laws196242-43R. gives summary of two cosmic laws of three and seven in Western system. H.H. confirms same in his system.
Laws196265-66Laws of accident, cause and effect, fate and will in Western system fully advocated by H.H. and he describes the equivalent laws in his system.
Laws196268Sanatan Dharma is the religion of the Atman - the natural laws of the Atman.
Laws196272The pattern of 'three' is everywhere in the world.
Laws196277Man-made and natural laws. See story of Lame man and blind man on page 77.
Laws1967310Whole universe is governed by Law of Three.
Laws1967321Work with natural law (re women/men). Women always need men.
Laws1970397Relation with Absolute.
Laws1970423All forms come into existence by the law of nature, i.e. the will of the Absolute.
Laws1970462Laws mean that spiritual food (as with other foods) are required daily.
Laws1972562Man-made and natural laws. See story of Lame man and blind man on page 77.
Laws1975709Two sets of laws responsible for governing Samashti and Vyashti. Laws of large numbers - accidents affecting hundreds of people. See story of Judge with a religious mother on page 709.
Laws1975715Make full use of power in individual, up to limits set by laws of the universe. See story of Traveller with a small lantern (2) on page 715.
Laws1975716How to understand two levels of laws in Samashti and Vyashti.
Laws1975720The natural law is that all the force must dissipate slowly. Meditation breaks this law because one reaches to the source of energy.
Laws1977801R. asks about laws of Vyashti and Samashti in relation to disbelief and blind belief.
Laws1980970Law of Three pervades all things and events. It is impossible to stay in Sattvic stillness all the time.
Laws19911057Dharma is the natural law which individuals and societies try to put into action. But although all proclaim that truth is better for peace and happiness, they don't practise it.
LawsSee also: Dharma
Laya1968372Definition of Laya. One of the obstacles to Nirvikalpa Samadhi. See H.H.'s description on page 377.
Laya1969377A state of Tamas, obstacle to meditation, etc.
Laziness1964112We live and act in Rajas. Direction is important - whether towards Sattva or Tamas. If Tamas, we become lazy.
Laziness1964193Those in Tamas are lazy. They sleep too much and destroy themselves.
Laziness1968355Those who are not restful in the subtle body are inefficient in their work, lazy, and do not rise to the moment.
Laziness1968364Those with minds attached to the inner world are usually lazy, inactive and unproductive and live like parasites.
Laziness1972562Difference between laziness and passivity in meditation.
Laziness1976744H.H. does not approve of devoting oneself to meditation only, and adopting an escapist attitude towards worldly responsibilities.
Leader1965275-276Qualifications for spiritual leader.
Leader1970404Must pursue both intellectual way (Viveka) as well as emotional way (Bhawana).
Leader1970463Those who get, cannot give to the same source. Service is the only way to help the leader.
Leader19911058Those who lead societies, nations or religions want to secure their own positions so they create machinery to support their position of power.
Leadership1980976Requires thorough knowledge and good practice. See story of Abhimanyu led battle despite inadequate knowledge on page 976.
Leadership19891054H.H.'s message to the Society: Organisations flourish when love prevails between and through leaders to all members.
LeelaSee: Play
Levels196259Don't mix people from different levels in the same class.
Levels1965225Achievement of higher levels of being with use of Buddhi. See story of Two artists (1) on page 222.
Levels1965232Seven steps of knowledge - different levels of understanding.
Levels1965234Seven levels on way of knowledge - but different levels on way of love.
Levels1967306Three levels of consciousness like three states of creation.
Levels1967316One can guide another to the level at which one is.
Levels1967318When one remembers someone from the heart a connection is made on subtle level.
Levels1967325Position on ladder is related to level of meditation.
Levels1967330Relation with teacher on different levels.
Levels1967331People on lower level helping others. See story of Disciple who was a householder on page 331.
Levels1974633Rest on three levels only necessary when some activity has been undertaken - cannot rest all the time - should be used fully.
Levels1977798Experience of Sattva through physical meeting of Guru and disciple.
Levels1979917-918Three levels of food corresponding to the three bodies.
Levels1980972Seven levels of knowledge and the dissolution of subject and object differences. Similarities with Vashishtha's stages of yoga.
Levels19881018Relationship between teacher and disciple is on three levels - physical, subtle and spiritual. Subtle continues after death through knowledge and reason, spiritual never breaks down.
Levels19911057Levels of being based on Samskar. But not fixed for whole life. Pratibha can over-ride Samskar and lead to transformation or a fall to a lower level.
LevelsSee also: Causal level
LevelsSee also: Physical levels
LevelsSee also: Subtle level
Liberation1965220-221R. asks about rules as hindrance to the discipline of the heart. H.H.: Rules are not absolute and there should be no rigidity.
Liberation1967315Disciple is liberated together with teacher.
Liberation1967317Liberation is to understand 'I am not the body'. With that understanding all relationships dissolve.
Liberation1967319Knowledge and experience are both needed for liberation. See story of Parrot who wanted liberation (1) on page 319.
Liberation1967328Teacher plays major role in liberation.
Liberation1969381Original Shankaracharya's visit to Sharada's temple. See Q's. on page 379. See story of Four gates and temple of Sharada, Goddess of Wisdom on page 149.
Liberation1970399-400Need for Guru. Means freedom from attachment. Guru lives always in heart of disciple, but his presence only felt if there is abundance of Sattva.
Liberation1970412Distinction of Guru and Teacher. Guru guide to liberation.
Liberation1970437-438Dakshina-Murti means 'the form of liberation' and is embodied in hand-position. Description and significance of hand-position.
Liberation1972576Householder's way - know that you are Absolute then no need to bypass worldly activities.
Liberation1972579D.S. You cannot do it yourself. Either you are attracted towards spiritual things or you aren't. If you aren't it means the Absolute wants you to play a role in worldly affairs.
Liberation1973611Bondage and liberation are a drama. No-one is in bondage - we only think we are under bondage. Liberation is the removal of this thought.
Liberation1974649Mela talk explained by H.H., and what brings peace and liberation.
Liberation1974656-657Liberation starts when one does everything naturally and does not look for results. Therefore one is not bound by Karma.
Liberation1975700Liberation is the ultimate goal for those on the Vedantic path. Those on the path of Bhakti achieve liberation first before they go ahead and complete the theoretical knowledge.
Liberation1975726Feeling of surrender is the gate to liberation.
Liberation1977788Remembering Param-Atman is the only thing that can liberate us. Therefore this becomes the true purpose of life.
Liberation1979869Everyone wants liberation, even children from studies! Liberation from pairs of opposites.
Liberation19851004Whatever has been learnt from Ouspensky's system should be preserved and used for the liberation of man.
Liberation19851009Elixer of life', Amrita, gained through meditation is the means by which the individual transcends mortality which means total liberation.
Liberation19921073Those who persist in their practice attain enlightenment which breaks the vicious circle of birth and death. One who seeks will find.
Liberation19931079Meditation was provided to bring complete balance in human life and liberation from the attachments, desires and ambitions which create agitation and restlessness.
Liberation19931083When the mortal body dies, the subtle and causal bodies survive until full liberation. Liberation is possible when meditation becomes natural and all hindrances are removed.
Lies1970434Keeping to the line of truth.
Lies1970435What is truth - how to assess. Lesser truths. Using truth for base motives is crime. Lying renders one unfit to deal in the world. One does not lose through telling the truth.
Life Force1978847Life-force in Samashti and Vyashti, e.g. watch - life-force winds it up.
Life Force1978855Life force is in foetus from start, but power to move comes from nourishment.
Life ForceSee also: Chetan Shakti
Light1964169Light of true knowledge is light of Atman: Consciousness.
Light1964201Light of true knowledge is light of Atman - consciousness.
Light1968369When something is lost one needs to get a light to find it. Light of knowledge.
Light1970394Light of Atman falls on Buddhi but can pass through by a good or a bad way.
Light1970397How to recognise Light of Atman in oneself - example of fire and ball of iron.
Light1970404Disciples can travel to Self-realisation through either the emotional light (Bhawana) or the intellectual light (Viveka).
Light1970405Sattva is described as light - it illumines any type of work one takes on. How to increase the Sattva in one's being.
Light1974683Don't be afraid of the darkness - there can be no darkness without light. See story of Traveller with a small lantern (3) on page 683.
Light1974684The light you have, although little, is enough to take you to your ultimate goal. See story of Traveller with a small lantern (3) on page 683.
Light1975730When you switch on the light in a room, darkness is dispelled, but it doesn't clear away the rubbish. Param-Atman illuminates the rubbish; we must clear it up.
Light1976746Meditation brings light to show up the dust on the mirror which obscures the image of Atman.
Light1978846Light and stillness - two effects of Sattva.
Light1978862Light influences darkness, but not the other way round. Sattva can influence other Gunas even when not predominant.
Light1979948H.H. explains experience of meditator and tunnel and light in terms of Nadi - the autonomic plexuses.
Light19881019Best situation to arise in meditation is when there is light and light alone.
Light19891051The human mind can rise from the deepest levels of destitution, degradation, pollution and alienation, but someone has to show or be the beacon light.
Light19931076The light of Atman shines in three centres in the body - the navel, heart, and through speech. Each of these levels is subject to attachment and prejudice.
Light19931078The light of Atman manifests in two ways - through intellect or heart. Both are true and valid, and lead to the same destination.
Limitation1965256Obstacles arise because of the limitations we place upon ourselves.
Limitation1965265Experience of Samsar will be directed by an individual's limitations.
Limitation1967310Anything which we hear, see or talk about is not 'I', Atman. Any purpose that is qualified has its limitation.
Limitation1968350Both physical and subtle bodies are limited, but limits of subtle body are more extensive.
Limitation1968351Anything of personal aspect brings narrow limitations based on physical world.
Limitation1970426-427Different types of limitation from Ahankar arising from the different Gunas. See story of Hanuman (the Monkey God) and Rama on page 427.
Limitation1970455-456No barriers between Self and non-Self, and no limitations once communion has been attained. Simile of parts of Rama and Ravana in drama.
Limitation1972574D.S. We should aim to make each action perfect - to go from the limited to the unlimited.
Limitation1972580D.S. We have created limitations for ourselves from imagination.
Limitation1972583You cannot have complete happiness when you are limited because there is still something left to desire, and so there will be effort and prayer.
Limitation1972593D.S. Pure consciousness is present throughout all three states - only the limitations may be different and these are ignorance.
Limitation1974641If we think Ahankar alone is 'I', limitations and boundaries are created.
Limitation1975715Make full use of power in individual, up to limits set by laws of the universe. Physical body is limited, but there are no limits on the emotional level. See story of Traveller with a small lantern (2) on page 715.
Limitation1975716The approach of 'not being able to do' is not helpful. R. should feel he is capable of manifesting the glory and then it will keep increasing.
Limitation19851001Attachment is always to a particular form and form has limitations.
Limitation19891037Having reached the Self, there is nothing else, so no need for help. The limitless seeks no help. If one needs help, one is limited. See story of Indra discovers the limitations of the gods on pages 1037-1038.
Limitation19891038Stillness is the basis of existence, the essence, one and limitless, within which movements take place with limitation.
Limitation19891053Meditation helps remove limiting conditions separating Vyashti from Samashti.
Limitation19911056Universal Buddhi (Samashti Buddhi) is unified. Individual Buddhi has limitations imposed by Samskars. Samskars are of three types corresponding to the three Gunas.
Limitation19921070All limitations are governed by time, space and the Gunas. Through ignorance, limitations become hard, binding and complex.
Limitation19931083When all impediments are removed and no limitations remain, the so-called consciousness of the individual will merge into universal consciousness.
Limitation19931085-1086In purified Ahankar, the Self, being limitless, becomes known through the limitations of the universal to the individual. Without limitation, there would be no Ahankar.
LimitationSee also: Ahankar. Source of limitations on Atman.
Lion196234Lion used as term for men who are 'on the Way'.
Listening1979872Pleasure of doing what has been suggested is greater than the pleasure of just asking questions and listening.
Listening1979895How H.H. listens to questions without thinking of the answer. Whatever is available in the moment is offered to the questioner.
Listening19881023-1024Listening to Param-Atman possible if Param-Atman is close, but beware of imposters.
LossSee: Profit and loss
Lotus HeartSee: Hrdaya Kamal
Love196234To have a little suspicion in love is natural, although it shows love is incomplete.
Love196261Force of love can destroy anything wrong between two persons. Example of calf finding its way back to its true mother.
Love1964114-115Love and stream of Truth are One, but when man catches it by heart or mind he catches it in two different ways: by his love, or by his knowledge.
Love1964115Interchange between men of heart and men of mind is possible at the top where both are one.
Love1964139Love is the fire which keeps attachment at bay. Self-assertion does not exist in Love.
Love1964143If there is no attachment all actions are guided by selfless love. To increase selfless love, don't ask for any return.
Love1964206Without love, knowledge is incomplete.
Love1965219Love and desire to meditate longer - H.H. warns of indigestion.
Love1965234-236Ways of knowledge and of love compared to going to a hotel.
Love1965250-251Love of truth and knowledge of truth are two different ways.
Love1965251Once you have found the unity there is no lover to be loved.
Love1965265Two types of love: Prem and Moha.
Love1965266R. asks re 'Man becomes what he loves'. In H.H.'s system, 'if you worship a stone as Absolute, you become the Absolute'.
Love1965271Knowledge of one's love is unnecessary and may give rise to Sattvic pride. Example of R.'s examination at Rishikesh - those with high marks never came back.
Love1967296Off and on devotion is of no value. Atman is in everyone, so we should love everyone equally. Love pours out of those on way of devotion.
Love1968349Conflict arises from attachment. Attachment is a sort of deformed love.
Love1968357When allowed to do what one loves, one develops attention which can be transferred to meditation.
Love1970386In conversing with people different from oneself, start with regard and respect. These ripen into love.
Love1970406Love and knowledge available to individuals in accordance with laws of time, space and matter.
Love1970451Sincerity and love are necessary. To bring about love, everything must be at service of Absolute without egotism.
Love1970456Essential to love the meditation. But if people have not taken to meditation, various remedies can be given.
Love1971483H.H. explains the meaning of recitations from Ramayana in relation to the way of true love.
Love1971497If there's no idea of personality or ego, daily work becomes play and the play is due to love.
Love1971523H.H. explains way of correct worship and Bhakti. See story of Shabari's dedication on page 523.
Love1972532On the path of love, Param-Atman is pouring his blessings all the time. Do not worry if your capacity for love seems feeble.
Love1972539This world wants your body, but Param-Atman wants your love only.
Love1972556How to increase love for Param-Atman: remove impediments through meditation and give attention to one's life.
Love1973610If you think Param-Atman is in everything, love deepens. Love is our greatest asset. See story of Housewife and Mahatma on page 610.
Love1973613Without acquaintance any love or worship is insincere - get acquainted with Param-Atman.
Love1973617Love as motive force for sustaining world. The ultimate cause of hostility is love.
Love1973623Those who provide themselves with rest on the causal level show love for everything they encounter.
Love1974649Hate no-one and start working through love. That will bring peace and liberation.
Love1974668Reforming Manas by love.
Love1974686When you meditate, imagine you are going to meet the object of your greatest love. This drives out other thoughts. See also page 683.
Love1974689Love joins together, knowledge illuminates. Without love, knowledge is incomplete and vice versa.
Love1974694To know is merely knowledge, but to acknowledge is to love. But even that is not enough - we need to think.
Love1975727-728Absolute is like an 'ocean of love'. It is always available but people don't realise this because they hanker after worldly things.
Love1975733Love of Atman will keep everything else at a distance.
Love1976744Increase love for Atman and give less importance to external aspects of life.
Love1976745How to strengthen love for Atman in daily life.
Love1976767Learn to discriminate between love and false attitude. Benefiting others is love; taking benefit out of others is attachment.
Love1977809Love of the Absolute or fear of the Absolute are the only ways of escaping bad thoughts. See story of Guru and milk of lioness (1) on page 809.
Love1977812-813Courtship experience of love of the Lord before death. Preparation of 'wedding garment' helps one have union with the Absolute at death.
Love1978846Love is the natural quality of Param-Atman and is exhibited in Sattva.
Love1979885With the love of God we get everything. See story of Man who wanted to buy organiser of exhibition on page 885.
Love1979905Real, transcending physical love. See story of Death of Bali (Atman lives on) on page 905.
Love1979916-917Two types of love - Prem and Moha.
Love1979940The juice of love never dries up but forgetfulness intervenes: Satsang helps us remember again.
Love1980959Love without attachment different from attached love which is Moha.
Love19891035H.H. explains unattached love (Prema) and attached love (Moha). Love with expectation turns into desire, anger, attachment, pride, envy etc.
Love19891052The realm of spiritual knowledge is the ocean of love. Love can never pressurise nor can it dictate. Nourish Ahankar with Sattvic knowledge, love and bliss.
Love19891054H.H.'s message to the Society: Organisations flourish when love prevails between and through leaders to all members.
Love19921070The universe is one and full of love: everything is motivated by love. Let love flow without hindrance.
Love19931071Once Samskars are eliminated, love takes over.
Love19921074Prayer must have love behind it to make it purposeful and meaningful. The prayer that arises from the heart as an inner impulse is the purest and most powerful.
Love19931078Internal expression of the light of Atman manifesting as love is known as Atmaprema. All Anatma disappears and everything is lovingly experienced as oneSelf.
LoveSee also: Moha
LoveSee also: Prem
Luggage1964201At some point we will be destitute of everything - all our luggage.
LyingSee: Lies