P.D. Ouspensky

The Fourth Dimension, 1909The Fourth Dimension

Ouspensky inherited an interest in higher dimensions from his father.




Tertium Organum: The Third Canon of Thought, a Key to the Enigmas of the World, 1912.Tertium Organum by P D Ouspensky - cover

Ouspensky’s experimental efforts to enter higher states of consciousness proved to him that an entirely new mode of thought was needed by modern man, qualitatively different from the two modes (classical and positivistic) that have dominated Western civilization for 2000 years. Tertium Organum is a clarion call for such thought, ranging brilliantly over the teachings of Eastern and Western mysticism, sacred art and the theories of modern science. With the publication of Tertium Organum in Russian, in 1912, Ouspensky became a widely respected author and lecturer on metaphysical questions. The American translation of Tertium Organum in 1920, won him widespread recognition in England, where he lived from 1921, and in America.

Revised translation by E. Kadloubovsky & the Author, Routledge & Kegan Paul. 1981. ISBN 0-7100-0671-3


Kinemadrama, 1915. Translated into English as Strange Life of Ivan Osokin, 1947.Strange Life of Ivan Osokin

Written in Russian in 1905 as a ‘cinema-drama,’ and first published as Kinemadrama (St. Petersburg, 1915), Ouspensky’s novel is based on the theme of ‘eternal recurrence.’ It tells the story of how the young Ivan Osokin is unable to correct his past mistakes, even when given the chance to relive his life. The last chapter powerfully portrays a man’s shock at the realization of his utter mechanicality and characterizes both the promise and the demand of an esoteric school.



Talks with a Devil, 1916.Talks with a Devil - cover

Two short stories, The Inventor and The Benevolent Devil. Published with an insightful introduction by J.G. Bennett.




Letters from Russia, 1919.Letters from Russia - book cover

In 1919 Ouspensky found a way to send a series of articles to the New Age, which, under the skillful editorship of A.R. Orage, was the leading literary, artistic and cultural weekly paper published in England. These five articles appeared in six instalments as ‘Letters from Russia’.



A New Model of the Universe:
Principles of the Psychological Method in Its Application to Problems of Science, Religion and Art
, 1931.A New Model of the Universe - cover

A collection of twelve wide-ranging and penetrating essays dealing with esotericism, symbolism, science, religion, higher dimensions, evolution, superman, eternal recurrence and other topics that anticipate many of the most significant psycho-spiritual questions of the twentieth century. Most of these extended essays were published separately in Russian before Ouspensky translated them to English and published this anthology in London in 1931 for the general purpose of attracting those interested in such questions.


The Psychology of Man’s Possible Evolution, 1940.The Psychology of Man's Possible Evolution - cover

These six lectures given by Ouspensky in London were originally entitled Six Psychological Lectures and were printed for the Historico-Psychological Society in London.




In Search of the Miraculous: Fragments of an Unknown Teaching, 1949.In Search of the Miraculous - cover

Ouspensky met Gurdjieff in Moscow in 1915. Undertaken in 1925, with Gurdjieff’s approval and in progress for many years, parts of the manuscript were read to Ouspensky’s groups in the 1930’s but it remained unpublished at his death in 1947. It was brought to Gurdjieff’s attention by Mme Ouspensky and with his encouragement was published in 1949. This book is the precise, clear result of Ouspensky’s long work in recording in an honest and impersonal form these “Fragments of an Unknown Teaching”.


A Record of Meetings: A record of some of the meetings held by P.D. Ouspensky between 1930 and 1947, 1951A Record of Meetings - Cover

These records of meetings are arranged chronologically.




The Fourth Way, 1957.The Fourth Way - cover

An arrangement by subject of verbatim extracts from the records of Ouspensky’s meetings in London and New York, 1921-46.




Conscience: The Search for Truth, 1979Conscience - cover

A collection of five works originally printed in limited editions.




A Further Record: Extracts from Meetings 1928–1945, 1986.A Further Record - cover

These records of meetings are arranged by subject.




The Cosmology of Man’s Possible Evolution, 1989The Cosmology of Man's Possible Evolution - cover

The Cosmological Lectures were given by Ouspensky in London in 1934-40. These texts are from the manuscripts used by Ouspensky when lecturing. The material is included in In Search of the Miraculous.




The Bridge 12 – P.D. Ouspensky

Special edition commemorating the 50th anniversary of the death of P.D. Ouspensky. This tribute to P.D. Ouspensky contains hitherto unpublished memories and reflections from some of his original students as well as a wide range of articles exploring the influence and effects of his teaching. This book is available from the Study Society, at www.studysocietypublications.org or email office@studysociety.org