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Radio196241Disciple receiving messages through cosmic consciousness like radio waves.
Radio196260Disciple's relationship with Realised Man - comparison with good and bad radios.
Raja Yoga196238Raja Yoga is the King of Yogas. It is our system of meditation.
Raja Yoga19881020The system of meditation we use is simple and comfortable. It can be used by young or old.
Raja Yoga19911063-1064Raja Yoga is a simple system, designed for householders, in which energy from meditation is not misused because it is supported by knowledge and wisdom.
Raja YogaSee also: Yoga
Rajas196256The activity of Rajas characterised by confusion and indecision.
Rajas1965239Every activity is Rajas, so in activity, Buddhi is in motion. But it can be still when we are not active. Activities of Rajas and Tamas collect impurities. Meditation cleans them out.
Rajas1967304Most of our day governed by Rajas and Tamas. We are under the influence of Sattva for only two to three hours at most.
Rajas1967305Rajas in relation to rising above Tamas. Must then rise above Rajas to Sattva.
Rajas1967310Example of Law of Three: when you starting talking, discussing and pulling an idea to pieces, that is Rajas.
Rajas1967326Rajasic people of two types - talkative, sentimental, anger-prone, and those who like quick sports and quick actions. The latter do better meditation See story of Sleeping tradesman on page 326.
Rajas1974643When Ahankar is Rajasic, a man takes himself to be his body and his doing.
Rajas1975733Cannot resign from Rajas - it must be used for whatever work is presented to us. We just need to learn to love Atman, then everything else will be kept in its place.
Rajas1979876Those of Rajasic nature have some vague recollection of the meeting with Param-Atman, but are full of doubt.
Rajas19851012Rajas, although active, acts through both knowledge and devotion - science and art. Science can be supported by the Arts and the emotional side of life. See story of Lame man and blind man on page 77.
Rajas19881019Predominance of Rajas in meditation leads to circling thoughts.
Rajas19911056Rajasic people have mostly agitated minds, known as Vikshepa.
Rakshas1970391Only Absolute would use force to overcome demons (Rakshas).
Rakshas1970397R.'s dream about Rakshas. Absolute and Laws of Nature are the same.
Rama1972576Janaka and Rama and Vasishtha, examples of householders who worked for liberation through activity.
Ramana Maharshi1973617Meditated for 14 years on 'who am I'.
Ramana Maharshi1977799Had to accept that for as long as he was Guru at his Ashram the intrusion by disciples into his private life was natural and he should accept it with grace. See story of Ramana Maharshi and his fast on page 799.
Ramayana1973605Rama represents Param-Atman and Sita represents fundamental energy. The two are inseparable as without energy Param-Atman can perform no work.
Ramayana1978840What each character represents.
Ramleela1970448Play of life of Ram illustrating Gunas and their differing roles.
Rasa-asvada1968372Enjoying the flavour of the Self. One of the obstacles to Nirvikalpa Samadhi.
Rasa-Leela1971504-505Krishna play - Ras Leela. Purpose is to show devotees that their life is a play. H.H. explains significance and spiritual meaning of characters and their actions.
Ray of Creation1964113The Absolute is motionless but His Ray of Creation is full of motion.
Ray of Creation1964116Ray of Creation is from unity to diversity.
Ray of Creation1964119H.H. relates process of creation and the process whereby we have our own body.
Ray of Creation1968363H.H. explains Indian equivalent of each stage.
Ray of Creation1970401-402Description by H.H. of Indian equivalent.
Ray of Creation1979883H.H. explains Indian version.
Ray of Creation1980969Creation and its withdrawal. Aham manifesting as Idam. Two aspects of manifestation - the physical and subtle elements, and consciousness which pervades all of them.
Real 'I'196273Real 'I' is seeing everything in oneself and seeing oneself in everything. How to get rid of False 'I' - look towards Real 'I'.
Real 'I'1974641Whatever you cannot give up is Real 'I', Atman. Whatever can be given up is the other 'I' which is the Universe.
Real 'I'See also: Atman
Realisation19613What does the term 'realisation' mean?
Realisation19614First come out of what you are not. Then you realise you are everything.
Realisation19615Many degrees of realisation.
Realisation19617Realisation not the same as Self-remembering.
Realisation196114Faith in Guru initially feels dualistic but is transformed on realisation. Desire for spiritual companionship remains. See Q. page 13.
Realisation196238-39After Realisation man does not forget himself. The way he lives befits his true nature.
Realisation196262Not possible just through a few words. Those who think so are fools and will get nowhere. See story of Brahma and Indra on page 62.
Realisation196398Aspirant supported by meditation reaches goal and inherits Universe. See story of Seven gates. Keys of the kingdom on pages 97-98.
Realisation1964118Cannot be acquired from books or given by teacher. You must experience it yourself.
Realisation1964120If one is awakened by one of the Ways - of Knowledge, Devotion, Yoga, or Action - there is no question of going back.
Realisation1965242Look for realisation in this life - don't postpone to next life.
Realisation1968337Realised Man not free from disturbance in nature but sees it for what it really is.
Realisation1968354Realised Man has all knowledge and has experienced all stages and states of human life.
Realisation1970403The words 'Self-realisation' are used only because there is nothing better. But no-one has to realise the Self because it's real already and always present.
Realisation1970404Realisation possible either by Bhawana (emotion) or by Viveka. However, since further enquiry based on the other way may be needed, the disciple should work on both ways.
Realisation1970407Shankara taught that the way to realisation is the way of the Vedanta.
Realisation1970409Nothing happens when true knowledge dawns. All the happenings, happen beforehand.
Realisation1971499Disciple must work on all levels by the responsibility of realisation is on the teacher.
Realisation1971501No time limit for Self-realisation. Depends on time taken to cleanse Antahkaran.
Realisation1973622Any effort made on the way is itself a realisation of the way.
Realisation1975708R's realisation 'I have nothing of my own'.
Realisation1979871Three stages of knowledge - Shravana (study), Manana (reflecting) and Nididhyasana (contemplation) are necessary for complete realisation.
Realisation1980965Everyone has to face the world in two ways: Vyavahara - everyday affairs, Paramartha - ultimate realisation of the Self. This information is the preparation needed for initiation.
Realisation19891031The moment of realisation is the same for both intellectual and devotional people and is full of emotional and intellectual energies in harmonious proportions.
Realisation19891046If you consider yourself realised, that is the end of the matter - no more guidance can be provided. Observe whether the Self is being experienced as Ahankar or pure Aham. See story of Holy man who wanted certificate of realisation on page 1046.
Realisation19931083Possible through meditation or knowledge or both. They become special when one decides to treat them very sincerely without missing a single moment for constant awareness.
Realised Man19615Realised Man means realisation of your possibilities.
Realised Man19616Help by Realised Man may cause tears, like surgeon who himself is not unhappy.
Realised Man196232-33Development of this meditation by Realised Man.
Realised Man196233Realised Men have authority to initiate.
Realised Man196235Realised Man goes to sleep without bothering with anything but sleep. He doesn't know his dreams.
Realised Man196239To increase power of the relationship with H.H. one should 'speak what one thinks, and do what one says'.
Realised Man196240Seventh stage of Nyaya ladder: Turiya.
Realised Man196241-42All actions of Realised Man lead towards goodness. Curse can only be given to correct wrong.
Realised Man196243Seventh stage of Nyaya ladder: Turiya.
Realised Man196245In Turiya he knows himself, he knows everything, he knows how to 'do', and whatever he does is just the right thing - right action, right thoughts and right feeling.
Realised Man196247In Turiya he knows himself, he knows everything, he knows how to 'do', and whatever he does is just the right thing - right action, right thoughts and right feeling.
Realised Man196251The attention of the Realised man is very free; it is not hard or close fixed, it is freely moving.
Realised Man196251-52Realised man and disciple.
Realised Man196258Actions of a realised man are efficient and free, whereas the actions of an unrealised person are comparatively crude or excited.
Realised Man196260No disagreement between two Realised men.
Realised Man196265Realised Man teaches like a swimming instructor. He knows what is going on with aspirant and puts right anything that is going wrong.
Realised Man196499Communication with Realised Man not only through personal talk and correspondence.
Realised Man1964116Knowledge from Realised Man may uplift man beyond his level, but only temporarily.
Realised Man1964116If one is awake one does not have to be near Realised Man to receive particles from Him. More knowledge does not make you a Realised Man. Need experience.
Realised Man1964118Relationship of Realised Man can only be with individuals - not with a School.
Realised Man1964119When a disciple can expand his Being to the level of the subtle world, then he can have relations with the Realised Man in the subtle state.
Realised Man1964120Subtle relation with Realised Man only possible when you see everything as your own Self.
Realised Man1964123Can receive guidance from distance just by remembering. Necessary to meet Realised Man first for this to happen.
Realised Man1964128Full realisation can only come from Realised Man, Self-realisation possible from man at level 5.
Realised Man1964134-135Two types of Realised Man, Acharya and Avanoot: teacher and recluse. See story of Jadabharat, Brahmin's son who would only meditate on page 135.
Realised Man1964135Relationship between disciple and Realised Man is through all time.
Realised Man1964138Acceptance of disciple by Realised man.
Realised Man1964140We help others only by our words and actions. Only a Realised Man could use more subtle ways.
Realised Man1964162All Realised men all over the world have only one desire that humanity should be relieved of suffering and avail themselves of bliss.
Realised Man1964165Realised Men are there to help the people who want to find the 'he', the hidden Atman.
Realised Man1964167In world of ideas only Realised Man can give proper direction.
Realised Man1964167No cause and effect for Realised Man (recurrence).
Realised Man1964176Undisturbed by Gunas.
Realised Man1964188Knows the Self is real so there is nothing that can make it real.
Realised Man1964191Disease in the life of Realised men is due to their previous life. Realisation is of the Atman and not of the body.
Realised Man1964193A man of higher level can go into Sattvic activity without having to still body and mind.
Realised Man1964200Study Realised men. They are under no bond; they are liberated, so everything which we get through them, even by reading or thinking about their lives, gives inspiration.
Realised Man1965218H.H. emanates a stream of emotional content which binds you with him.
Realised Man1965224Unity of conscience with the Realised Man is subject to levels.
Realised Man1965252Contact with Realised Man by just turning to Him.
Realised Man1965261-262Will not waste his energy on trivial questions. But he gives some impulses in times of impending trouble, for example, the recent war.
Realised Man1965275Two kinds of Realised Man: recluse and teacher.
Realised Man1970391Buddhi like Realised person when still and imbued with Sattva. Realised Man always resorts to Sattvic means. But Absolute sometimes uses force.
Realised Man1970395Scriptures left by Realised men help to clear Buddhi. Analogy of coloured or muddy water in bottle.
Realised Man1970403Association with Realised Man helps uplift individuals, e.g. engine and goods wagons.
Realised Man1970408Veda Vyasa, a Realised Man, gives first Shankara 16-year extension of life to write commentary on Brahma Sutra.
Realised Man1970409 See story of Neglected grandfather and offer of Mahatma on page 409.
Realised Man1970448Discrimination in following other Holy Men.
Realised Man1970459Although time in his physical presence is limited, H.H.'s mind and heart always ready to help all of us all the time.
Realised Man1972571D.S. Realised souls are always established in the cosmic mind. So there's no need to stop and think about it when a question is asked.
Realised Man1973611If we are lucky enough to find holy company in this materialistic world and Chitta becomes absorbed in it, reaching Param-Atman is not difficult.
Realised Man1975722Contact with Realised Man diminishes activity of all that comes in way of union of disciple and master.
Realised Man1976754Realised Man only awakens something that already exists in mind of unrealised man.
Realised Man19851001Realised Men are bridge between world and Param-Atman. They treat everyone as themselves.
Realised Man19851011Rarely need actual contact. Just need to refer to all the material he has given and find out what is useful to the situation.
Realised Man19911066-1067We can receive knowledge through the words of wise men (Mahapurush) who sometimes create stories or myths to convey their experience.
Realised Man19931074The company of a Realised man is enough to change the course of a wretched life into a holy life. See story of Handicapped beggar on page 1073.
Realised Man19931079When you meet a Realised man it doesn't matter if you stay in his company a few minutes or for hours: it is the union, the oneness of being, which really matters.
Realised Man19931081Relationship with disciples is that the teacher is always there and unity between them is there. It is the responsibility of Realised Man to see that the way is free of trouble.
Realised ManSee also: Disciple(s)
Realised ManSee also: Realisation
Reality196111H.H. summarises writings of original Shankara as 'Brahma is reality, rest is illusion'.
Reality1970385Only the Atman is real, everything perceived by the senses is unreal.
Reality1971519Only Param-Atman is real and the sensory world is unreal. Forgetting this is the biggest of all troubles. See story of Schoolboy and penknife on page 519.
Reality1971520Do not think that the world around you - your house, money, body - are insubstantial. It is your feeling of attachment to them that is unsubstantial.
Reality1972593D.S. Reality is our home. Until we reach home there will be no peace.
Reality1978857Reality and dreaming - sleep and ignorance.
Reality1979954Ultimate reality illumines everything. Man can feel and realise that ultimate truth through the body.
Reason1970450Pure reason only possible if teaching is related to experiences, and questions asked about doubts arising.
Reason1971511-512When reason is awakened and its gate open, all divisions vanish. Example of ocean and grains of salt.
Reason1972535If we regard everything as a gift from Param-Atman and practise Bhakti, our reasoning becomes clear.
Reason1973611You cannot advance sufficient reason to satisfy everyone about the existence of Param-Atman. Param-Atman is beyond human reasoning.
Reason1974656Buddhi purified by discipline allows clear reason to appear, cutting away ignorance.
Reason1974663Some consider thoughts useless exercise of intellect, but only reason can tell us difference between entanglement ('this is mine' ) and freedom ('nothing is mine').
Reason1974672Q. to J. re translation of 'Buddhi'. 'Intellect' is OK - derived from Latin - inter legere, that which can be read between the lines. See story of Parrot who wanted liberation (1) on page 319.
Reason1974679If you follow the dictates of the mind (Manas) and do not listen to reason (Buddhi), this is not good.
Reason1976748Effort to understand or effort to contradict. Reasoning can be either good or bad.
Reason1978863Manana - going over the teaching again and again and remembering it.
Reason19911060The division which arises about the intellectual approach to truth is important. Reason is true only if it results in unity. If not, help must be sought from a wise source.
ReasonSee also: Viveka
Recluse1964134-135Two types of Realised Man, Acharya and Avanoot: teacher and recluse. See story of Jadabharat, Brahmin's son who would only meditate on page 135.
Recluse1972591-592D.S. People think that to be a recluse means to be inactive. But when a man has become absolutely silent and in bliss he is transmitting bliss to all creatures.
Recurrence196262Once relation with Realised Man established, there should be no question of rebirth See story of Brahma and Indra on page 62.
Recurrence1964136The last desire before one's death establishes the pattern for the next life. Child prodigies. Familiar feeling of events due to deep impression in previous life.
Recurrence1964167There are 8,400,000 cycles of lives through which one being has to pass.
Recurrence1964191Disease in the life of Realised men is due to their previous life. Realisation is of the Atman and not of the body.
Recurrence1964195Human form is where discipline is possible: miss the chance and you go on repeating the same life.
Recurrence1965242Does the mantra remain with us in the next life? H.H. advises realisation in this life: don't look beyond, it is unnecessary.
Recurrence1968338-339Recurrence is Punarjanma: 'appearance of a form in time'. Rebirth of two kinds - compulsory and voluntary to help mankind.
Recurrence1968339Determined by actions performed in previous lives, predominant Guna. Analogy of prison inmates.
Recurrence1968362Birth and death are changes in form in our journey through eternity.
Recurrence1970386This life is more important than the previous or the future ones. We can't change the past or live a future life now.
Recurrence1970419Certain experiences causally related to what was collected in essence in a previous life.
Recurrence1970420-422Explanation of 'Who is it that lives throughout different lives, and what is it that takes forms and gets dissolved and then again takes form?'.
Reflection1970402Atman encompasses whole organism; experience of this peaceful abode is the inner reflection of the extensiveness of the universe.
Reflection1970450Pure reason only possible if teaching is related to experiences, and questions asked about doubts arising.
Regret1972562-563Looking back with regret develops despondency: look ahead.
Reincarna­tion1978844-845Krishna and Arjuna. Realised man knows his births and is not bound by them.
Relation­ships1977802-803Contact between School people can be on the causal level. But contact between School man and common man must be at a level at which common man can understand.
Relation­ships1977809If both parties are pure there is no problem. If one is pure and the other impure, victory will go ultimately to the pure in heart.
Relaxation1964127-128Should go through whole body at once when you start to meditate. No need to relax individual parts. Further stages of relaxation in deep meditation.
RelaxationSee also: Rest
RelaxationSee also: Tension
Religions196267-68Sanatan is contained in all religions. No need to change anybody's present religion.
Religions1964137Difference of interpretation on a large scale results in the creation of different religions. One has to look into all of them and find the common thread.
Religions1965244All religions everywhere have as their aim the achievement of happiness or bliss. The differences in religions are not to be found in their aim but in their rituals.
Religions1967313Fundamentals of all religions the same, but details always different due to place and people.
Religions1967328Q.s re different religions, East and West, rules and fear. Those responsible for religions don't discharge their proper duty. See story of Lame man and blind man on page 77.
Religions1968364In India some sects go for a manifest God, others for the unmanifest God. All are attachments.
Religions1972579D.S. All religions say 'do this, worship in this way, etc.' It's not possible. The purpose is just to exhaust ego, so ego eventually says 'Thy will be done'.
Religions1982992-993Full description of Sanatan Dharma and its ten concepts. It is not specific to Hindus - all religions supported on this.
Religions19881021Self-realisation implies elimination of ignorance caused by worldly education, untrue philosophies, and imperfect religious traditions.
Religions19921074The efficacy of traditional repeated prayers is doubtful unless they touch the heart, for the power of the spirit is expressed mostly in spontaneous prayer.
Remem­bering196267By remembering the names of the great masters in the initiation ceremony, we enlist their help.
Remem­bering1964154You don't have to be saying all the time 'I am observing'. You remember enough so that when there is a free moment you turn to the Atman.
Remem­bering1970401Possible to return to 'still' place by remembering experience.
Remem­bering1970415Remembering Atman helps one perform the activity to full and true effect.
Remem­bering1970416In relation to giving of Initiation. Example of switching on flow of electricity.
Remem­bering1970433Faith keeps knowledge alive in memory. See story of First Shankaracharya and Padmapada (1) on page 433.
Remem­bering1970448To create devotional state one can either remember one's own Self or remember Realised Man.
Remem­bering1970453Idea received from grace should be kept in the heart to 'remember again and again and seek for'.
Remem­bering1972539Quote from Gita as subject of H.H. discourse: 'He who frees himself of his body remembering Param-Atman at his last moment, gets into Param-Atman undoubtedly'.
Remem­bering1973618Instead of trying to make thoughts dwell in Param-Atman, let Param-Atman dwell in your thoughts. Then coldness will disappear.
Remem­bering1974636If the darkness of forgetting is contained between two lights (rememberings) it is easy to cross the darkness without any help from outside. See story of Snake and mongoose (1) on page 636.
Remem­bering1975711-712Helpful to remember Param-Atman or Guru before meditation.
Remem­bering1975712Remembering any of the three graces between daily activities makes energy available. Example of light spreading out from two lamp-posts.
Remem­bering1976747We should give up remembering past events with the desire to repeat them in the future.
Remem­bering1979879'Aham Brahmasmi' - I am Brahman - only to remind you of what you are.
Remem­bering1979881Eventually the feeling 'I am Brahman' becomes natural. Then you remember it only when someone challenges it. Forgetting between two rememberings is not important. See story of Lamp-posts light the way (1) on page 881.
Remem­bering1979909Yada (remembering) and Daya (mercy) as example of relationship between disciple and teacher.
Remem­bering19891029Three ways of remembering unity: real remembering is immutable but experienced by few; through prayer in the heart; through the intellect.
Remem­bering19891036Remembering cannot be clear and full unless the mind is withdrawn from being someone or doing something - Vikshepa. The antidote is meditation.
Remem­bering19891042Life a journey. Energy, light and knowledge are needed. Due to many engagements and activities one may forget the source of energy, but when you remember, the energy returns.
Remem­beringSee also: Memory
Remem­beringSee also: Self-remembering
Renuncia­tion1972536To experience divine manifestations a devotee has to renounce everything else. See story of Mahatma and Maharajah on page 536.
Renuncia­tion1972542Only way to escape desires, sex, anger, attachment, etc. is renunciation: practise transferring love of these to love of Param-Atman.
Renuncia­tion1972561Tradition of spiritual life in India where those on way of action and way of renunciation supported each other.
Renuncia­tion1972573D.S. Sacrifice and renunciation are different. Sacrifice is worship, renunciation can contain an element of ego.
Renuncia­tion1972576Two ways of approaching liberation; action and renunciation.
Repayment1965218How can we repay? Whatever the way in which people wish to express their obligation toward the Holy Tradition, they should do it by themselves.
Resolution(s)1972559How to differentiate between two types of impulse and resolution; from Manas or Buddhi.
Resolution(s)1972560Situations are not always favourable to good resolutions. One should accept this as part of the grace of the Absolute and wait for a change to occur.
Resolution(s)1980975Good impulse' requires proper consideration and reasoning. Then resolution in Suricharana achieved.
Resolution(s)19931080Intimate desires, ideas and ambitions often creep in unnoticed. So before meditating, make a resolution to keep out every type of thought.
Respond19851000How to respond naturally: all the advice should become part of your nature. Then when any problem arises in the organisation, you should be able to respond naturally.
Respon­sibility1978859Remains even if teacher passes you on; but if disciple himself changes, teacher's responsibility ends.
Respon­sibility1979889Care in giving system; only to those who show responsibility by putting into practice what they hear.
Rest196271After a busy day rest before meditating.
Rest1964116Gives us bliss which we do not get from ordinary activity.
Rest1964190Time between actions is time to give the mind rest.
Rest1967306Rest in Tamas and rest in Sattva.
Rest1967308To rest is to give up; we can live without things and ideas but not without rest. At spiritual level, rest is needed to give peace. To take people to bliss is giving them rest with the Self.
Rest1967332Rest and silence (rest for subtle body).
Rest1973622-623Full reply to W. on three types of rest. Description of man who provides himself with spiritual rest. See pages 377-378.
Rest1974628Psychological rest only comes after cessation of desires.
Rest1974633Only necessary after activity. We must use all our assets (subtle and causal) fully.
Rest1974685During meditation, no energy comes from outside. The subsidence of the energies in the body provides rest and we feel refreshed with energy available for all our actions.
Rest1979890-891Three kinds of rest - Sattvic, Rajasic and Tamasic.
Rest1979893Rest after activity so that we have a better understanding and availability of force for the next activity. Represented in symbol of Rasleela.
Rest1979895The rest between desires is mental rest; no need to stop activity. Make a demarcation in the mind when an activity finishes. Example of H.H.'s cook.
Rest1979915Providing point of rest for sick people, e.g. well filling up at night. Drugs or meditation. Use of Japa (spoken mantra) or music to help those who can't meditate.
Rest1979929Advice for those unable to find point of rest (natural Samadhi) due to Samskar. See story of Ants and sugar (5) on page 929.
Rest1979930Finding point of rest but then losing it by noting its achievement, e.g. digestion of food. Must make it natural.
Rest and unrest1969377-378Explanation of restfulness and unrest. Analogies of waves in the ocean and clouds hiding the sun.
Retirement1979925H.H.'s message to R.: Retirement is physical, but Satsang must go on to last breath.
Retirement19851011Good company available in retirement. Self is highest.
RetirementSee also: Old age
Return to the Source19612-5Theme of 1961 record. Description of R.'s first visit to India and meeting with Shankaracharya.
Revelation1972537Incarnations of Param-Atman are rare. When He reveals Himself in Antahkaran of a devotee, this is revelation rather than incarnation.
Reverence196230The initiation ceremony symbolises reverence. It points to the duty of initiates to respect and serve the initiator.
Reverence1965221There are two types of disciple: one does what he is paid to do; the other does everything through faith, respect, reverence and devotion.
Reverence19881022Prayer is needed to rekindle reverence and vigour when one feels stuck in meditation.
Reverence19881025H.H. gives an example of a Vedic ritual being done with reverence.
Reverence19881025H.H. gives an example of a pattern of holes made by woodworms which depicted the sign of Rama being thus transformed into an object of beauty and reverence.
Right and wrong1970391Buddhi, faculty for making decisions but coloured by three Gunas; may be right or wrong.
Right and wrong1970395Buddhi, faculty for making decisions but coloured by three Gunas; may be right or wrong.
Ritual196269Physical way for ordinary man to bring right feeling.
Ritual1965245Through the ages, rituals become bonds.
Ritual1978824Rituals of Khumba Mela designed to clean ill feelings and bad habits.
Role1972599We have to be careful in seeking exceptions to the general precept of non-violence. See D.S. example 'role of soldier is to kill' on page 575.
Role1982986World at large is in difficulties as far as spiritual field is concerned and people looking for guidance. Role of the Study Society should be to take a leading part in the nation.
Role1982994The Society can provide help for scientists to get knowledge of consciousness and the steadiness of mind needed for communication in the vast inner world.
Roles, Dr. F.C.1982985H.H. expresses his wishes for R. to continue inspiring members so that the Society can enlarge its scope to serve the nation and inspire others with true knowledge and confidence.
Roles, Dr. F.C.1982997Message from H.H. to R. - keep complete charge of the Society for as long as his body is available for it.
Roles, Dr. F.C.19851002R.'s statement just before he died: 'there is only one consciousness'. H.H. agrees this is the first thing to tell people.
Roles, Dr. F.C.19851003H.H. refers to his first meeting with R. when R. explained the task Ouspensky had given him.
Roles, Dr. F.C.19851011H.H. describes the marvellous balance in Dr. Roles whose being was based on devotion but was not short on knowledge to help when needed.
Roles, Dr. F.C.19891047H.H. explains the background to his relationship with R. Ouspensky's instruction to R. to seek guidance in India.
Roles, Dr. F.C.19891054H.H.'s message to Study Society: Dr. Roles had love in abundance. Nurture spiritual tree left by Dr. R. for humanity.
Roles, Dr. F.C.19911065R. failed the exam at Rishikesh but he was the only one to stay in contact and establish a relationship with H.H.
Roles, Dr. F.C.19911067Message to Society: 'keep your minds intent on Dr. F.C. Roles's feelings and thoughts so the Society may enjoy continuous progress'.
Roles, Dr. F.C.19921074His brilliant light shines on us and on the tree he planted.
Roles, Dr. F.C.19931078R. worked from the heart and did not worry too much about the way of knowledge.
Roles, Dr. F.C.19931087Tree planted and nourished by Dr Roles cannot be harmed by any turbulence.
Rules1965220Rules and purpose of discipline.
Rules1965223Sadhana and discipline.
Rules1965224In the domain of conscience very few rules and regulations are needed.
Rules1967328World is governed by eternal rules (Dharma).
Rules1970460'The Word' embodied in Shastras: only valid rules to decide what is useful or not to Atman.
Rules1970460-461Rules needed by organisations for development of the individual and life and propagation of the organisation.
Rules1974679There should be strictness about rules in spiritual organisations but there should also be love.
Rules1974681Rules have been laid down to give us a degree of control over the senses.
Rules1974690H.H. advice for New Zealand: 'I don't want to lay down too many rules'.
Rules1979910Not to be imposed under any circumstances. Responsibility given to those who respond to the call for help in running the School.