Who we are

The Ouspensky Today initiative was created by Gerald Beckwith, Anthony Kedros and Jenny Beal, all of whom were taught by Ouspensky’s successor, Dr Francis Roles.

Gerald Beckwith died in January 2019. The initiative is currently administered by Anthony Kedros and Jenny Beal.

The book Ouspensky’s Fourth Way gives an introduction to the modern synthesis of knowledge and methods of practical self-development which Francis Roles developed by bringing together Ouspensky’s western approach and the Shankaracharya’s Non-dual teaching centred on the Advaita Vedanta.

The Cotswold Non-Duality group explores and discusses the Direct Path as taught by Francis Lucille and Rupert Spira, also a former student of Dr Roles, as a simple, natural expression of the Fourth Way. This teaching is suitable for those who have followed Ouspensky’s system, other spiritual paths or no previous path. A local group meets in Gloucestershire, and there is an associated email group and a Facebook Study Group for those who live elsewhere.