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Pain1964114With spiritual knowledge we rise above the results of pain and pleasure and enjoy bliss even in the midst of actions.
Pain1964137One should neither be broken by suffering, nor deluded by pleasure. One should maintain equilibrium in both.
Pain1964138Subjects of senses keep changing and become the cause of pain.
Pain1972536-537Fully realised person does not feel suffering. Pain and suffering are different things. All embodied beings are subject to physical pain.
Pain1974657Pain is physical but can be increased with the addition of emotional suffering. See story of Holy Man and disease: Ramakrishna and Tulsi Das on page 657.
Pain1974658If one can professionally help to relieve people of pain, that is good. But the greatest service to humanity is relief from grief - emotional suffering.
Pain1977816Those who are adventurous don't experience pain - only the hardness of what they are going through.
Pain1979949Change of attitude helps avoid new Karmas.
ParamanSee: Particles
Param-Atman1965243Atman and Param-Atman are the same: two names used only for training.
Param-Atman1965247-248Have we known Param-Atman before? Individuals possess part of the knowledge store of the Absolute.
Param-Atman1965249Full Self-realisation occurs when Atman merges with Param-Atman.
Param-Atman1965250Merging into Param-Atman is different from Self-realisation. It is a state, devoid of action: in Self-realisation activity has not stopped.
Param-Atman1965288Letter to MDB re Sri Aurobindo's translation and Param-Atman seen as Prakriti/Purush/Purushottam.
Param-Atman1968358Unity of Atman and Param-Atman is when there is nothing in between. For grace to come, unity must come first.
Param-Atman1970469Mind is incapable of imagining the qualities of Param-Atman, but can imagine objects possessing those qualities.
Param-Atman1970470To fully Realised Man 'within' and 'without' is Param-Atman, and not the mirage.
Param-Atman1970476-477Atman and Param-Atman - explanation of the difference.
Param-Atman1970478Param-Atman/Jiva Atman in Antahkaran of each person for purpose of guidance.
Param-Atman1971482Further answer on 'hunt the treasure'.
Param-Atman1971514-515Unshakeable faith in Param-Atman. See also page 517. See story of Mira and poison on page 515.
Param-Atman1971518Atman is part of Param-Atman: there is no difference.
Param-Atman1971520Thinking of Param-Atman leads to happiness and thinking of the world leads to unhappiness.
Param-Atman1972529See Param-Atman in everyone and everything, and everyone and everything in Param-Atman.
Param-Atman1972532On the path of love, Param-Atman is pouring his blessings all the time.
Param-Atman1972536Divine incarnation. See story of Krishna and Yashoda on page 536.
Param-Atman1972539This world wants your body, but Param-Atman wants your love only.
Param-Atman1972542Brahma Sutra has ten different commentaries to explain what is and what is not Param-Atman. The solution is to find out for yourself.
Param-Atman1972547Direct experience of the being of Param-Atman is reached through meditation and comes with the sound of the mantra. See letter on page 546.
Param-Atman1972556Individual makes little effort for unity: greater effort is made by Param-Atman.
Param-Atman1973604-605Param-Atman is reached only through grace - not automatically through adherence to certain disciplines. See story of Krishna, the Aryan Samajist and the idol worshipper on pages 604-605.
Param-Atman1973607If you want to see Param-Atman, much work must be done first and patience is needed. See story of Prince who wanted to see God on page 607.
Param-Atman1973608Param-Atman tries to help all the time, but it is our self-help that is lacking. See story of Woman and dead cat on page 608.
Param-Atman1973609The remedy for dissatisfaction is to devote oneself to Param-Atman. When the Self merges with Param-Atman, they mingle inseparably, never to part.
Param-Atman1973610If you do not see Param-Atman everywhere, then you see nothing. If you think that everything is Param-Atman, then love deepens. See story of Housewife and Mahatma on page 610.
Param-Atman1973612Makes whole universe dance through nature but does not dance Himself.
Param-Atman1973613Devotion before acquaintance with Param-Atman is forced, but after meeting is real. Then the body, mind and possessions become dedicated to Param-Atman.
Param-Atman1973618Instead of trying to make thoughts dwell in Param-Atman, let Param-Atman dwell in your thoughts. Then coldness will disappear.
Param-Atman1974633Re 'rest' on subtle or causal level. 'Go into stream of Param-Atman twice a day to recharge, then go out in world and act as the situation demands'.
Param-Atman1974643In realm of Bhakti individual praises Param-Atman in its manifest form and tries to merge his Ahankar into being of the Absolute.
Param-Atman1974653Param-Atman is unchanging but manifests through different forms. Our concept must keep evolving but our faith never needs to change.
Param-Atman1974660R. asks about dedicating actions to Param-Atman if unworthy. 'Most important part is heart which is very simple'. See story of Elephant and crocodile on page 660.
Param-Atman1974667Dedication to service of Param-Atman and to others of thoughts and actions at all times to stabilise mind. Purifying Manas.
Param-Atman1974692Param-Atman gives every individual just what he deserves. See story of Holy Man and the three blessings on page 692.
Param-Atman1974694Holding Param-Atman in mind is better than praying because we can do it all the time. Then life would flow naturally and doubts dissolve.
Param-Atman1975731Param-Atman is calling us all the time. Only hindrance is the thought: 'I also am something'. See story of Gandhi and his wife on page 731.
Param-Atman1976778Paper from H.H. Explanation of Param-Atman - all truth, power, joy - Sat-Chit-Ananda.
Param-Atman1976782Cultivate the thought of Param-Atman in all his magnificence until the two birds sing the same song. See page 325.
Param-Atman1977790Param-Atman has been described differently by different worshippers. He has said to each of them 'you are right'. This has led them to call one another wrong. See story of Blind people and elephant (2) on page 791.
Param-Atman1977804Name of Param-Atman or remembrance is like talisman that brings about transformation.
Param-Atman1978834Only necessary to remember for a few minutes each day.
Param-Atman1978844Samashti is the entire cosmos: Param-Atman is Lord of the cosmos.
Param-Atman1978845Three qualities of Param-Atman, omniscience, omnipresence and omnipotence. In the drama He remembers He is actor.
Param-Atman1978846Love is natural quality of Param-Atman exhibited in Sattva.
Param-Atman1978848-849In reality Param-Atman is the same as Atman. The Vedas say that if you feel they are one it is Brahman; if you feel they are different, it is Param-Atman and Atman.
Param-Atman1978854Four sources of knowledge: of Vedas, Guru, examples given by Guru, and one's own experience.
Param-Atman1978858Three qualities - Sat-Chit-Ananda can be manifest or unmanifest. Param-Atman has a desire to rest, play and then rest.
Param-Atman1979876Meeting with Param-Atman takes place every minute for every individual every day, but not recognised or remembered.
Param-Atman1979912By understanding the operation of the three bodies we can transcend physical and subtle body to reach causal and Param-Atman.
Param-Atman1979932If ego is attached to your soul (Param-Atman) then it is pure Aham.
Param-Atman1979933Q. how does one act while remembering Param-Atman?: H.H.: dissociate yourself from the body, and consider the action is not being done by you as the doer.
Param-Atman1979944Relationship of Atman and Param-Atman e.g. space of cosmos (Brahman), space of house (Param-Atman), space of pot (Jiva). Or, sun and light of sun, different yet one and inseparable.
Param-Atman19851001Param-Atman is all-pervading, unity; the world is in trouble because of multiplicity and divisions leading to injustice.
Param-Atman19881023Remembering Param-Atman and listening to Param-Atman are very different activities.
Param-Atman19891029The relationship of unity with Param-Atman pervades all individuals in the universe. A barrier is formed when individuals presume themselves to be independent.
Param-AtmanSee also: God(s)
Param-AtmanSee also: Absolute
Particles1967304Particles of knowledge abound in places constantly used for meetings.
Particles1967317Sattvic particles created by meditation and knowledge can transform atmosphere of a place and attract people.
Particles1976776Particles from Realised Man enter Antahkaran and destroy bad feelings.
Past and future1972529Forget the past, do not fear the future, devote the present to the Bhakti of Param-Atman.
Past and future1972552Mind's tendency towards dissatisfaction with the present and the perpetual desire for the opposite in the future causes perpetual unhappiness. See story of Tramp dreaming he was in the Ritz Hotel on page 552.
Past and future1972557The load of past and future - regret and desire for a particular outcome. Physical body also suffers. Cure is to be the silent observer.
Past and future1972572D.S. Whenever you are thinking about anything, you are always in the past or future.
Past and future1972593D.S. When you have made your mind free of past and future, you will be established in the present.
Past and future1976747We should give up remembering past events with the desire to repeat them in the future.
Past and future1976756Experiences relate to that which has already happened, so discussion of them won't help. From a spiritual point of view giving thought to what has happened in the past is useless. See story of Learned man and group discussion on page 756.
Past and future1977806-807Past and future are involved with worldly affairs. Present moment is the immanent Absolute in which everyone can appreciate the Absolute.
Patanjali1971490Eightfold system of Yoga. Meditation is shortened version of Patanjali's system. See story of Two artists (3) on page 490.
Patanjali1971491Description of Eightfold system of Yoga provided by Jaiswal.
Patanjali1971498Two types of leader: one following eightfold system and acquiring certain powers, other is wise or Holy Man, working only for disciples.
Patanjali1972585D.S. All Yogic teaching, whether directly or indirectly is based on the Yoga sutra of Patanjali.
Paul, St.1964119Potentiality, ability and strength of St. Paul.
Payment1964129Disciple can pay only by giving to someone else. By his example he can propagate.
Peace1964125Those fighting for peace breed violence.
Peace1965230Peace brought by Mantra when allowed to work naturally.
Peace1965238Those who have found the peace we all seek can give a lead to others.
Peace1965244Helping others: those who have peace can give peace.
Peace1967300Cycle of peace and activity through meditation.
Peace1970388-389People who enjoy great worldly success only realise the importance of peace when they get a glimpse of the peaceful Self - their own or another's.
Peace1970401One can return to abode of peace within simply by recalling the experience.
Peace1972567D.S. Whatever one is doing, the aim is peace - either directly or indirectly. Meditation is necessary for this.
Peace1972584D.S. One's degree of freedom from thought, one's peacefulness in spite of what is happening are a measure of progress towards home.
Peace1972593D.S. Reality is our home. Until we reach home there will be no peace.
Peace1974639R. asks about peace on subtle and causal levels and 'giving up'. H.H. quotes Isa Upanishad.
Peace19851011If you find yourself too busy, cut it down and take some rest.
Peace19911058Peace and happiness cannot prevail when individuals and societies' thoughts are secret, they speak the language of pretext and their deeds are deceptive.
Peak experiences1968345-346H.H. comments on peak experiences. Attachment to be avoided. Example of supernatural experiences interfering with meditation.
Peak experiences1968346Supernatural experiences need to be forgotten - they are like children's play. See story of Krishna as cowherd on page 346.
People1970437Three types of people distinguished by predominance of one of the Gunas. Best not to be attached to any but become a 'witness'.
Perfection1972574D.S. You should always work for perfection - an inch below perfection leaves some desires. While there are desires, we are not free.
Personal aspect1968351Anything of personal aspect brings narrow limitations based on physical world.
Personality196390Personality is like a garment. When soaked in desire for Self-realisation, everything done with Love.
Personality1964167Personality is what we collect here - in human form. Combines with essence to form essence for next birth.
Personality1967331If you think you can help directly yourself, this is personality: you can lose your connection with teacher.
Personality1972548Pratibha, Ahankara and 'personality' - J's explanation.
Personality1980968R. suggests that Svabhava is equivalent to 'personality' in Ouspensky's system.
Phenomenal world1967298Based on Chit, reduced to five elements.
Phenomenal world1967299We become conscious of phenomenal world through subtle body made of conscious material.
Phenomenal world1967300Causal body is source of phenomenal world as well as of our coarse and subtle bodies.
Philosophy1970416-417H.H.'s advice on books on philosophy.
Photographs1965247Disciples in India carry photographs to help in connecting with Realised Man.
Physical levels1968347Relationship to subtle body and physical disease.
Physical levels1968350Both physical and subtle bodies are limited, but limits of subtle body are more extensive.
Physical levels1968364Guidance on meditation at physical and subtle levels.
Physical levels1977795If peace is broken by whatever is happening in the physical body, it is necessary to note physical disturbance - one can't ignore it.
Physical levels1977798Experience of Sattva through physical meeting of Guru and disciple.
Physical levels19881024Youthful idealism can be transmuted from physical to spiritual level.
Physical levels19931084Sat-Chit-Ananda can be experienced through the physical world - one doesn't have to renounce the physical. The physical world is merely an expression of consciousness.
Pingala1965244Ida, Pingala and Sushumna: three forces of the Mantra.
Pingala1978822Pingala, nerve in body - represents moon in relation to celestial world.
Pingala19881019-1020RG asks about Ida, Pingala and Sushumna in relation to meditation.
Pingala19881020RG asks about Ida, Pingala and Sushumna in relation to meditation. H.H. describes the rise of consciousness through the Chakras.
Planetary influence1965253-254Freedom from laws of planetary influence.
Planetary influence1978822Date of Khumba Mela fixed according to astrology and positions of planets.
Plato196255Manu system on same basis as Plato's Timaeus: two extremes, two means.
Play1971504-505Krishna play - Ras Leela. Purpose is to show devotees that their life is a play. H.H. explains significance and spiritual meaning of characters and their actions.
Play1978858Param-Atman has a desire to rest, play and then rest.
Play19921070The play, Leela, is for the pleasure and satisfaction of the Absolute. But the players forget this and superimpose their own preferences and limiting conditions.
PlaySee also: Leela
PlaySee also: Drama
Pleasure1978859Pleasure comes from a small particle of Anand (called Suk) which we transfer into an object. Ananda itself is much bigger and unaffected by anything. It is your nature.
Pleasure19881016Way of pleasure leads to saturation; way of bliss is limitless.
Pleasure and pain1964161All these experiences of pleasure, pain, and striving of the material world don't exist beyond Buddhi and in Atman.
Pleasure and pain1970442We want pleasures but get pain. By giving up all desires but one - the desire for a meeting with Param-Atman, we are given everything. See story of King's abdication. Keys of the kingdom on page 442.
Poem1970403Poem from Sikh poet, Nanak, re faith. Realised man helps motivation towards Self-realisation.
Poem1977799-800Sanskrit poem, 'My Whole Being is Yourself'.
Poet1976776-777Function of true poet: mind is not burdened, mental happiness predominates. He solves intricate worldly problems in a way that gives pleasure. See story of Doctor and ill-tempered wife (1) on page 776.
Poison1971515Bhakti can cleanse, purify and present you before Param-Atman at your best. Harmful mental rubbish can be rendered harmless. See also page 517. See story of Mira and poison on page 515.
Politicians1964130Giving meditation to politicians and taking part in politics.
Politicians1964132Giving meditation to politicians and taking part in politics.
Posture1971509Posture in meditation. Left palm under right = Nature (Prakriti) under Absolute, its creator.
Posture1979946Importance of a still and comfortable posture in meditation.
Potentiality1964131One has all the power necessary to achieve everything within oneself. Always remind people of their potentialities.
Poverty1970410Remedy against poverty is hard and honest labour. If short-cuts are taken through dishonest means it will lead to unhappiness.
Poverty1972541Ashram talk: poverty is a bliss if Bhakti develops in it.
Power1964131One has all the power necessary to achieve everything within oneself. Always remind people of their potentialities.
Power1964141There are ways to use power by force in system of Yoga, but for our practical use we use it when faced with necessity.
Power1964164By meditation and true knowledge one can make oneself very powerful, even to the extent of being One with the Absolute, which is all Bliss, Consciousness and Truth.
Power1964179-180Those who have realised their fullness and those who are approaching that, never know of their power. Only others see the power working through them.
Power1964183When we go deep we are taken by this Prana to the base of the spine, the source of the power of the body - the sex centre.
Power1964189-190R.'s experiences of a powerful force. H.H. says beginning of transcending energy becoming available but warns of expressing such experiences.
Power1973613Development of power is more marked in human beings than in animals. The power resides in Antahkaran. Example of coloured light bulb.
Power1974684The power you have, although little, is enough to take you to your ultimate goal. See story of Traveller with a small lantern (3) on page 683.
Power1975715Make full use of power in individual, up to limits set by laws of the universe. See story of Traveller with a small lantern (2) on page 715.
Power1978849-850Best use of surplus energy from meditation is helping others.
Practical life1967301-302Need for householder to balance meditation and not resign from demands of practical world.
Practice1964120By persistent practice and study, the awakening becomes nature.
Practice1964162More practice and more practice and more practice is advised.
Practice1965242Spiritual practices only for those who take drama of creation to be real.
Practice1970461If truth discovered through good company and use of reason, all that is needed is to put it into practice. See story of Addiction to sweets on page 461.
Practice1971494How to remove deep roots of Prakriti: long practice and love the Truth.
Practice1971500One only needs clear vision and lots of practice to arrive at realisation. Simile of car and driver.
Practice1971514Need to practise like new recruit having to learn to march. See also page 517.
Practice1972530-531R.'s New Year Programme based on couplets from H.H.'s teaching. See letter of approval from H.H. on page 532.
Practice1972532'Let the practice, the practitioner and the object of practice merge together to form one single identity.'
Practice1979934Practice brings aptitude. No other practice necessary in addition to meditation. See story of Four horse carriage (2) on page 934.
Practice1980955Resolves problem of distracting thoughts in meditation.
Prajna19891046Those who are ignorant and those whose Prajna (knowledge of truth as being) is not firmly established keep saying that everyone is the Absolute without real knowledge of it.
Prajna19891048There are men who are Prajna Pratisthita: a living abode of wisdom. A man of Prajna Pratisthita clarifies everything personally and presents knowledge in a new form.
Prakriti1965272Creation: Maya (Prakriti) and Absolute (Purush).
Prakriti1967314-315Mobile and immobile existence known as Purush and Prakriti - Absolute and creation.
Prakriti1968336Two aspects of Prakriti. Para-Prakriti - peaceful and unified, Apara-Prakriti - agitation and movement.
Prakriti1968349Prakriti is the force of nature. By taking a wife, a man becomes forceful.
Prakriti1968361Prakriti in relation to Enneagram and Law of Seven.
Prakriti1970401-402Manifested nature on universal and individual scale.
Prakriti1970419Maya is of two types - Para and Apara-Prakriti, pure and impure Chetan Shakti.
Prakriti1970420Gender does not apply to Prakriti or Purush: only on physical level. See story of Tulsi Das refused to see women on page 420.
Prakriti1970421Life, death and rebirth is field of Prakriti - the physical world coming and going.
Prakriti1971482External layers of Prakriti. See story of Seven gates. Keys of the kingdom. Explanation (1) on page 482.
Prakriti1971483Description of recitations from Ramayana about Prakriti and Purush: pull between attachment to Prakriti and devotion to Purush.
Prakriti1971488Melting of the heart through purification of Prakriti - habits practised in the past that have become the individual's nature.
Prakriti1971490Systematic practice to refine and beautify Prakriti. See story of Two artists (3) on page 490.
Prakriti1971492H.H.'s description of Prakriti and how its component parts function when pure and impure.
Prakriti1971493Simile of wife to Prakriti. Prakriti establishes good or bad relations in world and spiritual world. See story of Boy visiting bride, and thief from train on page 493.
Prakriti1971493Purification of Prakriti demands strong desire. Some perform the rituals and meditate but they don't stand by the truth. See story of Old woman in ashram and alarm clock on page 493.
Prakriti1971494Only by long, persistent practice can that deep roots of Prakriti be uprooted.
Prakriti1971495-496Various methods of uprooting bad Prakriti.
Prakriti1971508Dakshina-Murti hand signal: the three fingers representing different aspects of Prakriti.
Prakriti1971509Description of Indian meditation posture with left hand symbolic of Prakriti.
Prakriti1972560Threefold nature of Prakriti: Sattvic, Rajasic and Tamasic - applies to both man and universe.
Prakriti1974628Impulse for all movement in universe is given by Prakriti.
Prakriti1974635Rama's marriage in Ramayana: union of Purush and Prakriti. See story of Rama's marriage on page 635.
Prakriti1974649Whether male or female, everyone is Prakriti - we all have this part of the Absolute through which the individual is known. See story of Rama becomes Sita and Sita becomes Rama on pages 650-651.
Prakriti1975729The number eight symbolises Prakriti.
Prakriti1978847Chetan Shakti is sometimes called Prakriti.
Prakriti1978858Sat-Chit-Ananda is nature (Prakriti) of Param-Atman.
Prakriti1982995Law of Three starts with Prakriti and from there arises manifestation of entire universe.
Prakriti19851010Prakriti is feminine aspect of our life. Purush is male aspect.
PrakritiSee also: Nature
Prana1964109The Pranas adjust after start of meditation and smooth and balanced breathing follows.
Prana1964112-113Prana is that which we inhale: points of contact of Prana in body. In meditation seat of Prana is in the pelvis.
Prana1964129Prana is not very active during day: takes over at night. Meditation gives rest and food to Prana.
Prana1964130Can be controlled by Yoga but different way from ours. Also see other version on page 131.
Prana1964133Sun is the same to us as Prana (vital breath) is to the body.
Prana1964152In happiness the Prana (Life Force) rises upwards and in pain and strain it is pressed down.
Prana1964181Quote from Mandukya Upanishad and diagram illustrating Pranas.
Prana1964182-183Details of Pranas given by Jaiswal. Main functions described.
Prana1964183All ten Pranas in the microcosm are in the macrocosm also.
Prana1964195Body can be a bridge or a barrier. In the early stage, regulating the body is very necessary to allow proper functioning of Prana, Manas and Buddhi.
Prana1964211Description of Prana and the other four bodily functions. See Q. page 210. See story of Prana is the most important on page 211.
Prana1978832-833Correct posture in meditation is important to get stillness of body and equalised breathing - stillness of Prana. These help to still Manas.
Prana1978846-847Prana and Apana - breathing in and exhaling. If these are not equalised there is loss of power.
Prana1979919Still in action in deep sleep otherwise our sense of continuity would be lost.
Prana1982996Q. re control of Prana before and during death of body. Prana totally physical: just let it be. Prana merges into universal - it is out of your control.
Prarabdha1972545If Prarabdha (past karma) and Buddhi both support a physical act, success is inevitable.
Prarabdha1972548Is parcel of all our deeds from past lives for which we have to reap consequences in this life.
Prarabdha1975709Causal explanation for accidents is that the person may have done something in his previous life for which he is now paying the price, Prarabdha.
Prarabdha1977794Body is product of Samskar and Prarabdha. It goes by the laws it is designed or forced to follow.
Prarabdha1979902Causes us to go through certain things in this life. We need to take the best precautions we can.
Prarabdha1979914-915Debts to be paid in present life. If it's strong and compulsive it either forces good fortune or prevents it. But best to take the challenge into your own hands and work hard.
Prasad1978841After initiation we should see everything as gift from Absolute.
Prasad1979939The gift of the Lord. After an offering is made the Lord gives it back. We must not accept anything without first offering it to the Lord.
Prasad1979940Seeing everything as Prasad removes individual ego or Ahankar and purifies intellect.
Pratyahara1971502Use of mantra to induce sleep. This is Pratyahara from eightfold system and can be used as such.
Pratyahara1971516Explanation from Jaiswal. See letter on page 515.
Pratyahara1979951Pratyahara means calling the mind back from the world. Effectiveness depends on Gunas.
Prayer196233Same results as meditation can be achieved by Yoga or prayer but not always suited to ordinary man's life.
Prayer196395No need for additional discipline such as prayer before sleeping. Just turn the mind inwards with the help of the mantra, then there will be the sleep of bliss.
Prayer1970402Prayer of Tulsi Das.
Prayer1970428Use of prayer to reduce Rajasic influences before meditating: helps to melt the heart.
Prayer1970464Use of own prayers and reciting mantra to remind one of the teaching.
Prayer1974641-642One can't ask questions of Atman, but one can pray to Him to resolve questions.
Prayer1974691Prayers are of four kinds. One is Ardu - a cry for help, the last is without desire - an offering or repayment of a debt.
Prayer1974692Param-Atman gives every individual just what he deserves. See story of Holy Man and the three blessings on page 692.
Prayer1975724R. compares 'holy' feelings concerning Param-Atman and mantra with Lord's Prayer.
Prayer1975724-725Two types of prayer - can pray for removal of Ahankar, but better way is to speak of glory of Absolute. See story of Mahatma under the tamarind tree on pages 724-725.
Prayer1975730No need to petition for help: Absolute already knows what you want.
Prayer1976758Is an effort to obtain recommendation for removal of deficiency in ourselves. Any method is acceptable if done with sincerity.
Prayer1976764If disturbance in meditation is excessive, need to resort to prayer.
Prayer19881022Prayer is needed if one feels that meditation is not going well.
Prayer19911060Prayer is not a petition to fulfil one's needs. Such a petition does not work. Prayers are not for someone out there to answer but some One within to fulfil.
Prayer19921073Threefold prayer expressing desire for liberation: 'Lead us from the unreal to the real ...'
Prayer19931074Prayer is external. It creates space for grace to enter. Meditation is internal. Prayer seeks unity while meditation is unity. Prayer is useful before meditation.
Prayer19921074The efficacy of traditional repeated prayers is doubtful unless they touch the heart, for the power of the spirit is expressed mostly in spontaneous prayer.
Prejudice19851001If there is any attachment, there is bound to be prejudice.
Prejudice19851007True guidance can only be received if one is totally free of attachment and prejudice. Example of judge asked to judge his own son.
Prejudice19931076Attachment and prejudice dim the light of Atman by superimposing a covering. Then resolutions and decisions are always wrong.
Prem1965265-266Two types of love: Prem and Moha. See story of Ram Das and the boil on page 266.
Prem1975712-713Prem and Premaspad: Lover and Beloved, Atman and Param-Atman.
Prem1979916-917True love, Prem, is love without attachment or demand.
Prem19891035Prema aims at giving not taking. The feeling is naturally expanding and pervades wherever it is expressed. But Prema can turn to Moha when interests clash.
PremSee also: Love
PremSee also: Moha
Present196239In the triad of 'time', Rajas signifies activity of present moment.
Present1964186R. asks re making use of present moment. See story of Parents trying to choose unborn son's career on page 186.
Present1968352To deal with disturbances keep attention on present moment.
Present1976755Q. re how to attend to present moment.
Present1977806-807Present moment is the immanent Absolute in which everyone can appreciate the Absolute. Past and future are involved with worldly affairs.
Present1979918In the present moment the elixir of life, the knowledge and the authority of existence.
Present19891048One needs the company of a living man of wisdom who clarifies everything personally and presents knowledge in a new form appropriate to the present moment.
Pride1965271Sattvic pride can lead one away.
Pride1974688-689H.H. failed Dr Roles in a test a spiritual knowledge because of Dr Roles's pride for his own wisdom. See story of Devotee who wrote poems on pages 688-689.
Pride19891031Some having acquired strength and knowledge from meditation, leave the School and go their own way. This easily develops into pride and becomes the means of their downfall.
Pride19891047Feeling proud of being all-wise is an impossibility in wisdom.
Priority1975730Give priority to the Absolute.
Prison1971520Thinking that world is everything imprisons one in the physical body.
Prison1973608A prisoner is a prisoner, whether he has been awarded 'A', 'B' or 'C' class accommodation.
Problems1972576Ancient wisdom contains problems which can only be solved by experienced Gurus. See story of Gold buried at temple on pages 577-578.
Prodigal Son1967312H.H. explains the inner meaning of the parable of the prodigal son.
Prodigies1964136The last desire before one's death establishes the pattern for the next life.
Profession1964125Profession, or status, wealth or poverty, talent or no talent is no criterion for coming into this work.
Profit and loss1972534First two verses of Isa Upanishad tell us how to make a profit and avoid a loss in this 'trade' of life.
Programme1972530-531R.'s New Year Programme based on couplets from H.H.'s teaching. See letter of approval from H.H. on page 532.
Promptings1977804Unity of Buddhi/Self. Honour promptings from Atman. See story of Wrong mantra and goddess: Kreem and Kleem (1) on page 804.
Proof1964108-109Two types of people - those who take things on faith and those who want proof of everything.
Proof1964111Proof of effects of meditation for the scientific mind.
Prthivi19881021-1022Everything is made of Prthivi. To see each thing as separate is Anvaya, to see Prthivi alone is Vyatireka.
Pulse1964185Rapid pulse unbalances the body for meditation.
Puppets1972557Creation is like a puppet show with strings held by someone else. Be the silent observer - do not get 'animated' by the scenes. See story of People at cinema show on page 557.
Puppets1972573D.S. We are like puppets, we recognise that we have no freedom and are just instruments of God. See H.H. comment on page 599.
Puppets1972575D.S. There are three ropes (Gunas) attached to each puppet (individual). The creator of the show is making us dance. See H.H. comment on page 599.
Puppets1972599If we were really puppets Self-realisation would be impossible. We have an Atman which the puppet does not have. See D.S. statement on page 573.
Puppets1977794Man is only a puppet on physical level - on subtle level he is a man.
Pure and impure1977807-808The pure in heart perform actions and these leave no Samskar on them. Analogy of drawing a line in stone, earth, water.
Pure and impure1977809There are two parties to any communication. If one is pure and the other impure, victory will go ultimately to the pure in heart.
Pure reasonSee: Viveka
Purification1971488-489Different ways to make Prakriti good and useful, ready for communication. Example of troublesome tenant.
Purification1971493Purification of Prakriti demands strong desire. Some perform the rituals and meditate but they don't stand by the truth. See story of Old woman in ashram and alarm clock on page 493.
Purification1971494In purification of Prakriti, all outer help stops after Buddhi. Only the Self can help from that point.
Purification1974656If one wants to purify the body and make it a temple for Atman, all that is needed is to do away with ignorance.
Purification1976744Use of holy music to purify mental attitude before meditation. Description of action leading to purification. Actions as well as meditation lead to purification of heart.
Purification1976746Meditation brings light to show up the dust on the mirror which obscures the image of Atman.
Purification1976754Methods of purifying Antahkaran.
Purification1976755Preparation for expressing gratitude is purification of Chitta.
Purification19931083When all impediments are removed and no limitations remain, the so-called consciousness of the individual will merge into universal consciousness.
Purity1970395Key to transformation is the intensity of desire for purity and simplicity. Example of bottle of pure and coloured water.
Purity1970409We do not realise the powers we can command through purity of purpose. See story of Guru and milk of lioness (2) on page 409.
Purity1970472Purity and impurity of situations seen when Sattva in abundance. If Rajas or Tamas predominate, people crash against obstacles and go astray. See letter on pages 466-467.
Purity1973623The ideas, intentions and motives of those who provide themselves with rest on the causal level are pure and simple.
Purity1974631Three bodies; diving deeper is to be in purified state of these three types of function.
Purpose1967310Our purpose is peace, and peace is in giving up all attachments and desires.
Purpose1967311The creation is a play and is only for enjoyment.
Purush1965272Creation: Absolute (Purush) and Maya (Prakriti).
Purush1967314-315Mobile and immobile existence known as Purush and Prakriti - Absolute and creation.
Purush1970412Only one Purush (Absolute). See story of Narada's riddle on pages 411-412.
Purush1970420Gender does not apply to Purush or Prakriti: only on physical level. See story of Tulsi Das refused to see women on page 420.
Purush1971483Description of recitations from Ramayana about Purush and Prakriti: pull between attachment to Prakriti and devotion to Purush.
Purush1974635Rama's marriage in Ramayana: union of Purush and Prakriti. See story of Rama's marriage on page 635.
Purush1974649-650There is no difference between the masculine and the feminine - everyone is the master (Purush) and everyone must also be the servant and help each other. See story of Rama becomes Sita and Sita becomes Rama on pages 650-651.
Purush19851010Purush is male aspect aspect of our life. Prakriti is feminine aspect.