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East and West1965238Humanity rather than East and West: the bridge is an emotional one.
East and WestSee also: Bridge
Eclipse1968362Significance of eclipse in Indian philosophy.
Education1965285School at Ashram works on being and knowledge.
Education1976755Education of two kinds - spiritual uplift and language. Meaning of Vidya and Avidya.
Education1976770Gita and Upanishads as an aid to educating children.
Education1977816Education of children should teach them that if you want deep happiness, hard or difficult work is needed.
Efficiency196251The efficiency of the instructor (i.e. Realised Man) is so great that his attention is very free.
Efficiency196258Efficiency comes only after being trained; once you have learned from a better person, you will not do wrong. You will know right from wrong.
Efficiency1974659Absolute is Rasa - the great ocean of sweetness. In meditation one takes a dive into this ocean and this produces attention, precision and efficiency in speech and actions.
Efforts196272Hard work produces something, but not what we need. Just need to discover where to look to find peace.
Efforts1964116W. asks re essential effort. Efforts necessary till Buddhi pure, not beyond.
Efforts1970427No grace without effort and discipline.
Efforts1970470Use of force to make Chitta stay in a particular state does not succeed.
Efforts1970478Answer to DC re ineffectual efforts.
Efforts1972537Trying to look good outside but staying bad inside is wilful deception. See story of Imposter of the Prince of Avagarh on pages 537-538.
Efforts1972556Individual makes little effort - greater effort is made by Param-Atman.
Efforts1972588D.S. Effort always gives some sort of worry. When Dharana becomes habit and natural, it is effortless.
Efforts1973610The important thing is confidence not effort. If you live in the present, the past and future would take care of themselves.
Efforts1973622Any effort made on the way is itself a realisation of the way. All one can do is to make these little efforts from day to day. See story of Traveller with a small lantern (1) on page 622.
Efforts1974693We need to transform our nature, but we cannot do it by our own efforts alone. The grace of Param-Atman is needed.
Ego196111Aim of discipline is to offer ego as sacrifice at the altar of wisdom
Ego196114Sacrifice of ego - H.H. advises on approach. Expansion of ego needed.
Ego196391Egocentric feeling diminished when affection for meditation increases.
Ego1964158Relation of ego to Atman.
Ego1965228I am not the ego, but the ego belongs to me; the Manas, the body, or the chair is not my Self but for my Self.
Ego1970471Observer always remains same - modification happens to ego (Ahankar) because change is its very nature. See letter on pages 466-467.
Ego1971490Three types of Ahankar (ego) - Sattvic, Rajasic, Tamasic.
Ego1972578D.S. Ego prevents one admitting that everything is predestined and one is not the doer. See story of Bird on mast of ship on page 578.
Ego1972600D.S. Remembering that man is only an instrument in the hand of God, and everyone has to play the role given to him, helps give freedom from ego.
Ego1973606Individual ego's use is that of incentive to duty and appropriate behaviour.
Ego1977801Two ways in which ego can disappear - Anvaya and Vyatireka.
Ego1977802Ego creates artificial bodies when meeting people, according to what they imagine themselves and the other person to be. This is 'pretending' to meet. A real meeting is Self meeting Self.
Ego1979876In those of Tamasic nature, ego predominates.
Ego1979877Ego as a servant. Need to control, otherwise it will try to lead you astray.
Ego19881026Ego must not be allowed to arise in the Society, otherwise divisions will manifest. When one subdues ego, new ideas to advance the work appear.
Ego19891046Awareness should be focussed to observe whether the Self is being experienced as ego or pure Aham.
Ego19911058One person thinks he is the wisest, cleverest, most efficient and best person for the job. The use of deliberate misinterpretation and hypocritical language creates confusion and causes war.
EgoSee also: Ahankar
Electricity1978858Analogy in relation to our mantra.
Electricity1978862 You can only increase power of Antahkaran to a proportionate degree by practice. Analogy of electricity supply. To get more power, you must ask your Guru to change the meter.
Elements1965255Cosmic chariot where five elements are the horses.
Elements1967298Phenomenal world arises from manipulation of five basic elements.
Elements1967299Relationship of physical body to earth, air, fire, water and ether.
Elements1967307Elements as basis of scientific work.
Elements1970423New forms appear out of the will of the Absolute, and return to five elements. Example making table from wood.
Elements1978845Five elements of cosmos. The entire creation is Samashti.
Elements1979868Creation is made of five elements - Akasha, air, fire, water, earth.
Elements1979875Same in body and in cosmos.
Elements1979883Elements in creation: Akasha, air, fire, water, earth.
Elements1979918Elements responsible for the creation of an impression arise from the interaction of the individual and the world.
Elements1979931Progression from ethereal to solid. Unity possible amongst ethereal elements but not amongst solid.
Elements1982995The three bodies of the universe are made from nine elements - list of nine.
Elements19891051Five elements Space, Air, Fire, Water and Earth are the Tamasic manifestation of the Tanmatras (the subtle form of the elements).
Elements19911056-1057Five elements are source of all empirical knowledge, conveyed through the five senses and received as perceptions. The way in which they are received depends on the Gunas.
Elephant19615 See story of Elephant and mahout. God is everywhere (1) on page 5.
Elephant196244Real elephant and felt elephant - in relation to fifth step of ladder.
Elephant1964145Divine knowledge always meets with difficulties. Example of elephant going through Indian village and barking dogs.
Elephant1974660Dedicate heart to Atman. If that is properly achieved in its simplicity, nothing else is important. See story of Elephant and crocodile on page 660.
Emanation1970455Subtle body is an emanation of the causal body.
Emotion1964201Ways of knowledge and emotion. Example of prison, the servant, and the jailor.
Emotion1964201Intelligence of pure knowledge must work to bring about love of truth for emotion to work.
Emotion1964202Emotional stream is eternal. Flow of water is dependent on demand.
Emotion1965218H.H. emanates a stream of emotional content which binds you with him.
Emotion1965221-222Way for emotionally predominant people is by faith and trust.
Emotion1965224The domain of emotion is where conscience arises.
Emotion1978841Emotional v. intellectual type. See story of Two artists (5) on pages 841-842.
Emotion1979921Emotional acts create Rajas which is Vikshepa.
Emotion19891032Sometimes people are carried away by passion or impetuousness after initiation, but soon lose interest and leave. The only course for them is rational knowledge to redress the balance.
Emotional Centre1964197Buddhi works from emotional centre as well as from intellect. Once your emotional centre is properly charged, then it helps very much.
Emotional Centre1964198The inner relation works through the emotional stream which is Eternal.
Emotional Centre1965226Relation to Buddhi/Manas/Chitta/Ahankar. Works with great speed.
Emotional Centre1965241Emotional centre and nature of experience in (Savikalpa) Samadhi.
Emotional Centre1965242Real knowledge experienced only when intellectual and emotional centres unite.
Emotional Centre1965261Those who work through emotional centre should not be given too much spiritual food, otherwise they risk indigestion.
Emotional Centre1970389Comparison of meaning of Bhawana with Ouspensky's definition. Ailments of emotional centre in causal body. See story of Millionaire patient, and sweets on page 389.
Emotional Centre1970392Bhawana emanates from causal level and stands between an activity and its consideration by Buddhi.
Emotional Centre1970395Cleared by elimination of desires by Sattva. Example of water in glass bottle. Four divisions of Antahkaran.
Emotional Centre1970400Necessity of discourses and knowledge of truth for predominantly emotional people to move on way.
Emotional Centre1970404Realisation possible either by Bhawana (emotion) or by Viveka. However, since further enquiry based on the other way may be needed, the disciple should work on both ways.
Emotional Centre1970404R. comments that Bhawana seems to be the equivalent of Higher Emotional Centre in our Western System.
Emotional Centre1970448With emotional attitude, anything taken up and accomplished without attachment (devotional).
Emotional Centre1970454Melting of heart - to bring heart to natural state. Nothing really happens because Ashuddha Ahankar has no reality.
Emotional Centre1970457Different help needed for emotional and intellectual types. How to determine which type someone is.
Emotional Centre19911059Long-standing members came together in the Study Society to serve its original aim. If their emotional centre serves that aim in any manner to their liking, there is nothing wrong.
Emptiness1976760Sunyata is emptiness: 'I am not remembering anything, I do not even know that I am meditating'.
Emptiness1976761Sunyata is emptiness, absolute lack of knowledge, under the influence of Tamas. Time spend in Sunyata is wasted. To lift the mind from Sunyata you take it towards Ananda.
Emptiness1979944Relationship of Param-Atman, Brahman and Atman. All three are empty space.
EmptinessSee also: Void
Ends and means1975725Different ends for different means.
Energy1964109Recharging with energy through meditation. Spending less than one earns and raising level of being.
Energy1964109In meditation rest in Sattva brings in relaxation, relieves tension or fatigue and helps re-create peace and bliss.
Energy1964114Two half hours a day sufficient to give householder enough energy and Sattva to live and to develop. Only one store of energy, stored in subtle form.
Energy1964131Timetable for meditation and ordinary work so as to save and restore energy.
Energy1964132Meditation is as much for practical use as for spiritual use. It stills the mind, gives more energy for efficient and positive action, and can add to well-being.
Energy1964143Energy stored in sex centre can be roused through Yoga, but not for Fourth Way.
Energy1964187Energy e.g. of car engine/battery and recharging. Meditation re-charges energy, but use this energy for Atman. Form good habits.
Energy1965231Energy comes from sleep and from proper meditation.
Energy1965239Two half-hours of meditation provide enough energy.
Energy1970462-463Description of Kundalini power or energy - its relation to meditation, and its use in the world. Can be put to good or bad use.
Energy1972564Don't waste energy thinking about mistakes from previous actions - attend to next moment.
Energy1972591D.S. Conserve energy through surrender to God. Give up responsibility and let Him carry it out.
Energy1973605Sita in Ramayana represents fundamental energy - the possessor of energy is Param-Atman. Energy needs a vehicle.
Energy1973624Having reached stillness of a deep dive in meditation one is never without energy and love.
Energy1974633Stream of energy through universe (Samashti) is held by individual (Vyashti) like earthen pot. You take energy from main stream for daily affairs, exhaust it, refill, etc.
Energy1974633Ordinary man knows only how to replace physical energy but doesn't get the best out of his life because of lack of subtle and causal rest.
Energy1974652Connection of disciple and teacher and flow of energy. Analogy with supply of electricity to different houses.
Energy1974685During meditation, no energy comes from outside. The subsidence of the energies in the body provides rest and we feel refreshed with energy available for all our actions.
Energy1974686The reasons for loss of energy during the day are overwork, over-eating and over-sleeping.
Energy1975720Rajas and Tamas use up energy, Sattva recovers and stores energy.
Energy1975728Can be obtained from natural Samadhi which comes between desires but not usually tapped.
Energy1976765Ways of recouping energy that is used in attending to worldly duties. Sattvic rest is more powerful than rest in Tamas.
Energy1979938Being attached to finishing work you have started, causes loss of energy. Examples of factories, and a court of law.
Energy1979947Meditation puts one in touch with the source of energy. It also brings efficiency.
Energy1979948Through repetition of mantra, the power of Chetan Shakti tends to go up the spine.
Energy1979951Repetition of mantra connects us to the power of Samashti. Analogy of electric current.
Energy19891031If people experience total unity for just a minute or two they reach the source of all energy. This leads to a happy and harmonious life.
Energy19891034Eating, running and sleeping uses more breath than meditation and so consumes more energy. Refining the pranas through meditating saves energy and you will live longer.
Energy19891042Remembering makes energy available. Energy acquired and stored through stillness. In activity one may forget the source of energy, but when you remember, the energy returns.
Energy19891044Meditation transforms attention into pure consciousness which is the centre of energy. Regular practice increases the store of energy.
Energy19931079When one comes out of meditation its stillness, extra energy and natural bliss are available, and these enable one to work with efficiency and precision.
Energy19931080In stillness one is with the Self which is full of energy. Don't misuse this energy by inviting in guests such as ideas, desires, worries and expectations
Enjoyment1971483Bhoga - enjoying richness of creation and getting a taste for it may lead to Moha (deep attachment). Avoided by Prem, true love of Absolute.
Enlighten­ment1964188Unity is there, the Self which is real is all there; it is only a matter of Enlightenment.
Enlighten­ment19881021Moment of enlightenment is spontaneous but disciple must first undo false knowledge. Two approaches: 'All this I am', 'There is nothing else but I' - Anvaya, Vyatireka.
Enlighten­ment19921073Those who persist in their practice attain enlightenment which breaks the vicious circle of birth and death. One who seeks will find.
Enlighten­mentSee also: Self-realisation
Enneagram1968360-361Symbol used also in India and its relation to Laws of Three and Seven.
Enneagram1975729Nine is perfect number in Hindu philosophy.
Entangle­ment1970470Don't become drowned in other people's thoughts and circumstances.
Entertain­ment1964142Try to put on better plays and better ways of entertainment to offer good influences.
Equality1973607Everyone is unique, there can be no equality. The world means variety. Without differences the world would disappear into Param-Atman. See story of Mahatma who said 'There is no Mahatma like me' on page 607.
Equilibrium1964110We need equilibrium to communicate properly.
Equilibrium1972537Just as disturbance of equilibrium in the body causes disease, so in creation when the balance is upset, the forces of Param-Atman restore it.
Equilibrium1975710In deep meditation and deep sleep there is a moment of equilibrium, but apart from this there will always be disturbances. Face them with detachment.
Essence196255Gunas determine the interplay between our activies and our nature, our Essence.
Essence196266Essence determines an individual's possibilities. Strong quality of essence leads a man to the Way.
Essence1964167Essence one gets with birth; essence for next life is this plus what you collect in this life. 8,400,000 cycles of life. Only in human stage can good or bad be added to essence.
Essence1964176Essence, which is responsible for our direction in life, can cause one Guna to predominate.
Essence1965262Two types of influences accumulated in Samskar - one leads to activity, the other to non-activity.
Essence1970419Certain experiences causally related to what was collected in essence in a previous life.
Essence1970455Essence lies dormant in the causal body.
Essence1972548Q. to J. re body, soul, essence and personality. 'Pratibha' is all three put together.
Essence1979914-915Samskar system - Prarabdha, Sancita and Kriyaman through which everyone gets result of what he has done previously.
Essence1979917Effect of good and bad company on essence.
Essence1979918The brilliance which is part of the impression is created by the Absolute. If Samskar is good the bliss within will respond to the brilliance.
Essence1979921Coverings of Antahkaran (Mal, Vikshep and Avaran) arise from Samskar.
EssenceSee also: Samskar
Eternal1967328World is one and is governed by eternal rules - dharma. The wise conform to the rule of their own accord.
Eternity1965227The Self lives in eternity.
Eternity1968362Only Absolute or Atman is eternal. Changes such as birth and death are just appearances and not eternal, but law of change is eternal.
EtherSee: Akasha
Evil196248Forces of evil always challenge the force of good. Whenever anybody takes a step to do good he has to face the forces of evil.
Evil1977808Evil is in eye of beholder: the way we look at the world. See story of H.H. and the erotic sculptures on page 808.
Examination1965271Reference to R.'s test of spiritual knowledge at Rishikesh.
Example1979909Most important in teaching.
Exhaustion1972589D.S. Surrender ego or individual intellect to get full activity and power, and avoid exhaustion which comes from failure.
Exhaustion1979915-916If people are overworked, music or meditation will send them to sleep so that they obtain rest in Tamas.
Exhaustion1979930Trying to do Sadhana for a longer time produces exhaustion. Increase slowly and make it natural.
ExhaustionSee also: Fatigue
Expansion1964113Distracting noises in meditation seem very harsh until one expands oneself.
Expansion1964119When a disciple can expand his Being to the level of the subtle world, then he can have relations with the Realised Man in the subtle state.
Expansion1964120Two ways to supplement expansion.
Expansion1964123Have feelings of expansion before, not during meditation. All forces of the Absolute are embracing you from all sides.
Expansion1964144Feeling and thought, can bring about expansion of oneSelf to encompass the entire Universe. Also see other version on page 143.
Expansion1964157There has to be a feeling of expansion of the body so that it covers the whole Universe.
Expansion1964160When you expand yourSelf and embrace everything around you, the distractions during meditation become just a part of you and their harshness disappears.
Expansion1965255-256Feeling of expansion, cure for difficulties in meditation. Example of room made of glass, brick or steel.
Expansion1965259Feeling of expansion, cure for difficulties in meditation. Example of room made of glass, brick or steel.
Expansion1965263-264Cannot be created by physical activity. Expansion is through an idea which gives an impulse to the heart. Useful during day when not doing work involving attention.
Expansion1977801When the Ahankar has been expanded so much that it comprehends the complete Samashti, then the scope of personal ego vanishes completely because there isn't one.
Expansion1979896Expansion takes place in Antahkaran through the mantra, making the individual more universal.
Expectation1964122Any experience during meditation will break the rhythm of the mantra. There should be no expectation even of bliss or expansion.
Expectation1980955-956New meditators can feel dejected because they have high expectations which are not fulfilled. The solution is to educate them to understand that meditation must be done for some time.
Expectation19891033Sometimes people expect too much from meditation in a short period, and this causes tension. If they are persistent in practice and take an interest in the theory they will succeed.
Expectation19891035Expectation is coloured by selfishness. An act of sacrifice aims at giving, without expectation of a similar act in return.
Expectation19931081New meditators are often quite naturally overpowered by thoughts and expectations and this creates Vikshepa and leads to a tense atmosphere.
Experience196254Up to fourth step of ladder is preparation - beyond is experience.
Experience1964190Experiences of miraculous nature which may come as a result of meditation should not be expressed.
Experience1965228Self-realisation is a permanent experience. It is not a state.
Experience1968354Forces of the subtle body are always available and can appear miraculous. But not used except in emergencies.
Experience1971511-512Communication presupposes experience, example of grains of salt being dissolved into sea.
Experience1972547Experience of Param-Atman through sound of mantra. See letter on page 546.
Experience1972566D.S. The internal functions of mind must attach themselves to external senses for experience to take place.
Experience1976756Experiences relate to that which has already happened, so discussion of them won't help. From a spiritual point of view giving thought to what has happened in the past is useless. See story of Learned man and group discussion on page 756.
Experience1978827One cannot transmit an experience, only lead others to experience for themselves.
Experience1978832One cannot transmit an experience, only lead others to experience for themselves.
Experience1980977Only experience in relation to 'Who I am', What is this universe? Who is the Creator?', 'What are my responsibilities to the Creator, the universe and myself?' is helpful.
Experience1980980Atman being the experiencer, can't be experienced. Whenever there is any claim of beauty or touch it relates to Idam, not Aham.
Experience19881019Single experience of unity of Vyashti with Samashti establishes life-long relationship.
Experience19891037Experience of the world, which keeps changing, is through senses and mind. Experience of the Self arises when the other means of experience are transcended. See story of Indra discovers the limitations of the gods on pages 1037-1038.
Experience19891038Sometimes people experience that their mind or intellect doesn't work. Who is it who knows this - the knower of mind, world, intellect? One has to conclude it is stillness.
Experience19931077Experiences only true if they expand the individual to the universal. If an experience serves the personal and has a sense of self-importance it is Rajas or Tamas.