Teaching Today

P.D. OuspenskyFrom his own experience Ouspensky discovered that human beings have a natural ability to develop their psychological and spiritual capacities far beyond the ordinary everyday state of consciousness. Such a development brings about a greatly increased happiness, confidence, stability and positive feelings about oneself and one’s fellow human beings — as well as much insight into the nature of the world and oneself. Today’s scientific and medical knowledge continue convincingly to validate and further elucidate this understanding. (See here)

Ouspensky’s teaching – and the work to refine it and make it more accessible that has been done over the 60 years since his death – offers a rational and balanced course of self-study and inner growth specifically designed for modern life today.

New methods and techniques of practice and understanding, discovered, tested and added over the years have made what Ouspensky originally described as ‘fragments of an unknown teaching’ into a complete and coherent method of self-development. (See here) The teaching described in the pages that follow on this website can only be a brief and incomplete resumé of our modern teaching and cannot replace participation in live groups and meetings.

In this system of study, no faith, belief, commitment or qualification is required in advance and it does not conflict with any religion. Everything is presented in plain English and no special knowledge or technical vocabulary is needed. The only requirement is a keen desire to learn something new — about oneself and one’s relationship with the world.

Ouspensky believed that evolving Western culture and the great increase in scientific and medical knowledge would inevitably make the practice of this natural ability for self-development better understood and more easily available – just as any new ability, like printing, or flight, or radio-communication that began by being difficult and available only to a few is now open to everyone and taken entirely for granted.

Arithmologia 1665
Athanasius Kircher

This historically ‘secret’ knowledge and the practical methods which accompany it are now more widely and easily available than they have ever been before – perhaps in response to the pressing need to help the well-being not only of humanity but of the whole planet. Evolution never ceases its drive for perfection and for the human species today the evolutionary necessity is no longer for physical improvement but the development of consciousness itself.

Only by the widening of individual consciousness to allow a continual awareness of the eternal and divine presence that lives within everything, including ourselves, can the peaceful and creative existence of humanity upon the earth continue to serve its true purpose and fulfil its extraordinary potential.