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Names and forms1965250On sixth step of ladder names and forms cease to exist.
Names and forms1967298Chit is like seed form in which all names and forms have their existence. These are stored in Chitta.
Names and forms1967299System of knowledge is to help people see beyond, to the unlimited Atman. See story of Who are you? Give me your credentials on page 299.
Names and forms1967301How to avoid getting side-tracked by names and forms in meditation.
Names and forms1967318-319We live in world of name and form. Represent two types of relationship - subtle and coarse.
Names and forms1967330Relationship with teacher starts with name and form, then goes to subtle and causal levels.
Names and forms1968342Knowledge of all names and forms present in Antahkaran in seed form.
Names and forms1970399Cannot attach names to the idea of the Absolute. Repeating the names of God does not lead to liberation. See story of Parrot who wanted liberation (2) on page 399.
Names and forms1970423New forms appear out of the will of the Absolute, and return to five elements. Example making table from wood.
Names and forms1971508Need to look beyond names and forms to see the cause of all the forms - the Absolute.
Names and forms1974651For those on way of Bhakti, God has name and form (Saguna).
Names and forms1979870Unless things have a name, they don't exist. There is no difficulty if we recognise that the world consists only of the manifestation of Brahma.
Names and forms1979953When you go beyond name and shape of things, then alone you get Realised.
Nanak1970403Poem from Sikh poet, Nanak, re faith. Realised man helps motivation towards Self-realisation.
Narada1970411Explanation of 'knowing the end of the field' in Shrimad Bhagavatam.
Narada1970411H.H. corrects translation of riddle.
NarayanSee: Swaroop, Narayan
Narayana1972597Names often used as mantras in Indian culture. See story of Ajamila and young son Narayana on page 597.
NarayanaSee also: Vishnu
Natural1977802Meeting people 'naturally' in body, mind and emotion is Self meeting Self on causal level.
Natural1977804-805'Natural' is to be straight and pure, but not crude or naked. Example of actors performing in a play.
Natural1977806When facing Absolute one must be natural, naked.
Natural environment196256Particles from holy places or the natural environment unite with the Sattva in us and help in the development of Sattva.
Natural environment1964178One needs natural food - fresh air, natural noise, clean and pure smell and natural sights.
Natural environment1980960President of India going to countryside to shed load.
Natural environmentSee also: Himalayan cave
Natural environmentSee also: Sacred places
Natural LawsSee: Laws
Nature196252Difficulty with meditation - not advisable to fight against nature.
Nature196255Gunas determine the interplay between our activies and our nature, our Essence.
Nature196266Meaning of 'Our own nature'.
Nature1967299Five elements have their origin in Prakriti.
Nature1967305Manifestation starts with Prakriti.
Nature1967314Mobile and immobile existence known as Purush and Prakriti - Absolute and creation.
Nature1967315Movement of Prakriti is very fast.
Nature1972534Our nature compels us to good or bad actions. We should try to change evil tendencies for better by the attitude of not claiming ownership. See story of Four men and the brick of gold on pages 534-535.
Nature1972537Nature is constantly striving for perfection but never attaining it. Same with us, so that there is dissatisfaction in every situation.
Nature1972566D.S. It is the nature of consciousness to imagine. That imagining is called Maya.
Nature1972599Our past accumulated nature makes things go wrong - do not blame God!
Nature1973614Corrective processes go on in nature not Param-Atman.
Nature1974628Impulse for all movement is given by Prakriti which goes on till energy is dissipated: then rest is needed.
Nature1978858Sat-Chit-Anand is the nature of Param-Atman.
Nature1979874Nature and habits of people differs. It is related to actions in a previous life. Previous nature continues even after realisation.
Nature1979881-882People differ in their choice of object of devotion. Let nature help them choose. See also: Deva-Ista
NatureSee also: Prakriti
Necessities1976769Spend money only on essential things - Aparigraha.
Negative emotion19613If you allow it, meditation can take you to permanent freedom from negative imagination.
Negative emotion196111Constant practice and renunciation quell negative thoughts.
Negative emotion196391Extra meditation would help where negative emotion has gone deep and doesn't seem to budge.
Negative emotion1964116A man who doesn't entertain bad company, negative thoughts or actions will not fall down the ladder.
Negative emotion1964122Once in bliss, everything negative keeps away. In the company of a blissful man, those around him are relieved of troubles.
Negative emotion1964211Feed Manas and Buddhi with pure, positive thoughts and emotions, instead of negative thoughts and emotions.
Negative emotion1965229-230Negative emotion caused by Tamas mixed with Rajas. Observe the situation, knowing that everything changes and there will be a turn for the better.
Negative emotion1965265Love that is used for achievement of results can turn to bitterness and anger if results not achieved.
Negative emotion1970389Caused by wrong points of view (subtle body) or can come from Bhawana in the causal body.
Negative emotion1973618Never think of defects - your own or others. Overlook or ignore them.
Negative emotion19931075If mind has absorbed attachments and hatred, all its functions work negatively.
Negative emotionSee also: Samskar. Arises from bad Samskar.
Neti, Neti196114H.H. describes meaning as 'I prevail in everything which bears form, name or is known'.
Neti, Neti1976760Negative ideas - not this, not this - take us towards Atman. Positive ideas 'it is this', 'it is this' take us towards the world.
Neti, Neti1977815Who can we call 'I'? Anything one can call 'this' is not the Self. Body, senses, Manas Buddhi, Chitta can be called 'this'.
Neti, NetiSee also: Vyatireka
Neti, NetiSee also: Me and mine
New Year programme1972530-531R.'s New Year Programme based on couplets from H.H.'s teaching. See letter of approval from H.H. on page 532.
Next life1964122Everyone according to his acts (which create imprint in subtle body), finds an appropriate form.
Next life1982986H.H. and R. are both preparing to embark on their next journey and require some seclusion. But support for the Society will always be available.
Next life1982996Subtle body is carrier of individual to next life. Prana merges into universal. Rule is that idea entertained at time of death forms next body.
Nine1975729Nine is 'the perfect number': H.H.'s explanation.
Nirvikalpa Samadhi1968372Definition of Nirvikalpa Samadhi. Attention stands unmoved.
Nirvikalpa Samadhi1969377Merging of Atman and Param-Atman in Samadhi.
Nirvikalpa Samadhi1970392Also applied to Ahankar when merged into universal 'I'.
Nirvikalpa Samadhi1975728Everything is brought to a still point - no desire, no knowledge of anything.
Nirvikalpa Samadhi1979891-892The moment of rest between two desires allows one to have Nirvikalpa Samadhi - where there is no desire, there is no thought. Increasing this gap gives power.
Nirvikalpa Samadhi19881019Nirvikalpa Samadhi is a superior type of Samadhi and the real state of the Self.
Nothing of one's own1964201Our work leads to nothing. Whatever we cling to is being removed.
Nothing of one's own1975708The realisation 'I have nothing of my own' relates to the feeling aspect. 'The whole universe belongs to me' relates to the thinking aspect.
Nothing of one's own1975719Should be followed by 'whole universe belongs to me'. See story of Man who wanted to buy King (1) on page 719.
Nothing of one's own1977801This is the way of devotion because everything is offered to the Absolute. Then nothing belongs to one, and all the Ahankar, ego is gone.
Nothing of one's own1978841We should carry the idea that we own nothing: everything is God's.
Nothing of one's own19891032It's not enough to presume that nothing belongs to me. The knowledge of who it belongs to is equally essential. The world is not going to disappear if you close yourself in a room.
Nothing­ness1964201Nothingness cannot be witnessed. Only when we relinquish everything and go into the light can nothingness be felt.
Nothing­nessSee also: Void
Nyaya196239Nyaya system has seven steps to Turiya.
Nyaya196242Law of Seven and the seven stages of the Nyaya system.
Nyaya196245-46Sanskrit names for the seven stages of the Nyaya ladder.