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Habits1964187Habits are useful neither in the material world nor spiritual world. If one has to have a habit, one should have a good habit.
Habits1968336There are many habits of mind which must be got rid of before Self-realisation is possible. See story of Monkey in tree (2) on page 336.
Habits1968367People who cannot give up their old worldly habits have to rise to a better level to see the Law of Cause and Effect. See story of Ants and sugar (2) on page 367.
Habits1971520Form the habit of thinking of Param-Atman. See story of Servant and bamboo on page 520.
Habits1972539Importance of forming habit of remembering Param-Atman because we do not know when the end will come.
Happiness1964121Everyone is running after more happiness. Ignorance is root of unhappiness.
Happiness1964129All seek happiness - from beginning of creation but attachment leads to wrong kind.
Happiness1964137Pursuit of happiness or eradication of suffering cannot be the ultimate aim.
Happiness1964155Q. on what H.H. means by 'being happy'.
Happiness1964179-180People today have taken the material world to their heart and they like this disease of material happiness more than anything.
Happiness1965241Happiness and misery not caused by lack of food etc. Both are a product of mind.
Happiness1965244One of the most universal of the aspirations is happiness.
Happiness1965246True happiness (Anand) one of natural manifestations of Atman.
Happiness1965249Human drive towards happiness. See story of Ants and sugar (1) on page 249.
Happiness1967301All creatures run after happiness - mind also. Meditation and rest for subtle body.
Happiness1967303People with doubts etc. have not located source of happiness.
Happiness1968365Once one gets the taste of inner happiness then one doesn't need anyone's help. One can only be led to a limit. See story of King and servant acting as Holy Man (2) on page 365.
Happiness1968369One has to experience happiness in order to leave behind misery and unhappiness.
Happiness1972533Conflicts between likes and dislikes leads to unhappiness. See everything as part of your own self.
Happiness1972574D.S. Happiness depends on happenings, which means it is not reliable. Bliss is self-evident and depends only on blessings.
Happiness1972583You cannot have complete happiness when you are limited because there is still something left to desire, and so there will be effort and prayer.
Happiness1972591D.S. You cannot have consciousness and happiness while remaining limited. The answer is to surrender to God.
Happiness1975700Real happiness is a natural property of Atman. The happiness that lies between two states of unhappiness is not real happiness since it has a beginning and an end.
Happiness1975703For happiness, the shedding of the separate sense of 'I' is essential.
Happiness1977791The spiritualists, materialists and followers of cults are all seeking happiness. But at times we welcome unhappiness if we think it will lead to happiness.
Happiness1977816How to deepen through hard work that may involve difficulties, hazards and sometimes pain.
Happiness1979868Creation as a drama of happiness.
Happiness1979881The happiness which arises out of realisation of one's true nature cannot be kept secret. Your happiness will affect others around you.
Happiness1979912If you are attached to the drama, then there will be misery. If you are detached, then everything is blissful. See story of Brahma's holiday on page 913.
Happiness1979936Person who can bear adversities will always remain happy. Control of desires and happiness.
Happiness1979940If associated with an external object, the object will go away - but inside is the real happiness which is food for Atman.
Happiness1980977Many take to physical world and look for happiness there, some segregate themselves in spiritual world. Both are incomplete.
Happiness19851002It is ignorance of unity that prevents happiness - not lack of possessions.
Happiness19851010If you help the world, you will be happy and the world will be happy too.
Happiness19891040H.H.'s parting message to WW: Retain a happy disposition all the time and feel that level of existence where we are all one and there is no separation.
HappinessSee also: Anand
HappinessSee also: Bliss
HappinessSee also: Joy
Hate19851001Hate or prejudice arises from attachment. You cannot have attachment without prejudice.
Hate19921072If due to hate, one is set on strife and separation at any cost, then even the scriptures and wisdom cannot help.
Hate19931075If mind has absorbed attachments and hatred, all its functions work negatively.
Head1970450-451People generally predominant in head or heart. It is essential to align head and heart to avoid distortions of the teaching and discipline. See story of Pumpkin and mango tree (1) on page 451.
Head19851010Purush (male aspect) dominates head and Prakriti (female aspect) dominates heart. Use both heart and head.
Headaches1965245-246Headaches and meditation: one should relax the body and release tension so that the mantra can start easily.
Heart1964114-115Love and stream of Truth are One, but when man catches it by heart or mind he catches it in two different ways: by his love, or by his knowledge.
Heart1964115Those who look through the heart get love. Head and heart merge at top.
Heart1964140Emotions and intellect are our two servants (helpers). Their seats are heart and head.
Heart1964170Buddhi is the active principle which collects valuables for the Self and passes them to the heart to hold. Seat of emotions.
Heart1964170-171The four streams of the inner world: Buddhi, Manas, Chitta and Ahankar, are all connected to the heart.
Heart1964175One can easily get near to the master by mind or one can keep his remembrance in the heart, and in Atman everyone is the same.
Heart1965243Men on emotional path don't need knowledge of higher and inner worlds.
Heart1965264Every activity other than physical activity originates in impulses from the heart.
Heart1970450-451People generally predominant in head or heart. It is essential to align head and heart to avoid distortions of the teaching and discipline. See story of Pumpkin and mango tree (1) on page 451.
Heart1970453A big or good idea from grace of Absolute is best preserved in the heart.
Heart1970459Although time in his physical presence is limited, H.H.'s mind and heart always ready to help all of us all the time.
Heart1972560-561If one asks from the heart, it should be available, but you may have to wait. Resolutions coming from heart keep returning. Example of driving car in town.
Heart1976753H.H. refers to location of 'heart' as in Hatha Yoga i.e. central - different from physical organ.
Heart1979896Purity of heart helps working of mantra. Given to different individuals it produces an effect according to capacity - degree of purity.
Heart1979899Desires arise in heart. Brain is not activated.
Heart1979900Desire is an emanation of consciousness. Whatever we desire is consciousness itself.
Heart1982991-992Differences in English concept and Sanskrit word for heart.
Heart19851010Purush (male aspect) dominates head and Prakriti (female aspect) dominates heart. Use both heart and head.
Heaven and hell1970421Describes the experience of different levels of man born with characteristics and in circumstances that reflect the nature of their deeds in a previous life.
HellSee: Heaven and hell
Help1970459Help related to physical or intellectual progress on the way is freely available from H.H. but the rest - meeting the Self - must be done by the individual himself.
Help19921072Unless one is ready to enquire, listen and act with love, one cannot be helped or have one's unhelpful Samskars removed.
Help19921073H.H. describes the operation of the three sources of help that are available to break the cycle of birth and death - Realised Man, Scriptures and Self.
Helping others1968343-344Q. re compassion for Czechs. Mental help is more effective than physical help.
Helping others1970458-459Best way is to not have any desire but to meditate so purely that there is a wealth of goodness which anyone in need can come and take.
Helping others1974628Process of giving takes place only when one has acquired. Need to dive deep - the bliss will help oneself and others.
Hemi­spheres1978823Q. re two hemispheres. Sakarmath - collection of all knowledge, Akarmath - activity arising from knowledge.
Herbs1978853Question about the use of herbs to improve Antahkaran. H.H. explains how they are used in India.
Hierarchy1974629At the deepest level of the Self, all men are the same - there is no hierarchy.
Higher centres1970404R. comments that Bhawana and Viveka seem to be the equivalent of the two Higher Centres of our Western System
Himalayan cave1975735-736The 'Himalayan cave' is within each of us when we need it. When inner peace is not yet natural, some seclusion is necessary.
Hindrances1973612Do not wait for a suitable opportunity to remember Param-Atman. Do it whenever a feeling of devotion arises, paying no heed to hindrances. See story of Doctor and ill-tempered wife (2) on page 612.
Hindrances1974653-654Whatever happens, we accept it and do the best we can. See story of Wrong mantra and goddess: Kreem and Kleem (2) on pages 653-654.
Hindrances1975731Important decisions - only hindrance to meeting Param-Atman is Jiva thinking 'I am also something'.
Hindrances19911065When talking about Self-Realisation one is really talking about the elimination of hindrances or ignorance which seem to indicate that one is not realised.
HindrancesSee also: Obstacles
Hindu1971486H.H. Mela talk: Hindus should unite and make efforts to help Sanatan Dharma to flourish.
Holding the hand1975719It is only by surrender to the Absolute through love that one wins all. See story of Man who wanted to buy King (1) on page 719.
Holding the hand1975721H.H. explains R. is already holding the hand of the king. Anything that comes in the way is only the past reflecting itself like a dream. See story of Man who wanted to buy King (1) on page 719.
Holding the hand1977795When the Sovereign shakes the hand and gives away all his powers, this symbolises the unity of the Atman with Param-Atman. See story of Man who wanted to buy King (1) on page 719.
Holy Man1965272Sees things through the eye of Atman. See story of Holy Man and beautiful woman (2) on page 272.
Holy Man1970391Holy Man and servant - description of relationship by H.H.
Home1968364Meditation is a journey back home to the Self. Most of the troubles experienced are in the first half of the journey.
Home1974628... the real home to which the individual needs to go.
Horoscopes1978855H.H. explains about horoscopes.
Hostility1973617Love as motive force for sustaining world. The ultimate cause of hostility is love.
Hotel1965234-235Ways of knowledge and of love compared to going to a hotel.
Householder196394Need to acquire arts of both material and spiritual worlds.
Householder1964114Fourth Way - action and knowledge essential. Two half hours meditation for Householder.
Householder1964142Householders should find balance of enjoying world and working for Self-realisation. Don't run away but live in flesh and work in spirit.
Householder1965223Effect of Sadhana on family life.
Householder1965279Three-fold Vedic system - knowledge, love, action. Path of action mostly for the householder.
Householder1967301-302Don't resign from world - proper measure of meditation.
Householder1967331Forces of knowledge, wisdom and inner strength can be passed through householders who are connected with a teacher. See story of Disciple who was a householder on page 331.
Householder1972533Busy householders sometimes lose sight of Bhakti in midst of daily engagements. Read holy books to counter this. See story of Rich man and Mahatma on pages 533-534.
Householder1972561Two traditional ways in India - spirituality through action, or through renunciation.
Householder1972572-573D.S. You can be doing many things, but you can offer them all to God - acting, drinking, sleeping, walking.
Householder1972576Janaka, Rama and Vasishtha examples of householders who worked for liberation of mankind through activity.
Householder1972576If one knows one is Atman, there is no need to bypass worldly activity.
Householder1972592D.S. Anything that heals your worries is meditation. It is not necessarily sitting quiet, it can be when performing household duties.
Householder1978837Initiation for householders.
Householder1978839Don't be afraid of the worldly pull - do your job to the best of your ability.
Householder1979933Bhakti aspect of Sadhana easiest for householder. Knowledge is also a kind of Bhakti, necessary for devotion.
Houses19616Our little house and our magnificent house.
Hrdaya Kamal1976773Upanishad description of (Antah) Karan - heart of lotus or lotus heart.
Humility1965282Essential on way to spirituality.
Humility1970454Humility and melting of the heart.
Humility19891039Humility keeps the door open so that consciousness and bliss keep passing without restriction. The compassion of the Self keeps flowing without limitation.
Humility19891046The rise and evolution of consciousness, even after the acquisition of knowledge, is only possible in humility.
Humours1977798Humours - everyone governed by predominance of a Guna.
Hunt the treasure1970478Guiding voice from Param-Atman when we are in difficulties.
Hunt the treasure1970479Further advice on how to find what one is looking for. See Q. on page 478.
Husband and wife1968349Best way of keeping good relationships is to serve the person you love and not put up any demands
Husband and wife1968365Analogy with Atman uniting with Param-Atman
Husband and wife1977803Relationship of husband/wife is on causal level, even though there may sometimes be friction.
Husband and wife1980966Importance of unity and being together at initiation. Wife needs full information and to be treated with equal honour.
Husband and wifeSee also: Marriage
Huxley, Aldous1964158R. quotes from book 'Perennial Philosophy'. Writings of first Shankaracharya and Crest Jewel of Wisdom.
Hydrogens1971482R. relates story of seven gates to Ouspensky's seven Hydrogen levels in the Ray of Creation. See story of Seven gates. Keys of the kingdom. Explanation (1) on page 482.