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These books are available from the Study Society at or email A Lasting Freedom Two New York lectures given by Francis Roles as an introduction to meditation and non-duality. These two lectures provide an introduction to the system of meditation and the non-dual teaching of Shantananda Saraswati which […]

Dr F.C. Roles and H.H. Shantananda Saraswati

History of the Record of Audiences & Correspondence with His Holiness Shantananda Saraswati Shankaracharya of Jyotish Peeth The Record of Audiences & Correspondence with HH Shantananda Saraswati is the verbatim account of the journey towards Self-realisation undertaken by Dr Francis Roles and a small group of his followers based in […]

The Record of Shankaracharya Audiences – History

A RECORD OF AUDIENCES & CORRESPONDENCE WITH HIS HOLINESS SHANTANANDA SARASWATI SHANKARACHARYA OF JYOTISH PEETH 1960 – 1993 All Rights Reserved FOR PRIVATE STUDY ONLY Indexes: © Jenny Beal 2016 What is the Record of Shankaracharya Audiences? Read the history. Index: Complete word list Alphabetical index: A B C D E F G […]

The Record of Shankaracharya Audiences

Ouspensky’s Fourth Way – The new book: more information This book is the first published account of the further development of P D Ouspensky’s work during the second half of the 20th century by Dr Francis Roles. The material presented draws deeply on Dr Roles’s papers and correspondence and the […]

Ouspensky’s Fourth Way – The new book: more information

Ouspensky said: ‘What is important to understand is that the Way does not begin on the ordinary level of life; it begins on a higher level.’ He went on to describe ‘a staircase with a number of steps which have to be climbed before the Way can be reached. The […]

Traditional and Direct Paths

Jenny Beal
The original aim of this group was to continue the experiment of refining and reformulating Ouspensky’s Fourth Way system to see whether and how it can provide a natural preparation for the Direct Path for those drawn to Ouspensky’s teaching. Its main focus now is on the Direct Path teaching […]

Cotswold Non-Duality Group

Paperback edition. 408 Pages. 8 colour plates. ISBN 978-0-9931776-0-6. Price £19.90 To see the contents pages and more click here (PDF). Prices below include postage to your location: UK, Europe or Worldwide. UK £22.90   Europe £26.90   World £30.40 . To purchase more than one copy and for enquiries […]

Ouspensky’s Fourth Way – The new book

Ouspensky’s seminal book Tertium Organum documented the start of his life’s work to discover man’s true nature and possibilities through bringing together ideas from Eastern and Western philosophy and science. Dr Francis Roles developed a practical synthesis of Eastern and Western teaching following Ouspensky’s direction. The inspirational relationship that Francis […]

Our Aim

The cosmological side of Ouspensky’s teaching is a model of how One, the Absolute, creates a series of ‘worlds within worlds’, living beings of ever increasing complexity and density. It describes the eternal circulation of the pure light of consciousness descending into matter and ascending again from materiality to consciousness. This […]

Cosmology – Where are we?

Psychology simply means ‘knowledge of oneself’. But which ‘self’ is that? Ouspensky’s view is that true psychological insight can only arise from conscious experience. Without awareness, everything just happens automatically — there is no choice. To orient ourselves in our own inner world and explore our own possibilities we have […]