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Karana ShariraSee: Causal Body
Karma1973607You are subject to the law of Karma if you imagine you are the 'doer' of actions.
Karma1974639Isa Upanishad - by enjoying the Absolute and giving up, none of the Karma will bind you.
Karma1974656-657Three kinds of Karma - Sanchita, Ajama and Prarabdha. If one does everything naturally, not looking for any result the laws of Karma will not bind one. This is the start of liberation.
Karma1978841Those who are neither intellectual or emotional follow the way of action - Karma.
Karma1978843Q. re child's experiences of auras surrounding people. Due to previous karma. Will disappear in time.
Karma1979949Change of attitude can finish results of previous Karmas.
Karma19881017Three ways to put this wisdom into practice: Karma, Upasana and Jnana - action, devotion and knowledge.
Kashaya1968372Definition of Kashaya. One of the obstacles to Nirvikalpa Samadhi.
Kashaya1970450Sticking to certain ideas without reason, blind belief, prevents Viveka.
Kashaya1971501Work of realisation is to clean out bad habits that need to be removed - Kashaya.
Kashaya1976761Kashaya is when people say they've understood when they have not. Removal is by Dhyana.
Kashaya1977810Keep company with good thoughts to keep away Kashaya.
KashayaSee also: Attachment
KashayaSee also: Detachment
KashayaSee also: Identification
Keertan196249Meaning of Keertan is 'Song in praise of ...'. Keertan is a form of devotion.
Keertan196252-53Religious music helps common man to reach a state of attention.
Keertan1970434Singing of Keertan to relieve exhaustion.
Keertan1970440Recording of Keertan.
Keertan1972542No sages have spoken alike. For example, Chaitanya Mahaprabhu propounded Keertan, whereas Shankara propounded Advaita. The solution is to find out for yourself.
Keertan1979915Music. Useful to provide rest for those who can't meditate e.g. mentally or physically ill.
Khumba Mela1978822Washing away past sins.
Khumba Mela1978823Invigorates active and passive parts of the brain.
Khumba Mela1978824H.H.'s role in teaching at Mela. Rituals of Mela can help remove two main obstacles: inability to concentrate and Vikshepa.
Khumba Mela1978825 See story of Khumba Mela - how it started on page 825.
Knower1965251Once you have found the unity there is no knower to know the truth because it is truth itself.
Knower1971511One cannot know the Knower by any means, for the Knower alone is the cause and experience of knowables.
Knower1976759Prior to all things is the one who knows. The knower was always there and always will be.
Knower19891038Consciousness knows the mind, the world and the intellect. It is the one without a second, Advaita, Absolute.
Knower19931081The knower of the known cannot itself be known because it is infinite and unqualifiable.
Knower19931084Bliss pervades everywhere, but appreciated only by conscious knower.
Knowledge196249The third system of Self-realisation is through the way of Knowledge.
Knowledge196260Two sides of understanding - one is knowledge, the other is being.
Knowledge196263One of the four Ways. (Way of the Yogi.)
Knowledge1964113Bhagavad Gita is the cream of all Indian knowledge. It contains four Ways: Knowledge, Devotion, Yoga, and Action.
Knowledge1964114Need to harmonise life with True Knowledge. Knowledge is unlimited and available at all times, manifests according to need. Not bound to any land or place.
Knowledge1964116Not natural to have knowledge beyond one's level - not much use can be made of such knowledge.
Knowledge1964118Knowledge cannot make you a Realised Man - also need teacher and experience.
Knowledge1964120-121The root of all ailments in the spiritual world is ignorance. The remedy is knowledge.
Knowledge1964126-127Mal, Avaran and Vikshepa hinder meditation. Knowledge is required for guidance.
Knowledge1964129Four ages of creation. Now in the fourth age. The impulse of True Knowledge is always there.
Knowledge1964145Divine knowledge always meets with difficulties. Example of elephant going through Indian village and barking dogs.
Knowledge1964149Only one who prepares himself will inherit fountain of knowledge. See story of Four gates and temple of Sharada, Goddess of Wisdom on page 149.
Knowledge1964162True Knowledge can be given only with discrimination and has to be preserved in three caskets. Don't give gold casket knowledge to others indiscriminately. See story of Gardener and sandalwood trees on pages 162-163.
Knowledge1964189One reads true knowledge so that one is not deluded on the way. How to spread knowledge and how not to.
Knowledge1964191When you have a whole day free, go deeper into the knowledge aspect of meditation.
Knowledge1964206Without knowledge, love is incomplete.
Knowledge1965222Knowledge is necessary for both types - work on being.
Knowledge1965227Knowledge and Law of Three - e.g. knowledge, movement and ignorance.
Knowledge1965228Need for both stillness and knowledge.
Knowledge1965234-236Ways of knowledge and of love compared to going to a hotel.
Knowledge1965238Establishment of a connection or bridge between East and West is a good thing. After all, it is the same Atman that we all seek.
Knowledge1965243Knowledge of laws and world necessary for those on path of knowledge as it shows way of escape, but a little knowledge is dangerous.
Knowledge1965246We forget about true knowledge when we become too involved in worldly activities. Also see other version on page 248.
Knowledge1965248Knowledge in the Absolute and in Atman is always the same. Knowledge given by people who train us for the world is differentiated knowledge. Also see other version on pages 246-247.
Knowledge1965249There is no search for knowledge in meditation.
Knowledge1965262Knowledge of the drama of creation and Maya.
Knowledge1965282Once you get a taste you want to go on. Studying never ends.
Knowledge1965285-286Ashram school - general and true knowledge.
Knowledge1965286-287Not helpful to attract people by showing them miraculous things - give them true knowledge. See story of Brahmin who wanted a son on pages 286-287.
Knowledge1967293How does knowledge become wisdom?
Knowledge1967298System of knowledge and method of meditation are complementary.
Knowledge1967299Knowledge required to discriminate between transitory and eternal. Knowledge and meditation remove narrowness of boundaries enabling one to see unlimited Atman.
Knowledge1967304When knowledge from without synchronises with knowledge within then there is understanding. Supernatural knowledge only from within can happen, but only rarely.
Knowledge1967305Abundance of Sattva can enable knowledge of past and future.
Knowledge1967307Seven steps of knowledge, description of last four steps.
Knowledge1967309Difference in types of people who come for guidance. Need for knowledge at the right time and measure.
Knowledge1967313Shankaracharya and tradition - knowledge belongs to Absolute and Atman - does not come from leaders of religions.
Knowledge1968347-348Only true knowledge can help cure the subtle body. Each has to suffer for the injustice he does. See story of Krishna tricks Dromacharya on pages 347-348.
Knowledge1968369Understanding comes with light of knowledge which emanates from Self.
Knowledge1970385Worldly knowledge is not really knowledge, because the more we have, the more we realise there is to know.
Knowledge1970393(Sattvic) energy of one purveying knowledge of truth is inexhaustible.
Knowledge1970400Knowledge of truth and emotional centre must be brought together.
Knowledge1970416-417Tendency to read large numbers of books by different philosophers not helpful. Either have complete knowledge, or leave the philosophy alone.
Knowledge1970421-422Three ways of validating spiritual knowledge, such as rebirth - Shastras, our own inferences, Divine vision. See story of Janaka's dream and the dog bite on page 422.
Knowledge1970424Passing on knowledge compared with planting a tree.
Knowledge1970425The thirst and search for knowledge are never finished.
Knowledge1970446All knowledge resides in the Atman in everyone - it is aroused rather than given.
Knowledge1970452Whole system is covered in just one sentence from first Shankaracharya.
Knowledge1970462One should always have the feeling that there is more to be experienced and known.
Knowledge1971501Knowledge has to be appreciated enough to put into practice to become real or realised.
Knowledge1971511Knowledge is material of consciousness and always available. You must experience it to get it.
Knowledge1972538Fire is a great purifier. Fire of true knowledge burns illusion - orange/yellow colour symbolises purifying effect on mind and is colour worn by Lord Vishnu.
Knowledge1972552Seeing with eye of true knowledge takes away dissatisfaction with past and future, and helps one live in the present. See story of Tramp dreaming he was in the Ritz Hotel on page 552.
Knowledge1972559In unified state there is no knowledge - subtle body is what recalls all the differences and transitions between states.
Knowledge1972569-570D.S. Discrimination is the support of knowledge - 'I am not this hand, this mind etc.' Ultimately you remain as subject: 'I am the witness of the eternal dream'.
Knowledge1972583D.S. You cannot explain the taste of mango to someone - he has to experience it for himself. See story of Tasting the Benares mango on page 583.
Knowledge1972595How in Vedas one can find support for all ways - knowledge, devotion and action.
Knowledge1973606-607Those with knowledge can develop pride and a feeling of superiority, condemning Bhakti. This is misuse of knowledge.
Knowledge1973610Path to Param-Atman via knowledge is beset with many obstacles. The greatest risk is towards the end when Maya beguiles us.
Knowledge1973614Vidya and Avidya - knowledge and ignorance - give rise to two kinds of nature - pure and impure.
Knowledge1974648Those at the Mela who are strong in the path of knowledge (Atmaveda) are satisfied and don't move around unnecessarily in confusion.
Knowledge1974651For those who have acquired knowledge through a teacher, the Self becomes the Guru. They see Absolute not as a God but Absolute as Atman.
Knowledge1974655One cannot fabricate the real question - it is a journey of appreciation of what one really wants. See story of Rich man's adopted son and cars on page 655.
Knowledge1974688The criteria for real knowledge are that one is not proud of one's knowledge, and that one has no doubts. See story of Learned man who is not proud on page 688.
Knowledge1974689Love joins together, knowledge illuminates. Without love, knowledge is incomplete and vice versa.
Knowledge1974694To know is merely knowledge, but to acknowledge is to love. But even that is not enough - we need to think.
Knowledge1975700Those on the path of Bhakti achieve liberation first before they go ahead and complete the theoretical knowledge.
Knowledge1975717-718Those who go on the way of knowledge only can speak authoritatively but lead a life almost empty of any spiritual quality. See story of Shankaracharya and ignorant disciple on page 718.
Knowledge1975722Those on way of knowledge always have some initial capital of devotion which puts them on the way
Knowledge1975726Man of knowledge, Muni, only looks at the finer aspects of the Absolute.
Knowledge1976749Knowledge of Atman cannot be separated from Atman; knowledge is its light and Atman is the source.
Knowledge1976754The knowledge 'I am here', must join with the physical light through which we obtain external knowledge.
Knowledge1976760Negative ideas - not this, not this - take us towards Atman. Positive ideas 'it is this', 'it is this' take us towards the world.
Knowledge1977801Expanding Ahankar, to encompass all Samashti is way of knowledge, Anvaya.
Knowledge1977810In the path of knowledge, reasoning leads to the realisation that one is the Absolute.
Knowledge1977819Does not belong to individuals. Knowledge taught by glory of Absolute.
Knowledge1978834Only knowledge destroys ignorance, but it is relative. Vijnanamaya knowledge removes some ignorance but Jnanamaya knowledge removes all ignorance.
Knowledge1978849Atman is knowledge personified.
Knowledge1978853Those following path of Bhakti become liberated when they die. Those on the path of knowledge (Jnana) get liberated before death.
Knowledge1978854Four sources of knowledge of Param-Atman combine to give real knowledge - Vedas, word of Guru, examples given by Guru, and one's own experience.
Knowledge1979871-872Three stages of knowledge - Shravana (study), Manana (reflecting) and Nididhyasana (contemplation).
Knowledge1979873Knowing the utility of things - worldly and spiritual things both have their uses.
Knowledge1979875How to take it further. H.H. explains concept of Advaita - cosmos and ourselves are One. We know it by reason but in practice we have to act as if there were two.
Knowledge1979877Developing through faith.
Knowledge1979878One of the three essentials on the path to realisation.
Knowledge1979889School and ordinary knowledge - need to regulate giving of system of knowledge to those who take responsibility for putting it into practice.
Knowledge1979906Three 'caskets' of knowledge are like coverings hiding the Self - Mala, Vikshepa, Avarana. Golden covering (Avarana) can be removed only by teacher.
Knowledge1979907H.H. takes the view that Eastern knowledge is so universal that it can be made available in the West without any conflict, and does not have to be felt as alien.
Knowledge1979933Bhakti aspect of Sadhana easiest for householder. Knowledge is also a kind of Bhakti, necessary for devotion.
Knowledge1979943Learned person is Sakshi, and that person's learning is Sakshicaitanya - witnessing consciousness.
Knowledge1979944Knowledge of Atman is acquired through Buddhi. Abhedabuddhi is knowing there is no difference between Samashti and Vyashti.
Knowledge1979944Knowledge is not whole unless you know Param-Atman. Akshara Vidya is that learning by which you know all.
Knowledge1980972Seven levels of knowledge and the dissolution of subject and object differences. Similarities with Vashishtha's stages of yoga.
Knowledge1980977Mere knowledge is not enough - practice of the knowledge is essential. One who knows birth and death are mere appearances, pleasure and pain ineffective, is of a different level.
Knowledge1982985H.H. expresses his wishes for R. to continue inspiring members so that the Study Society can enlarge its scope to serve the nation and inspire others with true knowledge and confidence.
Knowledge1982986Meditation and the knowledge from H.H. should be used to eliminate the cloud covering the world so that the brilliance of everyone's Self is made available.
Knowledge1982994Knowledge of consciousness cannot be verified empirically. Spiritual knowledge necessary for communication in inner world.
Knowledge1982996True knowledge can help mind to become still for meditation.
Knowledge19851002There is only one knowledge - that is of unity. It can be transmitted by manifesting knowledge in one's life, and also through public lectures.
Knowledge19851003No division possible in true knowledge. If division arises then there is attachment and prejudice.
Knowledge19851004H.H.'s system is not the only source of knowledge - there should be no problem in using what is helpful from Ouspensky's system.
Knowledge19881017Connection with Shankaracharya is only through knowledge. It is the responsibility of both the teacher and the disciple to work in the direction of unity.
Knowledge19891044Do not covet knowledge. Remove all barriers and distribute knowledge provided by H.H. to anyone to come and collect. Give as much as possible.
Knowledge19891044Those who collect knowledge like material wealth, and feel that if they give it to others their chance of being superior is lost forever, are deluded. The more it is given, the deeper it grows.
Knowledge19891045The process of giving knowledge, in itself provides the possibility of assimilation, and in this way the giver remains one step ahead.
Knowledge19891047If one presumes to have reached the peak since all knowledge has been acquired and presumes full realisation is achieved, one would be going from one darkness to another.
Knowledge19891049Meditation clears the mind and a clear mind can take more knowledge and create new knowledge.
Knowledge19911061The basis of duality is within, arising from ignorance. Discipline and knowledge is given to purge the duality. See story of Snake and mongoose (3) on page 1061.
Knowledge19911064True knowledge is that the world is illusion and there is no difference between the Self and Absolute.
Knowledge19911065The way of devotion seems easy but total devotion is very rare. Knowledge is the sure way, but acceptance of truth does not always seem profitable.
Knowledge19911066-1067Four ways of receiving knowledge - experience, reason, the scriptures, the words of wise men who sometimes create stories or myths to convey their experience.
Knowledge19921070Only true knowledge, love and devotion can dissolve the limitations maintained by ignorance.
Knowledge19931078Internal expression of the light of Atman manifesting through intellect is known as Atmajnana.
Knowledge19931079H.H. has taken great care to help by providing knowledge and a system of discipline: it is up to us to use it to remove obstacles of our own free will.
Krishna1964172-174Celebrations marking birth of Krishna.
Krishna1971504-505Krishna play - Ras Leela. Purpose is to show devotees that their life is a play. H.H. explains significance and spiritual meaning of characters and their actions.
Krishna1979952Devotees meditated about Krishna, Krishna meditated about his devotees.
Kshetra and Kshetrajna1970411The 'field' and the 'owner of the field'. Explanation of Shrimad Bhagavatam, also Bhagavad-Gita chapter 13.
Kundalini1970462-463Description of this power or energy - its relation to meditation, and its use in the world. Can be put to good or bad use.