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Caskets1964162True Knowledge can be given only with discrimination and has to be preserved in three caskets. Don't give gold casket knowledge to others indiscriminately.
Caskets1979906Three 'caskets' of knowledge are like coverings hiding the Self - Mala, Vikshepa, Avarana. Golden covering (Avarana) can be removed only by teacher.
Castes196255Four castes of Manu is not only for man; it is for everything living.
Castes196277Meaning of 'twice born' in caste system.
Castes1965245Caste system part of a special tradition related to specific time and place.
Causal body1964125Every man is different in coarse and subtle forms; it is only in the causal form everyone is equal. In Atman everyone is the same.
Causal body1964134Right-hand side of body is influenced by sun, left-hand side by moon.
Causal body1968349-350Causal body causes subtle body and subtle body causes coarse body. H.H. explains how ideas form an intermediary between them.
Causal body1969377Causal body lives in Antahkaran.
Causal body1970389Three bodies in relation to disease. Ailments of causal body must be treated according to own level. See story of Millionaire patient, and sweets on page 389.
Causal body1970392Known as Antahkaran. Simile of inner organ with four gears.
Causal body1970455Chetan Shakti and Antahkaran makes causal body, but this is also illusion.
Causal body1971498Causal body ever present - called 'body of non-knowing'. Experienced in deep sleep and in meditation when light of consciousness falls on it. Example of two types of house.
Causal body1972545Physical, subtle and causal - three states in which we live. Difference between matter and consciousness is that of cause and effect.
Causal body1976771-772Causal body is the house where Jiva-Atman lives and gets rest. It has to be enlightened by power of Chit.
Causal body1976772Misunderstanding of causal part of triad of causal, subtle and physical. Explanation of 'root cause'. 'Causal' as used in 'causal body' is different from ultimate cause.
Causal body1976781Causal body is also called Agyanamaya body - the body of ignorance. Samskars live in the causal body.
Causal body1977807Chitta, Buddhi, Manas and Ahankar are part of causal body.
Causal body1978847-848There is pure causal body which does not take birth, and impure which is born as a result of deeds done in ignorance.
Causal body1978848Impure causal body responsible for illusion, which is ignorance, and that is responsible for birth and death.
Causal body1979911-912Experience of causal body is either in deep sleep or meditation. Four states - physical, subtle, causal, Param-Atman.
Causal level1964110Communication at the causal level is only through the heart.
Causal level1964130-131Five states of consciousness: ordinary life, dreaming, sleeping, unconsciousness and Samadhi.
Causal level1968352Each level depends for essential force on higher level.
Causal level1968368Music works on causal level - different kinds of music.
Causal level1968371On causal level there is no difference between H.H. and R.
Causal level1970396Mirror of Atman - reflection pure on causal level but can be coloured by impurities at subtle level.
Causal level1970454-455Causal, subtle and physical are all illusion.
Causal level1973623Rest at causal level occurs when desires, thinking, feeling and emotions are stilled.
Causal level1977794Causal peace reached only through meditation.
Causal level1977800Q. re reaching deep peace of causal level.
Causal level1977802If people come together in their natural state of body, mind and emotions, without ego creating artificial bodies or forms, then Self meets Self and this is on the causal level.
Causal world1970418-419Experiences in physical world related to what was collected by Samskar in previous life.
Causal world1976772Misunderstanding of causal part of triad of causal, subtle and physical. Explanation of 'root cause'. 'Causal' as used in 'causal body' is different from ultimate cause.
Cause1967298Atman is ultimate cause, which is the cause that is itself causeless.
Cause1970426There is no cause of the cause. See story of The king and the prize of 100 cows on page 426.
Cause1970435In assessing truth, examine cause and look for the ultimate cause.
Cause1979868Cause is the 'Word': world, its creation, is the effect. Brahma is the original cause from which the Word (Shabda) emanates.
Cause19881024Knowledge of causes on a universal scale leads to universal actions.
Cause and effect196265-66Law of cause and effect in Western system - H.H. describes the equivalent concept in his system.
Cause and effect1967298If one starts with the phenomenal world and follows the chain of cause and effect, one finds that Atman is the base and cause of everything.
Cause and effect1967307All manifested form has originated from one single cause. Scientists run after effect, we seek cause.
Cause and effect1967318Establishment of relationship between Teacher and disciple is due to cause and effect.
Cause and effect1968338Creation and manifestation, birth and death are shown as examples of cause and effect.
Cause and effect1968365-367Chance and cause and effect. In worldly games, both the losers and the winners lose. See story of Mother's blessing for victory only over enemies within on page 366.
Cause and effect1968367What the ignorant see as chance, the man of knowledge sees as the Law of Cause and Effect. See story of Four horse carriage (1) on pages 366-367.
Cause and effect1970402Cause always bigger than effect.
Cause and effect1970419Cause and effect operating across the three worlds.
Cause and effect1972560Param-Atman has manifested this creation through the three Gunas and the process works automatically through cause and effect.
Cause and effect1972584D.S. Past and future is already printed on the cosmic reel. The cause and effect are in the realm of Maya.
Cause and effect1972593D.S. Cause and effect depends on time, and time is a function of ignorance. Pure consciousness, the white screen, is present always.
Cause and effect1979914If you do conscious work there will be good results. Even if Samskar prevents good result immediately, it will bear fruit later.
CaveSee: Himalayan cave
Centres1965222Emotional and intellectual centres - needs of both types. See story of Two artists (1) on page 222.
CentresSee also: Emotional Centre
CentresSee also: Intellectual Centre
Ceremony196230Ceremony of initiation is symbolic of reverence.
CeremonySee also: Initiation
Chakras1972588D.S. gives a description of each of the Chakras.
Chakras1979923H.H. answers re bliss and brain, and relation to Antahkaran. Prajnachakshu - eye of wisdom: place on forehead between eyebrows.
Chakras19881020H.H. describes the rise of consciousness through the Chakras during meditation.
Chakras19911063Explanation of the systematic penetration of the power of consciousness (Kundalini) through Chakras in Yoga.
Chakras19911064Ajna Chakra is the abode of light where the vital energies Ida, Pingala and Sushumna come together. Sahasrara is the seat of unity where meditator, meditation and mantra become one.
Chakra­vartin1968359A Chakravartin is one who has full control over the four states of consciousness and who does not need anything whatsoever. See story of Chakravartin on page 359.
Chance1968365-367Idea of Law of Chance due to ignorance - everything governed by Law of Cause and Effect. See story of Mother's blessing for victory only over enemies within on page 366.
Changeless1964138The objects of the senses change all the time: the Self is eternal, unchanging, blissful, conscious and peaceful.
Changeless1965234-235The man on the way of knowledge looks for that which never changes.
Changeless1967325Atman is not subject to change. One who understands this becomes very light and enjoys the drama.
Changeless1968349Atman which is pure existence does not change, grow or decay, but remains the same all the time.
Changeless1968362It is only the Absolute which is changeless and eternal as Truth; everything else is changing and therefore temporal.
Changeless1969379-380Pure Ahankar says 'I am Atman and quite separate from the ordinary world. Whatever I see, is unconnected with me, is changeable and temporary. I am eternal, unchanging.'
Changeless1969383To escape from the world of duality, we need to reach into the calm regions of the Atman, where alone the laws of sameness, oneness and changelessness hold good.
Changeless1970385True knowledge enables us to see the changelessness in a changing world.
Changeless1970435That which never changes is the Truth, the Absolute out of which the whole creation has emerged.
Changeless1970446Anand is the natural state of Atman, and as such is unchanging. Only our view of it changes.
Changeless1970471The states of conciousness - sleep, dream, waking, Samadhi all change, but the observer who sees them as a passing show always remains the same.
Changeless1972535One who sees changelessness in all change, sees correctly.
Changeless1982994If you get to know the changeless consciousness which expresses itself through all manifest forms, you will enjoy the world without feeling any lack in yourself.
Changeless19911056Universal Buddhi does not change. It remains as it is and is available to anyone who can reach it.
Chanting1964172Before meditation, HH quotes from Vedas. Translation.
Chanting1970463Chanting is like an appetizer we take before a meal. It is not the meal itself. Don't focus on finding more appetizers for people - give them help to proceed with meditation.
Checking1964191When checking meditation of others, observe movements of eyes and body.
Chetan Shakti1969374-375Chitta is the name for Chetan Shakti in individual man. See Q. on page 373.
Chetan Shakti1970394Emanates from Atman and is the force of Atman. Available to all four parts of subtle body.
Chetan Shakti1970395By itself, pure like light.
Chetan Shakti1970396Relationship to causal body - example of illusions created by one's image in mirror.
Chetan Shakti1970397How to recognise light of Atman in oneself - example of fire and ball of iron. Chetan Shakti takes part of qualities of Antahkaran.
Chetan Shakti1970419-420Explanation of Chetan Shakti as Maya.
Chetan Shakti1970455Chetan Shakti and Antahkaran makes causal body, but this is also illusion.
Chetan Shakti1978847In complete stillness Chetan Shakti looks after body - not Prana, because in Samadhi, even breathing stops.
Chetan Shakti1978847Gives power through Antahkaran to Chitta, Buddhi, Manas and Ahankar.
Chetan Shakti1979948Through repetition of mantra, the power of Chetan Shakti tends to go up the spine.
Chetan Shakti1980956-957Description of machine with belt and pulley to describe function of Manas, Chitta and Chetan Shakti.
Chief Feature1964121 See story of Valmiki the robber (1) on page 121.
Chief Feature1965278-279R. asks about chief obstacle or feature.
Chief Feature19891052-1053RG asks about Chief Feature. There is no obstacle that cannot be removed by reason and wisdom. Obstacles are nothing more than a wrong measure of goodness.
Child1975719-720Creation is like the child's game of hide and seek.
Child1975721Need to keep feeling of a child in presence of beloved - child is not cluttered with past or future.
Child1980975Wise man behaves like a child. Actions are not childish but he is alive to the present moment. He doesn't hang on to actions.
Children1964128Children can be initiated at age of five. Child's mind has very little dirt, even less cloud and little tension. a wonderful time to give this training.
Children1972586D.S. When teaching children, stick to your religion but help them see that everything is Christ. Example is better than precept.
Children1972586D.S. Don't say 'my son' - he is not your son, he is just loaned to you. With this attitude you are placing God within him and he will attract Divine qualities.
Children1976770Gita and Upanishads as an aid to educating children.
Chit1967298Chit is like seed form in which all names and forms have their existence. Manas, Buddhi, Chitta and Ahankar are manifestations of Chit.
Chit1967299Manas, Buddhi, Chitta, Ahankar and Chit.
Chit1969380Explanation of Chitta and Chit. Relation to consciousness. See letter on pages 378-379.
Chit1970446Sat-Chit-Anand is the natural state of Atman. None of these three change, develop or improve.
Chit1976750Universal, unpolluted power that descends from Samashti, becomes Chitta in the individual.
Chit1976752Source of power for Chitta which energises it and enables it to function.
Chit1976771-772Causal, subtle and physical bodies have to be enlightened by power of Chit. Example of light in king's kingdom, audience chamber and residence.
Chit1976778Paper from H.H. Explanation of Chit - the supreme power.
Chit1978849Chit means 'it is alive'. Chit is knowledge, Jnana.
Chit19931084Chit is consciousness - clearer or less clear according to the condition of the Antahkaran.
Chitta1964155Lessening desires will still the Chitta (Consciousness) and make way for deeper stillness.
Chitta1964170Chitta (Memory) is the store where continuity is maintained in order to fulfil the desire. It always keeps reminding one of the line of action.
Chitta1964171Storage facility for thoughts, resolves, centred in heart.
Chitta1965226The part of the Antahkaran which keeps alive all knowledge and is the springboard for all inner activity.
Chitta1965228Stillness of Chitta is essential for Self-realisation.
Chitta1965232-233R.'s link with four rooms and enneagram.
Chitta1965247A filing system. Also see other version on page 248.
Chitta1965248Store of all knowledge - can be wrongly filed. Also see other version on page 247.
Chitta1965262Cosmic and individual Chitta. Soul and consciousness. See story of Lakshman's dive (1) on page 64.
Chitta1965262Lakshman saw the impurity and speed of Chitta in his dip. Soul and consciousness were still and pure - he just had curiosity. See story of Lakshman's dive (1) on page 64.
Chitta1965264Activity of Chitta arises in heart.
Chitta1969374-375Chitta can reflect an image of Atman like a mirror. But the image does not really exist. There can be no image without Atman. See Q. on page 373.
Chitta1969380Explanation of Chitta and Chit. Relation to consciousness. See letter on pages 378-379.
Chitta1970393Holds store of individual consciousness.
Chitta1970396Centred in heart. See story of Millionaire patient, and sweets on page 389.
Chitta1970404Bhawana springs from Chitta and Manas. Desire first glimpsed by Manas, then Chitta (memory) provides knowledge - sometimes abundant, sometimes scanty.
Chitta1970405Increase of Sattva possible only when Chitta, Manas and Buddhi come together and there is no division between them.
Chitta1970470Use of force to make Chitta stay in a particular state does not succeed.
Chitta1971492Holds all knowledge of individual - cherishes certain thoughts. If impure, cherishes distorted ideas.
Chitta1971513Store-place for knowledge - good or bad.
Chitta1972566D.S. Chitta sings the old songs - all our past experiences are recorded there.
Chitta1973603Observance of disciplines only necessary until the melting and purification of Chitta is complete.
Chitta1973607Liberation is freeing Chitta from the duality of good and evil.
Chitta1973611If we are lucky enough to find holy company in this materialistic world and Chitta becomes absorbed in it, reaching Param-Atman is not difficult.
Chitta1973612Meditation, Samadhi etc. are all states of Chitta. They are not states of Atman.
Chitta1973614Inertness of Chitta stands in way of realising Param-Atman - love removes.
Chitta1974630Chitta can give one 'Bhawana', a state of pure emotion, one aspect of which is faith.
Chitta1974633Vision requires all the human faculties - body, sense, Manas, Buddhi and Chitta.
Chitta1974637Three stages in this work - second is Manana when essence of all the thinking of what we have heard comes into Chitta.
Chitta1976749Part of function of Antahkaran - can only think what Buddhi tells it. Works with power of knowledge from Atman.
Chitta1976752Explanation of Chit and Chitta.
Chitta1976760Originates in heart.
Chitta1976778Paper from H.H. on the parts of the Antahkaran. Explanation of Chitta - that which thinks over what Manas presents.
Chitta1977796Keep door of Chitta open to the Absolute for universal grace.
Chitta1977806If you remember Absolute at start and end of actions, your door of Chitta will be open during a busy day. Do not conceal anything.
Chitta1977807If open to the Absolute, promptings come from the Atman and Buddhi works in accordance with reason.
Chitta1977808Those who have pure hearts have pure Chitta. If Chitta is open and in the present moment one will not see impurity in anything. See story of H.H. and the erotic sculptures on page 808.
Chitta1978823Ahankar and Buddhi make decisions, Manas and Chitta do the thinking.
Chitta1978832-833It is Chitta which repeats the mantra and gets rhythm going.
Chitta1978842-843Chitta is the function within which the solution to a problem is known. It's like a camera which has taken a photograph.
Chitta1978846Chitta is affected by Mal and Vikshepa.
Chitta1979899Relates directly with Chaitanya which is consciousness. Chaitanya is in the region of the solar plexus and not related to the brain.
Chitta1979915If it agrees with Buddhi, it is inspiration rather than imagination.
Chitta1980956-957Description of machine with belt and pulley to describe function of Manas, Chitta and Chetan Shakti.
Chitta19931085Attitude and memory stored in Chitta. Pure Chitta preserves truth in memory and provides a positive and useful attitude.
ChittaSee also: Antahkaran
Choice1972580D.S. God is our own house. Our own Self is pure consciousness. You do not require a licence to go back to your own house.
ChoiceSee also: Freedom
Christ196241-42Cursing the barren fig tree. Curse by Realised Man is only given to correct wrong.
Christ1970397R. asks re 'Advocate with the Father'. H.H. explains that role of Christ is in India given to the teacher.
Christ1978855Christ and star in East - signs of an incarnation.
Christianity1964137Difference of interpretation on a large scale results in the creation of different religions. One has to look into all of them and find the common thread.
Christianity1964137Main theme of Christianity in life is suffering.
Cinema screen1965240Drama of life. See story of Man at cinema on page 240.
Cinema screen1972572D.S. In reality the reel of film has already been made and you are simply the witness at the cinema. See the reel peacefully or leave the cinema! See H.H. comment on page 600.
Cinema screen1972600Film on cosmic screen - don't try to change it - go to film of your choice! See D.S. statement on page 591.
Cinema screenSee also: Screen
Circles196262Inner circle, the circle of understanding. Outer circle of common people.
Cleansing1971501Realisation will not come till cleansing of Antahkaran is complete.
Cleansing1971506Cleansing, purification and energy creation take place in unified state of Meditation.
Cleansing1971514If clean internally and externally people will want to learn cleanliness from you. See also page 517.
Cleansing1971515Bhakti can cleanse, purify and present you before Param-Atman at your best. See also page 517. See story of Mira and poison on page 515.
Cleansing1972599You cannot offer unclean or ugly things as worship. See D.S. statement on page 575.
Cloud1964126Sheath or cloud is one of three hindrances to meditation.
Cloud1964168Cloud or sheath obscures connection of Atman within and without. Meditation dissolves cloud.
Cloud1964171Fifth step of ladder - attachments drop away and clouds vanish - insight comes.
Cloud1964177-178Impurities in Buddhi have two causes: one is the filth or cloud or mist and the other is its own mobility. True Knowledge removes the filth or cloud and meditation stills it.
Cloud1964188Realised Man is trying to remove the cloud of ignorance. The Self is itself real.
Cloud1964189Knowledge and devotion both needed to break cloud of ignorance - can't just leave it to the Absolute.
Cloud1964197The natural state of the Self is Sattvic. We try to undo the cloud and the impurities which surround it and which make it look multifarious and Rajasic.
Cloud1964198Ignorance is the cause of the cloud surrounding Buddhi.
Cloud1964201-202The barrier between you and the realisation of Self are the things which we have termed as 'cloud'. Both the System and the knowledge are aimed only at breaking those clouds.
Cloud1970402Dissolution of cloud - to reveal Atman.
Cloud1972570D.S. In the last stage of meditation there is just pure consciousness which has been there all the time like the sun - you have just removed the clouds.
Code19616Proper code of life: do as you would be done by.
Coexist­ence19911059Concept of co-existence, providing space for everyone, is needed to resolve divisions in Study Society.
Common Man1970397Teacher takes common man towards Absolute and brings glory of Absolute into society.
Common Man1975725When one speaks to the common man, the knowledge has to be very simple.
Commun­ication196241Disciple receiving messages through cosmic consciousness like radio waves.
Commun­ication196260Disciple's relationship with Realised Man - comparison with good and bad radios.
Commun­ication196499Communication with Realised Man not only through personal talk and correspondence.
Commun­ication1964110Three ways of communication: the word, subtle and causal.
Commun­ication1964118Relationship of servant, disciple and master. A disciple is more than a servant.
Commun­ication1964170When pure Buddhi is full of Sattva, communication becomes possible with the master at a distance and thoughts can be relayed and satisfactory messages received.
Commun­ication1965224Unity of conscience with the Realised Man is subject to levels.
Commun­ication1965252-253If disciple is working correctly he can communicate on subtle level with Realised Man in time of need.
Commun­ication1968340-342H.H. explains communication on subtle level.
Commun­ication1968368Constant and regular practice of meditation establishes familiarity and allows union with Atman. Example of cultivating new friendship.
Commun­ication1968371Relationship with H.H. on subtle and causal levels is not governed by space and time.
Commun­ication1971511-512Communication presupposes experience, example of grains of salt being dissolved into sea.
Commun­ication1978829Subtle communication through intensity of meditation. See story of Guru whose disciple was caught in a whirlpool (2) on page 829.
Commun­ication1979905With true love which is beyond love of the physical body, communication with beloved flows.
Commun­ication19851005Communication with Realised Man after death through purified Antahkaran is possible but H.H. would prefer disciples to contact him through his teachings. See story of The man who told H.H. he could call up spirits of the dead on page 1005.
Commun­ication19881018Communication with teacher after death is through the knowledge he has given. The spiritual relationship remains constant because the Atman is the same everywhere - pure and One.
Commun­ication19911059On path to unity in the Study Society senior people should open their hearts and minds to each other. If there is a selfish attitude in the heart, pretences will abound.
CompanySee: Good Company
Complete­ness1964163-164Meditation leads to a feeling of completeness.
Complete­ness1965250Seek completeness of oneself and follow one's best desire.
Complete­ness1966290Jaiswal explains Sanskrit term Poorna and its roots.
Concentra­tion1978832Dharana (concentration), Dhyana (meditation) and Samadhi and three stages - all workings of Sattva, just a difference of degree.
Concentra­tion1978845Concentration and Gunas. None in Tamas, there can be some in Rajas but also some disturbance. Concentration in Sattva leads either to good work or to stillness.
Concentra­tion1978846It is Chitta which concentrates and which is affected by Mal and Vikshepa.
Concentra­tion1978847When there is connection between Vyashti and Samashti due to concentration, then even things you don't know 'dawn' on you.
Concentra­tion1979871-872Second stage of knowing (Manana) - pondering and reflection.
Confidence1964179-180He is blessed who has confidence (after meditation). It is a grace. It is the outcome of all our efforts on the way and mercy of God.
Confidence1979878Confidence and faith is another method of realisation.
Conflict1968349Conflict arises from attachment. Attachment is a sort of deformed love.
Conflict1973607Forces of good and evil live in all of us including saints. Their co-existence leads to conflict.
Conflict1974679The noise of the conflict between SES and the Study Society should not reach H.H.'s ears.
Conflict1976743Conflict in the mind during meditation.
Conflict1976747Conflict between Buddhi and Manas.
Conflict1979896If friction leads to unity it is discrimination and can be useful, but if not, it is a waste of energy and consciousness. Conflict multiplies conflict and leads to destruction.
Conflict19851003Jaiswal explains to H.H. the divisions occurring within the Society following Dr Roles's death.
Conflict19911058Causes of conflict are greed, power and pride. Every greed is concealed by beautiful speech and deception.
Conflict19911059Interested parties in the Study Society should seek the judgement of a wise, impartial, experienced person to resolve the conflict. All should accept the resolution.
Conflict19921072If due to hate, one is set on strife and separation at any cost, then even the scriptures and wisdom cannot help.
Conflict19931086Those who work on the spiritual side have never been frightened off by any confrontation but take every attack as an opportunity for further development and re-examination.
ConflictSee also: War
Confusion1972595Common man is usually confused by the claims of the different ways. Then there is the need for enquiry to get everything clear for himself. See story of Blind people and elephant (1) on page 595.
Confusion1977816Systematic knowledge and Satsang will bring people to understand the meaning of life.
Conjunction1965253-254Conjunction of planets and effect on people - people who have reached a certain stage on the ladder are free of planetary laws.
Connection with H.H.19618R. reports that a firm connection has been established.
Connection with H.H.196275Working in a School, there will be nothing to hinder development once you have come into connection with the fully Realised Man.
Connection with H.H.1964116If a man is awake it is not necessary for him to come very close to the Realised Man; he has the power to receive it from a distance as well.
Connection with H.H.1964202The feeling of separateness is only in the physical, material world. In the conscious world there is nothing different and nothing separate one from another, everything is One.
Connection with H.H.1965247Photo of H.H. can help to keep connection alive.
Connection with H.H.1982986H.H. explains there are two types of guidance. He has given us all the knowledge we need, but there is still a need for mental and spiritual care. This will always be available.
Connection with H.H.19881016If really engaged on spiritual work, Study Society will maintain continuous relationship with H.H.
Connection with H.H.19881018Door is open to people with Sattvic Buddhi and devotion. But if the desire for physical presence is motivated even remotely by ego or personality then it is inadvisable.
Connection with H.H.19931087It is essential that all doubts and questions are resolved. Any that are unresolved should in future be raised through Mr Jaiswal.
Conscience1965224The domain of conscience is not subject to space-time.
Conscience1976747Inner voice of conscience. When Sattva predominates, Buddhi gives good advice.
Conscience1976781H.H. explains the equivalent concept - Samskar giving you guidance. Can be right or wrong depending on whether Samskars are pure or impure.
Conscience19851007-1008If your Antahkaran is pure, the message from conscience will stand up for everyone in world - not just your own son. See story of Father and son at station on page 1007.
Conscious­ness196232Those few with cosmic consciousness catch vibrations by inspiration and pass them on.
Conscious­ness196242R. gives essence of system (Laws of Three and Seven) and man and cosmic consciousness. H.H. confirms same in his system.
Conscious­ness196245States of consciousness. Realised Man maintains consciousness and will, even in Samadhi and Turiya.
Conscious­ness196247The Nyaya ladder - seventh step - fourth state of consciousness.
Conscious­ness196248R. asks re consciousness and will.
Conscious­ness196264Time and states of consciousness. The differentiation of time is illusion.
Conscious­ness1964129Relationship of consciousness and 'Prana'. Five states of consciousness. Place of consciousness in these states. Also see other version on page 131.
Conscious­ness1964130States of consciousness. Consciousness moves to causal body and watches over physical body. Comes only through work and effort on System. Also see other version on pages 131-132.
Conscious­ness1964131Relationship of consciousness and 'Prana'. Five states of consciousness. Place of consciousness in these states. Also see other version on pages 129-130.
Conscious­ness1964151-152What it means when the mantra goes faster and faster, lifting one's consciousness to the top of the head.
Conscious­ness1964156Five elements make up the macrocosm. The difference in macrocosm and microcosm is in weight, size and form but not in consciousness. In consciousness they are one and the same.
Conscious­ness1964171Insight develops when attachments fall away.
Conscious­ness1964188The creation is Consciousness, but we think it very coarse because of illusion in ignorance.
Conscious­ness1964193Consciousness is charged with energy. Mantra links Atman to Absolute.
Conscious­ness1964196Absolute creates looking outward; in Self it is all consciousness.
Conscious­ness1964198The world of Consciousness knows no separateness, there everything is united.
Conscious­ness1965228Stillness of Chitta (Consciousness) is essential for Self-realisation.
Conscious­ness1965244Consciousness prevails everywhere.
Conscious­ness1965246One of the three aspects of Atman.
Conscious­ness1965276-277Five states of consciousness and five sheaths.
Conscious­ness1965286Real consciousness/cosmic consciousness - have to experience.
Conscious­ness1967298Consciousness and Chit. Consciousness is also known as Atman.
Conscious­ness1967303Unity is the Absolute which is Truth, Bliss and Consciousness.
Conscious­ness1967304Awakening with constant Sattva, good essence, true knowledge and meditation can lead to higher consciousness.
Conscious­ness1967305Higher levels of consciousness can occur through use of Buddhi. Occasionally by chance or necessity a wave of Sattva lifts up consciousness.
Conscious­ness1967319Inner Circle works towards growth in cosmic consciousness through certain people.
Conscious­ness1968338Consciousness and matter - the two predominant factors of creation. Material world owes its existence to consciousness and consciousness can only be manifested by matter.
Conscious­ness1968359A Chakravartin is one who has full control over the four states of consciousness and who does not need anything whatsoever. See story of Chakravartin on page 359.
Conscious­ness1968367Nothing moves without consciousness. Everything is conscious; it is only the level of consciousness that is different.
Conscious­ness1969380Explanation of Chitta and Chit. Relation to consciousness. See letter on pages 378-379.
Conscious­ness1970386H.H.'s definition: power to feel.
Conscious­ness1970422All states can be experienced in this body.
Conscious­ness1970423Consciousness cannot be related to substance. All substances take form through consciousness.
Conscious­ness1970441Everything reflects Chaitanya (consciousness) and nothing is lifeless. An object like a tree can teach you much and bring you face to face with God.
Conscious­ness1970471Changing states due to Gunas but observer who sees all as 'passing show' always remains the same. See letter on pages 466-467.
Conscious­ness1972558The five states of consciousness (Samadhi, waking, dreaming, deep sleep, unconscious) belong to the creative art of Absolute. Each state is useful - there is nothing to choose between them.
Conscious­ness1972570D.S. The real test of whether you have reached the deepest level of meditation - pure consciousness - is if you can be like that in the active world.
Conscious­ness1972572D.S. It is only God, super-consciousness, that is always with us.
Conscious­ness1972580D.S. God is our own house. Our own Self is pure consciousness. You do not require a licence to go back to your own house.
Conscious­ness1972581D.S. If you identify with consciousness the connection with external or internal senses will be broken, but the body/mind machine will carry on as usual.
Conscious­ness1972587D.S. Direct your attention not to the form, but to the Consciousness from which it is made. See story of Gold image and gold shoes on pages 586-587.
Conscious­ness1972590D.S. Consciousness always remains the same - it is just the clothing that is different. So remove the clothing.
Conscious­ness1972593D.S. Pure Consciousness is present throughout all three states - only the limitations may be different and these are ignorance.
Conscious­ness1973625Journey of individual to universal.
Conscious­ness1975713In consciousness there no beginning and no end - the idea of meeting the beloved is only given as form of incentive.
Conscious­ness1975728States of being: awake, deep sleep, dream, unconscious, Samadhi.
Conscious­ness1978860Self-consciousness is there whether experienced or not. Analogy of waves and deep sea.
Conscious­ness1979899Chaitanya which is related to Chitta, is consciousness. Chaitanya is in the region of the solar plexus and not related to the brain.
Conscious­ness1979900Consciousness works through all parts of the Antahkaran - not specifically through the brain.
Conscious­ness1979901Desires are a spark of consciousness. Sankalpa names the object of desire, Buddhi approves. If it is not approved it is withdrawn and goes back to unmanifest consciousness.
Conscious­ness1979902Our body can hold a certain measure of consciousness. It is the purity of consciousness that is important, not the amount: Ganges water in a pot of whatever size is the same.
Conscious­ness1979914If you do conscious work there will be good results. Even if Samskar prevents good result immediately, it will bear fruit later.
Conscious­ness1979918-919Pure consciousness is power from which comes knowledge and bliss. There is nothing wrong in pure consciousness. Right and wrong is purely relative.
Conscious­ness1980969Two aspects of manifestation - the physical and subtle elements, and consciousness which pervades all of them.
Conscious­ness19851008Consciousness is reflected in Antahkaran. If Antahkaran is Sattvic, consciousness will be reflected more clearly.
Conscious­ness19891048-1049Consciousness is evolving in new ways all the time. If there could be an end to originality in knowledge it would not be conscious.
Conscious­ness19931084Consciousness permeates body like fire in ball of iron. Body is an instrument. Example of sound and microphone.
Conscious­ness19931085Is not subject to birth or growth or decay or death. It only seems so because we make the wrong association.
Consistency196239The way Realised Man moves and speaks, expresses the dignity of the Atman.
Consistency1970405Always love to speak the Truth, so there is consistency between what one thinks, says and does.
Consistency1971510Pull of the body away from consistency. Make use of Buddhi. Role of School.
Consistency1974631Whatever one says one should do; whatever one thinks one should say; whatever one feels one should express.
Consistency1974638In H.H.'s teaching on consistency, the order of action - feel, speak, do - is essential. Analogous to highest triad (NOC) in Mr Ouspensky's system. See story of Rama talls Lakshman he is destined to marry Sita on page 638.
Consistency1974653R. asks re shloka on consistency. H.H. explains it's from Manu Smriti.
Consistency1974662Unity of thought, word and deed opens heart.
Consistency1974671Translation of prayer by Tulsi Das.
Consistency1977807When Chitta is open to the Absolute, promptings come from Atman. These affect first the causal body then subtle and physical bodies, giving consistency of thoughts, words and actions.
Consistency1979902Consistency of behaviour and action only possible by greater consistency and purity of Buddhi.
Consistency19911057Need for unity and consistency between thought, word and deed. Thoughts, concepts, ideas, desires, aims, resolutions, ambitions must be spoken out exactly as they arise.
Contacts1982986Mental and spiritual guidance from H.H. always available. It may be necessary to have longer intervals between visits and shorter visits, but the door is not closed.
Contacts1982997If necessary to clarify any points discussed, MA and RG are welcome to contact H.H. by letter or in person.
Contacts19891044Establish as many contacts as possible and provide them all plentifully with the knowledge H.H. has given. Offer it with love and sympathy, without any call for conversion.
Contemp­lation1979871-872Three stages of knowing (study, reflecting, contemplating).
Contemp­lation1979929Reflect again and again on teaching to remove Samskar.
Control1970452Discipline to gain control over senses and mind.
Control1972580-581D.S. We don't like to be controlled by others. Where there is knowledge there is power. See story of Lion cub and sheep. Further explanation on page 581.
Control1973611Example of two ways of controlling a river by a dam or a canal, and control of our thoughts.
Corruption1974650If our ego or Ahankar supposes we are the Master and makes us try to dominate and rule everything, this is Vikriti - corruption. See story of Rama procures Ravana's liberation from Ahankar on page 650.
Cosmic Conscious­ness1967319Growth in cosmic consciousness possible only because there is a need.
Cosmos1978822Sun and planets and corresponding elements in human body.
Cosmos1978845Samashti is the cosmos. Param-Atman, the God of the cosmos has three great qualities: omniscience, omnipresence, omnipotent.
Cosmos1979875H.H. explains concept of Advaita - cosmos and ourselves are One. We know it by reason but in practice we have to act as if there were two.
Cosmos1979883Relation (ratio) of stages in creation 1:10. Only three can be seen with the naked eye - fire, water and earth.
Cosmos1979924'As in the individual body so in the whole universe'.
Cosmos1979937Vyashti and Samashti, remembering relationship brings power - forgetting disconnects source of power.
Cosmos1979939Relationship of cosmos and individual - body represents Earth, mind represents Moon, seeing - the Sun, intellect - Brahma etc.
Cosmos1979951Individual meditates about the cosmos, and the cosmos meditates about the individual.
Cosmos1982995Universe contains thousands of cosmoses, but Absolute has no end and no beginning.
CosmosSee also: Universe
Couplets1972530-531R.'s New Year Programme based on couplets from H.H.'s teaching. See letter of approval from H.H. on page 532.
Creation1964119Whole creation is Will of Absolute. H.H. relates process of creation and the process whereby we have our own body.
Creation1964129Four ages of creation. Now in the fourth age. The impulse of True Knowledge is always there.
Creation1964133Every living being destined for Self-realisation at some time. The creation wouldn't cease at any point due to Realisation of certain beings.
Creation1964175-176Creation of Gunas. Two partners of creation - Atman and matter.
Creation1964177Creation starts by the feeling of 'I am' - Ahankar of the Absolute.
Creation1964188The creation is Consciousness, but we think it very coarse because of illusion in ignorance.
Creation1964214Only the fully Realised man can behold the true picture of creation. Real search is only for cause. All substances dissolve only in their causal form.
Creation1965227Creation is full of these three Gunas.
Creation1965242Action and desire form the two poles between which creation rises and falls, so that the eternal peace can be manifest in different ways.
Creation1965263Creation is made from the same substance as the Absolute.
Creation1965264Creation (Samsar) takes place in one's Buddhi and is dissolved in it.
Creation1965267Creation and Sanatan.
Creation1965272Creation in the Indian tradition and relationship with words of initiation ceremony.
Creation1965280Creation and True Knowledge/Vedas.
Creation1965281Gita chapter 15: tree of creation is upside down - roots above, trunk below.
Creation1970419Multifarious forms in creation occur in Apara-Prakriti from action of the three Gunas. Analogy of ice and water.
Creation1972552H.H. describes the expansion and dissolving of mind into unity while looking at nature as being three stages of the world - creation, maintenance and destruction. See letter on page 551.
Creation1972596Three stages of world and the Gunas - Brahma, Vishnu, Shiva.
Creation1977816Creation is for knowledge and bliss, and for enjoyment by right ways, means and actions.
Creation1978822Body and cosmos, planets in orbit etc.
Creation1979912The world is the artistic creation of Absolute. It is full of variety just as a play must have variety for people to enjoy it. Some actors may be crying, some laughing. We must be detached. See story of Brahma's holiday on page 913.
Creation1980969Process of creation in universe in answer to Q. re stillness. Example of cold and boiling water.
Creation19891039All creation is born, kept going and disappears in stillness. It is not only that which is present but also that which is not present.
CreationSee also: Ray of Creation
CreationSee also: Samsara
Creative work1979904All creative work starts when one is at peace in Sattva.
Creative work1979913Creative work is the art of manifestation; artist starts from emptiness, allows brilliance of Absolute to come in. Meditation is reverse of creative work of manifestation. See story of Two artists (6) on page 913.
Creativity1970394Chetan Shakti is force of Atman as applied to outer and inner creativity of the person.
Creativity1970405-406Artistic creativity present in seed form, and expressed in accordance with laws of space, time and matter. Example of water of Ganges.
Creativity1974652The energy which a disciple gets from his teacher is not just for his own enjoyment but should be made available to everyone.
Creativity1978856Creativity is the product of practice in this life and previous lives.
Creator196230The Creator is the basis of the Tradition of the Meditation. He meditated and created the Universe manifested in Creation.
Creator196231Creator begins act of creation with meditation
Creator196234R. links this with 'In the beginning was the Word'.
Creator1965240Creator and drama of the creation.
Creator1974663Mela talk on man's striving to know the relationship between himself and his Creator.
Creator1979868Cause is the 'Word': world, its creation, is the effect. Brahma is the original cause from which the Word (Shabda) emanates.
Creator1979883Creation was started with the 'Word', and ultimately gets absorbed in that Word.
Creator1979903-904Beauty of creation experienced through Sattva. This feeling of unity slips away because of Rajas and Tamas. Spend more time in natural places. Example of Indian President.
Creator1979918-919Creation is the manifestation of pure consciousness.
Credentials1967299 See story of Who are you? Give me your credentials on page 299.
Crest Jewel1967299W. asks re Crest Jewel and five sheaths.
Crest Jewel1967300Description of sheaths.
Crime1970435Use of truth for base purposes is crime.
Criticism19891054In every organisation there will be differences, but with love and generosity they can be washed away. Criticism destroys. See story of Pumpkin and mango tree (2) on page 1054.
Cruelty1965223Cruelty would be banished from the person who does his Sadhana properly.
Crystal­lisation196241Special particles added to common particles help them crystallise to give an impulse to make one go further.
Crystal­lisation196248Four types of graces crystallise a person by the time he reaches the third stage, and give him power to prepare for the fourth.
Crystal­lisation196254Four bodies can be crystallised only in the creation of a human being.
Crystal­lisation1968345Brief reference to crystallisation and 'outer influences'.
Crystal­lisation1968360Means doing away with ignorance surrounding subtle body by using influences from inner and outer worlds.
Curiosity1974629Questions can come either from curiosity or real desire to experience the truth for oneself.
Cycle(s)1970408Cycles of birth, death etc. (Discourse at Mela camp).
Cycle(s)1970420Who is it that lives through different lives?' 'What is it that takes forms, dissolves and continues the cycle?'
Cycle(s)1970425Cycle of education.
Cycle(s)1970462Cycle of life kept going by everyone taking something and leaving something. Wise man takes the pure and leaves the impure.
Cycle(s)1972535Cycle of apparent change. Anything that begins has to end.