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Talents1978862Talent depends on Samskar. Example of individual electric meter which can only accept certain load.
Tamas196249-50Keertan can take people from Tamas, via Rajas, to Sattva.
Tamas1964193Those in Tamas are lazy. They sleep too much and destroy themselves.
Tamas1965229-230Negative emotion caused by Tamas mixed with Rajas. Observe the situation, knowing that everything changes and there will be a turn for the better.
Tamas1965231When you go to sleep you go into Tamas and come out fresh in the morning.
Tamas1965239Activities of Rajas and Tamas collect impurities. Meditation cleans them out.
Tamas1965248Buddhi cannot be still and pure where there is Tamas.
Tamas1972575D.S. If you sacrifice a thing, then it is not Tamas. Example of walking 30 miles and feeling unable to move further, but moving is possible if a snake appears.
Tamas1974643When Ahankar is Tamasic, a man acts in a cruel and rigid way.
Tamas1979876Ego predominates in Tamasic people. They don't remember the meeting with Param-Atman.
Tamas1979882Predominance of Tamas makes decisions difficult.
Tamas1979890-891In Tamasic rest, little is gained apart from physical energy.
Tamas19881019Predominance of Tamas in meditation leads to heaviness, mechanical movements, and sleep.
Tamas19911056-1057Mind of Tamasic individual is crude, confused and dull, called Moodha.
TamasSee also: Gunas
Tat Tvam Asi1965218R. asks re becoming the 'object of his search' for longer periods.
Teacher196243Example of watching a man learning to swim - the teacher must watch the disciple to help him on the Way.
Teacher1964117Need for a teacher in early steps of the ladder, up to level 5.
Teacher1964118What books cannot give you a teacher can, except for realisation which you must experience yourself.
Teacher1964136The guide will never leave him unless he sees the disciple reach his goal of Self-realisation. Even death would not break the relationship.
Teacher1967318Making contact with a teacher is process of cause and effect. Subsequently, remembering from the heart in difficult situations draws help from teacher.
Teacher1967319Relationship with teacher through words independent of physical separation.
Teacher1967321Some people under H.H. thought they were ready to start teaching others. When they left the Ashram they learned that the force was not available.
Teacher1967325Knows disciple's difficulties and helps without being asked.
Teacher1967328Remembering teacher essential. Teacher plays major role in liberation.
Teacher1967330Relationship with disciple starts with name and form. When disciple is living far away, relationship is established through cosmic subtle body.
Teacher1967331How disciple can truly pass on help from teacher. See story of Disciple who was a householder on page 331.
Teacher1968360A teacher gives people a systematic order to follow to grow and realise themselves.
Teacher1970397Teacher is 'advocate' with Absolute.
Teacher1970448Advice about following one teacher.
Teacher1971496-497Teaching by example. See story of Mahatma Gandhi and guests' spiced food on pages 496-497.
Teacher1971498Two types of leader - from Yogic system with miraculous powers, or wise man who works through knowledge and helps to remove impediments.
Teacher1971499Teacher represents grace and knowledge, disciple represents faith and service. They must come together to become One.
Teacher1972570D.S. It is intensity of desire for a teacher that will bring a teacher to you.
Teacher1974651Difference in relationship between those on way of knowledge and devotion.
Teacher1974652Teacher like electricity meter connecting individual to power supply.
Teacher1974688Relationship with a teacher. N.G.H.'s relationship with Dr Roles. H.H. is not Dr Roles's Guru - only a helper.
Teacher1976762-763Role of the teacher is to emanate knowledge which the learner catches. It is like using an oil lamp to light other lamps.
Teacher1979906Golden (Sattvic) cover hiding the Self can only be removed by teacher.
Teacher1979909The person who the disciple has accepted as teacher has ultimate spiritual responsibility for disciple - not the disciple himself.
Teacher1979950Importance of remaining connected to Guru. Analogy of railway engine.
Teacher19881016In the flow of spiritual bliss, neither the giver nor the taker, teacher or disciple, ever feels the need to stop. Everything else is propelled by ego which is limited.
Teacher19881018All that has been given by Dr Roles, Mr Ouspensky or H.H. is alive and helpful, ever-ready for assimilation.
Teacher19931081Relationship with disciples is that the teacher is always there and unity between them is there. It is the responsibility of Realised Man to see that the way is free of trouble.
Teacher19931083Relationship with teacher is developed through questions and practice. All the ways require the support of knowledge by which the teacher helps the disciple to make progress.
Teacher19931084Relationship with Teacher is Vyashti with Samashti. The work is to transform Vyashti into Samashti through knowledge and meditation.
TeacherSee also: Guru
TeacherSee also: Realised Man
Teaching1964162Never give knowledge obtained from H.H. to others indiscriminately. See story of Gardener and sandalwood trees on pages 162-163.
Teaching1964189Tell only what you know and have experience of.
Teaching1967322Must not use teaching as propaganda or for expansion.
Teaching1970448Danger of losing one's way by following more than one teaching.
Teaching1970461Need to understand and practise what you teach. See story of Addiction to sweets on page 461.
Teaching1971514Teaching a thing without knowing it fully does more harm than good. Improve one's behaviour first and make oneself clean internally and externally. See also page 517.
Teaching1973611R. asks what are the most important points out of everything H.H. has told him.
Teaching1975735Whatever we have acquired and cherished in our active life should be shared with others - either by explaining or by living according to those principles.
Teaching1976764-765How to help meditators. We say we are giving something when we are giving nothing. When a doctor prescribes rest he is not giving the patient anything.
Teaching1979889Need to follow only one teaching.
Teaching1979922Different ways of teaching, e.g. Vyasa.
Technology1979914Technology and quality of life. Need to give opportunities to practise attention.
Telephone1972560Asking for something from the heart is like asking for a line from the exchange.
Tension196252Fighting nature adds tension after tension. Relief of tension by repeating mantra and by devotional music.
Tension196272Seek help from teacher to relieve tension caused by 'looking in the wrong place' for bliss.
Tension1964126-127Tension (Vikshepa) one of the hindrances to meditation.
Tension1964128Children have little of the three hindrances. Child's mind has very little dirt, even less cloud and little tension.
Tension1964132If due to great tension you can't meditate, drop it and try again later.
Tension19891033Q. on physical relaxation. If tension is caused by physical tiredness then sleep is needed. If the tiredness is mental then help is needed to resolves the problems in the mind.
TensionSee also: Relaxation
Test196261-62Putting R. in third class at Ram Nagar was like Milarepa and Marpa.
Test1974688-689H.H. failed Dr Roles in a test a spiritual knowledge because of Dr Roles's pride for his own wisdom. See story of Learned man who is not proud on page 688.
Test19891048People are told as a ploy that so much knowledge has been given, why not settle down. They have to realise for themselves that Satsang with Realised Man is always necessary.
Thinkers1973615'Thinkers want nothing, not even God', because they recognise that everything is inseparably related to Param-Atman. See Mela talk, page 603.
Thinking1974694To know is merely knowledge, but to acknowledge is to love. But even that is not enough - we need to think.
Thinking1979899Buddhi - reason, logic, thinking is the field in which the brain is activated, but it is not an independent function and is just one aspect of the thought process.
Thorn1964195-196Discipline is only like a thorn to remove another thorn. Once you realise your Real Self, no discipline is needed.
Thoughts196111Dealing with negative thoughts arising during meditation.
Thoughts196276Dealing with thoughts that disturb meditation. See story of Donkey in road on page 76.
Thoughts196390Those who suffer inferiority or guilt should meditate more to wipe them away.
Thoughts196396When good thoughts and emotions arise, mankind develops. When bad thoughts and emotions arise, mankind sinks low.
Thoughts1965225-226Buddhi determines direction of thoughts and ideas.
Thoughts1965264-265Desires and thoughts governed by level of being.
Thoughts1965274When there is an interval in which you are not busy, just reflect the mantra, without meditating.
Thoughts1968348All thinking is bad in meditation, but those who think purely about God are very close to the next step when they would stop thinking and dive deep.
Thoughts1970458Advice on dealing with intruding thoughts.
Thoughts1970461Decide what are good thoughts and stick to those. They will eventually remain in heart and colour our activities.
Thoughts1970470Easier to divert flow of thoughts than to stop it.
Thoughts1971518A momentary thought stealing into the mind can make its home there and cause mischief. Reels and reels of thoughts are lying printed on our minds. See story of Mahatma and servant on page 518.
Thoughts1972547The incessant commentary in the mind is useless. H.H. describes two solutions. See letter on page 546.
Thoughts1972552To keep mind in the present, see the same thing, Param-Atman, in everything. But in our day-to-day actions, things should be taken as they are - not all the same.
Thoughts1972584D.S. One's degree of freedom from thought, one's peacefulness in spite of what is happening are a measure of progress towards home.
Thoughts1972593D.S. This 'stilling' (of the mind) is an obnoxious word - wipe it out. It implies suppression. If you suppress it, it will come up again. See Dixit comment on page 602.
Thoughts1973611Control thoughts by diverting to holy direction, and building a barrier against unholy thoughts. Example of dam and canal to control a river.
Thoughts1973624Longer meditation does not mean the achievement of profound stillness. Meditators may sit for hours churning their mechanical thoughts, and end up tired.
Thoughts1974690People who have too many thoughts in meditation advised to shut down their file of thoughts about the external world when they meditate.
Thoughts1976768The misleading thoughts that come into our mind are due to Tamas and these cause conflicts in the mind. After things are seen in the light of Sattva, such conflicts don't arise.
Thoughts1977809Love of the Absolute or fear of the Absolute are the only ways of escaping bad thoughts. See story of Guru and milk of lioness (1) on page 809.
Thoughts19931076If Buddhi is pure it can assess and make use of each passing thought. Root out useless thoughts and nourish spiritual ones. Example of farmer sowing seed.
Thoughts19931081New meditators are often quite naturally overpowered by thoughts and expectations and this creates Vikshepa which takes time to settle down.
Three bodies1982995Three bodies arise from Law of Three, starting with Prakriti.
Three forces196239The Laws of Three and Seven in our System are the same as in H.H.'s System.
Three forces196242R. gives summary of Laws of Three and Seven in our System and H.H. confirms exactly the same in his System.
Three forces196272The pattern of 'three' is everywhere in the world.
Three forces1965227Examples of 'three forces' throughout creation.
Three forces1965244Three forces of mantra in meditation.
Three forces1967310Whole universe is governed by Law of Three (Gunas). Look at any action and get to know the Law of Three working in it.
Three forces1970452Example: faith, sincerity and discipline all needed to proceed along the Way.
Three forces1976770-771Gunas; gross, subtle and causal; waking, dreaming, sleeping. Triads all relate to world, not to Param-Atman.
Three forces1979868Creation of the three forces: Sattva, Rajas, Tamas.
Three forces1980970Law of Three pervades all things and events. It is impossible to stay in Sattvic stillness all the time.
Three forcesSee also: Law of Three
Three year training1970425Three years of 'correct and precise' training to become conversant with the unchanging truth.
Three year training1970449Must be done with sincerity and love; three years to bring individual to point where discipline and method become part of life.
Time196239Example of Law of Three: three times: past, present and future.
Time196264Time is an illusion. In the Atman there is no time or space. See story of Lakshman's dive (1) on page 64.
Time196265Time different at different levels of creation.
Time1964136There is no time limit for Self-realisation. It could happen as quick as minutes or take as long as one could take. Time factor depends on the level of Being.
Time1964157Time and space are no barrier in imparting knowledge.
Time1965239Time factor is part of material world. Where there is space there is time. But in the spiritual world time and space have no validity.
Time1965267How to make best use of it.
Time1969382-383Time on different levels - physical and subtle. See story of Lakshman's dive (2) on pages 382-383.
Time1970394Subtle body not bound by time.
Time1970395Decisions taken under Sattva transcend all time.
Time1970397-398Krishna: ' this body of mine is the symbol of Time. In time all things are happening. Everything is being done by the Absolute himself.' See story of Krishna and Arjuna on pages 397-398.
Time1970415Effects of meditation are related to past, present and future times.
Time1970435Truth transcends all three times.
Time1972529Forget the past, do not fear the future, devote the present to the Bhakti of Param-Atman.
Time1977806-807Present moment is immanent Absolute and is always lit.
Time1978833-834Best time for meditation is in the morning - just before sunrise. (Brahma Murhurt)
Time1979903Time of day - confluence of light and dark - conducive to Sattva.
Time1979904Expansion of time due to Sattva.
Time1980971Time in relation to natural cycle - things are generated, grow and mature. Obstacles arising from the Gunas.
Toys1971519Treat worldly objects like toys; treating them as real leads to disappointment and trouble. See story of Toy coins on page 519.
Tradition19616Origin of the Shankaracharya tradition.
Tradition196111H.H. describes writings of original Shankara. Summarised as 'Brahma is reality, rest is illusion'. See Q. page 9.
Tradition1965238The Shankaracharya tradition encompasses both knowledge of Atman from great writings and experience from meditation.
Tradition1965244-245Differences in religions are in their rituals, not their aims.
Tradition1965275-276Acharya tradition and Guru Deva.
Tradition1970416-417Description of how the Holy Tradition is passed on through the Initiation ceremony.
Tradition1972561Tradition of spiritual life in India whereby people devoted their lives to the search is virtually lost.
Tradition1972596Everything H.H. says is not his, but belongs to the Shankaracharya tradition which was started by Narayana.
Tradition1977819H.H. says his tradition and our System (Ouspensky's) are same. There is nothing outside his tradition because it is the tradition of the Absolute.
Tradition1979897Tradition gives potency to mantra. Two traditions, Vedic and Puranic, with different mantras for different purposes.
Tradition1979907-908Tradition and terminology. Necessity to be careful in translation. Special instructions to us to get all English equivalents checked by someone competent to check.
Tradition19881016Tradition of teacher and disciple must be held with respect.
Tradition19881017H.H.'s successor takes over his responsibilities and relationships.
Train1965236Disciples on the way of love - likened to train and wagons: being connected.
Transcend­ence1979911Causal body is transcendent, and can only be experienced after the event - deep sleep or deep meditation.
Transcend­ence1979922Transcending the Gunas.
Transform­ation1970395Key to transformation is the intensity of desire for purity and simplicity. Example of bottle of pure and coloured water.
Transform­ation1970423New forms appear out of the will of the Absolute, and return to five elements. Example making table from wood.
Transform­ation1971486It is only the human form that has the possibility of transformation.
Transform­ation1974693We need to transform our nature, but we cannot do it by our own efforts alone. The grace of Param-Atman is needed.
Transform­ation19911058The Self needs no transformation. All that is needed is to express it truly. Deception is possible by by-passing the Self and taking to secret ways - ignoring the Self.
Transform­ation19921072Nature assists those who seek transformation and punishes those attached to rigidity who don't want to change.
Transform­ation19931077The light of Atman falling on Buddhi can be used either for transformation or for reinforcing one's own attachments.
Translation1964194Meaning more important than words. Even if Sanskrit translation impossible, language is no barrier in the field of experience.
Translation1979907-908Tradition and terminology. Necessity to be careful in translation. Special instructions to us to get all English equivalents checked by someone competent to check.
Transmission1972591-592D.S. People think that to be a recluse means to be inactive. But when a man has become absolutely silent and in bliss he is transmitting bliss to all creatures.
Treasure1965271R.'s Q. about 'laying up for yourselves treasure in heaven'. Two types of treasure.
TriadSee: Law of Three
TriadSee also: Three forces
Trinity1975711Atman, Param-Atman and Guru are trinity of same unity. No difference between them.
TrinitySee also: Three forces
TrinitySee also: Triad
Troubles1972539How to benefit from them on the path of devotion.
Troubles1979884Creator has created the world for play. Jiva has turned his back on God, so God is coming after him to make him agreeable.
True KnowledgeSee: Truth
Truth19614Every spiritual truth, however simple, is at once distorted when it reaches an unrealised person.
Truth196257Love the truth and leave the untruth to make our Buddhi pure.
Truth1964113Time and space no barrier to imparting True Knowledge.
Truth1964163-164The Absolute is complete peace, bliss, consciousness and Truth.
Truth1964170When Buddhi saturated with Sattva and heart is responding, truth flashed by intuition.
Truth1964189Do not have ambition to spread the truth or resort to subjective glorification of truth. Organisations that do so, crumble down in time.
Truth1964195The Truth is that one really is Atman and the Absolute, but one doesn't know this secret because of ignorance.
Truth1964196Ignorance is illusory. In Self it is all Bliss, Consciousness and Truth.
Truth1964201Intelligence of pure knowledge must work to bring about love of truth for emotion to work.
Truth1965242Truth is only experienced when emotional and intellectual centres join.
Truth1965250Love of truth and knowledge of truth are two different ways.
Truth1965251Sat-Chit-Anand: to know the truth (Sat), judge by other two factors - bliss and consciousness.
Truth1965253Simple truth has always been there, but it has been ignored because of the rush of worldly activities.
Truth1965273-274Realisation of Truth on waking from deep sleep.
Truth1970389Emotional centre close to seat of Truth.
Truth1970395Simile of glass bottle. Water can only be cleared by Sattva, Viveka and study of truth.
Truth1970405To gain abundance of Sattva, love to speak the truth.
Truth1970409Nothing happens when true knowledge dawns. All the happenings, happen beforehand.
Truth1970411Never any separation if feeling of true Ahankar established.
Truth1970412All religious books speak of same Truth: difficulty is in interpretation.
Truth1970416-417Filling mind with random reading unhelpful. But some help needed from books as guidance to knowledge.
Truth1970434-436Truth is the substance of all creation. It never changes. It is the Absolute from which creation has emerged. Example of making things from clay.
Truth1971494How to remove deep roots of Prakriti: love the truth and stand by it.
Truth1974631When held in pure unadulterated form it purifies the mind and takes it to a deeper level.
Truth1974633How to act in world is regulated by true knowledge - whether to waste energy in fruitless activities or use it to good purpose.
Truth1974634We only need to see one thing - how thoughts arise and what they lead to as this is a prototype for everything else. See story of Rama and Sita on page 634.
Truth1974635Vritti/Shruti is marriage of individual and True Knowledge. The Ramayana combines True Knowledge of the Vedas, Upanishads and Puranas.
Truth1974637-638A. asks re experiencing true knowledge: 'Go through it again and again'.
Truth1974649True knowledge is the sound through which one recognises the true self manifesting in all the different forms.
Truth1976742Respect for Truth. Param-Atman is truth and truth is Param-Atman.
Truth1979906Golden covering hiding truth. Disciple prays to master to remove it. (Isa Upanishad)
Truth1979922Can only be experienced, not taught.
Truth19911057Truth has been proclaimed, but has not been put into practice properly. If the mind is exposed truthfully it doesn't matter what is there, for others can take true positions.
Truth19911058When untruth is seen, ordinary men who seek neither profit nor power will seek honest men to lead them.
Truth19921073Those who are so proud, arrogant and hypocritical that they will not turn towards truth, will keep on returning, life after life, because they are attached to their possessions.
Tulsi Das1975726Author of Ramayana in vernacular Hindi. 'Heaven, hell and liberation' are just the same for him because he sees Rama everywhere.
Tulsi Das1979897Tradition gives potency to mantra. See story of Tulsi Das, boy crossing river and mantra on page 897.
Turiya196240Explanation is different in Vedanta system from that in Sankhya and Nyaya systems.
Turiya196243In Sankhya system, when you come out into the world you lose bliss of Turiya. In Vedanta you can be in the world and still experience Turiya.
Turiya196245The Fourth state of Consciousness when the Self becomes one with the Atman.
Turiya196247The Fourth state of consciousness when the Self becomes one with the Atman.
Turiya1964121If one doesn't reach Turiya before death, accumulated subtle influences pass on to next life as a starting point.
Turiya1964167-168Essence is affected as far as 'Abundance'. At Turiya, although body still exists, nothing happens to Atman.
Turiya196417121 days of continuous Turiya would stop material function of body; Atman would merge into Absolute. Turiya is rare state of experience.
Turiya1965250A fourth state of consciousness, equilibrium.
Turiya1965277Experienced in flashes by ordinary men. Seventh step is state of Turiya all the time - beyond Self-realisation and not necessary for householders.
Turiya1974644Difference between Turiya and Samadhi.
Turiya1975729Beyond five states of being. Acquired when Sattva is predominant.
Turiya1976761Viewer of Turiya is the Atman.
Turiya1980975Last stage of ladder - unity of the Self with the Absolute.
Twice-born196277Those who are devoted to learning some system of spiritual discipline.
Types1964108-109Two types of people - those who take things on faith and those who want proof of everything.
Types1964114-115There are the men of heart and the men of mind.
Types1964115Interchange between men of heart and men of mind is possible at the top where both are one.
Types1964124One type arms himself completely before starting. The other just gets on with it.
Types1964129Four ages of world and types of people corresponding to each age.
Types1964140Helping others. There are two types of people: those who want knowledge only, and those prepared for discipline.
Types1965221Two types of disciple. Servant type who follows rules. Other type does everything of his own accord because of faith, respect, reverence and devotion.
Types1970450-451Description of two types of people - head predominant, heart predominant. See story of Pumpkin and mango tree (1) on page 451.
Types1970457Different help needed for emotional and intellectual types. How to determine which type someone is.
Types1970458Confusion between intellection and emotional types. See story of Intellectual man with emotional disorder on page 458.
Types1978841How to recognise intellectual or emotional types.
Types1979928There are only three types of person - Sattvic, Rajasic and Ramasic. But they are not mutually exclusive.
Types19891030-1031People can be divided into two types - emotional and intellectual. They need to be helped in different ways. Duty of the School is to provide for both without any preferences.
TypesSee also: Way(s)