The Record of Shankaracharya Audiences – Index – Improvements

March-July 2016
Work on the alphabetical index started. In the first pass keywords were chosen to represent the important points on each page. Two more complete passes were made, adding new index entries and checking for accuracy and consistency each time.

The index to the stories was built step by step, and the decision was taken to index every version of every story. Index entries were made to link to the stories where appropriate.

“See also” links were added, to provide cross-referencing.

Once the alphabetical index was complete, a complete word list index was made. Then four special indexes were created, one for each of four particular spiritual paths.

August 2016
Initial version of the new indexes completed and made available. A number of minor corrections were made.

December 2016
Words added: Bottle, Changeless.
Additional entries added for: Ganges, Water.

January 2017
Additional entries added for: Guru Deva.

January 2018
Words added: Ages, Upasana, Yuga.
Additional entries added for: Jnana, Karma.

June 2020
Additional entries added for: Reverence.

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