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Faith196114Faith in Guru initially feels dualistic but is transformed on realisation. See Q. page 13.
Faith1964108-109Two types of people - those who take things on faith and those who want proof of everything.
Faith1965220Some people can accept the rules on trust and faith - they carry out the rules and reach the goal. But others lack that sort of faith and find rules torture.
Faith1965222Faith and two types of disciple.
Faith1965236Basis of faith is prior knowledge of truth.
Faith1970389Healing of 'ailments' in emotional centre in causal body can be effected by presence of conscious man with faith.
Faith1970391Buddhi is clarified only through faith.
Faith1970413Two levels of faith: interest, and deep faith where there is no doubt concerning the advice of the Guru.
Faith1970432Faith, attention to the teacher and practice are necessary in one of the ways, but there are other systems by which influence of Realised Man can be passed to disciples.
Faith1970433Example of faith working in disciple and through teacher.
Faith1970452Faith, sincerity, discipline are all needed to understand true knowledge.
Faith1971494How to have more faith: long practice, love the truth.
Faith1971514Establishing an unshakeable faith in Param-Atman puts us out of reach of all harm. See also page 517.
Faith1972534Hoard Bhakti and not worldly possessions. Transfer your attachment to Param-Atman. There is suffering in world as long as faith in Param-Atman is not there.
Faith1972573D.S. Just have faith that according to God's will everything is being done. Sacrifice all the limited consciousness. See H.H. comment on page 599.
Faith1974629Two ways of holding an experience of spiritual confidence - by mind and by faith held in emotional body. See story of Mahatma and 'all movement is poisonous': Shiva on page 630.
Faith1974630Chitta can give one 'Bhawana', a state of pure emotion, one aspect of which is faith.
Faith1974653One thing that never needs to be changed is faith in Param-Atman.
Faith1974654Faith is most important thing - faith in the unchanging Absolute, and faith in the meditation.
Faith1974671Poem of Tulsi Das - 'unshakeable faith in and devotion to Param-Atman'.
Faith1977801Disbelief, blind belief and surrender.
Faith1978859Faith of disciple determines how much force goes into him at initiation.
Faith1978860Three levels - Sattvic, Rajasic and Tamasic.
Faith1978861Relation between faith and Buddhi under the influence of different Gunas.
Faith1979877By faith we develop knowledge.
Faith1979878Confidence and faith is another method of realisation.
False 'I'196273By meditation when we rise on the ladder we do away with our False 'I's and establish the Real I.
False 'I'196274False 'I' is seeing oneself as separate. False I's and secretiveness create accidents, wrongs and limitations.
False 'I'196274How to get rid of False 'I' - look towards Real 'I'. See story of 'No audience today' on page 74.
False 'I'196275False 'I' and malicious talk. See story of Scorpion and tortoise on page 75.
False 'I'1970410-411Difference between true Ahankar and false Ahankar (feeling of 'I'). Example of Ganges and purity of water.
Family1972586D.S. There can be no conflict between serving one's family and putting spiritual things first. Serving the family is serving God. See story of God is Nowhere on page 586.
Fate196265-66Law of fate in Western system - H.H. describes the equivalent concept in his system.
Fate1964119Fate of three kinds. It has no relation to spiritual world once it has introduced you to that world.
Fate1964186You can transform fate with good thoughts, good talks, good actions and good company. Present is the only time to change one's fate.
Fate1965254Fate and the zodiac.
Fatigue1964109In meditation rest in Sattva brings in relaxation, relieves tension or fatigue and helps re-create peace and bliss.
Fatigue1970433-434Remedies for spiritual exhaustion are meditation and praising the Lord.
Fatigue1970451Physical and mental tiredness can be removed by serving the Absolute and not the individual.
FatigueSee also: Exhaustion
Fear196234R.'s fear of harming the Work.
Fear1964189We are frightened only because we think we are limited. Fear and distractions are limiting forces.
Fear1972529Mela talk on fear of death.
Fear1972530We fear death because we have forgotten ourselves.
Fear1976762No reason to fear annihilation when going into Samadhi.
Fear1977808Performing good deeds for fear of the Absolute. See story of Lion, goat and armed lion tamer on page 808.
Fear19891053Fear is caused by darkness or ignorance. With knowledge there is no fear. Light and darkness can be seen as divine and worldly aspects of creation, balancing each other.
Feelings196235Feelings and thoughts and actions in relation to sleep and dreams.
FeminineSee: Masculine and feminine
Field1970411Explanation of 'knowing the end of the field' in Shrimad Bhagavatam.
Fire1972538Fire is a great purifier. Fire of true knowledge burns illusion - orange/yellow colour symbolises purifying effect on mind and is colour worn by Lord Vishnu.
Flattery1972541Warning against flattery. See story of Alesko and the turtles on page 541.
Food1964122Food and alcohol in relation to meditation - nothing bad if taken in measure.
Food1964122-123Three types of food and three types of influence. Coarse, fine, subtle.
Food1964135Eating meat: each man decides. Meat creates Tamas.
Food1964178Master feeds only on Bliss. Servants need food - fresh air, natural noise, clean and pure smell and natural sights.
Food1964180Master feeds only on bliss. Servants need food - fresh air, natural noise, clean and pure smell and natural sights.
Food1964200There are two types of foods: food which we put into our body and food which, coming into the mind, is transformed into subtle forms.
Food1972543Body's nourishment is food and water, Manas' is holy intention, Buddhi's is thought and Atman's is joy.
Food1975699H.H. discusses three kinds of food in relation to the three Gunas.
Food1979917-918Three kinds - physical, subtle and causal.
Food1979918Process of digestion and transformation of food.
Food diagram1964152R. describes his experiences of meditation as being like the Food Diagram - two stages in the meditation, two shocks.
Force1965229Fine energy (refined force) comes from Atman. See unity of force with its source.
ForcesSee: Three forces
Forehead1965244Three forces of mantra rise and unite in forehead.
Forgetting1965248Forgetting true knowledge.
Forgetting1972530We fear death because we have forgotten ourselves.
Forgetting1974636A. asks re forgetting. H.H.: natural to forget and also natural to remember. It is the nature of Rajas that one will forget during an active day.
Forgetting1975725God is available to everyone everywhere but people feel separated because they have forgotten the union.
Forgetting1976752When we know the direction, it's not so hard to keep on track. The problem comes when we have lost direction. See story of Remembering the name of father-in-law's place on page 752.
Forgetting1977796Forgetting is like the darkness between lamp-posts. See story of Lamp-posts light the way (2) on page 796.
Forgetting1979881Forgetting between two rememberings is not important. See story of Lamp-posts light the way (1) on page 881.
FormsSee: Names and forms
Forms of creation1970454When the Self pronounces a mantra, this 'Word' manifests in all the glorious forms of creation.
Fountain of knowledge1964149Reached only after Self-realisation but shower of knowledge available to those who are open to it.
Four bodies196254-55Four bodies: Physical, Subtle, Causal and Divine or Eternal.
Four rooms1965231-233R. explains diagram of four rooms - cart, horse, driver and symbol - in terms of body, Manas, Buddhi and Atman.
Four Ways196250The fourth system of Self-realisation is through meditation.
Four Ways196263Confirmation of common origin of H.H.'s and Ouspensky's systems.
Four Ways1964113Meditation is common to all four Ways: The Way of Knowledge, The Way of Devotion, The Way of Yoga, and The Way of Action.
Fourth room196254The Divine body takes rest in the Fourth Room.
Fourth Way19617R. recognises School of Fourth Way.
Fourth Way1964114Knowledge is essential on Fourth Way. But worldly knowledge brings pain and pleasure.
Fourth Way1964127-128School of Fourth Way is for Self-realisation and certain outside activities. Leader and School.
Fourth Way1964143Do not attempt direct release of energy stored in sex centre on Fourth Way
Fragments19617Fragments of unknown system - R.'s conversation with Maharishi
Fragments1979906Reference to Ouspensky's 'In Search of the Miraculous' - confirmation of unity of system.
Freedom1965242Two types of freedom - transitory and absolute.
Freedom1965270Vaishnan system - five states of freedom.
Freedom1975716-717Complexity caused by freedom which has been given to Vyashti.
Freedom1977811Example of different levels of worker in a factory given different amounts of freedom according to their talents. Owner can decide everything.
Freedom1980980Only man who is free can free others. But a man who is free never considers anybody bound. Bondage is only ignorance. See story of Way of catching monkeys using a pot on pages 980-981.
Freedom19891052Freedom in Sanskrit is Swatantra - Self and discipline. Paratantra is the opposite of Swatantra - dependence, when one doesn't have control of actions.
Freedom19891054If perfection could be frozen in time, everyone's freedom would be removed.
Freeman, Laurence19891050Re Christian meditation, mixing two systems creates difficulties later on. It is better to preserve one system in its purity.
FrictionSee: Conflict
Frog1982987Mandukya Upanishad means 'frog'. Three jumps to stillness of body, eyes and mind in meditation, like frog reaching cool water from hot sun.
Full Realisation1964128Self-realisation is not the end of the Way. Full realisation follows.
Future1979906Future of School - fundamental principles never change.