On-line Non-Duality Group

The On-line Non-Duality Group operates via a closed Facebook Study Group where members discuss Rupert Spira’s and Francis Lucille’s teaching. The group is an on-line equivalent of the Cotswold Non-Duality Group, and studies the same papers. A newsletter is sent out to group members following publication of each new paper. The newsletters give details of supplementary study materials from Rupert’s  and Francis’s YouTube channels. Group webinars are organised via the Facebook Study Group to discuss each paper. It is also possible for members of the On-line Group to ask questions by email.

After some initial study of the teaching, members are encouraged to join some of Rupert Spira’s or Francis Lucille’s live webinars where you can ask a question and have a discussion with him on-line. Details of Rupert’s and Francis’s webinars are given in the newsletters. These are excellent opportunities to obtain expert guidance on the Direct Path.

The group is led by Jenny Beal. Jenny was a member of the Study Society for many years where she studied and practised the Fourth Way and learned the Mevlevi turning. More recently, when she met Rupert Spira, she recognised his Direct Path teaching as the Way for which she had been prepared and an effortless path to the happiness that is our real nature. She is currently furthering her understanding through guidance from Francis Lucille.

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