Cotswold Non-Duality Group

Those who live within travelling distance of Birdlip, Gloucestershire, and would like to pursue this line of teaching are welcome to join the Cotswold Non-Duality Group.

The original aim of this group was to continue the experiment of refining and reformulating Ouspensky’s Fourth Way system to see whether and how it can provide a natural preparation for the Direct Path for those drawn to Ouspensky’s teaching. It subsequently became clear that no such preparation is necessary. Therefore the group now focuses on the Direct Path teaching of Rupert Spira and Francis Lucille.

The group has a two-hour meeting every three weeks during term-time. Meetings are currently held at 1pm on Thursdays but evening or weekend meetings are possible if there is sufficient demand. Meetings take place near Birdlip in Gloucestershire and are free of charge. A short paper is circulated before each meeting. (Previous papers are available from the Library section of this website.) Meetings generally consist of listening to a recording of a guided meditation from Rupert Spira or Francis Lucille, silent meditation, experiments and discussion mainly centred on gaining an experiential understanding of the material contained in the paper. Where appropriate, we include ideas from other spiritual traditions and from contemporary science. This is complemented by the use of music and poetry to help us discover the reality of ourselves and the world through the feeling-understanding that arises when the logical mind becomes quiet.

The group is suitable both for complete beginners and for those who have previously studied Ouspensky’s or Shantananda Saraswati’s teaching, or any other spiritual tradition. Joining is possible at any time. Group members are encouraged to also attend Rupert Spira’s  webinars, meetings and retreats, and/or Francis Lucille’s webinars.

The group is led by Jenny Beal. Jenny was a member of the Study Society for many years where she studied and practised the Fourth Way and learned the Mevlevi turning. More recently, when she met Rupert Spira, she recognised his Direct Path teaching as the Way for which she had been prepared and an effortless path to the happiness that is our real nature. She is currently furthering her understanding through guidance from Francis Lucille.

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