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BadSee: Good and bad
Badrinath1965224Physical v. emotional journey to see deity at Badrinath.
Balance1972537Dynamic equilibrium in man and creation - Mela talk.
Balance19931079Meditation was provided to bring complete balance in human life and liberation from the attachments, desires and ambitions which create agitation and restlessness.
Battery1978827Example of battery - when it is being charged, nothing is taken out of it. Our batteries are being charged when in stillness and in tune with Samashti.
Battery1979937Charging of battery through desirelessness of Manas while body is working. Charging and discharging go on simultaneously in natural Samadhi.
Be19614'If you begin to be what you are ...'
Beauty1965272By looking at things which are artistic and beautiful, one learns to see the beauty of the Absolute in everything. See story of Holy Man and beautiful woman (2) on page 272.
Beauty1970430If you want to possess and use examples of beauty, you become attached to them and this pollutes the beauty. But if hold the sense of wonder you will enhance the beauty. See story of Holy Man and beautiful woman (1) on page 430.
Behaviour1971514Teachers should improve their own behaviour first. See also page 517.
Behaviour1972563One can study behaviour of others only if one studies oneself. 24 hours are enough to indicate the type of person someone is and the mix of Gunas he manifests.
Behaviour1973614It is the behaviour of things that is subject to correction and there is a process which is setting things right.
BehaviourSee also: Nature
BehaviourSee also: Prakriti
Being196260Two sides of understanding - one is knowledge, the other is being.
Being196266The lower type of people are under accident or chance. Others have a chance of improvement.
Being1964122Being does not climb ladder to unite with Atman - it is already united.
Being1964124Improving our being. Two types of people, those who prepare and those who get on with it.
Being1964198In the field of Being it is rather difficult to define steps. People have different types of beings. Some go quicker than others.
Being1964202Question about different stages of being.
Being1967316'Being' is always pure and so needs no improvement. The common knowledge that being is impure is false.
Being1967320Improve your own being, enjoy the drama, and leave the rest to the Absolute.
Being1967323Message to School of Meditation: all that one needs usually becomes available. Keep going until that motionless spot is reached.
Being1970408-409In reality part of Absolute, but slave of Maya. See story of Neglected grandfather and offer of Mahatma on page 409.
Being1971496Those who criticise others without cleaning their own Prakriti are rated third-class disciples. See story of Muslim saint and woman polishing table with dirty cloth on page 496.
Being1972537-538Trying to look good outside but staying bad inside is wilful deception. See story of Imposter of the Prince of Avagarh on pages 537-538.
Being1972547Direct experience of the being of Param-Atman is reached through meditation and comes with the sound of the mantra. See letter on page 546.
Being1972559R.A. asks about sense of universal being in meditation. H.H.: 'There is no knowledge in full meditation'.
Being1979902Three aspects of being - actions, emotion and intellectual. Physical is mostly governed by the other two. Meditation leads to improvement in emotional and intellectual, but it is slow.
Being1979915H.H. explains how to check whether something is imagination or a message from the Divine Self.
Being1982986Meditation is spiritual food, essential for strengthening one's being. Without it, one would always feel that something is missing.
Being19891046Those who are ignorant and those whose Prajna is not firmly established keep saying that everyone is the Absolute without real knowledge of it. Their being is in darkness.
Belief1977801R. asks about laws of Vyashti and Samashti in relation to disbelief and blind belief.
BeliefSee also: Faith
BeliefSee also: Religions
Bhagavad Gita1964113Cream of all Indian knowledge - four ways.
Bhagavad Gita1964192Gita chapter 18 - Sattvic, Rajasic and Tamasic activities and their results.
Bhagavad Gita1965279-280R. asks re Chapter 3: Ignorant man thinks he is the doer. H.H. explains what each part of the Gita covers.
Bhagavad Gita1965283-284Bhagavad Gita and Isa Upanishad.
Bhagavad Gita1967306H.H. explains: 'that which is night for all beings is the time of waking for the disciplined man'.
Bhagavad Gita1970452Can buy Gita for a few pence but no riches will buy the knowledge in it. Example of child and 100 rupee note.
Bhagavad Gita1971485Gita chapter 14 v.19 - a disciplined person knows how to handle situations involving Gunas, and neither welcomes nor resists them.
Bhagavad Gita1971496Gita chapter 5 v. 7-10. See story of Muslim saint and woman polishing table with dirty cloth on page 496.
Bhagavad Gita1971501Gita chapter 2 v. 54 - description of marks of Realised Man.
Bhagavad Gita1971508H.H. explains verse where Krishna says 'I am the seed of this great tree of the universe'.
Bhagavad Gita1971510Gita chapter 12: 'whosoever loves Me would love everyone in the world and be loved by them'.
Bhagavad Gita1974662Going beyond the Gunas. 'He who renounces all initiative, is completely detached ... he is the Self'.
Bhagavad Gita1975710Gita chapter 4 - Universe has to conform to certain laws which must be understood - whatever happens is a drama and there should be no attachment to any of it.
Bhagavad Gita1976770Gita not restricted to any religion but is for everyone. An aid to educating children.
Bhagavad Gita1978844-845Arjuna has had many births, but doesn't know them. Krishna knows his births. Person who knows is not bound by birth or death.
Bhagavad Gita1978855-856Incarnations - sages know by precognition.
Bhagavad Gita1978861Will: Arjuna's will to fight. Krishna removed ignorance - false love for kith and kin.
Bhagavad Gita1979879Krishna describes to Arjuna how a Realised Man acts only as in a drama, knowing it is a drama.
Bhagavad Gita1979900Gita says there is not a moment when Antahkaran is at rest. Meditation has been given so that we can eliminate unnecessary work.
Bhagavad Gita1979904Gita says from consciousness and its contact with the world comes desire, from unfulfilled desire - anger, then more hindrances, then agitation, then dislocation of reason ...
Bhagavad Gita1979946Gita says one has to be still and comfortable in relaxed position for meditation.
Bhagavad Gita1982996Whatever thought you entertain at time of death forms next body.
Bhajana1979892Types of worship: Tamasic - engaging evil forces, Rajasic - relates to worship of a hierarchy of gods, Sattvic - attends only to the Absolute.
Bhakti1965221-222Most people are the emotional type and are satisfied with the way of Bhakti.
Bhakti1971515Bhakti can cleanse, purify and present you before Param-Atman at your best. Harmful mental rubbish can be rendered harmless. See also page 517. See story of Mira and poison on page 515.
Bhakti1971518-519Dedicating all your actions to God.
Bhakti1971522Correct Bhakti is to please God with your own special attribute and dedicate all actions to God. See story of Sudama worshipped Krishna with rotten rice on page 522.
Bhakti1972529Forget the past, do not fear the future, devote the present to the Bhakti of Param-Atman.
Bhakti1972533Mela talk on Bhakti.
Bhakti1972535Practise Bhakti by considering and using everything as a gift from Param-Atman.
Bhakti1972539Bearing troubles on path of devotion.
Bhakti1972540Through deepening of Bhakti, the difference between a Bhakta and Param-Atman vanishes. See story of Radha and Krishna on page 540.
Bhakti1972541Taking recourse to flattery to escape poverty is to kill one's own life. See story of Alesko and the turtles on page 541.
Bhakti1972595Justification for different ways in Vedas.
Bhakti1973606Param-Atman is beyond worldly limits and out of the reach of Buddhi. But a devoted heart reaches the goal. See story of Kunti. Suffering as a boon (2) on page 606.
Bhakti1973613Devotion is a forced phenomenon before real intimacy with Param-Atman, which is Bhakti.
Bhakti1974643In Bhakti there is a very close relationship between God and Ahankar. The devotee tries to merge Ahankar into God through emotion.
Bhakti1974648At the Mela, Bhakti appeals to strongly to the common man. Those who belong to this stream have many Gods and like to dwell on them.
Bhakti1974651For those on way of Bhakti, God has name and form (Saguna) and the teacher is very important.
Bhakti1974660Dedicate heart to Atman. If that is properly achieved in its simplicity, nothing else is important. See story of Elephant and crocodile on page 660.
Bhakti1974661Opening the heart - gratitude is the key.
Bhakti1974672R. says only with melting of heart can Buddhi open up and see.
Bhakti1975700Liberation is the ultimate goal for those on the path of knowledge. Those on the path of Bhakti achieve liberation first before they go ahead and complete the theoretical knowledge.
Bhakti1975725-726R. asks about 'for different ends there are different means' - said in Mela talk. See story of Man running to find Param-Atman (1) on page 726.
Bhakti1975726A Bhakta is always liberated because he is not bothered about anything except the Absolute.
Bhakti1978841-842Differences between those who follow Bhakti and those who follow Jnana. See story of Two artists (5) on pages 841-842.
Bhakti1978853Those following path of Bhakti become liberated when they die. Those on the path of knowledge (Jnana) get liberated before death.
Bhakti1979874Developing Bhakti.
Bhakti1979877Action only takes you to the goal when mingled with devotion.
Bhakti1979881Different individuals attracted to different gods - the choice has to be left to them.
Bhakti1979884Gratitude to God for human birth and the opportunities it offers increases devotion. See story of Krishna and Sudama: Param-Atman and Jiva on page 876.
Bhakti1979930Only necessary to change approach, not what you are doing. Connect all to the Lord.
Bhakti1979932Different aspects of Bhakti and Jnana. 'I am everything' - Bhakti affection for everyone. Cause and effect - those who see effect - Bhakti.
Bhakti1979933Bhakti aspect of Sadhana is easiest and best for householder. 'Everyone else is my own Self' creates affection. But without knowledge there can be no devotion.
Bhakti1979936Surrender of actions is Bhakti but it's necessary to recognise that Param-Atman then controls results, good or bad. We are not responsible for the result of good actions.
BhaktiSee also: Devotion
Bhawana1970404H.H. explains relationship between parts of the Antahkaran and Bhawana.
Bhawana1976752Bhawana (thought) and Vicha (emotion) can wash the effect of bad samskars from the mind (simile of washing clothes).
Bhawana1978863NH asks how to strengthen. H.H.: 'Practice'.
BhawanaSee also: Emotional Centre
Bhoga1971483Bhoga - enjoying richness of creation and getting a taste for it may lead to Moha (deep attachment). Avoided by Prem, true love of Absolute.
Bible1964137Bible and Upanishads - proper research may show much similarity.
Birds196276 See story of Shooting the eye of the bird on page 76.
Birds1970399 See story of Parrot who wanted liberation (2) on page 399.
Birds1970479Great powers come to the aid of the small when firm determination shown. See story of Sea birds (1) on page 479.
Birds1973624-625 See story of Karna in Mahabharata and King Crow and Swan on pages 624-625.
Birds1974672Parrot and intellectual.
Birds1977796Vedic text: Two birds on tree - disciple and teacher.
Birds1980975Need for both spiritual and material, e.g. two wings of a bird.
Birth1978855Life force is in foetus from start, but power to move comes from nourishment.
Birth and Death1964136The last desire before one's death establishes the pattern for the next life.
Birth and Death1968338The point of appearance of a form which in substance exists in eternity is called birth, and the point of change appreciated by consciousness is called death.
Birth and Death1970408-409Nature arranges things so that neither can be felt.
Birth and Death1970409Realisation of 'no death' will dawn with true knowledge.
Birth and Death1970409Examples of how blind desires created by Maya ruin us.
Birth and Death1970420Who is it that lives through different lives?' 'What is it that takes forms, dissolves and continues the cycle?'
Birth and Death1970421Birth and death is affected by good or bad deeds. Idea of heaven and hell.
Birth and Death1970422-423Taken in light of three levels of existence - physical, subtle, causal.
Birth and Death1970423Anything that comes into existence or is created will have to die.
Birth and Death1971520Birth and death and the drama of the universe.
Birth and Death1972529Mela talk on fear of death.
Birth and Death1972535Mela talk - body is born and dies. Atman is birthless and deathless.
Birth and Death1973608You never actually experienced your birth, so take it that you were never born. That which is not born cannot die.
Birth and Death1973611Birth and death are a drama. Nobody can experience his own birth or death.
Birth and Death1976762Birth and death is an illusion - part of drama.
Birth and Death1978844Jiva experiences birth and death - not Atman.
Birth and Death1978848Pure causal body does not take birth, except sometimes as an incarnation to do good to others.
Birth and Death19921073Person who dies in ignorance does go to finer, subtle level but has to return to coarse level to pay the price for his attachments. But the cycle can be broken.
Bliss196113Bliss acquired from meditation cannot be obtained in any other way.
Bliss196114Bliss of meditation moves with you like a shadow when you come out into the sensory world.
Bliss196240In the stage of Turiya one can live in world and also enjoy bliss.
Bliss196243in Turiya a man can enjoy the Higher Emotion ('bliss').
Bliss196251Sattva creates Bliss, but if they have no attention they can't retain it.
Bliss1964113Music has the power to give bliss because the vibrations emanating from rightly-composed notes form certain patterns of particles which create bliss.
Bliss1964114With spiritual knowledge we rise above the results of pain and pleasure and enjoy Bliss even in the midst of actions.
Bliss1964122Difference between Sattva and bliss. Bliss is the nature of Atman.
Bliss1964123Meditation is working whether you taste bliss or not. Bliss is irrespective of time or meditation.
Bliss1964137Leave the changing suffering or pleasure, and work on Consciousness, Bliss and Knowledge, because that is the Absolute.
Bliss1964153Once one experiences bliss from meditation, one becomes sure that there must be an ocean of bliss.
Bliss1964155The creation of pleasure and pain is of the mind. The Atman feels and feeds on bliss, and is not at all moved by or desirous of pleasure or pain.
Bliss1964161Atman knows only bliss and consciousness. When Buddhi clear and taking commands from Atman it knows real bliss.
Bliss1964169One gets bliss on the way and at the destination too. The difference is that on the way one gets little but at the top one gets to the source of bliss.
Bliss1964177Kingdom within is reservoir of peace and bliss.
Bliss1964178Master feeds only on bliss. Servants need food - fresh air, natural noise, clean and pure smell and natural sights.
Bliss1964180Master feeds only on bliss. Servants need food - fresh air, natural noise, clean and pure smell and natural sights.
Bliss1964192The purpose of meditation is to meet in bliss, and preparation to get still and comfortable is necessary.
Bliss1964196Ignorance is illusory. In Self it is all Bliss, Consciousness and Truth.
Bliss1965239Bliss is ultimate end of meditation.
Bliss1968351Everyone wants to manifest and be blissful. Trying to organise things for worldly happiness leads to painful bondage and suffering. See story of Kunti. Suffering as a boon (1) on page 351.
Bliss1971494Subtle desire hidden deep in one's being is cause of disciples failing to get bliss in their devotional work. See story of Patient and doctor on page 494.
Bliss1972574D.S. When your mind is full of Sattva it can reflect the present - that is real happiness or bliss.
Bliss1972591-592D.S. People think that to be a recluse means to be inactive. But when a man has become absolutely silent and in bliss he is transmitting bliss to all creatures.
Bliss1974659Absolute is Rasa - the great ocean of sweetness. In meditation one takes a dive into this ocean and this produces attention, precision and efficiency in speech and actions.
Bliss1975714Experience of unity with Absolute brings bliss into actions. This can only happen when consciousness is active. Example of how eating fruit brings enjoyment.
Bliss1975715Bliss creates force in individual from which everything has to manifest. See story of Traveller with a small lantern (2) on page 715.
Bliss1975735Two main ways of experiencing bliss. Some people like to practise in solitude in a Himalayan cave, others like to share everything with the ordinary man.
Bliss1976760Bliss is an obstacle to 'the deep dive' because we fail to take the further step to Turiya where there is nothing.
Bliss1977814We will attract others only if we exhibit the bliss of which we speak.
Bliss1979918-919Pure consciousness is power from which comes knowledge and bliss. Bliss is food for Atman and Absolute.
Bliss1979923H.H. describes the location in the body and brain where the processes associated with the feeling of bliss take place.
Bliss19881016The way of bliss which arises from the conscious search for liberation is a spiritual desire for union with the limitless consciousness and bliss.
Bliss19891038Bliss is the substance of the Absolute and is at the causal level of our emotional being. This emotional aspect helps to keep out the interplay of sense and mind.
Bliss19891048H.H. repeats the Stuti, 'praises of the Absolute', every day and they always give new bliss when repeated again. Life is not just for searching: it is also for bliss.
Bliss19911062Comes from within when there are no possessions. Prakriti carries on worldly affairs, the drama unfolds, and the witness, the Self, remains in bliss.
Bliss19931084Pervades everywhere, but is appreciated only by the conscious knower.
Bliss19931085In ignorance one enjoys pleasure and experiences pain, but does not appreciate bliss. True bliss is beyond pleasure and pain.
BlissSee also: Anand
BlissSee also: Joy
BlissSee also: Happiness
Bodies196254Four bodies: Physical, Subtle, Causal and Divine or Eternal.
Bodies1964122-123Physical and subtle body - three types of food and effect on body.
Bodies1965242-243Two types of Shastras (rules) - one gives direction and orders, the other provides counsel and works through stillness.
Bodies1965284-285Realising three of the four bodies - requires intense desire and connection with truth through special man.
Bodies1967299Description of three bodies which together constitute the five veils.
Bodies1967300In peace and deepest levels of meditation one has reached causal body, source of all energy, forms and names.
Bodies1967317Death of body - relationship of material body and conscious being.
Bodies1967330Relationship of three bodies to communication with teacher. Subtle body not bound by time and space - causal body never separate.
Bodies1967331Do tortoises find their way using the subtle body? Human beings have Buddhi, but not non-humans.
Bodies1967332Need for rest for mind (subtle body).
Bodies1968344Subtle body is always present in all beings. Humans can refine and develop it.
Bodies1968352Definition of a man relates to physical body. But as Atman, all three bodies work together and are in contact with each other.
Bodies1968358Differentiation in subtle and physical body but not in realm of Atman.
Bodies1970422Physical body is a limited world. When it dies, subtle body collects experiences and jumps to a new form.
Bodies1970455On Self-realisation, one sees that the physical, subtle and the causal bodies are illusion. The subtle body creates the physical body and is an emanation of the causal body.
Bodies1970478Reply to letter from DC. Body is smallest of Buddhi, Manas and Atman.
Bodies1971498Tamasic and Sattvic causal bodies. Example of two types of house.
Bodies1971520World is a great show staged by God. It is a crime to regard the world as everything and Param-Atman as nothing, and the punishment is to be imprisoned in this physical body.
Bodies1972535Mela talk - it is the body that is born and dies: Atman is birthless and deathless.
Bodies1972537Mela talk - this body is like a big town, the habitation of many bodies. It is kept in a state of dynamic equilibrium.
Bodies1972539This world wants your body ... but Param-Atman wants your love only.
Bodies1972545Q. re physical, subtle and causal. What divides all these three from consciousness itself?
Bodies1972548Q. to J. re body, soul, essence and personality. 'Pratibha' is all three put together.
Bodies1972557The load of past and future - regret and desire for a particular outcome. Physical body also suffers.
Bodies1974631Three bodies; diving deeper is to be in purified state of these three types of function.
Bodies1978848People in the West have difficulty with the idea of Atman as they are concerned with solid things. If they are asked 'Whose bodies are these subtle and causal bodies?' they say 'mine'.
Bodies1979902Our body can hold a certain measure of consciousness. It is the purity of consciousness that is important, not the amount: Ganges water in a pot of whatever size is the same.
Bodies1979911Detailed explanation of the relationship and composition of the three bodies, how they interact and how we experience them.
Bodies1982995Difference between individual and universe is only one of magnitude. Universal being is also made of the same three bodies - physical, subtle and causal.
Bodies1982996Subtle body is carrier of individual to next life. Rule is that idea entertained at time of death forms next body.
Bodies19931079The physical body needs time for sleep, dreams and waking. A few moments of union with the Self in meditation is enough for one to lead a reasonably peaceful life.
Body1964119-120We are not contained in our body, although the individual lives in the body.
Body1964155For stillness one has to start with the body.
Body1964195Body can be a bridge or a barrier. If body is not stilled or regulated it will become a barrier.
Body1965227-228The Self is not the body.
Body1965241Body is an illusion. It should not be allowed to separate the real unity. Metaphor of bodies made of clay, steel and glass.
Body1965249-250I is not the body - Aham and Idam (e.g. Ram Das).
Body1967327Position and relaxation of body during meditation.
Body1971518Body is the vehicle, Atman is the rider.
Body1972543It is the body that eats, while we feel that we eat. This is a delusion.
Body1973610The one who considers himself only a physical body is like a dead man.
Body1975715Physical body is limited in what it can do. Example of ant and elephant bodies.
Body1979954Ultimate reality illumines everything. Man can feel and realise that ultimate truth through the body.
Body1980973If one hangs a coat in the wardrobe, it doesn't go anywhere. If you put it on it goes with you everywhere. Body is like the coat. All claims of doer and enjoyer are like the coat.
Body19931084Is body in consciousness, or consciousness in body? Use reason to discover. Example of sound and microphone. Body is an instrument.
Bondage1970477Atman in association with impure Buddhi may seem to be under worldly bondage.
Bondage1973608A prisoner is a prisoner, whether he has been awarded 'A', 'B' or 'C' class accommodation.
Bondage1973611Bondage and liberation are a drama. No-one is in bondage - we only think we are under bondage.
Bondage1979934Bondage is considering yourself to be the doer because it makes you responsible for the consequences.
Books1970416-417Tendency to read large numbers of books by different philosophers is not helpful.
Books1976767Reading spiritual books is OK, but it is not always enough. A person who has travelled along the path would be more helpful in removing difficulties.
Bottle1965240If the water in the Ganges were Universal Atman, then water taken from the Ganges and put into a bottle would be the individualised self.
Bottle1965241Analogy of water in bottle refers only to physical body - when ignorance goes, body seen as illusion.
Bottle1967325Analogy of Ganges water and water in bottle. As long as we associate ourself with body, senses, Manas, Buddhi, desire, Ahankar, we are separated and bottled up.
Bottle1968370We cover ourselves with a multitude of desires which colour the Self. Analogy of red colour added to bottle of Ganges water.
Bottle1968371In truth there is no difference anywhere. If 100 bottles of Ganges water are brought together, there would be no difference other than in the design and shape of the bottle.
Bottle1970385God and Atman are similar, just as Ganges water in a bottle is the same as the water in the river.
Bottle1970395Pure light becomes coloured through the feeling of 'I and mine'. Example of water in a glass bottle being coloured by red substance or by mud.
Bottle1970462People take water from Ganges in a bottle for holy purposes, but one cannot take all the water in the Ganges. One needs to keep coming back for more spiritual food.
Bottle1979881The happiness which arises out of self-realisation cannot be kept secret, just as the smell from strongly-smelling salts kept in a closed bottle will still pervade the air around it.
Bottle19881025Physical is limited and spiritual is unlimited. Example: water from a bottle poured into the Ganges becomes curative like the Ganges, but will develop germs if kept in the bottle.
Brahma1972596Law of Three - Vishnu, Brahma, Shiva. Correspond to Sattva, Rajas, Tamas respectively.
Brahma1979868The original cause. God as creator.
Brahma1979871Knowledge of Brahma cannot be given but can be caught.
Brahma Muhurt1978833Best time for meditation is in the morning - just before sunrise. (Brahma Murhurt)
Brahma­charya1976769Fifth rule of living (Patanjali). This has a different meaning for householders, in relation to normal married life.
Brahman1970405No single person can make use of all the knowledge, or all the love that Brahman Himself controls.
Brahman1971499Only when the Self knows itself to be free is it free. See story of Indra and Virochana: 'Self alone is Brahman' on page 499.
Brahman1971501Gita chapter 2 - description of state of Brahman.
Brahman1971509Dakshina-Murti associated with principle: Brahman alone is truth, the universe is illusion, Jiv-atman and Brahman are one.
Brahman1975734Brahman is the Truth and the World is not the Truth ...' and Jnana Mudra (hand sign) used to illustrate this.
Brahman1975735Comparison with feeling when great man appears among us - need same feeling towards unity of Brahman with Jiva.
Brahman1976742Shloka 'Brahman is truth ...'. Progress depends on knowing and respecting truth: simile of piece of rope and snake.
Brahman1977796There is no difference between Brahman and Atman, Absolute and individual.
Brahman1978849Vedas say when you feel Param-Atman and Atman are one it is Brahman. When you feel they are different it is Param-Atman and Atman.
Brahman1979878Only one who has realised Brahman can know if another has also realised.
Brahman1979879'Aham Brahmasmi' - I am Brahman - only to remind you of what you are.
Brahman1979881A stage comes when the feeling 'I am Brahman' becomes natural. Then you only become conscious of it when somebody says 'you are not Brahman'.
Brahman1979934Shankaracharya tradition teaches that Brahman and Atman are one.
Brahman1979954Everything is illumined by ultimate Reality. Brahman is everywhere in the parts of the body.
BrahmanSee also: Absolute
Brahmin1965245An example of a special tradition is the Brahmin, Kashatrya and Vaisya. Here the ritual of the three castes exists and is unbreakable.
Brahmin1965256Meditation is for all - not just for Brahmins.
Brahmin1965259-260Brahmins limiting themselves to be Brahmin. Feel jealous when initiation given to Westerners. Living in Tamas, afraid of the light.
Brain1978823Two hemispheres - possible Indian equivalent: Sakarmath and Karmath.
Brain1979899Anything related to thought or thinking involves the brain. But H.H. does not consider the brain to be independent from all other factors.
Brain1979923H.H. describes the location in the body and brain where the processes associated with the feeling of bliss take place.
Brain19851010Purush (male aspect) dominates brain and Prakriti (female aspect) dominates heart. Use both heart and brain.
Breath1972569D.S. Mind and breath are closely related. If the breath is controlled, mind is controlled. You control the breath through Yoga - the eightfold path.
Breathing196274Fast breathing in meditation caused by resistance to going deep. Usually easily overcome.
Breathing1970456Short breathing exercise before meditation useful in certain cases where laziness has crept into the physical body.
Breathing1978832Correct posture in meditation is important to get stillness of body and equalised breathing - stillness of Prana. These help to still Manas.
Breathing19891034Q. on observation of breathing. Unlike other systems, the technique of meditation does not prescribe separate disciplines for body, breath, mind and eyes. All are brought into harmony.
Bridge1965238Establishment of a connection or bridge between East and West is a good thing. After all, it is the same Atman that we all seek.
Bridge1973625Bridge of meditation, from activity to stillness, over which one throws desires.
BridgeSee also: East and West
Brother1977797H.H. explains relationship with his brother.
Buddha1964103H.H. comments on sayings from the Buddha. See page 101.
Buddhi196254Buddhi is part of second body - subtle body.
Buddhi196256Make your Buddhi clean and precise so you can distinguish what is, from what is not.
Buddhi196257Wars in name of religion are product of confusion in Buddhi. Loving truth is way to purify.
Buddhi1964155Stilling the body, Manas and Buddhi.
Buddhi1964160Buddhi is not the enemy of Atman - Atman has no enemies.
Buddhi1964160Vibrations reach senses first, then Manas, then Buddhi which is the inner gate and forms a barrier.
Buddhi1964161There are two substances in each of us. One is the Atman (spirit) and the other is the matter which makes up our body - Manas (mind), Buddhi (intelligence) and so on.
Buddhi1964167Translation of word Buddhi.
Buddhi1964167The light of Atman reflects through Buddhi, but Buddhi in movement is unable to reflect. One needs to still it, give it rest.
Buddhi1964169Second step of ladder - one hangs between decision and non-decision due to impure Buddhi.
Buddhi1964170-171Buddhi gives directions as to what is useful and harmful to the Self. Intuition through pure Buddhi. A weak Buddhi loses control over Manas.
Buddhi1964171Buddhi is like manager or Chief Minister. Condition of body depends on state of Buddhi.
Buddhi1964177-178Impurities in Buddhi have two causes: one is the filth or cloud or mist and the other is its own mobility. True knowledge removes the filth or cloud and meditation stills it.
Buddhi1964186If Buddhi is allowed to control the mind, the direction of activities will be towards the usefulness.
Buddhi1964187Mind doesn't naturally run; it is encouraged to run. When Buddhi allows it to run, then it runs. A weak Buddhi is over-ruled by it. Don't allow the Buddhi to be weak or impure. See story of Holy Man and the bamboo pole (2) on page 187.
Buddhi1964192While going in to meditation leave body, senses, mind and Buddhi one by one, and while coming out meet Buddhi, mind, senses, body and the world one after the other.
Buddhi1964193A pure Buddhi takes one towards Sattva and impure will take towards Tamas.
Buddhi1964195One should never allow the Manas (mind) to go free. It is a very important link in our being so it must always be under the control of pure Buddhi.
Buddhi1964196The creation is outward bound and, due to the nature of creation, body, mind and Buddhi become outward bound too.
Buddhi1964196To stop the inner and outer working of Manas, one should take the help of Buddhi. Two ways of avoiding useless mental activities: Anvaya and Vyatireka.
Buddhi1964197Efforts are necessary until Buddhi fully cleansed and open for Ahankar to see Self. Buddhi works from emotional as well as intellectual centre.
Buddhi1964198Buddhi is like a wife and Manas like a son. Their company is necessary.
Buddhi1964198Cloud surrounds the Buddhi. Ignorance is the cause.
Buddhi1964200The natural state of the Self is Sattvic. When there's any modification, then it becomes Rajasic. The opposite of the natural state is the Tamasic state.
Buddhi1964202The cloud of ignorance is caused by impure Buddhi thinking that the light comes from itself.
Buddhi1964211Always feed Manas and Buddhi with pure and positive emotions.
Buddhi1965225Effect of Gunas on Buddhi.
Buddhi1965225-226No activity of Buddhi in meditation.
Buddhi1965226Buddhi decides or discriminates.
Buddhi1965229Buddhi is subject to impurity.
Buddhi1965230-231Experience comes first to Atman, then from Atman to Buddhi.
Buddhi1965231Doubts produced by Manas and Buddhi.
Buddhi1965234Knowledge comes through Buddhi. Love is experience beyond Buddhi.
Buddhi1965238Upanishads - knowledge of Atman through Buddhi.
Buddhi1965239Stilling Buddhi when it's not required.
Buddhi1965247The image of a painting and of Atman. Also see other version on page 248.
Buddhi1965248Clarity and stillness of Buddhi determines the type of knowledge we receive. Also see other version on pages 246-247.
Buddhi1965256Expansion and universal Buddhi.
Buddhi1965259Expansion and universal Buddhi.
Buddhi1965264Buddhi and Creation.
Buddhi1965269The wife of Realised Man.
Buddhi1965284Buddhi and liberation. Ouspensky will be in peace until creation dissolves with Brahma.
Buddhi1967298Manas, Buddhi etc. all subtle manifestations of Chit.
Buddhi1967305Can achieve higher levels of consciousness by right use of Buddhi: seeing past and visualising future.
Buddhi1967310I am that with whose power the Buddhi discriminates.
Buddhi1967312-313R. asks re parable of prodigal son and Buddhi. Good impulse comes from Buddhi.
Buddhi1967322Going in and out of identification is Buddhi trying to bring one back through discrimination.
Buddhi1967327R. asks re Buddhi, last desire and next life.
Buddhi1967331Do tortoises find their way using the subtle body? Human beings have Buddhi, but not non-humans.
Buddhi1968347-348Role of Manas and Buddhi in governing one's actions: influences on physical health.
Buddhi1968350Development of subtle body by use of Buddhi to discriminate right from wrong.
Buddhi1968364-365Teacher provides guidance for Manas and if this is insufficient, knowledge for Buddhi to help in meditation. Ultimately discrimination must be by individual himself.
Buddhi1970391Buddhi is like Realised Man if pure and still: difference lies in how they deal with others. Influence of Gunas on Buddhi.
Buddhi1970394Predominance of Gunas affects Buddhi's function - how to improve on this.
Buddhi1970395-396Decisions taken under Sattva transcend all time. Example of water in glass bottle. Change in emotional attitude needed to strengthen desire.
Buddhi1970404Buddhi's discrimination between what is useful and not useful to the Self is activity of Viveka. Once a decision has evolved, there is no room for doubt.
Buddhi1970405Increase of Sattva possible only when Chitta, Manas and Buddhi come together and there is no division between them.
Buddhi1970449All faculties, including Buddhi, work properly when Shuddha Ahankar is active.
Buddhi1970478Relationship of Atman, Buddhi and Manas to body - body being the smallest.
Buddhi1971482Buddhi and Manas two aspects of mind which cover the Param-Atman. See story of Seven gates. Keys of the kingdom. Explanation (1) on page 482.
Buddhi1971484Use of Buddhi in love is limited. Can inform you of whereabouts of Absolute, but you must leave Buddhi at the gate. See story of Rama Tirtha and the King who wanted communion with God on page 484.
Buddhi1971488If good, Prakriti takes over from Buddhi to attain communion with Atman.
Buddhi1971492Discrimination between useful and not useful. If impure, takes wrong to be right.
Buddhi1971494In purification of Prakriti, all outer help stops after Buddhi. Only the Self can help from that point.
Buddhi1971510Buddhi as reason which decides what is more useful to Atman, and this comes through experience and observation.
Buddhi1971513Buddhi discriminates true or good from the store of experience in Chitta.
Buddhi1972545If Buddhi and Prarabdha (past karma) both support a physical act, success is inevitable.
Buddhi1972557The load of past and future is on the mind (Buddhi), but the body also suffers.
Buddhi1972559Difference between resolutions born of Manas and of Buddhi.
Buddhi1972566D.S. Mind, through imagination, takes a reel of film and focuses it on the screen. Buddhi chooses. Ahankar says 'this my action'.
Buddhi1973615Making a friend of Buddhi: make sure Manas follows Buddhi which follows Atman.
Buddhi1974629Two ways of holding experience, one by Buddhi and other by faith - Shradha. See story of Mahatma and 'all movement is poisonous': Shiva on page 630.
Buddhi1974632-633R. asks re keeping Buddhi free of doubt while being active. H.H. answers re rest and energy.
Buddhi1974634Buddhi is like wife - gifts more effective than punishment. See story of Rama and Sita on page 634.
Buddhi1974635Rama's marriage - Mula-Prakriti - pure Buddhi - wife of Purush. See story of Rama's marriage on page 635.
Buddhi1974637Recollecting, remembering has to be done by Buddhi but it must not be allowed to play with it. This purifies Buddhi.
Buddhi1974651Different use of Buddhi in people who work through knowledge or heart.
Buddhi1974654The way to know right or wrong is either from within or by application of reason which comes from pure Buddhi.
Buddhi1974656With discipline we collect 'punya' which purifies Buddhi and clear reason appears.
Buddhi1974661Buddhi working as personal servant or general.
Buddhi1974670If Buddhi could work in the light of Atman there is nothing more to desire.
Buddhi1974672Q. to J. re translation of 'Buddhi'. 'Intellect' is OK - derived from Latin - inter legere, that which can be read between the lines.
Buddhi1974687When Buddhi is pure the four divisions of mind do holy actions - they are good servants.
Buddhi1974691Actions need to follow intellect (Buddhi), not Manas.
Buddhi1974694If Buddhi becomes stronger, Manas becomes weaker, and vice versa.
Buddhi1975700Detaching Buddhi from the favourable and unfavourable and applying it to Param-Atman is happiness.
Buddhi1976747Sattvic Manas without Sattvic Buddhi causes trouble!
Buddhi1976748Sattvic Buddhi is Devic. Inner voice.
Buddhi1976749Pure Buddhi itself is the knowledge, Chit is a synonym of Buddhi.
Buddhi1976755What 'I am' is a function of Ahankar, what 'I know' is a function of Buddhi.
Buddhi1976774-775Do not use Buddhi in meditation. Curiosity of Buddhi is natural, but keep it to what is essential.
Buddhi1976778Paper from H.H. on the parts of the Antahkaran. Explanation of Buddhi - that which takes decisions.
Buddhi1977801Motivation by ego or by Absolute.
Buddhi1977804Confidence and certainty come when Buddhi follows promptings from Atman. See story of Wrong mantra and goddess: Kreem and Kleem (1) on page 804.
Buddhi1977807If open to the Absolute, promptings come from the Atman and Buddhi works in accordance with reason.
Buddhi1978823Ahankar and Buddhi make decisions, Manas and Chitta do the thinking.
Buddhi1978830Enjoying Buddhi in activity.
Buddhi1978842Explanation of how Buddhi works.
Buddhi1978853Buddhi is sharpened by good company and then takes better decisions.
Buddhi1978861Sattvic, Rajasic and Tamasic Buddhi.
Buddhi1979877Buddhi is one of the servants. Need to control, otherwise it will try to lead you astray.
Buddhi1979902Instrument of decision-making. Consistency of behaviour and action only possible by greater consistency and purity of Buddhi.
Buddhi1979904Agitation of mind dislocates reason of Buddhi.
Buddhi1979915Discriminating between messages and imagination. If there is agreement between Buddhi and Chitta then it is inspiration.
Buddhi1979941Buddhi is the part of the Antahkaran that remembers or forgets.
Buddhi1979944Knowledge of Atman is acquired by Buddhi. Abhedabuddhi is knowing there is no difference between Samashti and Vyashti.
Buddhi1979953Buddhi knows name and shape but also by thinking (using Buddhi), name and shape can be deleted to enable you to go beyond.
Buddhi19851005Influx of Sattva in Buddhi purifies Antahkaran.
Buddhi19851006One should not think that everything Buddhi says is true to the Absolute. It depends on the level of Buddhi. See story of Vishwanath and his disciple who could read his mind on page 1006.
Buddhi19911056Universal Buddhi (Samashti Buddhi) is unified. Individual Buddhi has limitations imposed by Samskars. Samskars are of three types corresponding to the three Gunas.
Buddhi19931075Gets power from Atman which can be used positively or negatively. The best way to strengthen Buddhi is not to entertain too many desires.
Buddhi19931075-1076If Buddhi remains steady and transparent it will work for Atman with full brilliance. Meditation stills Buddhi, but knowledge is needed to purge it of attachment and prejudice.
Buddhi19931077Buddhi can be used for real transformation or for reinforcing one's own attachments.
Buddhi19931085Buddhi works on the data received from Manas. A steady, trained Buddhi makes choices and decisions that are useful to the Atman.
BuddhiSee also: Antahkaran