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Under­standing196260Two sides of understanding - one is knowledge, the other is being.
Under­standing196263Way of Understanding' combination of three traditional Ways. ('Fourth Way')
Under­standing1979924Need to understand one thing precisely and fully, then you can connect everything else to it.
UnionSee: Unity
Unity196279 See story of Krishna and Radha on page 79.
Unity1967314The true search is to find unity in diversity
Unity1967330One is united with teacher when one remembers. No separation in Causal body.
Unity1968358Unity of Atman and Param-Atman is when there is nothing in between. For grace to come, unity must come first.
Unity1968368Constant and regular practice of meditation establishes familiarity and allows union with Atman. Example of cultivating new friendship.
Unity1970400Union of emotion and intellect necessary for movement along way.
Unity1970405Unity of heart, mind and activity to increase Sattva.
Unity1970407One needs to work out how to get unity of thinking, acting, feeling all synchronised.
Unity1970424Underlying principle of Satsang is unity with the Absolute.
Unity1970441Yoga means union of fire. Yoga is true when uniting persons never separate. A disciple uniting with Guru is Yoga. See story of Dying Guru on page 441.
Unity1970446-447Unity of being in physical presence of Realised Man brings inflow of joy until complete unity is felt.
Unity1970462Necessity to keep returning for spiritual food. Analogy: we don't have one bath to end all baths.
Unity1971505Krishna play teaches people that they should feel united with the Absolute, and do away with subject-object duality, performing duties and fulfilling needs with detachment.
Unity1972556It seems as though effort is being made by the individual to achieve unity, but it is Param-Atman who reaches out to the individual.
Unity1972596R. speaks of feeling of union of Shankaracharya, Param-Atman, and great men of H.H.'s and Christian tradition.
Unity1973609The remedy for dissatisfaction is to devote oneself to Param-Atman. When the Self merges with Param-Atman, they mingle inseparably, never to part.
Unity1974648Background to H.H.'s Mela talk on two streams of devotion and Adhyatma, Atmaveda which preaches unity of everything.
Unity1975708Union of Self with whole universe is Samashti. Unless this realisation comes, one experiences the Self opposed to the universe.
Unity1975711Atman, Param-Atman and Guru are trinity of same unity. No difference between them.
Unity1975714Two ways of approaching unity - by addition or by subtraction (discrimination).
Unity1975733If we see Param-Atman everywhere, in everything, the feeling we have for our families grows to include the community then the nation. Then the whole world becomes our family. See story of Universal brotherhood on pages 732-733.
Unity1975734Unity with Guru on causal, subtle and physical levels.
Unity1977800Union with Absolute: Sanskrit poem, 'Oh my Lord ...'. Unity is not something one is aiming at, but has to be experienced every moment in every action.
Unity1977812Union at death: preparing the wedding garment.
Unity1979875Final stage of knowledge.
Unity1979876Unity of Jiva with Param-Atman. Honour promptings of Buddhi.
Unity1979896Q. re friction. If it leads to unity it is discrimination; otherwise not recommended.
Unity19851001Param-Atman is all-pervading, unity; the world is in trouble because of multiplicity and divisions leading to injustice. See story of Rich man with too many worries on page 1001.
Unity19851002H.H. advises: learn to be united, then justice and equity will prevail in thoughts, actions and words.
Unity19881017Responsibility of new Shankaracharya and his disciples is to work towards unity.
Unity19881025To achieve unity the Society needs to synthesise the teachings of all three of its teachers. (PDO, FCR, H.H.)
Unity19891028Multiplicity is caused and manifested by unity alone. All the colours are reflections of the same light which remains white. Division is only appearance.
Unity19891031When unity takes place in meditation, the awareness of subject, object and activity of meditation becomes one single awareness.
Unity19911059-1060Co-existence is the precondition of unity. Usually this is ignored and the result is divisions in churches, nations, societies and families.
Unity19911060Anyone who begins with disunity cannot provide unity to anyone. Contributions can be different to promote the same aim. No-one should be forced to conform.
Unity19911066The wise look for unity, poets usually look for descriptive glory, common man looks to his family tradition for enjoyment. Few seek the truth that the Absolute is one.
Unity19921070The universe is one and perfect within the Absolute, and it is his will that it should remain so. But in illusion everything seems incomplete, separate and alienated.
Universal Conscious­ness1964140Once you act without attachment, you do everything for the Universe, and then the Universal Consciousness takes care of what you do.
Universal Conscious­ness1970418Magnetic currents in earth are an emanation of universal consciousness.
Universal Conscious­ness1973625Journey of individual to universal through meditation; Vyashti to Samashti.
Universal Conscious­ness1975700Keeping your view directed to universal consciousness forms a channel of energy.
Universal Conscious­ness19931083Preparation for death by removing all impediments so that the so-called consciousness of the individual merges with universal consciousness.
Universe1967303Universe and world of duality.
Universe1967310Governed by Law of Three.
Universe1967315Throughout the universe the less mobile supports the more mobile.
Universe1974648Universe (re death): this universe is the travel ground, and we have come only for a little while.
Universe1975710Whatever happens it is an act, a drama.
Universe1975714Distribution of energy emanating from Absolute.
Universe1978822Man is a miniature universe. The human body and the cosmos.
Universe1979922Philosophers have described the universe in different ways to meet requirements of time, place and culture. Source and end of all systems the same.
Universe1980969Process of manifesting the universe. Creation and withdrawal.
UniverseSee also: World
UniverseSee also: Cosmos
Unmani­fested nature1970401-402Ray of Creation. Avyakta unmanifested nature (eternal unchanging).
Unmani­fested nature1970469All perceptible phenomena originate in Avyakta and will finally merge into Avyakta.
UnrestSee: Rest and unrest
Upanishads1965238The Upanishads deal with the Atman through knowledge, Buddhi.
Upanishads1965251Brihadaranyaka Upanishad and 'one without a second'.
Upanishads1965255Katha Upanishad and chariot metaphor.
Upanishads1965281Meaning of verse from Chandogya Upanishad about lotus-flower.
Upanishads1965283General description of Upanishads. Isa Upanishad verse 17: H.H. Explanation. Refers to five elements composing body.
Upanishads1967327Initial prayers from Mandukya and Isa Upanishads
Upasana19881017Three ways to put this wisdom into practice: Karma, Upasana and Jnana - action, devotion and knowledge.
Upasana19891035In the devotional system (Upasana), the arising of good ideas in relation to spiritual life is not regarded as Vikshepa.
UpasanaSee also: Way(s)
UpasanaSee also: Devotion