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I1964119Body is within the 'I', Atman.
I1964151R.'s personal record of audience and question on 'I' that repeats the mantra.
I1964158Relation of ego to Atman. See story of King and servant acting as Holy Man (1) on page 158.
I1964171One of four streams of the inner world - Ahankar (Individual Ego) is the Individual Self which gives the feeling of existence. The feeling of 'I' - 'I am doing', etc. is established by it.
I1964177Absolute and Creation. 'I' is Atman. Feeling of 'I' is Ahankar.
I1964201Ways of knowledge and emotion. Example of prison and jailor. the intelligence of pure knowledge is like this, that the 'I', the Self, can go in and out.
I1965226I and Ahankar.
I1965227I am'; 'I am out of everything'.
I1965249-250'Aham/Idam'. What do we mean by 'I'?
I1967300Crest Jewel - five veils - whatever is perceived by anyone is perceived by this unchanging 'I' as witness.
I1967303'I' and the rest - duality - meditation to lead from duality to unity.
I1967310What am I? I am that which cannot be separated from me.
I1967324Barrier in meditation to final unity - last barrier is feeling of 'I'. In complete peace or stillness there is no 'I' - knowing one is still or peaceful means one is still away from it.
I1970411Feeling of separation in relation to false I. If true feeling of 'I am Atman' is established, there will never be any feeling of separation.
I1970435There can be no doubt in recognising pure 'I' as it is common to everyone.
I1975731Hindrance to meeting Param-Atman: 'I am also something'. See story of Gandhi and his wife on page 731.
I1976778Paper from H.H. on the parts of the Antahkaran. Explanation of Ahankar - the 'I' thought which can be pure or impure.
ISee also: Ahankar
ISee also: Atman
ISee also: Ego
Ida1965244Ida, Pingala and Sushumna: three forces of the mantra.
Ida1978822Ida, nerve in body - represents sun in relation to celestial world.
Ida19881020RG asks about Ida, Pingala and Sushumna in relation to meditation. H.H. describes the rise of consciousness through the Chakras.
Idam1965249-250Idam and Aham.
Idam1971511Knowledge is material of consciousness, experienced as Aham (I am), or Idam (this or that is).
Idam1980979Reflects Sat-Chit-Anand of Aham through elements, essence, sensations, thinking and feeling. All experience belongs to Idam because you cannot experience Atman.
Identifica­tion19613Does the Maharishi's method free a man permanently from negative imagination and identification?
Identifica­tion1968356-357Identification is neither good nor bad. But if you identify with an ordinary thing you become ordinary, and if you identify with the Absolute you become the Absolute.
Identifica­tion1972581D.S. When you identify with mind or body you become limited.
Identifica­tionSee also: Attachment
Identifica­tionSee also: Detachment
Identifica­tionSee also: Kashaya
Identity1972556Feeling of separate identity is illusion.
Ideologies1968368Different ideologies in world and need for enlightenment. See story of Ten men crossing river (2) on pages 368-369.
IdolsSee: Statues
Ignorance1964120-121The root of all ailments in the spiritual world is ignorance. The remedy is knowledge.
Ignorance1964122Being is already united with Atman but our ignorance sees it disunited.
Ignorance1964133As long as we live in ignorance, we limit ourselves according to our knowledge and use only those powers we know. The latent powers and the unknown is ignored and feared.
Ignorance1964169Ignorance of real bliss is the cause which makes people run after the material desires and pleasure.
Ignorance1964188Absolute is creative force (Maya), and Atman is surrounded by ignorance which is a shadow of Maya. See story of Palace as an Inn on page 188.
Ignorance1967299Makes one seem limited to name and form. See story of Who are you? Give me your credentials on page 299.
Ignorance1968358Subtle body is ignorance which is a shell or cloud veiling Atman.
Ignorance1968367People who like living in ignorance do not want to appreciate consciousness. See story of Ants and sugar (2) on page 367.
Ignorance1970412Narada's riddle: only way out of well of ignorance through Realised Man. See story of Narada's riddle on pages 411-412.
Ignorance1970468Mirage of the 'world' is due to certain conditions of light.
Ignorance1971498-499Wise man works on the removal of the causes of ignorance - Mala, Vikshepa, Kashaya.
Ignorance1971512All dangers lie in ignorance or half-knowledge.
Ignorance1971519Ignorance is forgetting the reality - the root cause of all the troubles associated with the world.
Ignorance1972583You are omnipresent and omniscient, and ignorance is only forgetfulness. Ignorance belongs to the person who asks about it.
Ignorance1972593D.S. Pure consciousness is present throughout all three states - only the limitations may be different and these are ignorance.
Ignorance1973614Vidya and Avidya - knowledge and ignorance - give rise to two kinds of nature - pure and impure.
Ignorance1973617We search for what we want in a state of 'senselessness' - see Param-Atman in everything and the curtain of ignorance lifts. See story of Rama forgets himself on page 617.
Ignorance1975713-714Absolute is immanent everywhere - not just in Samadhi, but also as a table, a chair, food, everything. It is ignorance which has covered our vision.
Ignorance1976771Ignorance on causal level.
Ignorance1976772Ignorance '... means inability to realise things but not in a bad sense ...'. Example of king and different uses of light.
Ignorance1978834Q. re shloka from Atmabodha - 'knowledge alone destroys ignorance'.
Ignorance1978848Impure causal body is reborn as result of deeds done in ignorance.
Ignorance1978856-857Reality of things - comparison between dreaming in sleep and 'dreaming' in ignorance.
Ignorance1979869Bondage is through ignorance, liberation is by vichara, enquiry.
Ignorance1979921In relation to Mala, Vikshepa and Avarana - products of the Gunas.
Ignorance1980980-981A man who is free never considers anybody bound. Bondage is only ignorance. When you hold on to anything you can't experience freedom. See story of Way of catching monkeys using a pot on pages 980-981.
Ignorance19851001There is no division between any individual and Param-Atman. Ignorance of unity causes all troubles.
Ignorance19881021Self-realisation implies elimination of ignorance caused by worldly education, untrue philosophies, and imperfect religious traditions.
Ignorance19891029The growth of individuality makes one limited and the limits are a manifestation of ignorance.
Ignorance19891046Those who are ignorant and those whose Prajna is not firmly established keep saying that everyone is the Absolute without real knowledge of it. Their being is in darkness.
Ignorance19911060Prayer reveals that so much has already been provided within, but due to Ahankara this has remained concealed in a golden shell of ignorance.
Ignorance19911065When talking about Self-Realisation one is really talking about the elimination of hindrances or ignorance which seem to indicate that one is not realised.
Ignorance19911066Myths are like winds which clear away the clouds of ignorance. Realisation is already there, but the clouds of ignorance must go.
Ignorance19921070Only true knowledge, love and devotion can dissolve the limitations maintained by ignorance.
Ignorance19931085Through ignorance, the individual mistakes something else for reality and develops attachment instead of true love.
IgnoranceSee also: Avarana
IllnessSee: Disease
Illusion196111H.H. summarises writings of original Shankara as 'Brahma is reality, rest is illusion'.
Illusion1964113Example of people sitting in motionless train experience illusion of movement when another train passes.
Illusion1964195-196Discipline is to cure illusion, but don't take even discipline as true. The truth is that one is Atman and Absolute. See story of Dhobi man and donkeys who would not move on page 196.
Illusion1965220We have to come out of what we are not, and to come out of this illusion we have to come under another illusion - discipline.
Illusion1970388Dream world is known to be illusion. Story of Lakshman illustrates that both the dream and the 'waking' worlds are illusions. See story of Lakshman's dive. Explanation on page 388.
Illusion1970408-409The Jiva is slave of Maya - characteristics of this enslavement. See story of Guru and milk of lioness (2) on page 409.
Illusion1970454Causal, subtle and physical levels are all illusion. Melting of heart causes illusion of Ashuddha Ahankar to disappear. Analogy of body and its shadow.
Illusion1971509Dakshina-Murti associated with principle: Brahman alone is truth, the universe is illusion, Jiv-atman and Brahman are one.
Illusion1972538Fire of true knowledge burns away illusion of the world ('this is good and this is bad') and leaves pure reality.
Illusion1972556Feeling of being separate from Param-Atman is illusion.
Illusion1972567D.S. Mind is the reflector. Illusion is there because we are not taking the right perspective.
Image1965247How to carry image of Realised Man. Also see other version on page 248.
Image1965247-248Before anything is done an image is first formed. Also see other version on page 247.
Image1979931Bringing to mind an 'image' of the teacher creates duality. It may help initially to get to know each other, but is not necessary after that.
Imagination1964186R. asks about imagination.
Imagination1964187 Don't let mind establish a kingdom of imaginings. See story of Disciple who slept at edge of well on pages 187-188.
Imagination1972581D.S. Consciousness creates all the various bodies and glorifies Himself. But there is only One.
Imagination1979883Without Akasha, ideas cannot be developed or expressed.
Imagination1979915Imagination is anticipated, inspiration is not anticipated.
Immobility1973624Ultimate end of meditation is to reach immobility which is very deep. It is not necessary to remain in this state for long periods.
Impre­ssions1970439In Sattva, Sattvic impressions seems to rise; in Rajas, Rajasic; in Tamas, Tamasic.
Impre­ssions1970470Good thoughts, holy prayers, contemplation of joy, remembrance of noble people help to remove disturbances by replacing them with wholesome impressions.
Impre­ssions1979903The first spontaneous impression or decision is the natural one, especially if it is followed by natural Samadhi.
Impre­ssions1979919Satsang cleanses subtle body so that its interpretation of impressions is pure.
Impulse1980975Entry into spiritual world starts with a 'good impulse' - Shubhechcha. Unless one has a desire of one's own, the spiritual world remains at a distance.
ImpureSee: Pure and impure
Incarnation1972536Rebirth and divine incarnation. H.H. gives examples of both. Incarnation of Param-Atman is divine - behaviour of a divine incarnation. See story of Krishna and Yashoda on page 536.
Incarnation1972537Divine incarnation can change whole course of events. When Param-Atman is revealed through devotee. it is revelation rather than incarnation.
Incarnation1975715Even incarnations have limited powers on return to earth.
Incarnation1975716-717Incarnations not bound by laws but keep to laws available to particular form.
Incarnation1978856Sages know before incarnations appear.
Incentives1965218-219Forcing longer meditation can cause reaction against it.
Incentives1965257Spiritual indigestion can be harmful.
Incentives1965260Incentives for initiation. Only give as much as each needs - do not cause spiritual indigestion.
Incentives1975713In consciousness there no beginning and no end - the idea of meeting the beloved is only given as form of incentive.
Individual­ity196389How to find what is real in oneself. When remembrance of completeness dawns then one begins to experience completeness in meditation.
Individual­ity1970386Just as seawater expresses itself in waves, so Atman expresses itself in individual beings.
Individual­ity1970405-406All knowledge, love and artistic expressions are present in the Absolute in seed form, but available to a particular individual according to the Laws of time, space and matter.
Individual­ity1972556Although individuals feel a separate identity, in reality the individual being is not different from Param-Atman.
Individual­ity1972594D.S. The individual can never be Brahman or Param-Atman.
Individual­ity1979954Bodies are different but Atman is one.
Influences1972561-562Passing on influences received from H.H. is like passing an infectious disease - need to make contacts and they will spread it further. See story of Thieves and electric current on page 561.
Influences1974629How to hold experience of spiritual influences - two ways - mind and faith. See story of Mahatma and 'all movement is poisonous': Shiva on page 630.
Influences1974630If one is full of faith one attracts charged particles from atmosphere through magnetic force.
Influences1974637The spiritual influences of Realised Man's words are not just physical - they enter subtle and causal worlds automatically.
Influences19851002There is only one influence from Param-Atman, and that is unity. At a practical level, influences transmitted through manifesting knowledge in one's life. But also public lectures.
Information1979871Information must go deep to get advantage from it.
Initiation196230Ceremony of initiation is symbolic of reverence.
Initiation196232Ceremony designed to create suitable atmosphere for learning meditation.
Initiation196233Authorisation to initiate. Only for responsible people who have undergone discipline and risen to required level.
Initiation196253An initiator must have a mature position at the fourth stage.
Initiation196267H.H. explains the reason for reciting the names of the great masters who are custodians of the tradition.
Initiation196272The words of the teacher are full of life and consciousness.
Initiation1965256-257Preparation for initiation, and what is necessary for introductory talk to public.
Initiation1965259-260Ceremony and three rooms in human being. Initiates one's entry into the first room.
Initiation1965272-273Meaning of 'Guru Brahma, Guru Vishnu, Guru Devo Maheshwara, Guru Sakshat Param Brahma' in ceremony.
Initiation1970416Purpose of ceremony is to connect the new person to the tradition so that the flow of Grace can take place.
Initiation1978837-838Initiation - Guru takes responsibility for leading the person to the ultimate goal. See story of Guru Deva refuses initiation to young man on page 837.
Initiation1978837Three categories of initiation in Ashram: Brahmacharya, Ciarhasthya (Householder) and Vanaprastha which is in between.
Initiation1978840Initiation is to connect Jiva to Param-Atman. Guru is just the medium. Afterwards regard everything as a gift from Atman to destroy Vyashti Ahankar and establish Aham.
Initiation1978851-852Significance of invocation, form of ceremony and preparation for initiation.
Initiation1978859How H.H. gives mantra and how force goes to disciple.
Initiation1978859Future responsibility for disciple can be passed by lineal descent, but if disciple chooses to leave then responsibility of teacher ends.
Initiation1979899The quality and power of the initiator is reflected in the person receiving. But the power of the person receiving - the predominant Guna - also influences the outcome.
Initiation1979916Authority for groups in Mexico.
Initiation1979946-947Use of portraits of Gurus - principle remains same through chain of teachers.
Initiation1979947-948Implantation of mantra in causal body of initiate. Preparation of initiator and initiate. Examples: old and new car drivers, adult and child taking medicine.
Initiation1979952-953Initiation ceremony - full description of meaning of each offering.
Initiation1980964-965Selection and training of initiators. Should be thorough: meditation practice should be natural for initiator. Keep number of initiators very limited. One initiator at each place is sufficient.
Initiation1980964-965Function of servers at ceremony. Must bestow a sense of confidence, and must reflect what they have gained from meditation in their physical body and manners.
Initiation1980965Preparation of those to be initiated. Information needed. Initiator should keep distance between himself and initiates.
Initiation1980966Quiet room needed for initiate before ceremony. Each person should be initiated separately, except for husband and wife who must be initiated together, as a single unit.
Initiation1980966Procedure for giving the mantra.
Initiation1980978-979The sound of the mantra must be checked by the initiator after an interval of one or more days. Wrong pronunciation may cause progress to be slow.
Initiation1982990There can be no harm in giving initiation to a sick person. Do not insist on correct posture.
Initiation19891045-1046Complaints about incorrect pronunciation. New initiators must first learn correct pronunciation through Jaiswal. It must be done through word of mouth not through the written word.
Initiation19931081Some of the history and principles of meditation should be given before initiation, and people should be encouraged to ask questions.
InitiationSee also: Ceremony
Inner Circle196262-63Inner circle, the circle of understanding. Outer circle of common people.
Inner Circle1964109To be of real help in world, act as go-between the Inner Circle and the people.
Inner Circle1964110Inner Circle and inner ways of communicating.
Inner Circle1964129God has to help through mankind, a man or a School.
Inner Circle1964189Inner Circle is always there to give help.
Inner Circle1965245R. asks re appointment of Shankaracharya. It is a physical one belonging to the Outer Circle, but unless it is made by the first Shankaracharya himself it is not valid.
Inner Circle1965275H.H. on how Inner Circle influences outer circle of mankind.
Inner Circle1967318-319Q. on relation of Atman and Inner Circle. H.H.: Two types of relation - by form (meeting in person) or through words.
Inner enemies1972599Six inner enemies - obsessive desires, anger, greed etc.
Inner strength1965261How to retain it and not waste it. Analogy of deep and shallow wells.
Inner Voice1976769Before starting an action, listen to the inner voice. The first words of the inner voice are correct and represent truth.
Inner world1982994The inner world is far more extensive than the material world - steadiness of mind necessary for communication in the inner world.
Insight1964171R. asks re insight - highest state of Buddhi when all sheaths vanish.
Insight1967306-307Two aspects of insight at fifth step of ladder: seeing laws governing object or situation, seeing the Self in other things.
Inspiration1970405Inspiration - expression limited by time, space and matter.
Inspiration1979915Imagination is anticipated, inspiration is not anticipated.
Instrument1970427-428With lack of self-pride our activities become an instrument for putting the glory of the Absolute into the world.
Insuffiency1974632Devotees have always expressed a feeling of insufficiency. This widens the possible flow of influence from the teacher.
Intellect1973611Intellectually, identify yourself as one with Param-Atman who witnesses everything.
Intellect1973615'Thinkers want nothing, not even God', because they recognise that everything is inseparably related to Param-Atman. See Mela talk, page 603.
Intellect1974672Q. to J. re translation of 'Buddhi'. 'Intellect' is OK - derived from Latin - inter legere, that which can be read between the lines.
Intellectual1965221-222Way for intellectually predominant people is by enquiry.
Intellectual1978841Intellectuals on path of Jnana must be honest.
Intellectual19891030-1031Intellectual people need rationally valid knowledge. If given emotional material they will either fall away or be slow to follow. But they need to deepen their knowledge through devotion.
Intellectual Centre1964124Eye of mind has limit. The most subtle field is fathomed only by the Atman, which is beyond intellect
Intellectual Centre1964139Emotion and intellect - our two servants. Also see other version on page 140.
Intellectual Centre1964140Emotion and intellect our two servants. Also see other version on page 139.
Intellectual Centre1964197Buddhi works from emotional as well as intellectual centre but intellectual effort is important because what one gets from emotional centre is derived only from heart.
Intellectual Centre1965226To discriminate and decide is the work of Buddhi.
Intellectual Centre1965242Real knowledge experienced only when intellectual and emotional centres unite.
Intellectual Centre1970404R. comments that Viveka seems to be the equivalent of Higher Intellectual Centre in our Western System.
Intellectual Centre1970450-451People generally predominant in head or heart. It is essential to align head and heart to avoid distortions of the teaching and discipline. See story of Pumpkin and mango tree (1) on page 451.
Intellectual Centre1970454For intellectuals, all questions must be answered before the heart can melt.
Intellectual Centre1970457Different help needed for emotional and intellectual types. How to determine which type someone is.
Intellectual Centre1971520Let the mind remember Param-Atman, the body serve Him and intelligence judge everything.
Intellectual Centre1979877Intellect as one of these servants. Need to control, otherwise it will try to lead you astray.
Intellectual CentreSee also: Buddhi
Interpreta­tion1970446Material from H.H. to be given without alteration but if not understood, interpreted according to country and conditions.
Intervals196240Help from outside needed, but not specifically at two intervals in seven steps to realisation.
Intervals1977818If we could allow the intervals between desires to stretch, this would generate great power within and the potentiality of Self-realisation would be close.
IntervalsSee also: Gaps
Intuition1964170R. asks re knowing truth by intuition through union of intellect and emotion in pure Buddhi.
Iron Curtain1967322 Physical freedom needed to give initiation in proper way. If that's not possible in such countries, people need to wait for circumstances to change.
Isa Upanishad1974639Isa Upanishad - by enjoying the Absolute and giving up, none of the Karma will bind you.
Isa Upanishad1974642H.H. quotes prayer from Isa Upanishad asking for the golden sheath covering the Truth to be removed.
Isa Upanishad1979906Teaching has a golden covering. The disciple prays to his master to remove it so he can see the face of the truth.
Iyengar Yoga1969375People should not be prevented from attending these classes but most will find meditation an easier way. See Q. on page 373.