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Qualities196257Six qualities which result in happiness or suffering.
Qualities1970405H.H. describes three good qualities which lead to abundance of Sattva.
Questions1964178No question is new and no answer is new.
Questions1964194Questions arising from experience are of a different nature to those borrowed from books.
Questions1965252-253Answers come in stillness. To establish subtle means of communication, you must first have physical communication, and question must relate to real work.
Questions1965277Regarding the five sheaths, the important question is 'what is it which is beyond everything and which has to be known'.
Questions1970426If one vital question in an individual life is resolved, he will be able to guide himself.
Questions1970450Pure reason only possible if teaching is related to experiences, and questions asked about doubts arising.
Questions1971513Chitta is a store of knowledge - some good, some rubbish. When it's necessary to dispose of some of the rubbish, questions arise. Example of good and bad trader.
Questions1972571D.S. Realised souls are always established in the cosmic mind. So there's no need to stop and think about it when a question is asked.
Questions1972584D.S. What may take five months to learn by theory, may only take five minutes with practical experience. Those asking questions of H.H. via R. need practical demonstration.
Questions1974629More knowledge is held in the Self than is recorded in the Vedas. A deep dive into the Self can provide the solution to any question or problem.
Questions1974641-642One can't ask questions of Atman, but one can pray to Him.
Questions1976757The answer to all 'who' questions, is 'the one who asks'.
Questions1978863Manas is the source of questions.
Questions1979895How H.H. listens to a question, gives an answer, and then leaves it.
Questions19851000Give the teaching slowly, then questions will arise. If there are no questions, no further action is needed.
Questions19851007A question that is very acute really belongs to the environment to be resolved and because of its purity, the purity of the individual occurs.
Questions19891047One must ask the question inside and not be influenced by anyone else. Stand by reason. If there is doubt or confusion, seek guidance.