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Absolute196119Regard everything you receive from the Absolute as a gift.
Absolute196254Four bodies: Physical, Subtle, Causal and Divine or Eternal.
Absolute1964113Absolute is motionless but Ray of Creation is full of movement.
Absolute1964115Absolute is available to all.
Absolute1964119The physical world, the Universe, the whole of Creation is the Will of the Absolute.
Absolute1964129Creates everything but never attaches Himself to anything.
Absolute1964133-134One can see the repetition of the Absolute in every form - microcosm and macrocosm.
Absolute1964137The Absolute is Consciousness, Bliss and Knowledge.
Absolute1964144Expansion - knowledge of microcosm and macrocosm.
Absolute1964156Everything exists in Atman and it is also reflected in the human form. The Self is the Absolute in microcosm.
Absolute1964163The Absolute is complete peace, bliss, consciousness and Truth.
Absolute1964168Atman within is same as that outside which is Absolute.
Absolute1964188Creative force (Maya). Absolute creates men; we create the Indian and the English.
Absolute1964193Mantra connects the inner force to the outer force, Atman to the Absolute.
Absolute1964196Creation - outward movement from Absolute.
Absolute1964199Relationship between Absolute and Atman. See story of Seven gates. Keys of the kingdom. Explanation (2) on page 199.
Absolute1965221Rules for inner work, to realise the unity of Atman and Absolute, must be very liberal.
Absolute1965242With the first act of creation the Absolute provided for those who would become identified and who went against the natural way.
Absolute1965243Absolute and individual, e.g. clay pot.
Absolute1965246-247Knowledge is the same everywhere in Absolute and in Atman. Atman has direct access. Also see other version on pages 247-248.
Absolute1965263Creation is made from the same substance as the Absolute - truth, consciousness, bliss.
Absolute1965268Natural laws given by Absolute - Sanatan Dharma.
Absolute1965268Absolute is Purush, creation starts with Prakriti.
Absolute1965270Atman is reflection of Absolute: it does not become Absolute but merges in it and thereby loses its identity.
Absolute1967302Prayer and thanks to Absolute at start and finish of work.
Absolute1967303Unity is the Absolute reached through meditation.
Absolute1967310-311Purpose of creation - a play for enjoyment as witness.
Absolute1967311-312In the beginning was the Word. Word is the Absolute and given by the Absolute. Before a word comes to be, there is someone to create it.
Absolute1967312Parable of prodigal son. One who is without blemish is the Absolute.
Absolute1967314'One without a second'. Climax of meditation is to become that One.
Absolute1967325Two birds on tree - Absolute and Atman.
Absolute1968348All effort and discipline is aimed at the Absolute as the ultimate husband.
Absolute1970391Pure Buddhi becomes like Realised Man, then Atman stands for Absolute. Absolute can punish, but Realised Man only uses Sattvic means.
Absolute1970397Laws of Nature - Nature's punishment for breaking them is from the Absolute as Nature is of the Absolute.
Absolute1970406Whatever one meditates on, one becomes. One can meditate upon the Absolute or anything else and those qualities will dawn within oneself.
Absolute1970407Possible to experience the Absolute anywhere because he lives everywhere and is available at any time.
Absolute1970408-409Relation of Jiva and Maya to the Absolute.
Absolute1970412Absolute represented by Purush, whose wife is Maya.
Absolute1970425-426Who knows Brahman? See story of The king and the prize of 100 cows on page 426.
Absolute1970427-428With lack of self-pride our activities become an instrument for putting the glory of the Absolute into the world. Attitude of 'everything belongs to the Absolute'.
Absolute1970451All work should be as service to Absolute with no individualistic or egoistic approach.
Absolute1971484Is won by love. Example of child crying for mother. See story of Man who wanted to buy King (2) on page 484.
Absolute1971489Inward discipline - unison of mercy and justice belongs to Absolute.
Absolute1971508Life force of all forms is from the Absolute. Use of hand signal Dakshina-Murti to help remember Absolute during the day.
Absolute1972556-557Realise you are the Absolute. Need to do away with the impediments. See story of Lion cub and sheep on page 556.
Absolute1972560Situations are not always favourable to good resolutions. One should accept this as part of the grace of the Absolute and wait for a change to occur.
Absolute1974632Longing for unity and feeling that one is not deserving is the real thread to connect one.
Absolute1974639Isa Upanishad - the universe is permeated by the Absolute - not just within matter, but everywhere. The material cause and the efficient cause.
Absolute1974640Everything is the Absolute, everything is permeated by the Absolute. Give up the idea that you have anything to give up. See story of Prajapati and his son Kach: giving up (2) on page 640.
Absolute1974641Atman is like Absolute - it's there and everywhere. It does not receive or transmit anything. But it forms something more - ego (Ahankar).
Absolute1974643When a devotee merges his Ahankar into God, the Being of the Absolute, he starts sharing the qualities of God.
Absolute1974645Anvaya and Vyatireka - two ways of finding truth.
Absolute1974647Creation is full of changing situations competing for our attention. Only thing that is constant is memory of Absolute.
Absolute1974649-650Absolute is master which Prakriti serves. Drama/play.
Absolute1974650Ramayana - Absolute is Rama, Sita is Prakriti, but there is no sense of inferiority or superiority between them. See story of Rama becomes Sita and Sita becomes Rama on pages 650-651.
Absolute1974651First Shankaracharya says Absolute/Guru/Atman are same.
Absolute1974652Teacher a bridge between disciple and Absolute.
Absolute1974654Good desires take one towards: inner prompting tells one what is good. Desire of the Absolute is a desire common to all.
Absolute1974656Ignorance blocks fulfilment of Absolute's will.
Absolute1974672J's reply re waking up and will of Absolute.
Absolute1975708Absolute is immanent, always present guiding and helping us.
Absolute1975713-714Absolute is immanent everywhere - not just in Samadhi, but also as a table, a chair, food, everything.
Absolute1975725Forgetfulness comes between the individual and Absolute, simple incentives in public discourses to remind.
Absolute1975726All the paths to the Absolute require that one does everything for the Absolute.
Absolute1975727Absolute loves everyone. Analogy of child on father's lap.
Absolute1975729Nine is perfect number - No. 1 is Absolute.
Absolute1975730Attachment to world is chief hindrance to seeing the Absolute everywhere.
Absolute1975737Shankaracharya has placed himself at mercy of Absolute - has no desire except Absolute's will - expects same of Dr. and Mrs. R. and Lord and Lady A.
Absolute1976753Answer re Absolute/Param-Atman and Absolute/Atman. Two Absolutes?
Absolute1976769Feel that you are surrounded on all sides and up and down by a supreme power which is pervading all space like a magnetic field.
Absolute1977795Relationship of disciple and teacher is the same as Atman and Absolute.
Absolute1977796To acquire universal grace, constantly keep the door of Chitta open in direction of Absolute.
Absolute1977799-800Sanskrit poem - the man who has offered everything to Absolute - 'O my Lord ...'
Absolute1977800Whatever one does should be in praise of the Absolute.
Absolute1977801Offering everything to the Absolute, all Ahankar and all ego goes. Disbelief, blind belief and surrender.
Absolute1977806Facing the Absolute one has to be 'naked' - as basic as one can be. Do not conceal anything. This is different from playing a role in a drama where simple, artistic acts are allowed.
Absolute1977806Before beginning an action during a busy day, remember the Absolute, and again afterwards.
Absolute1977808-809Performing good deeds for love of the Absolute. See story of Guru and milk of lioness (1) on page 809.
Absolute1977810Two ways - surrender to the Absolute, and reasoning that one is the Absolute.
Absolute1977811The drama - Absolute has reserved for himself the right to reward the actor. If by reasoning, one sees that one is both actor and producer, there is nothing for which to be reprimanded.
Absolute1977813Everyone has some natural union with the Absolute every day in deep sleep. In meditation a deeper relationship develops. Preparation for death is by always doing one's best.
Absolute1979914Jaiswal explains two terms used for Absolute: Nirguna - abstract, no quality; Saguna - Absolute as the world with qualities such as omnipotence, omniscience etc.
Absolute1982995The Absolute has no beginning and no end. From desire of Absolute comes Avyakta, the unmanifest, and from this comes the three-fold Prakriti and all manifestation.
Absolute19891028Although every person is an individual, when they come together and form a unified being then they move closer to the Absolute.
Absolute19891039Creation is positive. All positive things come from somewhere which cannot be positive, but is not negative or void. It is consciousness, the Absolute, stillness.
Absolute19891044Knowledge comes from the Absolute so give it to the Absolute in others.
Absolute19911066The Absolute must be one. If there were two Absolutes there could never be a resolution of truth and duality would prevail - no peace, reason, freedom or permanent bliss.
Absolute19921070Absolute is embodiment of love, knowledge and devotion. It is limitless. Universe is one and full of love. Everything is motivated by love.
AbsoluteSee also: Glories of the Absolute
AbsoluteSee also: Param-Atman
AbsoluteSee also: Brahman
Accident196265-66Law of accident in Western system - H.H. describes the equivalent concept in his system.
Action(s)196235Good actions, feelings and thoughts can create more Sattva and help to restore the balance of the Gunas.
Action(s)196241What are good actions? Goodness.
Action(s)196249The first system of Self-realisation is through Action.
Action(s)196258Relation of action to motive. Actions of a Realised man; efficient and free.
Action(s)196263One of the four Ways. (Way of the Fakir.)
Action(s)1965279Three-fold Vedic system - knowledge, love, action. Path of action mostly for the householder.
Action(s)1971518-519Dedication of all our actions to God - Bhakti.
Action(s)1972533Cover every act, however ordinary, with a thought of Bhakti, doing it with a spirit of service to Param-Atman.
Action(s)1972534-535Our habits and tendencies lead us to bad actions and are the cause of not deriving benefit from practice of Bhakti and meditation.
Action(s)1972536Rebirth, a consequence of actions.
Action(s)1972557The illusion of being the 'doer' and having free will. Absolute is the real doer. See story of People at cinema show on page 557.
Action(s)1972558It is not one's business to have any ambition or desire to initiate a new line of action.
Action(s)1972561Tradition of spiritual life in India where those on way of action and way of renunciation supported each other.
Action(s)1972565D.S. If God is immanent everywhere, how are we capable of bad actions? Example of screen and cinema show.
Action(s)1972566D.S. The purpose of actions is to glorify. In regard to consciousness there is nothing to be achieved.
Action(s)1972567D.S. Anything that does not mar the peace is right action. In order to do wrong actions, you have to think of many things and make many plans.
Action(s)1972573Offer up all your actions, whether good or bad, to God. See H.H. comment on page 599.
Action(s)1972576Way of action - know that you are Absolute then no need to bypass worldly activities. Act whenever action is needed.
Action(s)1972582D.S. Right action comes from going to the void and waiting for the prompting to arise. Then don't think about what will result from the action.
Action(s)1972591D.S. Conserve energy through surrender to God. Give up responsibility and let Him carry it out.
Action(s)1972599Worship of God through everyday actions is necessary supplement to 'worship in a closed room'. See D.S. statement on page 573.
Action(s)1973612Body is the machine of nature to produce action, Self is only the witness.
Action(s)1973623Those who provide themselves with rest on the causal level perform all actions in an efficient, sublime and refined way.
Action(s)1974661Feel the presence of Self, then physical work and mental work is done well. The feeling of the Self brings attention. Analogy of master and servants.
Action(s)1974691Actions need to follow intellect (Buddhi), not Manas.
Action(s)1974695-696Put all actions whether good or bad before Param-Atman unreservedly without trying to hide anything.
Action(s)1975715In the Gita, Krishna says the action should be performed with pleasure, not by coercion, compulsion or bondage of any sort.
Action(s)1976744Sattvic actions give joy in the beginning, middle and end - the actions we don't need to hide from anybody. Don't use meditation to escape from worldly activities.
Action(s)1976754Good actions, treating everyone as ourselves helps to purify the Antahkaran.
Action(s)1976775Poor people are there to teach us as they seem to think Param-Atman has made them like that because of mistakes they have made. We should help them.
Action(s)1977791Param-Atman teaches action, not inaction. Sometimes Samashti intervenes and action leads to unwanted results, but Samashti and Vyashti go on simultaneously.
Action(s)1977800Unity is not something which one is aiming at, but something which one has to experience every moment in every action.
Action(s)1977807-808The pure in heart perform actions and these leave no Samskar on them. Analogy of drawing a line in stone, earth, water.
Action(s)1977817Anyone who wants to serve others is serving the Self which has manifested.
Action(s)1978834Action does not destroy ignorance. Only knowledge destroys ignorance, but it is relative.
Action(s)1978841Those who are neither intellectual or emotional follow the way of action - Karma.
Action(s)1979874If whatever you do is for the benefit of others, you are not bound by the results of those actions.
Action(s)1979875H.H. explains concept of Advaita - cosmos and ourselves are One. We know it by reason but in practice we have to act as if there were two.
Action(s)1979877Way of action only takes you to the goal when mingled with devotion.
Action(s)1979879Act without motive, just from duty, e.g. Arjuna.
Action(s)1979890All actions must be initiated from the point of rest. The progress of the activity depends on the balance of forces (Gunas) available at the point of rest.
Action(s)1979894-895Activity without desire is possible if there no attachment or hankering. There is then no loss of energy or consciousness. Examples of working in an office, and judges.
Action(s)1979936Surrender of actions is Bhakti but it's necessary to recognise that Param-Atman then controls results, good or bad. We are not responsible for the result of good actions.
Action(s)1979937-938Do not be attached to determination to finish work in hand; this causes enormous loss of energy, e.g. leaving factory when bell rings and court rising at specific time.
Action(s)19881025Any physical act when associated with universal consciousness expresses higher values. Example of woodworms making a pattern of holes depicting the sign of Rama.
Action(s)19911058People say one thing and do another - prevents communication and causes confusion. No-one can reason because there is no reasonable man with whom to reason.
Action(s)See also: Activities
Action(s)See also: Karma
Activities196255Activities and Gunas.
Activities1965231Common man has also to go through three types of activities: the coarse, the subtle and the causal.
Activities1967317All human activity is undertaken because they see a possibility of betterment, transformation or development. They need to see effects of meditation by example.
Activities1970415Remembering Atman at the beginning, middle and end of an activity.
Activities1970427With lack of self-pride our activities become an instrument for putting the glory of the Absolute into the world. See story of Hanuman (the Monkey God) and Rama on page 427.
Activities1970435R. compares H.H.'s explanation of truth to Ouspensky's Six Activities of Man.
Activities1970464Use of mantra on getting up in the morning and on going to sleep and when starting an activity (repeat 11 times).
Activities1970472Giving up feeling of authorship in one's activities helps develop attention. Otherwise practise attending regularly to what you most like doing. See letter page 468.
Activities1971497If there's no idea of personality or ego, daily work becomes play and the play is due to love.
Activities1972557The illusion of being the 'doer' and having free will. Absolute is the real doer. See story of People at cinema show on page 557.
Activities1972559Non-identification with body and mind during activities undertaken after meditation.
Activities1972564Don't waste energy thinking about mistakes from previous actions - attend to next moment.
Activities1972596Two possibilities - either you get exhausted and sleep, or having finished the activity successfully you get bliss and enjoyment which makes you feel light and fresh.
Activities1974631Help in field of activity through practices such as meditation.
Activities1974633One can waste energy in fruitless activities or use it to good purpose and then go back for rest on subtle and causal levels.
Activities19881024Serving the universe plays an important role in the development of individuals and organisations. Deeds that are not limited to individual, family or nation open the way of liberation.
Activities19891028If people engage in activities with a feeling of unity, the growth of inner strength becomes possible and such detachment makes the work light and joyful.
Activities19891029The best way to engage in worldly activities is to remember the relationship of unity with Param-Atman at the beginning and end of the activity.
Activities19891036Worldly activities cause the feeling of separation from the all-pervading, everlasting presence. The Self is experienced as 'who I am', 'what I have to do', 'how I have to engage in activity'.
Activities19891039A man of real meditation prevails in all activities not by brute force or tyranny but by love, truth, reason and constant awareness.
Activities19921074All important activities should begin with prayer.
Activities19931080After meditation one naturally has extra and finer energy for work. But before starting any activity with great enthusiasm make sure it isn't going to end as a source of regret.
ActivitiesSee also: Action(s)
Addiction1970399One of three types of attachment, Trishna, or craving.
Advaita196111H.H. summarises writings of original Shankara as 'Brahma is reality, rest is illusion'.
Advaita1971509Dakshina-Murti and Advaita - complete unity of Jiv-atman and the Brahman.
Advaita1972542Ashram talk on different doctrines.
Advaita19881016Creation in its genesis, existence and dissolution held by constant principle Sat-Chit-Ananda.
Advaita19881017Aim of Shankaracharya tradition is to convey knowledge of Advaita.
Advaita19891045Only when Atman seen as same within and without does Advaita enter into life.
Advaita19911062The final sacrifice is the Ahankar of sacrifice itself and then what remains is Truth, Consciousness and Bliss, the Self-advaita. See story of Prajapati and his son Kach: giving up (3) on page 1062.
Advaita19911064True knowledge, the real Advaita, is that the world is illusion and there is no difference between the Self and Absolute.
AdvaitaSee also: Unity
AdvaitaSee also: Duality
Adversity1973606No one other than Kunti has ever asked to be given adversities. See story of Kunti. Suffering as a boon (2) on page 606.
Adversity1979936A person who can bear adversities will always be happy.
AdversitySee also: Suffering
Ages196396There are high and low Ages of Mankind, just as there are different levels of individuals.
Ages1964129Description of the four Ages of Mankind.
Ages1964163Meditation has existed throughout creation but is given differently in different Ages.
Ages19931080Although current worldly conditions do have an effect, the possibility for transformation exists in all Ages.
Agitation1973623Those who provide themselves with rest on the causal level never rush into things and are never agitated.
Agitation1973625When one has experienced the Self as universal, it does not mean that all agitations disappear - it means there is no initiation of agitation from personality.
Agitation1975710It is the nature of the universe that there will always be agitation because the creation is the product of agitation.
Agitation1979904Agitation of mind dislocates reason of Buddhi.
Agitation19921074If one is afflicted by worries and agitations and can't easily meditate, prayer is useful to give the scattered mind some rest and make meditation easier.
Agitation19931075Agitation and distraction renders Buddhi ineffectual.
AgitationSee also: Disturbances
Agrawal, Narayan1964153-155Agrawal describes how he became the pupil of Guru Deva and was trained by him in the way of Bhakti.
Aham1965249-250Aham and Idam.
Aham1970448-449H.H explains: Shuddha Ahankara - Aham. Ashuddha Ahankara - Idam.
Aham1971511Aham experiences everything through the subtle body and senses, but can't be experienced by the subtle body.
Aham1976778Paper from H.H. Explanation of Aham - pure 'I'. Same as pure Ahankar.
Aham1977800Whole creation is the manifestation of the Aham of the Absolute.
Aham1978841With destruction of Vyashti Ahankar (ego), then pure Aham, realisation of the Self, develops.
Aham1978844With destruction of Vyashti Ahankar, pure Aham, realisation of the Self, develops.
Aham1979879'Aham Brahmasmi' is used to remind us of what we are.
Aham1979932Aham means sense of individuality, ego. If attached to body becomes Ahankar, if attached to Param-Atman (Soul) it is pure Aham.
Aham1980972Pure Aham is consciousness - the Chaitanya - witness.
Aham1980979-980Q. re 'taste of Aham'. H.H.: Misconception - all colour, touch, taste etc. comes from Idam. Aham is still, and therefore beyond experience.
Aham19851004How to recognise voice of Aham rather than Ahankar.
Aham19891046All that is needed to realise pure Aham is to resolve all doubts in the heart and mind, and see that there are no hidden contradictions.
AhamSee also: Idam
Ahankar1964119The process of creation and the Universal level.
Ahankar1964158Relation of ego (Ahankar) to Atman. See story of King and servant acting as Holy Man (1) on page 158.
Ahankar1964170-171One of four streams of the inner world. Ahankar (individual ego) is the individual self which gives the feeling of existence. The feeling of 'I' - 'I am doing', etc. is established by it.
Ahankar1964177Pure Ahankar and illusory Ahankar.
Ahankar1964197Purified Buddhi enables Ahankar to see Atman.
Ahankar1965226Feeling of I as fourth part of Antahkaran. 'I am', is the outcome of Ahankar.
Ahankar1965264Feeling of being this or that, a person - impulse starts in the heart but activity felt in the head.
Ahankar1967298Ahankar is one of subtle manifestations of Chit.
Ahankar1967299Ahankar and subtle body.
Ahankar1967324The last barrier to unity. See story of Donkey in memory on page 324.
Ahankar1969374-375Pseudo and natural Ahankar. See Q. on page 373.
Ahankar1969375Ahankar and Atman - nothing should come between. See letter on page 374.
Ahankar1969379-380Explanation of true and false Ahankar. See letter on pages 378-379.
Ahankar1969381Difficulties with false Ahankar - you can't fight a foe that doesn't exist. See letter on pages 380-381.
Ahankar1969382Dixit gives summary of description of how to deal with false Ahankara from some Hindi writings by a contemporary saint.
Ahankar1970388Ahankar and experience of illusion or drama.
Ahankar1970392Description and diagram - functions of psychology.
Ahankar1970410-411True Ahankar always connected with the Atman and one experiences unity with everything. When established, one never has to remind oneself of one's true identity.
Ahankar1970417True Ahankar is where there is no localising of the feeling of one's body, mind and the activity being performed. One is just an instrument. See story of Ram Das and the king on page 417.
Ahankar1970426Ahankar and the Gunas - Sattvic Ahankar - Samashti.
Ahankar1970434Feeling of Ahankar brings limitation - cut off from Universal Being.
Ahankar1970446R.'s problem of Ahankar interfering with his presentation of material from H.H. Must be given without alteration. If not understood, must be interpreted for local conditions.
Ahankar1970448-449Relation of Shuddha Ahankar and Ashuddha Ahankar to Aham and Idam.
Ahankar1970453Learn and practise the goodness that has been given then the Ashuddha Ahankar will be automatically be removed. Just work for Shuddha Ahankar.
Ahankar1970454Differences between Shuddha and Ashuddha Ahankar. Example of body and its shadow.
Ahankar1970461-462If one feels one has heard all that is necessary, that is a mark of Ashuddha Ahankar.
Ahankar1970471Ahankar subject to change - observer does not change. See letter on pages 466-467.
Ahankar1971490Three types of Ahankar (ego) - Sattvic, Rajasic, Tamasic.
Ahankar1971492Gives feeling of 'I' based on any relationship of Self and non-self. Pure Ahankar stands for Atman and is universal.
Ahankar1971497Give up being the 'doer' to experience happiness. See story of Hanuman (the Monkey God) and reward of pearls on page 497.
Ahankar1971510Fully purified Ahankar reflects inner being and outer world equally.
Ahankar1972548Is this the same as 'personality' in Ouspensky's System?
Ahankar1972566D.S. Mind, through imagination, takes a reel of film and focuses it on the screen. Buddhi chooses. Ahankar says 'this my action'.
Ahankar1972566D.S. Ahankar is that which makes many I's out of one, just as a goldsmith makes many ornaments out of one piece of gold.
Ahankar1973606An incentive to duty. E.g. the Ahankar of a policeman should impel him to behave like one.
Ahankar1973607If you have any Ahankar, better raise it sky-high. See story of Mahatma who said 'There is no Mahatma like me' on page 607.
Ahankar1973608-609Without 'good company' of holy books, holy men and company of Param-Atman, Ahankar comes to the foreground. See story of Malviya and meditation on page 609.
Ahankar1974641Atman does not receive or transmit anything. But it forms something more - ego (Ahankar). Ahankar questions but should not answer.
Ahankar1974642Atman has to work through Ahankar, but without boundaries.
Ahankar1974643When a devotee merges his Ahankar into God, the Being of the Absolute, he starts sharing the qualities of God.
Ahankar1974649-650Trouble arising out of wrong concept of master and servants. Masculine and feminine.
Ahankar1974650All our troubles come from Ahankar supposing that we are superior and everyone else is here to serve us. This 'adulteration' in our mind is known as Vikriti. See story of Rama procures Ravana's liberation from Ahankar on page 650.
Ahankar1974651Establishing Ahankar as doer creates hindrance to help from teacher.
Ahankar1974683Ahankar is of two kinds - pure and impure. Pure Ahankar is related to Atman, and impure is related to worldly objects.
Ahankar1976755What 'I am' is a function of Ahankar, what 'I know' is a function of Buddhi.
Ahankar1976759Ahankar related to body. Aham to pure Atman.
Ahankar1976761The five hindrances to union with Atman - Mal, Vikshepa, Kashaya, Sunyata, Anand - are all due to the Gunas. They happen to Ahankara, but nothing happens to Atman.
Ahankar1976778Paper from H.H. on the parts of the Antahkaran. Explanation of Ahankar - the 'I' thought which can be pure or impure.
Ahankar1977800-801The need for Vyatireka, the way of discrimination, to see that 'nothing is mine'.
Ahankar1977802Ahankar is one's attachment to a thing, and starts with the Self - attaching the Self to body, mind or to Self itself. Example of diving deep in water.
Ahankar1977805Different kinds of Ahankar - right use of anger. See story of Snake who was told he could hiss on pages 805-806.
Ahankar1977807If Manas and Ahankar give the orders there is no consistency.
Ahankar1977815Who can we call 'I'? If we speak about Atman as 'my Atman' or 'this Atman' it is Ahankar not the Self.
Ahankar1978823Ahankar and Buddhi make decisions, Manas and Chitta do the thinking.
Ahankar1978864Ahankar is responsible for distinction between 'observer and object observed'.
Ahankar1979892Ahankar and Law of Three. Tamasic, Rajasic and Sattvic Ahankar.
Ahankar1979931Two types of Ahankar - Atman/pure Ahankar, body/impure Ahankar. 'I am the Atman' cultivates pure Ahankar. Kar = 'vehicle'.
Ahankar1979932Antahkaran is lighted by Atman, so purified Ahankar throws a lot of light and elevates Antahkaran.
Ahankar1979933Disassociation of yourself with the body will kill your false Ahankar.
Ahankar1979940Individual Ahankar is removed through accepting Prasad.
Ahankar1979955Differentiation is due to state of Ahankar.
Ahankar1980972All concepts of doing and enjoying arise from Ahankar, which is a combination of Aham and Chitta.
Ahankar19851004The voice of Param-Atman is not necessarily unmistakable. It may have come from Ahankar. Only through purification of the Antahkaran can one know where the voice came from.
Ahankar19851013Personal message to MA and RG: Never let Ahankar take over. Always presume there is a higher authority guiding human destiny. Don't take sovereignty into your own hands.
Ahankar19881026Hardworking organisers in a Society tend to get feelings: 'I have done this, I have done that'. This is Ahankar (ego) which loosens the connection with Samashti and keeps growing.
Ahankar19891031Some having acquired strength and knowledge from meditation, leave the School and go their own way. This easily develops into Ahankar and becomes the means of their downfall.
Ahankar19891039Usually men of power develop Ahankar which stops further evolution or total freedom. But the wise simply let the Self do whatever the Self chooses to do.
Ahankar19891046Awareness should be focussed to observe whether the Self is being experienced as Ahankar (ego) or pure Aham.
Ahankar19891054When Ahankar becomes proud of being superior, worldly forces rise up to destroy false pride. When worldly forces become too strong, divine forces cut them down to size.
Ahankar19911062The final sacrifice is the Ahankar of sacrifice itself and then what remains is Truth, Consciousness and Bliss, the Self-advaita. See story of Prajapati and his son Kach: giving up (3) on page 1062.
Ahankar19931085Through Ahankar an individual exposes his state of being and understanding at any moment - his desires, ambitions and worries. Love, hate and indifference manifest from here.
AhankarSee also: Antahkaran
Aim1964133Self-realisation is not only the goal of mankind, but for all living beings.
Aim1972580D.S. Most of our aims, like storing money are directed towards the desire for immortality.
Aim1972609All living beings pray for something - wealth, health, property etc. None of these is permanent. Only Param-Atman is permanent and completely full in all respects.
Aim1979954Chief aim of man's life is to realise the supreme truth. Possible through the body as an instrument.
Aim19911059Long-standing members came together in the Study Society to serve its original aim. If their emotional centre serves that aim in any manner to their liking, there is nothing wrong.
Akasha1968363Akasha is the space which gives space to all things and beings.
Akasha1970402Within Mahat Tattva is Akasha (space or vacuum).
Akasha1979883Sankalpa/Vikalpa oscillation creates sound - vibration in Akasha. Without Akasha, ideas cannot be developed or expressed.
Alarm clocks1964120Alarm clocks useful, but need for them indicates lack of practice.
Alcohol1964122Nothing bad if taken according to measure.
Ambition1972558It is not one's business to have any ambition or desire to initiate a new line of action.
Anand1970446Real Anand is unchanging - it isn't increased or improved. It is the natural state of Atman when obstacles removed.
Anand1972558Wise men concluded that to get Ananda from the world, one should not entangle oneself with either the physical or the subtle bodies, but should simply observe.
Anand1976760Losing oneself in joy, forgetting what is ours and not ours, what is Atman and what is Param-Atman.
Anand1976761Ananda is a state, whereas Atman is not a state. We are the knower of Ananda. One form of Ananda is the fulfilment of desire, the other is not dependent on anything.
Anand1978831Anand and the Anandamaya Kosha. Seeing the bliss as coming from an object, rather than we ourselves being bliss incarnate.
Anand1978849Ananda means 'it is blissful, full of happiness'.
Anand1978859Pleasure comes from a small particle of Anand (called Suk) which we transfer into an object. Ananda itself is much bigger and unaffected by anything. It is your nature.
Anand1979936Ananda is a quality of God and we are part and parcel of God. Therefore, being happy is a sort of food for Atman.
Anand19881016The way of Ananda which arises from the conscious search for liberation is a spiritual desire for union with the limitless consciousness and bliss.
AnandSee also: Bliss
AnandSee also: Sat-Chit-Ananda
AnandSee also: Joy
AnandSee also: Happiness
Anatman19931077Viveka ignores everything that is Anatman (non-Atman); all that is limited, unstable, transitory, incomplete, heavy, dark and unconscious.
Anger19616R.'s description of righteous anger.
Anger1977805Real or show anger - Ahankar. See story of Snake who was told he could hiss on pages 805-806.
Anger1977809-810Necessary anger. Let it arise and let the situation be transformed by it. But anger should not be allowed to live the heart.
Answers1965224Subtle communication with Realised Man. A doubt or a question would find immediate answer without the use of physical communication.
Answers1965231Refer to the ultimate observer and find the proper answer.
Answers1965252Answers come if still.
Answers1976775Remembering what one has heard at H.H.'s Ashram will lead to questions arising and those questions will be answered in the heart.
Antahkaran1965224Conscience/emotion arises in the Antahkaran.
Antahkaran1965226H.H. explains how the four parts work together like gears of a car.
Antahkaran1965231-232Notes by R. relating to Manas, Buddhi, Chitta.
Antahkaran1965240Antahkaran separates the individual Atman from the Universal Atman.
Antahkaran1965241R. asks about relation of Antahkaran to higher bodies.
Antahkaran1965264Four activities of Buddhi, Manas, Chitta and Ahankar all get impulses through the heart.
Antahkaran1965272Guru plants mantra in Antahkaran of disciple.
Antahkaran1968342Knowledge of all names, forms and possibilities present in seed form.
Antahkaran1968345Purity of Antahkaran can remove veil of ignorance.
Antahkaran1969381Antahkaran is present in everyone and is not created on the way to Self-realisation. See letter on page 380.
Antahkaran1970392Inner instrument or causal body. Single unit with no division - four parts synchomeshed together.
Antahkaran1970394Expression of true wisdom is done through the Antahkaran.
Antahkaran1970396Four parts manifest in two different places on subtle level: Bhawana and Chitta in the heart, thinking, reasoning and feeling of 'I' in the head.
Antahkaran1970396Mirror of Atman - reflection pure on causal level but can be coloured by impurities at subtle level.
Antahkaran1970397Materiality into which light of Atman is manifest.
Antahkaran1970399-400Imprisoned by identification - presence of Guru and disciple.
Antahkaran1970405Complete unity of heart, mind and activity increases Sattva. A major factor is the parts of the Antahkaran working together seamlessly.
Antahkaran1970406Brahma, Vishnu, Shankara have their own Antahkaran but it does not contain everything that Brahman holds.
Antahkaran1970424Cultivation of 'seeds' in Antahkaran by letting in light and watering with knowledge.
Antahkaran1970429Cleansing of Antahkaran through grace. Prayerful attitude and complete submission needed.
Antahkaran1970439Beginning and end of all our feeling and thinking.
Antahkaran1970450Sattvic Antahkaran results from union of head and heart.
Antahkaran1970455Causal body is a combination of Antahkaran and Chetan Shakti of Atman.
Antahkaran1970462If good Antahkaran, disciple wants to go deeper and deeper into knowledge.
Antahkaran1970478In the Antahkaran of each person lives the Param-Atman along with the Jiva-Atman for guidance. How to hear that inner voice.
Antahkaran1971482R. asks re quote on guidance from Param-Atman that lives in the Antahkaran.
Antahkaran1971492Description of the four parts of the Antahkaran and the relation to good and bad Prakriti.
Antahkaran1971501Length of time for Self-realisation dependent on state of Antahkaran. Requires completion of cleansing process.
Antahkaran1971511Seeing is done only through the eye, but the eye can't see itself. We can't see the parts of the Antahkaran - only know them to be there by inference.
Antahkaran1972532Unity of love and true knowledge surfaces automatically when Antahkaran concentrates.
Antahkaran1972537Revelation in Antahkaran not to be confused with hallucination in weak mind.
Antahkaran1972541If Bhakti develops in a poor man, the image of Param-Atman begins to live in the Antahkaran and he can no longer be called poor.
Antahkaran1973603Thinkers want nothing other than purification of Antahkaran. See H.H. explanation on page 615.
Antahkaran1973613Development of power is more marked in human beings than in animals. The power resides in Antahkaran. Example of coloured light bulb.
Antahkaran1973615Antahkaran is not physical - experienced as light in the shape of Anhankar, Buddhi, Manas,
Antahkaran1974629Deep dive into Self enables Antahkaran to answer all questions easily.
Antahkaran1974641Ego (Ahankar) is part of Antahkaran, along with Chitta, Manas, Buddhi, the body. Atman uses this machinery to experience Knowledge, Being and Bliss.
Antahkaran1974642Description of Antahkaran and its four parts. Analogy of gears in a car.
Antahkaran1974654With rise of a desire something in Antahkaran always prompts whether right or wrong.
Antahkaran1974668Q. on relation of Antahkaran to Atman. Antahkaran is the cause of all visible and invisible perceptions.
Antahkaran1974680H.H. explains the different parts of the Antahkaran and their functions.
Antahkaran1974682Further explanation of the functions Manas, Buddhi, Chitta. See earlier question on page 679-670.
Antahkaran1975712-713Lover and beloved come together in Antahkaran.
Antahkaran1975714-715Each individual has to understand scope of the energy available to him. Bliss is the measure.
Antahkaran1975731Antahkaran is the seat of Param-Atman from which light is radiated to the brain and body.
Antahkaran1976743Antahkaran reflects light of Samashti or Param-Atman.
Antahkaran1976745When the four functions of the Antahkaran are brought to rest, Atman can be seen.
Antahkaran1976748Q. re 'settling down in our own Antahkaran'. Separating ourselves from that which is not ours.
Antahkaran1976749-750Explanation of Antahkaran and its parts in relation to knowledge.
Antahkaran1976750Atman provides the power which descends into the body and divides itself into four parts of the Antahkaran. Analogy of working parts of car.
Antahkaran1976753Location of each part of Antahkaran in the physical body.
Antahkaran1976760Vibrations related to Manas and Chitta take place in the heart and those related to Buddhi and Ahankar take place in the head.
Antahkaran1976771Ignorance resides only in Antahkaran and it is only there that it can be removed. Atman itself is pure and all-powerful.
Antahkaran1976773It consists of two syllables - Antah and Karan, 'inner' and 'organ'. Each individual Antahkaran is limited.
Antahkaran1976778Paper from Shankaracharya on the four parts of Antahkaran.
Antahkaran1977796Two birds on tree of Antahkaran - relationship of disciple and Guru.
Antahkaran1978831Hindrances in Antahkaran prevent connection of Vyashti and Samashti.
Antahkaran1978844When you identify with the Antahkaran or any of its parts then you are Jiva, but when not identified, you are Atman.
Antahkaran1978846Antahkaran stilled by process of Dhyana. Example of a reflection in water.
Antahkaran1978847Power of Chetan Shakti works through Antahkaran.
Antahkaran1978848Param-Atman is reflected in the Antahkaran of Samashti, Atman is reflected in the Antahkaran of Vyashti.
Antahkaran1978849Knowledge available in Atman is not experienced because Antahkaran is dirty. When still, Antahkaran enables knowledge to be experienced.
Antahkaran1978851When Antahkaran begins to still, meditation does not cease, but becomes deeper.
Antahkaran1978853Question about the use of herbs to improve Antahkaran. H.H. explains how they are used in India.
Antahkaran1978858Meditation cleanses and enlightens the Antahkaran. The only difficulty is that of ignorance which must be removed.
Antahkaran1978859Sat-Chit-Anand pervades all four parts of Antahkaran.
Antahkaran1978862Antahkaran is in every creature - ant and elephant. Capacity partly governed by size. You can only increase its power to a limited degree. Analogy of electricity supply.
Antahkaran1978864Antahkaran and observer.
Antahkaran1979899The brain is partially linked to some parts of the Antahkaran but it is only one aspect. Analogy of eyes used for seeing but not for speaking.
Antahkaran1979900Gita says there is not a moment when Antahkaran is at rest. Meditation has been given so that we can eliminate unnecessary work.
Antahkaran1979911Operation of the parts of the Antahkaran which make up part of the subtle body.
Antahkaran1979923Antahkaran and thinking process/brain. Antahkaran is basically located near heart.
Antahkaran1979931'Image' of teacher arises in Antahkaran and passes through all four of its subdivisions.
Antahkaran1979932Antahkaran is lighted by Atman, so purified Ahankar throws a lot of light and elevates Antahkaran.
Antahkaran1979943Antahkaran is not a substance. It is a place which reflects light of Param-Atman. Analogy of power house of electricity - the energy can be used for different purposes.
Antahkaran1979951Controls the amount of energy you get from meditation.
Antahkaran1980979Antahkaran acts like a mirror. It can be still or mobile, clean or dirty. Movements are caused by desires. Mantra cleanses the Antahkaran.
Antahkaran1982995Parallels between parts of individual Antahkaran and the gods of the universe.
Antahkaran19851004-1005The voice of Param-Atman is not necessarily unmistakable. It may have come from Ahankar. Only through purification of the Antahkaran can one know where the voice came from.
Antahkaran19851008Antahkaran is one, and the four parts are four functions which it performs. Like the gears in a car, you can only use one function at a time.
Antahkaran19891036Can bring about natural remembering if it is clean and still. Constant and regular practice of meditation makes possible the experience of presence at other times.
Antahkaran19891053Buddhi and Manas. Use of reason to dissolve bad Samskar.
Antahkaran19931083-1084Most ways involve purification of the Antahkaran, because all the coverings have to be totally removed. Knowledge sheds light on the way.
Antahkaran19931085All appearances caused by mixing consciousness with the inanimate in the Antahkaran. In consciousness there is no large or small, or any other qualification.
AntahkaranSee also: Causal body
AntahkaranSee also: Soul
Anvaya1964196Two ways of avoiding useless mental activities: Anvaya and Vyatireka.
Anvaya1974645Anvaya is addition of things. We start with the Absolute and see that each stage of creation is brought forth from the Absolute.
Anvaya1975714Way of unity by 'addition'.
Anvaya1977801One of two ways to arrive at Self-realisation. 'Everything belongs to me'.
Anvaya1977817Vyatireka comes first. Anvaya needs to follow to establish unity of the whole creation.
Anvaya19881021Two approaches to enlightenment, Anvaya and Vyatireka - 'All this I am', 'There is nothing else but I'. Anvaya is incomplete. Vyatireka is the real Advaita.
Apana1978847Breathing out (breathing in 'Prana').
Arid period1980955-956Arid periods in meditation due to high expectations.
Arid period1982989-990Arid period is caused by some blemish in oneself and is influenced by the Gunas. It will pass - nothing is static. Do not expect pleasant time to last either.
Arjuna1980976Example of his son's failed attempt at leadership through lack of thorough knowledge and good practice. See story of Abhimanyu led battle despite inadequate knowledge on page 976.
Art1964137All genuine efforts at artistic expression, all good deeds or actions were steps on the path.
Art1964138-139Atman can be expressed through art.
Art1968342-343Source of real art.
Art1971512-513Fall in standards due to shallowness of being. Make men, then men will make Art.
Art19851010Art and science. Prakriti and Purush, emotional and rational. Both must work together.
Art19851012Synergy of science and art. See story of Lame man and blind man on page 77.
Arta1975727One of four types of seekers of Absolute in Gita - those who just cry for the Lord. See story of Draupadi and the piece of cloth (2) on page 727.
Artharthi1975727One of four types of seekers of Absolute in Gita - have temporary desires for objects.
Artist(s)1965222Emotional and intellectual types. See story of Two artists (1) on page 222.
Artist(s)1965247Visualisation before starting work.
Artist(s)1967305Higher states of consciousness. See story of Two artists (2) on page 305.
Artist(s)1971490'System' necessary - Yoga system like painting - meditation/our system like polishing. See story of Two artists (3) on page 490.
Artist(s)1975722Way of devotion and way of knowledge. See story of Two artists (4) on page 722.
Artist(s)1980960When you want to paint anything, you have to it take inside you before you can express it. Example of camera and film.
Artist(s)19911066-1067Unity of the creative force is illustrated in many ways in myths. See story of Two artists (1) on page 222.
Artistic expression1970405-406All knowledge, love and artistic expressions are present in the Absolute in seed form, but available to a particular individual according to the laws of time, space and matter.
Asansakti1980975-976W. asks about the stage of Asansakti in man's development
Asansakti1980976A higher stage in development of one's being where detachment comes to maturity. Example of getting licence to drive but still needing much experience.
Ashram1965223How H.H. handles different types in his Ashram.
Ashram1965237-238Description of Ashram at Allahabad.
Ashram1978835-838Sri Narayan describes daily programme, activities and life of disciples.
Assimila­tion19851000Assisting others to assimilate material - give the teaching slowly, then questions will arise. If there are no questions, no further action is needed.
Assimila­tion19891044-1045Assimilate knowledge so that it becomes natural. But don't wait for that moment when everything is thoroughly assimilated before distributing it freely.
Assuri196394In early stages, divine powers needed to dispel devilish powers (Assuri).
Assuri1976744Worldly (demons) in conflict with divine in mind during meditation.
Assuri1976748How to distinguish Devas and Assuras. Sattvic Buddhi is Devic.
Astanga Yoga19881020Prescribes various ways of transmuting sexual energy for spiritual work. Few succeed because they get side-tracked.
Astanga Yoga19911063Is a specialist system requiring strict celibacy and the ability to keep still continuously for two hours. It is capable of producing quick results but unsuitable for householders.
Astrology196111H.H. explains the solution to the problems caused by planetary influences. See Q. page 9.
Astrology1978822Conjunctions of planets and stars to fix date of Khumba Mela. (NZ)
Astrology1978824Conjunctions of planets and stars to fix date of Khumba Mela, Indian calendar.
Astrology1978834Propitious time for Dhyana and Satsang.
AstrologySee also: Conjunction
Atman196231Mistaking the body for Real 'I', Divine Self, Atman.
Atman196254Four bodies: Physical, Subtle, Causal and Divine or Eternal.
Atman196266Atman holds the Knowledge - time and space immaterial.
Atman196268Sanatan Dharma is the religion of the Atman.
Atman1964119Body is within the 'I', Atman. Process of Creation.
Atman1964120Subtle relation with Realised Man only possible when you see everything as your own Self.
Atman1964122Unity of being and Atman. Bliss is the nature of Atman.
Atman1964124Atman beyond intellect - ways of 'seeing'.
Atman1964125Every man is different in coarse and subtle forms; it is only in the causal form everyone is equal. In Atman everyone is the same.
Atman1964126Can't see Atman if cloud - e.g. glass of muddy water.
Atman1964133Absolute is Atman of all and everything that exists. We are a duplicate in microcosm of the macrocosm.
Atman1964138Atman can be expressed through art.
Atman1964138There is that unchanging, eternal, blissful, conscious, peaceful entity called the Self, the Atman, and that is what we try to hold and contemplate during meditation.
Atman1964142Marriage. Try to see the Atman hidden somewhere in the partner and help him or her to discover it.
Atman1964145-146Respect even your enemy - Atman lives in all. See yourSelf in everyone.
Atman1964154When a man reaches the Ultimate Observer, he reaches the Atman who just watches what goes on without becoming involved.
Atman1964156Macrocosm and microcosm - same five elements. Wherever you look you will look at the Atman.
Atman1964161Two substances in us - Atman (spirit) and 'matter' (body). Atman goes to quiet room when no work needed.
Atman1964161Atman knows only bliss and consciousness. When Buddhi clear, it takes commands from Atman.
Atman1964165The great game of hide-and-seek goes on, and in that game it is the Atman which remains hidden.
Atman1964167The light of Atman reflects through Buddhi, but Buddhi in movement is unable to reflect. One needs to still it, give it rest.
Atman1964168Atman within is same as that outside, which is Absolute.
Atman1964171Our body is like a state with a king (Atman) and hundreds of servants and subjects to please him. A weak or corrupt Buddhi will wreck the whole system and ruin the Self.
Atman1964175Creation - Atman and matter, e.g. churning milk.
Atman1964178-179Atman at rest in good meditation and intruders (senses etc.) are kept away. Master needs only bliss as food.
Atman1964186The activities of mind are two-fold. One directed to the useful work for the Atman and the other against it.
Atman1964187In meditation we re-charge the energy, Use it for Atman and then body and senses will get their share of real happiness.
Atman1964188Atman surrounded by ignorance which is shadow of Maya. If we claim, we will not unite. See story of Palace as an Inn on page 188.
Atman1964191-192Realisation is of the Atman, not the body (re disease in Realised men).
Atman1964192When one goes to meet the Atman, the king, the emperor, one must leave the relatives and attendants and have audience in peace and quiet.
Atman1964193One who is really searching for the Atman will hear and recognize the voice of the Atman amid the multitude of desires, ambitions, duties created by mind.
Atman1964193Mantra connects the inner force to the outer force, Atman to the Absolute.
Atman1964195If body is not stilled or regulated it will become a barrier. In the early stage, regulating the body is very necessary so as to allow proper functioning of Prana, Manas and Buddhi.
Atman1964196The still centre. That which is still, powerful and different is that witness we call Atman.
Atman1964198Buddhi derives light from Atman, but when it presumes that the light is its own then it is impure.
Atman1964199Relationship between Absolute and Atman. See story of Seven gates. Keys of the kingdom. Explanation (2) on page 199.
Atman1964200The sandalwood tree is immune to impurities, like the Atman.
Atman1964200Taking food - material and spiritual - as for the Atman.
Atman1964201If luggage dropped completely we enter kingdom where 'I', Atman rules. Everything is there.
Atman1965220Discipline will take disciples step by step towards higher state of being. The natural emanations of Atman have mostly been lost in the hustle and bustle in the world today.
Atman1965240Unity is experienced in deep sleep and is recognised by Antahkaran.
Atman1965246Atman's knowledge of Absolute is direct. Also see other version on pages 247-248.
Atman1965248Knowledge in the Absolute and in Atman is always the same. Knowledge given by people who train us for the world is differentiated knowledge. Also see other version on pages 246-247.
Atman1965249Full Self-realisation occurs when Atman merges with Param-Atman.
Atman1965251In ignorance we think that Atman is something that can be known. Only Atman can know Atman. See story of Ganesh and the Golden Mouse on page 251.
Atman1965273-274R.'s questions re turning attention to Atman.
Atman1965281Chandogya Upanishad - explanation of centre of lotus as place where Absolute reflected as Atman.
Atman1966291Atman and subtle body are not subject to sufferings of physical body. Different attitude nullifies pain.
Atman1967298Atman is the ultimate cause and is unlimited and unbounded.
Atman1967300Discrimination - coarse from finest, which is Atman.
Atman1967301Eternal chase for happiness.
Atman1967302Meditation - Atman as witness, experiencing himself.
Atman1967305Atman is Truth, Bliss and Consciousness. Atman is like the Sun and Sattva like light.
Atman1967307Atman in everything - cause of causes. See story of Ramakrishna and the snake on page 307.
Atman1967310Anything which we hear, see or talk about is not 'I', Atman. 'I' is that which cannot be separated from me.
Atman1967324Meditation - Ahankar last barrier to Atman. See story of Donkey in memory on page 324.
Atman1967325Mundaka Upanishad - two birds in tree.
Atman1968338Atman and rebirth.
Atman1968349Atman is pure existence and does not change, grow or decay. It has two other aspects - knowledge and bliss.
Atman1968358Unity of Atman and Param-Atman is when there is nothing in between. For Grace to come, unity must come first.
Atman1968368Constant and regular practice of meditation establishes familiarity and allows union with Atman. Example of cultivating new friendship.
Atman1969383Atman sees changes taking place in the world, but only as a spectator.
Atman1970389Atman is surrounded by three inter-related bodies.
Atman1970392As engine or source of power.
Atman1970393-394Chetan Shakti emanates from Atman, called Chitta in individual.
Atman1970396-397Causal body and light of Atman. Only way to remove dust and false colour from mirror is to understand that Atman is real but its reflection is illusory.
Atman1970399-400Not bound by anything. Even when Antahkaran is superimposed on Atman then Atman is still free.
Atman1970401-402Atman is not somewhere in a closed part of one's being. It encompasses everything - all elements of creation.
Atman1970415Remembering Atman helps one perform the activity to full and true effect.
Atman1970420Atman is beyond birth and death. It is bodies that come into being and dissolve.
Atman1970446-447Anand is natural state of Atman, and as such is unchanging. Only our view of it changes. Description of Sat-Chit-Anand.
Atman1970455Causal body is a combination of Antahkaran and Chetan Shakti of Atman.
Atman1970460Pure and impure Maya. What is useful and not useful to Atman.
Atman1970471Atman and passing show. Examples of gold, and forms of gold, waves. See letter on pages 466-467.
Atman1970476-477Atman and Param-Atman - explanation of the difference.
Atman1970478Param-Atman/Jiva Atman live in the Antahkaran of each person for purpose of guidance.
Atman1971482Questions and answers re story of seven gates. Relation of Jiva-Atman and Param-Atman. See story of Seven gates. Keys of the kingdom. Explanation (1) on page 482.
Atman1971484Transcend Buddhi and have direct communion with Atman. See story of Rama Tirtha and the King who wanted communion with God on page 484.
Atman1971488Purifying Prakriti leads to real communion. Example of good and bad wife.
Atman1971492Look at one's desires for the Atman and one will find out what one's Prakriti is. Simile of wife to Prakriti - union of Param-Atman/Atman.
Atman1971496Those who justify lack control over their habits by saying 'Atman is free' are slaves claiming to be free. See story of Muslim saint and woman polishing table with dirty cloth on page 496.
Atman1971500Example of car driver and owner.
Atman1971506How to hear 'silent voice of Atman'. The voice is never lost - all voices have their origin in it - but one may not be able to distinguish it because of the din. See story of Juggler who called up spirits on page 506.
Atman1971510Expansion of light, power, knowledge following appreciation of 'Atman alone is truth and the rest is Maya'.
Atman1971518Body is vehicle, Atman is rider. Treat them as separate. Body is God's property not ours.
Atman1972537Atman sees the pleasures and pains of the body but is not subject to either.
Atman1972542One school of thought considers Atman as the ultimate reality, another says it is Shakti.
Atman1972559Meditation - complete stillness is the resting point for Atman.
Atman1972576Knowing one is Atman no need to by-pass worldly activities.
Atman1973619Everything is Atman and nothing else. Keep such a feeling alive in your heart.
Atman1973623Appears as sole witness when there is rest at the Causal level. There is complete surrender and no hankering.
Atman1974629Atman is the same for all men. Example of bottom of the ocean.
Atman1974641Whatever you cannot give up is Real 'I', Atman. Whatever can be given up is the other 'I' which is the universe.
Atman1974648Those at the Mela who are strong in the path of knowledge see the unity of everything. They insist Atman or the Absolute is activating everything.
Atman1974649Atman and Prakriti - same for men and women.
Atman1974651Absolute, Atman and Guru are all same. Relationship with teacher is on level of Atman alone.
Atman1974658Keep moving towards ocean of bliss, detached from all opposites - example of river Ganges.
Atman1974660Dedicate heart to Atman. If that is properly achieved in its simplicity, nothing else is important. See story of Lakshman breaking chandeliers as a child on page 660.
Atman1974668Q. on relation of Antahkaran to Atman. When dirt of ignorance is removed from Antahkaran, the difference between Atman and Param-Atman vanishes.
Atman1975723Atman is not governed by space, time and Gunas.
Atman1975732Expression of love for Atman, compared with expecting the arrival of a loved one.
Atman1975733Love of Atman makes everything that is not Atman unattractive.
Atman1976745Yearning to know about the Atman is essential for love to increase. We can only love Atman when we know something of his properties.
Atman1976750Atman is that thing which we cannot separate from ourselves.
Atman1976753Difference between Param-Atman and Atman is just a point of view, e.g. Images of the sun falling on large or small reflectors.
Atman1976761Atman is enjoying and is not the joy itself.
Atman1976769Sadh Guru is the true Guru. Such a Guru cannot be a person. It is your Atman.
Atman1976778Paper from H.H. Explanation of Atman - part of Param-Atman e.g. drop and ocean.
Atman1976782Approach Atman with the simplicity of a child.
Atman1977795When the Sovereign shakes the hand and gives away all his powers, this symbolises the unity of the Atman with Param-Atman. See story of Man who wanted to buy King (1) on page 719.
Atman1977798Complete essence and taste of Atman only possible through the physical body, so presence at a physical meeting is as good as anything can be.
Atman1977804Right and wrong - ultimately has to be referred to Atman. The decision should appear automatically.
Atman1977813Unity at death - do what one can in this life.
Atman1978844Relation of Atman and Vyashti, and Atman/Jiva. When individual forgets he is Atman and considers himself body then he is Jiva.
Atman1978848Atman not different from Param-Atman - analogy of large and small pot with sun reflected in them - Samashti and Vyashti.
Atman1978849Atman is knowledge personified - no fresh knowledge is to come to Atman.
Atman1978864Practice of observing - Sadhana necessary to realise that Atman is pure and pervading everywhere.
Atman1979932Idea 'I am Atman' cultivates pure Ahankar.
Atman1979936Being happy is a sort of food for Atman.
Atman1979940Our happiness is food for Atman.
Atman1979944Relationship of Atman/Param-Atman: sun and light of sun. Space of cosmos is Brahman, space of house is Param-Atman, and space of pot is Jiva. Different yet One.
Atman1979954Bodies are different but Atman is one.
Atman1980979Is fundamentally still but all that moves is moved by the energy of Atman.
Atman19891046Atman is eternal, wise pure and free. Its nature is light - limitless and eternally shining. So one cannot infer it exists separately or beyond oneself: it is oneself.
Atman19891054Developing feeling of Atman important for Society. Atman expresses itself as love. In every organisation there will be differences, but with love they can be washed away. See story of Pumpkin and mango tree (2) on page 1054.
Atman19931075A longing only to serve the Atman, which is the whole universe, is a potent prayer, but it has to be manifest in constant service, with every fibre of one's being.
Atman19931076Attachment and prejudice dim the light of Atman by superimposing a covering. Then resolutions and decisions are always wrong.
Atman19931077Atman is universal, constant, all pervading, full of light and consciousness. Viveka attends exclusively to the Atman.
Atman19931081The knower of the known cannot itself be known because it is infinite and unqualifiable.
AtmanSee also: I
AtmanSee also: Self
Atmos­phere1967317Sattvic particles transform the atmosphere.
Atmos­phere1967329Work on being and good actions help improve the atmosphere.
Attach­ment1964129Attachment to happiness, and pure detached happiness.
Attach­ment1964133Attachment is a disease, material or spiritual - remedy is good company.
Attach­ment1964136Attachment and next life. See story of King's attachment to fawn on page 136.
Attach­ment1964139Love keeps attachment at bay. Attachment comes when you do thing for motives of profit and self-interest. Detachment has nothing to do with profit or loss.
Attach­ment1964141Freedom from attachment through knowledge of ever-changing world.
Attach­ment1964143Attachment and selfless love.
Attach­ment1964150Attachment to propagation of meditation.
Attach­ment1964171At the fifth step of the Ladder, the attachment to the material world and desires becomes loosened.
Attach­ment1965227Attachment and three Gunas; do not be attached even to Sattva.
Attach­ment1965230Remain detached from the three Gunas - just observe the interplay.
Attach­ment1965272Manas and wandering glances. See everything without attachment.
Attach­ment1967310Peace in giving up attachment.
Attach­ment1967322Worldly attachment, and attachment under discipline.
Attach­ment1967327-328When one has to leave home, one picks up the dearest thing. See story of Pilgrim, buried money and snake on pages 327-328.
Attach­ment1968349Conflict arises from attachment. Attachment is a sort of deformed love.
Attach­ment1968364Attachment to physical or spiritual world equally bad.
Attach­ment1970388Attachment to drama of life.
Attach­ment1970399Different degrees of attachment: desire, greed, addiction. Guidance and leadership of Realised Man needed for liberation. See story of Parrot who wanted liberation (2) on page 399.
Attach­ment1970448Playing one's role without attachment. Example of Ramleela play.
Attach­ment1971518Quote from Shrimad Bhagavatam re 'giving up' attachment to the body. Transfer attachment to Atman.
Attach­ment1971520Attachment to worldly objects brings misery. See story of Schoolboy and penknife on page 519.
Attach­ment1972542Attachment to worldly things is the cause of all our troubles. See story of Feeding a Mahatma on page 543.
Attach­ment1972584D.S. Women and gold are not obstacles to liberation - only attachment to them is an obstacle.
Attach­ment1973610Attachment to worldly things is the root of all our troubles.
Attach­ment1975730Attachment is the chief hindrance to realising Absolute - give priority to Param-Atman. Need to free the mind from the weight it puts on worldly desires.
Attach­ment1975735Spiritual maturity can be measured by one's freedom from attachment.
Attach­ment1977802Ahankar is one's attachment to a thing, and starts with the Self - attaching the Self to body, mind or to Self itself. Example of diving deep in water.
Attach­ment1979894-895Activity without desire is possible if there no attachment or hankering. Examples of working in an office, and judges.
Attach­ment1979905If one can keep the mind open to good influences, without agitation or laziness, one will continue to improve the inner being. See story of Holy Man choosing a disciple and asking him to fill a waterpot on pages 904-905.
Attach­ment19851001Attachment and prejudice go together; denies justice and equity. 'Do as you would be done by'.
Attach­ment19851007True guidance can only be received if one is totally free of attachment and prejudice.
Attach­ment19881024Ordinary men only work to fulfil their needs, desires or fancies and don't care if it hurts others. Deeds of service minimise attachments, minimise ego and open the way to liberation.
Attach­ment19921072If one has a strong desire to be rid of attachment and hate, then help can be given with love and affection.
Attach­ment19921073Those who are so proud, arrogant and hypocritical that they will not turn towards truth, will keep on returning, life after life, because they are attached to their possessions.
Attach­ment19931075If mind has absorbed attachments and hatred, all its functions work negatively.
Attach­ment19931076Attachment and prejudice dim the light of Atman by superimposing a covering. Then resolutions and decisions are always wrong.
Attach­mentSee also: Detachment
Attach­mentSee also: Identification
Attach­mentSee also: Kashaya
Attention196250-52Talk about attention and its relationship to will and to Sattva.
Attention196252-53Keertan (religious music) helps common man to reach a state of attention.
Attention196276In order to learn to do, must first learn to listen and to attend accurately. See story of Shooting the eye of the bird on page 76.
Attention196387Attention coupled with discipline help one move up the ladder. See Q. page 86.
Attention1964157State of attention can only be reached by detachment. And you have to begin with body. Make body attentive and then you will be able to make the mind attentive also.
Attention1964168Grows with meditation.
Attention1964172R. describes meditating with H.H. and comments: 'there is no attention except in Sattva'.
Attention1964174-175Attention and Sattva are very much related. There are two stages of Sattva. One is the pure and the other is mixed with Rajas.
Attention1964185-186You feel pain because you attend to it.
Attention1965252In extreme attention it is possible to hear and experience words of Realised men.
Attention1967298Attention must be present in the void otherwise one would not recognise it as void.
Attention1967304Difference between attention and Sattva.
Attention1967305Real attention only possible with Sattva. Consciousness applied to something is attention.
Attention1967316The world of senses ceases to exist when you become one with the object of attention. See story of Arrowmaker - Dattatreya (1) on page 316.
Attention1967321Cultivate attention by doing what you love the most. See story of Milkman and she-buffalo on page 321.
Attention1968352-353Story of Arrowmaker. See story of Arrowmaker - Dattatreya (2) on pages 352-353.
Attention1970432Faith, attention to the teacher and practice are necessary in one of the ways, but there are other systems by which influence of Realised Man can be passed to disciples.
Attention1970472Giving up feeling of authorship in one's activities helps develop attention. Otherwise practise attending regularly to what you most like doing. See letter page 468.
Attention1972556Attention and how to increase capacity for love of Param-Atman.
Attention1972564Attend to the present moment rather than past mistakes.
Attention19891043Attention is needed for any type of action. People attend to what pleases them. Discipline is needed to attend to the 'good' i.e. the realisation that you are the Absolute.
Attention19891043-1044Meditation an exercise in attention and its transformation into pure consciousness. Regular practice increases the store of energy.
Attitude1970447Attitude to drama of world and one's role.
Attitude1972534'Giving up' - enjoy but do not claim: this attitude corrects bad tendencies.
Attitude1972537Increase of material facilities does not increase happiness. Taking a rational attitude promotes happiness.
Attitude1972542Correct attitudes and how to give up - make 'real wealth'. See story of Guru Deva and Urdu on page 542.
Attitude1979949Taking the attitude 'whatever God has done is for the good', gives one energy to bear troubles such as illness.
Attitude19931085Attitude and memory stored in Chitta. Pure Chitta preserves truth in memory and provides a positive and useful attitude.
Augustine, St.1965266R. asks re 'Man becomes what he loves'. In H.H.'s system, 'if you worship a stone as Absolute, you become the Absolute'.
Auspicious1970418Auspicious times, places and things. Auspicious times for Meditation.
Avarana1975711Hindrance to making use of three graces.
Avarana1979906-907Sattvic covering hiding Self. Removed through discourse with teacher. Discipline prays to his master to remove Avanara.
AvaranaSee also: Ignorance
Avatar1970421Incarnation of consciousness at times of great need.
Avatar1978855Horoscope - pre-knowledge of incarnations.
Avidya and Vidya1970419Ignorance and Knowledge in relation to impure and pure Chetan Shakti. Two types of Maya.
Avidya and Vidya1976755Two kinds of education - Vidya and Avidya, Spiritual uplift and language used in worldly dealings.
Avyakta1970401-402Unmanifested nature (eternal unchanging). Ray of Creation.
Avyakta1970469Tracing origin - example of sugar cube.