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Daiva1976744Divine in conflict with worldly in mind during meditation. See also: Devas
Dakshina-Murti1970438'The form of liberation' - embodied with Mudra (hand signal) or form of knowledge.
Dakshina-Murti1971508-509Dakshina-Murti - symbol of knowledge. H.H. explains meaning. Individual must rise above three Gunas through union with the Absolute.
Dakshina-Murti1971509Posture in meditation. Left palm under right = Nature (Prakriti) under Absolute, its creator.
Dakshina-Murti1974643-644Posture of knowledge. Relation to Brahma Satyam - Jaganmithya; Brahma Jivaiva - Naporah.
Dakshina-Murti1975734Brahman is the Truth and the World is not the Truth ...' and Jnana Mudra (hand sign) used to illustrate this.
Dakshina-MurtiSee also: Mudra
Dandi Swami1972564H.H. asks R. and colleagues to put questions to Dandi Swami.
Dandi Swami1972565RA and MA's reflections on Dandi Swami's approach, and H.H.'s reason for involving him.
Dandi Swami1972595Dandi Swami belongs to way of intellect. Up to each individual to choose way he prefers and clear up any doubts. See story of Blind people and elephant (1) on page 595.
Darkness1974683Don't be afraid of the darkness - there can be no darkness without light. See story of Traveller with a small lantern (3) on page 683.
Darshan1978824One of the activities of the Mela - teaching of sages.
Dattatreya1968360Dattatreya gathered teaching from 24 incidents in the natural world involving people and animals. See story of Dattatreya and virgin girl on page 360.
Dattatreya1970412Difference between Guru and ordinary teacher. See story of Dattatreya's 24 teachers on page 412.
Dattatreya19881026Dattatreya took 24 teachers. The whole of Samashti is our teacher.
Death1964136The last desire before one's death establishes the pattern for the next life.
Death1967315Q. re death and continued connection with the School.
Death1967317A. asks re death of body. H.H. - 'Death does not bring an end to the one who has the body'.
Death1968337Death of the young airman - initiation on subtle level.
Death1968338Survival after death: creation, consciousness and matter. Process of manifestation. Law of cause and effect. The appearance of a form in time is known as Punarjanma.
Death1972530We fear death because we have forgotten ourselves.
Death1972539Quote from Gita as subject of H.H. discourse: 'He who frees himself of his body remembering Param-Atman at his last moment, gets into Param-Atman undoubtedly'.
Death1972562-563Death of physical body does not halt work on realisation. One would be reborn into favourable circumstances to continue the work.
Death1974646-647Direct communication on the subtle level between the living and the dead is unnecessary. It is also unnecessary and unnatural to blot out the memory of the dead person.
Death1974647When an individual dies he stays in the astral realm until he gets a new body.
Death1974693We sometimes wish for death when in trouble, but fear it when it comes. See story of Woman with heavy burden who cried out for death on page 693.
Death1976754No difference between Atman and Jiva. One can understand Jiva as that which is afraid of death, whereas Atman doesn't know what death is.
Death1977812-813As a wedding or union. Preparation of the wedding garment before death help one establish a relationship with the Absolute before the wedding.
Death1977818Death and transmigration - last desire - repeating mantra.
Death1979904Different time-scale for physical and subtle bodies.
Death1979912Drama of creation - everyone destined to die. This is the biggest fear in the lives of all beings.
Death1982986H.H. and R. are both preparing to embark on their next journey and require some seclusion. But support for the Society will always be available.
Death1982996Subtle body is carrier of individual to next life. Prana merges into universal. Rule is that idea entertained at time of death forms next body.
Death19881018Sometimes people seem to receive visions or messages from a dead person. This is usually a product of personal intensity or imagination. Don't give it any importance.
Death19911067Q. on preparation for death. H.H.: Death is only a change of form if one is not liberated. Follow the discipline, withdraw from the world and remember the Absolute.
Death19931083Not much importance should be given to the death of the physical body. One should aim at preparing for total liberation by purifying the subtle body through knowledge and meditation.
DeathSee also: Birth and Death
Debts1964129How does aspirant pay debt? Only be giving to someone else by example.
Debts1972562Debt towards H.H.'s teaching is not repaid in one day, but daily.
Debts1979888R.'s message about his debt to H.H. and H.H.'s reply.
Deception1972537-538Trying to look good outside but staying bad inside is wilful deception. See story of Imposter of the Prince of Avagarh on pages 537-538.
Deception19911058Everything about individuals, societies is ambiguous: their thoughts are secret, they speak the language of pretext and their deeds are deceptive.
Deception19911059Resolving conflicts. Greed, power and pride can be defended only by deception. Senior people should get together and open their hearts and minds.
Decision1970391If there is abundance of Sattva, Buddhi would always make right decisions and Manas would carry them out.
Decision1970394Light of Atman falls on Buddhi - relative concentration of Gunas affects function.
Decision1970395Effect of the Gunas on decisions: Rajas - doubts, Tamas - unaware that decision had been taken, Sattva - decision transcends time. Example of water in glass bottle.
Decision1970396Decisions of someone full of Sattva are always clear and without doubt.
Decision1970404Decision evolves from Buddhi discriminating between right and wrong and usefulness or not to Self.
Decision1970461Understanding of important ideas. Decision to stick to them and put them into practice. See story of Addiction to sweets on page 461.
Decision1971494How to remove deep roots of Prakriti - decide to love the truth and stand by it.
Decision1975712To overcome forgetfulness, make unshakeable decision that all activities are for Param-Atman. Example of light spreading out from two lamp-posts.
Decision1975731The one who asks is the one who makes the decision.
Decision1979882Inability to make decisions if too much Tamas.
Decision19851008Q. re coming to a 'decision which will never change'. H.H.: Only if made in Sattva. If there is Rajas or Tamas the decision will disappear.
Defects1973618Never think of defects - your own or others.
Depth1965282In maturity, stillness and depth of meaning arise. Requires making meditation and discipline natural.
Deshangula1976773Space between heart and throat. From here, the Antahkarana, one can get a perception of Jiva and Param-Atman.
Desire196257If desire is for happiness of Atman, then all resulting activities are good.
Desire196271Yoga system based on bringing desires inward and purifying them. Meditation system different - 'leave your desires outside'.
Desire196389Emergence of one real desire eclipses all other little desires.
Desire1964126Man can suffer from misunderstanding because of movement caused by different desires which clash.
Desire1964127Mind become dirty (impure) from different opposing desires.
Desire1964136The last desire before one's death establishes the pattern for the next life.
Desire1964187Few desires and no imaginings are good for disciples. This keeps them in good form.
Desire1964200By taking pure food - material and spiritual, purest desires will arise.
Desire1965229Desires are an obstacle to attention and meditation - 'have fewer desires'.
Desire1965264-265Desires and thoughts governed by level of being.
Desire1965265Common man's desires are short-lived. Yogi has one desire for Self-realisation - but in reality this is the opposite of desire.
Desire1967294Jaiswal explains Sanskrit term Iksha.
Desire1967310In desires and their fulfilment one experiences happiness, but there is no lasting peace.
Desire1967327We each have many different desires, but those following a discipline have one desire that is most dear us. This does not leave us when we die. See story of Pilgrim, buried money and snake on pages 327-328.
Desire1968338Desire forcibly takes one away from the reality'.
Desire1968370We cover ourselves with a multitude of desires which colour the Self. Analogy of red colour added to bottle of Ganges water.
Desire1970386A bigger desire subdues all smaller desires.
Desire1970392They arise first in Manas.
Desire1970394Good desires to clarify Manas.
Desire1970395'Only strong desire for purity can change things'.
Desire1970396Emotional attitude necessary to make desire for purity strong.
Desire1970399Desire, Raga, is one of three types of attachment.
Desire1971494Subtle desire hidden deep in one's being is cause of disciples failing to get bliss in their devotional work. See story of Patient and doctor on page 494.
Desire1971518Our desires are like strings pulling us towards the world - let the pull be toward God.
Desire1972539Facilities and conveniences increase desires. See story of Mahatma's tiny hut on page 539.
Desire1972541A poor man with no desires at all is happy. See story of Alesko and the turtles on page 541.
Desire1972552Mind's tendency towards dissatisfaction with the present and the perpetual desire for the opposite in the future causes perpetual unhappiness.
Desire1972574D.S. You should always work for perfection - an inch below perfection leaves some desires. While there are desires, we are not free.
Desire1973609From the beginning of life to the end, we have one desire after another and there is no satisfaction. See story of Akbar and the jackals on page 609.
Desire1973625In meditation, one throws one's belongings of desires and activities over the bridge while walking to the stillness at the other end.
Desire1974628Psychological rest comes only after cessation of desires.
Desire1974654Desire of individual and desire of Absolute. Immediately after rise of a desire, something in Antahkaran prompts one whether it is right or wrong.
Desire1974692Anybody who desires material goods is no better than a beggar. See story of Woodcutter and the king saying his prayers on pages 691-692.
Desire1975717Use of a suitable mantra if practised in the proper way would lead to achievement of one's desires.
Desire1975728Gap between desires - energy could be available if this desirelessness recognised.
Desire1976747Knowledge comes with acceptance. We desire something before we get it. When we get it the desire vanishes.
Desire1976765Rewards of meditation happen automatically - we don't desire them. By becoming desireless that also leads to fulfilment of desire.
Desire1976785Vikshepa will lose its hold only if mind is still and all ambitions and desires are discarded.
Desire1977818If we could allow the intervals between desires to stretch, this would generate great power within and the potentiality of Self-realisation would be close.
Desire1979873Q. re overcoming worldly desires. H.H.: By practice one can acquire the power of knowing the utility of spiritual things, just as by practice one can learn to swim.
Desire1979884A keen desire to meet the Lord is accepted by the Lord and he responds to the same degree.
Desire1979892If we can extend the moment of rest between two desires, the energy we save is more powerful than what we can get from eight hours sleep.
Desire1979893-894If you can catch and appreciate the desireless moment between the fulfilment of one desire and the arising of the next, with practice you can extend that moment.
Desire1979894Consciousness is consumed by desires. Have fewer desires and practise extending the moment of Samadhi between desires. Analogy of canal with hundreds of openings.
Desire1979894-895Activity without desire is possible if there no attachment or hankering. Examples of working in an office, and judges.
Desire1979900Rise of desire is related to Samskar which gives it form.
Desire1979901H.H. explains in detail the mechanism of desires and their fulfilment, and the natural Samadhi between desires.
Desire1979904Gita says from consciousness and its contact with the world comes desire, from unfulfilled desire comes anger, then more hindrances, then agitation, then dislocation of reason ...
Desire1979935Two types of desire. No need to bother about natural desire like hunger which comes, is satisfied and goes, but other type wants to hold on to something and needs controlling.
Desire1979936-937How to control desire - be contented that God alone knows what is best. Practical advice on increasing Samadhi between desires.
Desire1979937Samadhi between desires is not much different from Samadhi in meditation. Absence of Sankalpa/Vasana.
Desire1979942It is the multiplicity of desire that must be stopped in order to gain energy. H.H. gives some examples. Purpose of desires.
Desire19881024Ordinary men only work to fulfil their needs, desires or fancies and don't care if it hurts others. Deeds of service minimise attachments, minimise ego and open the way to liberation.
Desire19891045The fewer desires one entertains the happier one becomes. H.H. explains how to follow fourth principle of Sanatan Dharma.
Desire19911057Desires, aims, resolutions, ambitions must be spoken exactly as they arise without distortion or concealment.
Detach­ment1964139Love keeps attachment at bay. Attachment comes when you do thing for motives of profit and self-interest. Detachment has nothing to do with profit or loss.
Detach­ment1964143How to increase selfless love? Only through complete lack of desire and attachment.
Detach­ment1964144If there is no attachment all actions are guided by selfless love. To increase selfless love, don't ask for any return.
Detach­ment1964157State of attention can only be reached by detachment. And you have to begin with body. Make body attentive and then you will be able to make the mind attentive also.
Detach­ment1964162Detachment must be practised so much that it becomes natural for one not to be moved at all by any sort of distraction.
Detach­ment1964162R. asks re attachment and detachment from suffering, and Christianity.
Detach­ment1965240Drama of life. See story of Man at cinema on page 240.
Detach­ment1965241Happiness and misery are not caused by lack of food or clothing. They are both a product of the mind.
Detach­ment1965242Acquisition of worldly things will bring neither happiness nor misery.
Detach­ment1965242With the first act of creation the Absolute provided for those who would become identified and who went against the natural way.
Detach­ment1965275Q. re detachment and apparent 'coldness'.
Detach­ment1972561Spiritual tradition in India through ways of action and renunciation.
Detach­mentSee also: Attachment
Detach­mentSee also: Identification
Detach­mentSee also: Kashaya
Deva-Ista1979874Form of God to whom one is devoted - see it in everyone.
Deva-IstaSee also: Object of devotion
Devas1976748Devas - Truth of Param-Atman - how to distinguish. Inner voice of Sattvic Buddhi is Devic. See also: Daiva
DevicSee: Devas
Devotion196249The second system of Self-realisation is through Devotion. Keertan is a form of devotion.
Devotion196263One of the four Ways. (Way of the Monk.)
Devotion1964177The Kingdom within or the Heaven within is the reservoir of peace and bliss. No violence can reach there. Devotion is the gentle art of unity.
Devotion1964189Knowledge needed as well as devotion to avoid being deluded on the way.
Devotion1964193One who is really searching for the Atman will hear and recognize the Voice of the Atman amid the multitude of desires, ambitions, duties created by mind.
Devotion1964201Emotion is like the servant who loves and attends the jailer, so whenever the jailer comes and goes, he can also come and go without any difficulty. That is the way of love and devotion.
Devotion1967296Devotion is the best of all ways but is the most difficult and rare. Off and on devotion is of no value. Atman is in everyone, so we should love everyone equally.
Devotion1970441-442Even a false Guru can provide enlightenment provided the disciple is devoted to him. See story of Princess, the cheat and the God on pages 441-442.
Devotion1970447Adoption of devotional attitude changes situation of dissatisfaction. Devotion only possible by remembering someone superior in being, or in knowledge.
Devotion1971494Subtle desire hidden deep in one's being is cause of disciples failing to get bliss in their devotional work. See story of Patient and doctor on page 494.
Devotion1972556How to increase capacity for love of Param-Atman.
Devotion1972569D.S. Devotion requires belief or faith. Faith is the support of the mind.
Devotion1972592D.S. Meditation can be when performing household duties. If you do this sort of meditation, it leads to devotion.
Devotion1973611Devotionally give importance to the Supreme Power, remembering its unlimited benevolence.
Devotion1973613Devotion before acquaintance with Param-Atman is forced, but after meeting is real. Then the body, mind and possessions become dedicated to Param-Atman.
Devotion1974660Dedicate heart to Atman. If that is properly achieved in its simplicity, nothing else is important.
Devotion1975717Those who go on the devotional way only, may be unable to explain the way to others. See story of Shankaracharya and ignorant disciple on page 718.
Devotion1975722Those on the path of devotion must have some knowledge of what they seem to be united with.
Devotion1975725In rare cases where there is nothing but devotion, nothing but longing for truth, then union with Param-Atman can take place without delay. See story of Mahatma under the tamarind tree on pages 724-725.
Devotion1977801Vyatireka is the way of devotion. 'I have nothing of my own'.
Devotion1977810Surrendering has to be to someone - in the path of devotion, this is the Absolute.
Devotion19891030-1031Emotional people need devotional material and will fail to respond or fall away if forced to go through intellectual exercises. But some knowledge is needed for further progress.
Devotion19911065The way of devotion seems easy but total devotion is very rare. Knowledge is the sure way, but acceptance of truth does not always seem profitable. See story of Mahatma under the tamarind tree. Further explanation on page 1065.
Devotion19911065In devotion there is no barrier of space or time, but being in the physical presence of H.H. is always good.
Dharana1969377Explanation of Dharana/Dhyana. See Q. on page 376.
Dharana1972587D.S. Dharana is necessary in all three ways.
Dharana1972588D.S. Dharana can be external as well as internal. Seeing God in everything is Dharana.
Dharana1978832Dharana (concentration) is the first stage of meditation. Dhyana and Samadhi follow. Each stage is more Sattvic than the previous one.
Dharma196268Sanatan Dharma is the religion of the Atman.
Dharma1967313There is only one Dharma - true knowledge - for all humanity. But religions differ in their expression of it.
Dharma1967328Eternal rules for all, but different religions preach these rules differently.
Dharma19911057Dharma is the natural law which individuals and societies try to put into action. But although all proclaim that truth is better for peace and happiness, they don't practise it.
DharmaSee also: Laws
Dhyana1969377Explanation of Dhyana/Dharana. See Q. on page 376.
Dhyana1978832Difference between Dhyana and Samadhi is one of degree. In Dhayana, Sankalpa and Vikalpa play no part.
Dhyana1979915People not yet ready for Dhyana meditation can have Japa or Keertan.
Dhyana1979937Samadhi between desires is not much different from Samadhi in Dhyana (meditation). Absence of Sankalpa/Vasana.
Dictionary1979908-909Jaiswal to make dictionary of Sanskrit words used by H.H. which, after approval by H.H., can be used for translation.
Differences19851003It is the will of the Absolute that differences and division have to be accepted on the physical level. But in the realm of knowledge, no division is possible.
Differences19891054In every organisation there will be differences, but with love and generosity they can be washed away. Criticism destroys. See story of Pumpkin and mango tree (2) on page 1054.
Dimensions1968343Limitations of space do not apply to the subtle world which has three dimensions of time.
Dirt1964126-127Dirt (impurity) is one of the three hindrances to meditation.
DirtSee also: Mal
Disciple(s)196251The disciple must give attention to the words of the Realised Man.
Disciple(s)196259Efforts of disciple and grace of the Master combine to take disciple along.
Disciple(s)196261The main factor in the relation of the disciple to the Realised Man is the intense desire. Example of the turtle.
Disciple(s)196261Disciple's depth of faith is tested.
Disciple(s)196264-65Memory of the Realised Man's words affected by Gunas.
Disciple(s)196265Realised Man knows what is going on with aspirant and puts right anything that is going wrong.
Disciple(s)1964116Not natural to have knowledge beyond one's level - not much use can be made of such knowledge.
Disciple(s)1964117Need for a teacher in early steps of the ladder, up to level 5.
Disciple(s)1964118Relationship is an individual one. Creation of a Realised Man is a two-way process. See story of Shooting dog through mouth (1) on page 118.
Disciple(s)1964119When a disciple can expand his Being to the level of the subtle world, then he can have relations with the Realised Man in the subtle state.
Disciple(s)1964123The aspirant must meet the Realised Man. Once the Way is started the guidance will be given from a distance.
Disciple(s)1964127-128A School of the Fourth Way should help its leader so that he can experience himSelf.
Disciple(s)1964135Relation is automatically established between disciple and Realised Man, not just of the present, but through all time, dead or alive.
Disciple(s)1964136The guide will never leave him unless he sees the disciple reach his goal of Self-realisation. Even death would not break the relationship.
Disciple(s)1964138'Accepting' disciple.
Disciple(s)1964139'Accepting' disciple.
Disciple(s)1964139Distance no hindrance. If you put me in your mind you will get your answer.
Disciple(s)1964141To keep the image of Realised Man in one's mind, first try to grasp the physical form in the mind, and then the subtle body of Realised Man would fill in by remembrance.
Disciple(s)1964150When a disciple and teacher come together and find a deep bond it must be realised that the relation must have some roots in a previous life.
Disciple(s)1964153-155Agrawal describes how he became the pupil of Guru Deva and was trained by him in the way of Bhakti.
Disciple(s)1964170When pure Buddhi is full of Sattva, communication becomes possible with the master at a distance and thoughts can be relayed and satisfactory messages received.
Disciple(s)1964172R. For disciple to become like master he must discipline inner life and know how to behave.
Disciple(s)1964175One can easily get near to the master by mind or one can keep his remembrance in the heart, and in Atman everyone is the same.
Disciple(s)1964178-179Training of disciples in H.H.'s tradition.
Disciple(s)1964193Hard work is necessary for Realised Man as well as disciples.
Disciple(s)1964198-199The relation of a disciple and the Teacher is made only once and it stays long - as long as for ever.
Disciple(s)1965221-222Two types of disciple - emotionally predominant and intellectually predominant. Their destination is the same but they follow different ways to reach it.
Disciple(s)1965282Whatever H.H. has, R. has - now up to him to experience in depth.
Disciple(s)1967315Disciple and teacher will be liberated together.
Disciple(s)1967317-318A. asks if one should make effort to unite with Teacher, and is one guided towards a Teacher or is it luck? H.H.: cause and effect. Disciple and teacher are One.
Disciple(s)1967319Subtle relationship with teacher through words is more potent - some disciples though physically close may be wandering far away.
Disciple(s)1967325Can one ask for help? H.H. 'Master knows and comes to help unasked'.
Disciple(s)1967328Guru plays major role in liberation - disciple only has to remember the teacher.
Disciple(s)1967330Relationship with teacher starts with name and form, then goes to subtle and causal levels.
Disciple(s)1967330Voices of disciples reach teacher through subtle body.
Disciple(s)1967331Disciple should not claim to be able to pass on help himself or connection with teacher will be lost - it is then just personality.
Disciple(s)1970448Danger of losing one's way following other teachings.
Disciple(s)1971499Teacher represents grace and knowledge, disciple represents faith and service. They must come together to become One.
Disciple(s)1972571D.S. normally gives advice only to those who have the greatest regard for him. He explains how since H.H. asked him to answer R., his words were coming directly from H.H.
Disciple(s)1974629Two types: the curious and those who want experience.
Disciple(s)1974652The energy which a disciple gets from his teacher is not just for his own enjoyment but should be made available to everyone.
Disciple(s)1974689N.G.H asks about the type of relationship he should have with his followers. H.H.: behaviour towards people at different levels may be different, but the feeling in the heart must be the same.
Disciple(s)1974696Dixit explains how the relationship between a master and disciple develops.
Disciple(s)1977796Relationship with teacher - e.g. two birds on tree.
Disciple(s)1977798Physical meeting brings abundance of Sattva. Memory only follows if a union by physical meeting has taken place.
Disciple(s)1977799A teacher feels happy to be of use to his disciples. See story of Ramana Maharshi and his fast on page 799.
Disciple(s)1977819To RA: 'no duality between you and H.H. at all'. H.H. is not offering anything that does not already belong to you.
Disciple(s)1978837-838Sri Narayan explains how H.H. decides whether someone is suitable to be a disciple.
Disciple(s)1978847The voice of the Guru is pervading the atmosphere. When there is connection between Vyashti and Samashti due to concentration, then even things you don't know 'dawn' on you.
Disciple(s)1978864Message to R.: Spiritual disciples of the teacher inherit in their own right what the teacher has given them.
Disciple(s)1979906Only teacher can remove the golden cover so disciple can see the truth.
Disciple(s)1979909The person who the disciple has accepted as teacher has ultimate spiritual responsibility for disciple - not the disciple himself.
Disciple(s)1979950Importance of remaining connected to Guru. Analogy of railway engine.
Disciple(s)19881016In the flow of spiritual bliss, neither the giver nor the taker, teacher or disciple, ever feels the need to stop. Everything else is propelled by ego which is limited.
Disciple(s)19931081Relationship with disciples is that the teacher is always there and unity between them is there. It is the responsibility of Realised Man to see that the way is free of trouble.
Disciple(s)19931083Relationship with teacher is developed through questions and practice. All the ways require the support of knowledge by which the teacher helps the disciple to make progress.
Disciple(s)19931084Relationship with teacher is Vyashti with Samashti. The work is to transform Vyashti into Samashti through knowledge and meditation.
Discipline196111Aim of discipline is to offer ego as sacrifice at the altar of wisdom
Discipline196232-33Rigorous disciplines of the past no longer required.
Discipline196262Discipline purifies the disciple.
Discipline196275To bring about any development in the human race, discipline is necessary.
Discipline196387Attention coupled with discipline help one move up the ladder. See Q. page 86.
Discipline1964102As one progresses, positive changes are experienced. But don't go on describing them. Encouragement comes only from each person's own experiences.
Discipline1964141Discipline is the word for gradual progress. Step by step work is disciplined work.
Discipline1964168Rigid discipline causes disciple to give up. Meditation is easy, but one must be sincere.
Discipline1964169One gets bliss on the way and at the destination too. On the way one gets little but at the top one reaches the source of bliss, after full maturity in discipline.
Discipline1964175Discipline is the churning process (butter from milk) in life of a disciple. Once he is thoroughly processed his Atman comes out clean, and then it never gets mixed again.
Discipline1964177Spiritual currency can only be possessed by pure Buddhi with discipline and true Knowledge.
Discipline1964179-180Those seeking discipline, who wake up through their efforts and find confidence, will eventually help to uplift the masses. They are the blessed.
Discipline1964189Those furthering this knowledge and discipline must be sincere and completely honest with themselves and others. Tell only what you have experienced.
Discipline1964193Following the discipline is painful at first until it becomes natural.
Discipline1964195Once you have regulated your body to discipline in the early stages and made the discipline a natural part of your life, that body becomes a natural bridge.
Discipline1964195One should never allow the Manas (mind) to go free. It is a very important link in our being so it must always be under the control of pure Buddhi.
Discipline1964195-196Discipline is only like a thorn to remove another thorn. Once you realise your Real Self, no discipline is needed. See story of Dhobi man and donkeys who would not move on page 196.
Discipline1964196Discipline turns body, mind and Buddhi towards 'within'.
Discipline1965220The discipline is given to remind us and to help us to realise the natural aspects of the Atman. There is no rigidity as far as the rules are concerned.
Discipline1965221Different for two types of people - servant and attendant.
Discipline1965222Organisation must support both emotional and intellectual types. See story of Two artists (1) on page 222.
Discipline1965223H.H. explains meaning of Sadhana - system.
Discipline1967293-294No need for discipline or control of physical body to remove tension. Just witness what is occurring and it will change.
Discipline1967322Attachment under discipline is not binding when directed by Teacher.
Discipline1967323Message to School of Meditation: all that one needs usually becomes available. Keep going until that motionless spot is reached.
Discipline1967327Last desire - man who has had a discipline will have a desire with conscious origin. See story of Pilgrim, buried money and snake on pages 327-328.
Discipline1970400... practice and discipline always lead towards truth and purification'.
Discipline1970411Discipline by itself is useless, although without it nothing can be achieved.
Discipline1970449 It typically takes three years to bring individual to point where discipline and method become part of life, so that he can impart it to others.
Discipline1970452Faith, sincerity, discipline are all needed to understand true knowledge.
Discipline1971489Must go slowly with inner discipline and be patient if Prakriti is in a bad state.
Discipline1974653Sadhana - meditation has been prescribed. There will be difficulties but in time these will be resolved once the meditation becomes natural.
Discipline1974654Do not worry too much about details - the mainstay of discipline is the heart and power of faith.
Discipline1974656H.H.'s word for discipline - Sadhana - systematic support.
Discipline1979894All the disciplines H.H. has given us are to help curtail desires. Practice of natural Samadhi.
Discipline1979910Not to be imposed under any circumstances. Responsibility given to those who respond to the call for help in running the School.
Discipline1980972Required for training of people to take responsibility in School. Useful for both soft and hard people - both men and women.
Discipline19881021Discipline needed to pave the way for enlightenment, but it cannot work without the help of mind and reason.
Discipline19891052The free man is the self-disciplined man. Whatever is good and useful for the Self should be put into practice. Discrimination arises from Viveka and Satsang.
Discipline19911061The basis of duality is within, arising from ignorance. Discipline and knowledge is given to purge the duality. See story of Snake and mongoose (3) on page 1061.
Discipline19921070Constant practice of the discipline is needed by every member of the Society.
Discipline19931076If Buddhi is immature external and internal influences shape one's thoughts. A system of discipline - meditation and discussion - is needed to get rid of these unwanted influences.
Discourse1970397Viveka only possible through discourses with Realised Man or those wiser than you.
Discourse1970400Emotional centre and intellectual centre must be brought together through discourse and knowledge of truth.
Discourse1970429-430By faith, love and reasonable discourse, those with hardened hearts can have their hearts melted. See story of Ramakrishna keeping Narendra under water on pages 429-430.
Discourse1970451-452'... only thing one has to do is to listen to discourse and immediately try to put it into practice'.
Discrim­ination1964167The Buddhi is provided to discriminate. It can discriminate only if it is still.
Discrim­ination1965226To discriminate and decide is the work of Buddhi.
Discrim­ination1965230Way to freedom. See that you are not the body. See story of Four horse carriage (3) on page 230.
Discrim­ination1965242Discrimination is the key to happiness.
Discrim­ination1967299System of knowledge and meditation is to lead people to discriminate between transitory and eternal, and to see unlimited, unbounded Atman.
Discrim­ination1967300Discriminate fine from coarse, Atman from non-Atman.
Discrim­ination1967313Parable of prodigal son and two states of Buddhi.
Discrim­ination1970434-435Need to exercise discrimination - when pure truth should not be expressed.
Discrim­ination1976759Discrimination of good and bad is in the mind. Nothing is either good or bad for the Atman.
Discrim­ination1979870Discrimination of real from unreal required for liberation.
Discrim­ination1979873Discrimination and attention to what is useful.
Discrim­ination1979896If friction leads to unity it is discrimination and can be useful, but if not, it is a waste of energy and consciousness.
Discrim­ination19911057Use of discrimination would give a better result if there was consistency between what is seen and what is actually being practised.
Discrim­inationSee also: Buddhi
Discrim­inationSee also: Self-enquiry
Discrim­inationSee also: Vichara
Discrim­inationSee also: Viveka
Discrim­inationSee also: Vyatireka
Disease1964191-192Disease in the life of Realised men is due to their previous life. Realisation is of the Atman and not of the body.
Disease1974656If one wants to purify the body and make it a temple for Atman, all that is needed is to do away with ignorance, which is the greatest disease.
Disease1974657Difference between pain and suffering. See story of Holy Man and abscess on page 657.
Disease1979949-950Q. about attitude to terminal illness.
Dissatisfaction1972537Nature is constantly striving for perfection but never attaining it. Same with us, so that there is dissatisfaction in every situation.
Distractions196276A man could meditate with loud noises but not with noises inside him. See story of Donkey in road on page 76.
Distractions1964162Detachment must be practised so much that it becomes natural for one not to be moved at all by any sort of distraction.
Distractions1964178-179When the meditation is good then the distractions don't penetrate.
Distractions1982987In meditation. Putting resolution to mind. Delegating it to be gatekeeper.
DistractionsSee also: Disturbances
Disturb­ances1965218Should not be disturbed by surface waves of ocean - always stillness below.
Disturb­ances1968336-337Disturbances are a natural phenomenon. Do what is needful - don't fight with nature. All arise from peace and end in peace - even Realised Man is not free from them.
Disturb­ances1968352Don't be disturbed by them - slow down, see the situation and keep your attention on the present moment.
Disturb­ances1968360When one has to meet one's most respected guest one has to keep all disturbances away. See story of Dattatreya and virgin girl on page 360.
Disturb­ances1970470Good thoughts, holy prayers, contemplation of joy, remembrance of noble people help to remove disturbances but replacing them with wholesome impressions.
Disturb­ances1975710In deep meditation and deep sleep there is a moment of equilibrium, but apart from this there will always be disturbances. Face them with detachment.
Disturb­ances1978839Rajas sometimes creates disturbance in flow of love and desire for truth. Constant practice will eliminate it.
Disturb­ances1979916H.H.'s description of how he dealt with student demonstration blocking his car journey.
Disturb­ances19931080Disturbances during meditation are caused by entertaining ideas, desires, worries and expectations. This is not the right moment to resolve worries.
Disturb­ancesSee also: Distractions
Disturb­ancesSee also: Agitation
Dive1973624Those who manage to dive deep in meditation come out with potentiality emanating from the will of the Absolute - e.g. Sthitaprajna.
Dive1974628System of meditation has been prescribed to all of us for this deep dive into the Self - the great ocean of bliss.
Dive1974631A. asks re help from H.H. to dive deeper - three ways to help related to three bodies.
Dive1974644A profound deep dive is Turiya, beyond Samadhi. The mantra is transcended.
Dive1974659Absolute is Rasa - the great ocean of sweetness. In meditation one takes a dive into this ocean and this produces attention, precision and efficiency in speech and actions.
Dive1982989Potency of dip in half hour. Example of tons brought up in diamond mine to get 100 grams of diamonds.
Diversity1973607Everyone is unique, there can be no equality. The world means variety. Without differences the world would disappear into Param-Atman. See story of Mahatma who said 'There is no Mahatma like me' on page 607.
Divine196394In early stages, divine powers needed to dispel devilish powers (Assuri).
Divine incarnationSee: Incarnation
Division19851001No division between any individual and Param-Atman. All divisions must go.
Division19851003Jaiswal explains to H.H. the divisions occurring within the Society following Dr Roles's death. H.H.: No division possible in true knowledge.
Doer1972543It is the body that eats, while we feel that we eat. This is a delusion.
Doer1972557Illusion of being the independent doer - Absolute is the real doer.
Doer1972569D.S. If you think 'I am an individual and I am separate', you cannot do, but if you go to the cosmic plane through meditation, action is possible.
Doer1972578D.S. Ego prevents one admitting that everything is predestined and one is not the doer. See story of Bird on mast of ship on page 578.
Doer1972579D.S. All religions say 'do this, worship in this way, etc.' It's not possible. The purpose is just to exhaust ego, so ego eventually says 'Thy will be done'.
Doer1973607Imagining ourselves the doer, means we are subject to law of Karma, but seeing life as a drama, knowing one is not a thief or a saint, we are not subject to Karma.
Doer1973612Body is the machine of nature to produce action, Self is only the witness, not the doer.
Doer1976782Let the Jiv-Atman who thinks that it is the doer of things and the reaper of the consequences, think that it is neither and thus tune itself up with the Atman.
Doer1979933Disassociating yourself from the body kills false Ahankar because you do not claim to be doer.
Doer1980972-973All concepts of doing and enjoying arise from Ahankar, which is a combination of Aham and Chitta.
Doer1980973If one hangs a coat in the wardrobe, it doesn't go anywhere. If you put it on it goes with you everywhere. All claims of doer and enjoyer are like the coat.
Doer19881026Feelings of being the doer loosen the connection with Samashti.
Doer19921071Samskars arise in connection with objects, people and actions. With detachment, the feeling of not being the doer, and by following the discipline one can remove all Samskars. See story of Valmiki the robber (2) on page 1071.
Dogs1964145Divine knowledge always meets with difficulties. Example of elephant going through Indian village and barking dogs.
Doubt(s)1964109To be of real help, one must have confidence. If one has a shred of doubt then this will be passed on.
Doubt(s)1964133Self-realisation does away with doubt.
Doubt(s)1972594D.S. You have to get rid of all doubts because they make things complicated and very long.
Doubt(s)1972595Common man is usually confused by the claims of the different ways. Then there is the need for enquiry to get everything clear for himself. See story of Blind people and elephant (1) on page 595.
Doubt(s)1975702Jiva always lives in doubts and wants miracles to happen. He fails to realise he is living in the most wonderful miracle - the world.
Drama1965240Universal grand drama. See story of Man at cinema on page 240.
Drama1965241This play is a pleasant play - there are no difficult parts. Difficulties are when actors take the play to be real through ignorance.
Drama1965242Drama of creation - detachment. Spiritual practices only for those who take drama to be real.
Drama1965262Knowledge of Maya and the drama of creation is obscured by sheaths formed by Samskar.
Drama1965263Cosmic drama. See story of Rama and Sita: cosmic drama on page 263.
Drama1965277-278Drama of Maya never stops.
Drama1967311Creation is a play and for enjoyment.
Drama1967320Enjoy drama without being attached to peace or war.
Drama1967325Mundaka Upanishad - two birds in tree - 'Watch and enjoy the drama'.
Drama1970447-448If one plays one's part without any attachment there is no feeling of success or failure, pleasure or pain. Example of Ramleela play.
Drama1970455No attachment to anything on physical or subtle level on realising communion with Self. But one does not withdraw from those levels.
Drama1970471-472Those on the way must always take gentle and reasonable line realising that those who do bad deeds have acted in ignorance. See letter on pages 466-467. See story of Holy Man in boat with wicked men on page 472.
Drama1971504-505Krishna play - Ras Leela. Purpose is to show devotees that their life is a play. H.H. explains significance and spiritual meaning of characters and their actions.
Drama1972557Whole creation is manifestation of Absolute who is the real doer.
Drama1972569D.S. If you just witness the drama, you enjoy it.
Drama1974649-650Creation and drama - masculine and feminine are equal.
Drama1975702While creating a convincing theatrical show, Param-Atman does nothing at all. Understanding this frees the mind of burden just as waking up removes the tensions of a fearsome dream. See story of Reformer hurls a shoe during a theatrical performance on page 702.
Drama1975710Gita chapter 4 - Universe has to conform to certain laws which must be understood - whatever happens is a drama and there should be no attachment to any of it.
Drama1976756-757Keeping ourselves separate from what has happened and being a viewer of what is happening as a drama, reduces the burden on the mind.
Drama1977810-811Actors in the drama have all the power and glory of the Absolute to use in whatever way they like. But the Absolute reserves the right to reward, reprimand or punish them.
Drama1978831If you see life as a drama, you will enjoy your role and behave appropriately. See story of Rakshu and Indra, life is a drama on pages 830-831.
Drama1978845Param-Atman remembers he is not the part he is playing, but Jivatman starts feeling that he is the part he is playing.
Drama1979879-880Unrealised people forget who they really are when involved in the drama. See story of Budhu acting in Rasleela, 'I am ten-headed Ravana' on pages 879-880.
Drama1979912The world is the artistic creation of Absolute. It is full of variety just as a play must have variety for people to enjoy it. Some actors may be crying, some laughing. We must be detached.
Drama19911061Drama is always performed by a single company. Rama and Ravana belong to the same company and the director loves them equally. See the whole creation as a drama.
Drama19921072Some become attached to one aspect of the drama as the only reality, become intolerant of any view but their own and create strife and conflict.
DramaSee also: Play
DramaSee also: Leela
Dream(s)196265Effects of Gunas on dreams.
Dream(s)1964130-131Five states of consciousness: ordinary life, dreaming, sleeping, unconsciousness and Samadhi.
Dream(s)1970388Dream world is known to be illusion. Story of Lakshman illustrates that both the dream and the 'waking' worlds are illusions. See story of Lakshman's dive. Explanation on page 388.
Dream(s)1970419Whatever one sees in the physical world is the effect of the causal world through the subtle world.
Dream(s)1970422Unfulfilled desires expressed in dream world. See story of Janaka's dream and the dog bite on page 422.
Dream(s)1970432Anything taken by individual with attention usually reflected in dreams. Therefore content of dreams indicates what disciple considers important.
Dream(s)1970455Physical body we see in dream created by subtle body.
Dream(s)1971507H.H. Discusses R.'s dream of the chariot of Arjuna and Krishna.
Dream(s)1972552With deepening practice of merging of everything into Self, waking and dreaming become more alike. Three stages of the world. See letter on page 551.
Dream(s)1975728In dream state, Swapna, everything is created spontaneously.
Dream(s)1978856-857When we dream, we feel it is real. When we 'dream' in the sleep of ignorance, that too seems real. When we wake up from ignorance we know it to be unreal.
Dream(s)1979880Dreams and Maya. World seen in waking state is also a dream.
Dreamer1972569D.S. A dreamer creates many different people who appear to move independently, but are dependent on the mind of the dreamer. All of us are controlled by the cosmic dreamer.
Dreamer1972590D.S. Inspiration comes from the Mind of God; the individual mind has no freedom of action, just as dream figures are inspired by the mind of the dreamer.
Duality1965251For training purposes two aspects have to be shown before one can come to 'one'. Love of truth and knowledge of truth are the same.
Duality1967303Meditation is to lead from duality to unity - not an end in itself.
Duality1967307-308R. asks re seeing three forces and not duality.
Duality1967311Duality of 'want it and 'got it' binds a man in little boundaries.
Duality1967317Relationship of conscious being to conscious being exists only with duality - at liberation there is no relationship because it is all one.
Duality1971505Krishna play teaches people that they should feel united with the Absolute, and do away with subject-object duality, performing duties and fulfilling needs with detachment. See story of Krishna and Gopis on pages 504-505.
Duality1972558How to behave as silent observer who has no duality. See story of Rama Tirtha and black adder on page 558.
Duality1973607Liberation is freeing Chitta from the duality of good and evil.
Duality1977817Duality should not come in knowledge, in experience or in action.
Duality1979931Bringing an image can cause duality. Image is to help people to know each other; once you know, it has done its work.
Duality19881016Within this creation there is no duality of any sort. All individuals are aspects of the same Atman or Brahman.
Duality19911061The basis of duality is within, arising from ignorance. Discipline and knowledge is given to purge the duality. See story of Snake and mongoose (3) on page 1061.
Duality19931086The concept of 'me' and 'mine' creates duality only because what is called 'mine' is presumed to exist independently and people begin to claim possession of it.
Duratma19911058When the Self within is kept aside the man becomes Duratma - a wicked creature. Those who don't listen to the Self create wars.
Durga196236-37Explanation of the dual aspect of the Goddess Durga.
Duty1971523Do your own duty in service to God - don't think that your own duties are no good and try to take up other people's duties. See story of Low-born Vidura entertains Krishna on page 523.
Duty1972541-542Realised Man undertakes actions as a matter of duty with no desire for benefits. See story of Guru Deva and Urdu on page 542.
Duty1973606Individual ego's use is that of incentive to duty and appropriate behaviour.
Duty1979870-871Duty relates to one of the three bodies - physical, subtle and causal. It is connected with action.
Duty1979879Act without motive, just from duty, e.g. Arjuna.
Duty1979938Do your work as a duty and don't be attached to finishing it. Prevents loss of energy.
DveshaSee: Hate