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Vaishnan system1965270Five states of freedom: reply to R. re confusion of a personal God and the Absolute.
Valmiki1980968Valmiki is an example of how the Svabhava arises from Samskar and is affected by the environment. See story of Valmiki apologised for his misdeeds and was taught stillness on page 968.
Valmiki19921071Samskars can be changed from bad to good. See story of Valmiki the robber (2) on page 1071.
Valmiki19931080Life was simpler, less polluted and less corrupt in the days of Valmiki than it is today. However, the possibility of transformation exists in all ages. See story of Valmiki the robber (2) on page 1071.
ValuesSee: Spiritual values
Vasana1979911Subtle body is composed of desires, Vasana.
VasanaSee also: Desire
Vashishtha1972576Janaka and Rama and Vashishtha - examples of householders who worked for liberation through activity.
Vaults19891044Open the vaults. Remove all barriers and distribute knowledge provided by H.H. to anyone to come and collect. Give as much as possible.
Vedanta196235Fine systems of ideas necessary to prepare men, e.g. Vedanta.
Vedanta196240Meaning of Turiya is different in Vedanta system from Sankhya and Nyaya.
Vedanta1971509Dakshina-Murti hand symbol has been used by leaders of all branches of Vedanta system.
VedantaSee also: Vedas
Vedas196249The Vedas give three main systems for Self-realisation: Devotion, Knowledge and Action.
Vedas1964134Astronomy and the solar system according to the Vedas.
Vedas1964135Vedas say if you take another life without reason and intentionally you become responsible.
Vedas1964137Different sects interpret Vedas in different ways, so one can see different systems practising the same Vedas differently.
Vedas1965284General description of Upanishads, Gitas and Samhitas
Vedas1970400-401Chants from Vedas before meditation.
Vedas1972542All diversities of thought are recognised in the Vedas - formless Param-Atman as well as the finite, personified Param-Atman.
Vedas1972594Vedas describe all three ways of approach to the Absolute - Action, Knowledge, Devotion.
Vedas1972595Regarded as the most authoritative collection of scriptures and source of all types of knowledge, but often used by one way to confound other ways!
Vedas1979922Authority of Vedas is paramount in India. The purpose is to understand and thereby transcend the Gunas.
VedasSee also: Vedanta
Vehicle1971518This body is the vehicle and Atman is the rider. Treat rider as separate from the vehicle'.
Veils1970450Description of veils as blocking out pure reason.
VeilsSee also: Avarana
VeilsSee also: Mal
VeilsSee also: Sheaths
VeilsSee also: Vikshepa
Vibrations196232Meditation is like light vibrations which are everywhere at all times. Those few people with Cosmic Consciousness catch it by inspiration and pass it on to others.
Vibrations1964113Music has the power to give bliss because the vibrations emanating from rightly-composed notes form certain patterns of particles which create bliss.
Vibrations1964160The vibrations first reach the senses, then mind and later on Buddhi.
Vibrations1964164Sounds have different types of vibrations, and composition of mantra is designed to create a set of vibrations which have a particular effect.
Vibrations1964178One needs natural food - fresh air, natural noise, clean and pure smell and natural sights. These are good food for senses and mind which come through finer vibrations.
Vibrations1967303Human mind designed to catch those vibrations which are the cause of the manifested world.
Vibrations1971512The physical world is connected through the vibrations of the subtle world.
Vibrations1978825Effect of vibration of sound in initiation ceremony even though meaning not understood.
Vichara1979869Bondage is through ignorance, liberation is by vichara, enquiry.
Vichara1979870Discrimination between real and unreal, leading to liberation or freedom from bondage.
VidyaSee: Avidya and Vidya
Viewpoint1971520The world around us is not unsubstantial, but our viewpoint is wrong. If you could change your viewpoint you would be happy.
Viewpoint1972529See Param-Atman in everyone and everything, and everyone and everything in Param-Atman.
Viewpoint1976753Difference between Param-Atman and Atman is just a point of view, e.g. Images of the sun falling on large or small reflectors.
Vijnana­maya sheath1978830To see past Vijnanamaya kosha, remember we are not the knowledge but it is ours to use. Then worldly thoughts, words and deeds won't be a barrier.
Vijnana­maya sheath1978830Difference between Manomaya sheath and Vijnanamaya. Manomaya: we like or dislike, love or hate. Vijnanamaya: we should or should not do this.
Vijnana­maya sheath1978834Relative knowledge and complete knowledge.
Vikalpa1976749Manas does its work of Sankalpa and Vikalpa. Atman is just the viewer.
Vikalpa1976760'Let me not do this' - originates in the heart.
Vikalpa1979883Sankalpa/Vikalpa oscillation creates sound - vibration in Akasha.
Vikshepa1968372Definition of Vikshepa. One of the obstacles to Nirvikalpa Samadhi.
Vikshepa1970437Vikshepa associated with Rajas.
Vikshepa1970450Distractions that obstruct pure reason by preventing teaching being heard.
Vikshepa1971502When mind spreads over world of distraction (Vikshepa), it must be brought back to a point.
Vikshepa1975711Hindrance to making use of three graces.
Vikshepa1975722Stands in way of contact with Realised Man.
Vikshepa1975723When Vikshepa is not present, and one is charged with emotional centre, one is more united with Atman.
Vikshepa1976785Vikshepa is really terrible and very subtle. It will lose its hold only if mind is still and all ambitions and desires are discarded.
Vikshepa1979906-907Bronze covering (casket) over the Self. Disciples have questions and try to get these resolved by a teacher so that the Rajasic aspect of their being is removed.
Vikshepa1979921Translucent covering (e.g. of house). Emotional acts create Rajas which is Vikshepa.
Vikshepa19891035The rise of good spiritual ideas in meditation is Vikshepa. Therefore those ideas should not be allowed during meditation - only afterwards.
Vikshepa19891042Whenever one feels the agitation of Vikshepa, reminding oneself of the mantra relieves tension and tiredness.
Vikshepa19891051All sources of Vikshepa arise from the wrong measure of material substances, creating unnecessary agitation, distortion and wrong functioning.
Vikshepa19911056Rajasic people have mostly agitated minds, known as Vikshepa.
VishnuSee: Narayana
Vishwanand Swami1964180Introduction to Shri Vishwanand Swami, next in line of succession for Shankaracharya.
Vision1970422Divine vision given to certain individuals.
Vision1971500One only needs clear vision and lots of practice to arrive at realisation. Simile of car and driver.
Vision1974633All faculties, including vision, are there to be made use of in the world. Just need to go back for rest twice a day.
Viveka1970395Higher reason helps to clear Buddhi. Analogy of coloured or muddy water in bottle.
Viveka1970396Pure reason. Helps to remove illusions, e.g. image in mirror.
Viveka1970397Discourse with Realised Man and trying to reach truth will bring Viveka.
Viveka1970404Realisation possible either by Bhawana (emotion) or by Viveka. However, since further enquiry based on the other way may be needed, the disciple should work on both ways.
Viveka1970404Buddhi's discrimination between what is useful and not useful to the Self is activity of Viveka. Once a decision has evolved, there is no room for doubt.
Viveka1970450Cultivation of Viveka. Ways in which it can be obstructed. Viveka only possible if teaching is related to experiences, and questions asked about doubts arising.
Viveka1975711True knowledge to remove hindrances, to reach central point and constant availability of three graces.
Viveka1975714No separation if Viveka prevails - it is the same Absolute everywhere and in everything.
Viveka19891052Discrimination between useful and harmful to Atman arises from Viveka and Satsang. With growth of self-discipline, the latent powers of the Self manifest.
Viveka19931075Is neutral and transparent. It furthers the cause of unity, purity and universality. The test of Viveka is that it leads from individual to universal.
Viveka19931076Knowledge is needed to purge attachment and prejudice when seen in our actions, and to arouse Viveka.
Viveka19931077Buddhi must be made mature through reason (Viveka) so that it can exercise discrimination and eliminate all attachment and hatred.
Viveka19931086Simplest way to appreciate Viveka is through the concept of 'me and mine'. Even Antakharan is 'mine'. Duality only if 'mine' is presumed to exist independently.
Voice1970478In the Antahkaran of each person lives the Param-Atman along with the Jiva-Atman for guidance. How to hear that inner voice.
Voice1971506How to hear 'silent voice of Atman'. The voice is never lost - all voices have their origin in it - but one may not be able to distinguish it because of the din. See story of Juggler who called up spirits on page 506.
Voice19881023-1024Listening to the voice of Param-Atman possible if Param-Atman is close, but beware of imposters.
Void1964168To be sincere in meditation is to stay in the void which contains Atman.
Void1967298Feeling nothing: attention is there or you could not have cognition of 'nothing'.
Void1967330No relation with teacher can be experienced in 'nothingness' during deep meditation.
Void1972570D.S. If you make the mind void, you are experiencing void and so there is still a knower present. If you go beyond the void, that is Self-realisation.
Void1972582D.S. Right action comes from going to the void and waiting for the prompting to arise. Then don't think about what will result from the action.
Void19881019Samadhi is a state of complete stillness, but is not void because consciousness cannot be eliminated from anywhere.
Void19931081Some newcomers say they experience a void during meditation. In ignorance, that which is total fullness is called a nothing or a void and this can create fear and may even cause withdrawal.
VoidSee also: Nothingness
Vyasa1979922Apparent contradictions in his teaching are different systems to explain same truth.
Vyashti1970417Feeling of 'I' is right if it's for Universal Self (Samashti), but false if for single person (Vyashti). See story of Ram Das and the king on page 417.
Vyashti1973625Journey of individual consciousness to universal consciousness through meditation.
Vyashti1974633Stream of energy through universe (Samashti) is held by individual (Vyashti) like earthen pot. You take energy from main stream for daily affairs, exhaust it, refill, etc.
Vyashti1974647-648Birth and death, from Samashti to Vyashti, returning to Father. See story of Indian and the African money-lender (1) on pages 647-648.
Vyashti1975708Individual consciousness in relation to feeling 'I have nothing of my own'.
Vyashti1975709Explanation of laws governing Vyashti and Samashti. See story of Judge with a religious mother on page 709.
Vyashti1975712Relationship between Vyashti and Samashti, Atman and Param-Atman, is always there, but is forgotten.
Vyashti1975716Understanding of two laws responsible for levels of Vyashti.
Vyashti1976753Param-Atman and Atman, Samashti and Vyashti, difference only in point of view.
Vyashti1978827The greater the concentration the greater the power you experience flowing from the universal when the Vyashti disappears.
Vyashti1978831-832Rest in meditation and Sattva. Vyashti gets automatically connected to Samashti and there is a greater flow of power.
Vyashti1978841When Vyashti Ahankar is destroyed then pure Aham, realisation of Self, develops.
Vyashti1978844Lord of Vyashti is Jiva.
Vyashti1978845Ignorance relates to Vyashti, not Samashti.
Vyashti1978846There is nothing in Vyashti which is not in Samashti.
Vyashti1978847Life-force in Samashti and Vyashti, e.g. watch - life-force winds it up.
Vyashti1978848-849Reflection in Antahkaran of Samashti is Param-Atman, and in Vyashti is Atman, but no difference in reality.
Vyashti19881019Single experience of unity of Vyashti with Samashti establishes life-long relationship.
Vyatireka1964196Two ways of avoiding useless mental activities: Anvaya and Vyatireka.
Vyatireka1974645Vyatireka is the subtraction of things. We take a thing and try to find the Absolute within it, separating the fine from the coarse.
Vyatireka1975714Way of approaching unity through separation - by discarding one thing after another to reach the Self.
Vyatireka1977800-801Differentiation, the way of discrimination. Leads to 'I have nothing of my own'.
Vyatireka1977817Vyatireka comes first. Anvaya needs to follow to establish unity of the whole creation.
Vyatireka19881021Two approaches to enlightenment, Anvaya and Vyatireka - 'All this I am', 'There is nothing else but I'. Anvaya is incomplete. Vyatireka is the real Advaita.
VyatirekaSee also: Anvaya
VyatirekaSee also: Neti, Neti
VyatirekaSee also: Me and mine