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Yoga196233Same results as meditation can be achieved by Yoga or prayer but not always suited to ordinary man's life.
Yoga196238Raja Yoga is the king of Yogas. It is our system of meditation.
Yoga196271Different approach to desires in Yoga systems and system of meditation.
Yoga1964130Prana can be controlled by Yoga. This is a way to Self-Realisation, but it is different from our Way.
Yoga1964141Power from sex centre can be used by force in the Yoga system. But in H.H.'s teaching it is used only when faced with necessity.
Yoga1964143-144Detailed description of nervous system according to Yoga.
Yoga1964167Hard ways like Yoga are only for a few to practise.
Yoga1964183The Yogis who perform miraculous deeds control their breath by doing Kumbhak and acquire special powers.
Yoga1965252Yoga of eight steps is a hard way. Meditation produces same results.
Yoga1970441Yoga means union of fire. Yoga is true when uniting persons never separate. A disciple uniting with Guru is Yoga. See story of Dying Guru on page 441.
Yoga1970467H.H. advises on yoga classes. Distinction between serious yoga and 'playing at yoga' (Hatha yoga).
Yoga1971502Use of mantra to induce sleep. This is Pratyahara from eightfold system and can be used as such.
Yoga1972585D.S. All Yogic teaching, whether directly or indirectly is based on the Yoga sutra of Patanjali.
Yoga1974634Eightfold path is the way of punishment of the body, senses and Buddhi, in order to force them to serve the Self.
Yoga1975725-726Explanation of: 'for different ends there are different means ... for power, Yoga'.
Yoga1975726All types of Yoga lead towards decision by individual to do whatever he does for Absolute; to find Union. See story of Man running to find Param-Atman (1) on page 726.
Yoga1979906Quote from 'New Model ...' by Ouspensky on Yoga and fragments of a special oral teaching. Confirmation by H.H. that what he has given us completes the whole system.
Yoga1979945Seven steps and how they are incorporated into meditation.
Yoga1979946Meditation starts at seventh step but covers previous six steps of Patanjali yoga.
Yoga1979954Raja Yoga means happiness. Reciting the mantra you feel joyous.
Yoga1980955Dhyana automatically deals with Yama, Nyama and Pranayama, so you don't have to practise them.
Yoga19891043Eightfold system of Yoga and ladder and knowledge. Meditation looks after many of the Yoga steps and eases progress on ladder.
Yoga Vasistha1979917Two streams flowing in each individual - pure and impure.
Young people1964125Younger people are welcome and they can take any profession; it won't make any difference. It is their heart which is the source of their strength, not their hand or profession.
Young people1964142Try to put on better plays and better ways of entertainment to offer good influences.
Young people1972563H.H. advises DC on giving lectures to young doctors on 'understanding human behaviour'. Example of someone suffering several diseases.
Young people1975716Young and old need to get together to bring about the balance of wisdom and energy. Analogy of plough drawn by two oxen.
Young people1980958-969H.H. advises on dealing with conflict, over-activity and other difficulties with young children.
Young people19851012Help to direct the activity of Rajas in the world towards Sattva by sharing some of H.H.'s knowledge with young people and telling them about the importance of Meditation.
Young people19881024-1025H.H. advises on how to deal with youthful idealism that is focussed on the physical level. See story of University professor challenged by his students on page 1025.
Young people19891053-1054H.H. advises on how to help young people who are full of compassion for the suffering of the innocent.
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